Welcome to my new story, as usual I own nothing, not even the words I write with. Words belong to everyone. This will be a bit diffrent than my previous stories as there will be a diffrent star! I present to you the fabulous Tenten!!!! insert clapping As for her pairing, I'll let you the readers decide; I myself, like Kankuten and LeeTen, but I'm open to just about all pairings for her (regardless of gender). So submit away.

A Chance to Shine

It had been a long time since Tenten was noticed, since she could be picked out of a crowd by her fellow students, and even then it was because she was with her team mates. Her friends, both of which were pretty famous in the village. Neji Hyuuga, possibly the strongest of the Hyuuga clan; Rock Lee Konoha's second Beautiful Green Beast with his mentor and their sensei Maito Gai. While they all seemed to stand in the lime light she was behind the curtains, constantly struggling for a place on stage.

At one point it seemed, that she might have been the second strongest member of her genin team, but that was before Lee discovered his strength. Now all the things she had said to him were invalid, and rather they applied to her. She had had one chance to prove that she was strong, that she was truly the best female genin of the village a chance to become a chunin, ages ago. But it was that humiliating fight with Sabaku No Temari that ruined her, nothing she threw at the sand-nin made contact and Tenten was literally blown away. Only to take a hit to the back as she came crashing back to earth. Needless to say, she didn't move on to the next round.

But it was that experiance that became her drive to get stronger. She pushed herself, day after day, night after night to try to catch up to her team mates, but it seemed that the stronger she got the father behind them she seemed to fall. They were still pushing themselves further. Secretly devastated by this she kept training, she knew that others were doing the same. Naruto had gone off to train ages ago and was back in the village, they had been on missions with him and Sakura, who by far had grown the most. Under Tunade's watchful eye, the rose haired brat had grown into a powerful woman. So where did this leave Tenten? She was still unnoticed, she had helped to fight Kisame, hadn't she? She'd also faught herself and won. Was this not a good enough feat? And yet her team mates fame seemed to grow, and she doubted that she would ever catch up.

And so that is how our story began, in blood, sweat and tears. In pain, death, sorrow and bliss.

"Hah!" Tenten's voice escaped from her as she breathed roughly. She'd been out here for hours just attacking the targets and shadow clones of herself, neither Neji or Lee was anywhere to be seen. Neji was at the Hyuuga compound train alone, as per usual, and Lee was off on a mission with Naruto and Sakura. Which left her to train alone, again. Sweat clung to her body and she had long since cast off her longsleeved chinese style shirt, leaving her only in the bandages that held her chest in place and her billowy pants that clung to her ankles tightly. A black sythe with a sharp, polished silver blade was clutched tightly in her hands. With one fluid motion she struck it out and snapped the poor training dummy in half. And moving quickly she was slicing the next in half before the first hit the ground. Her cerulean eyes took a quick glance around her to asess the positioning of her "foes". She moved quickly on the tips of her toes and struck out at the third dummy with her right foot, before sliding the blade of the sythe through it's straw stomach.

Still moving in a dance like motion she lept to the top of a cut tree trunk meant for all to train with and in the blink of an eye brought the dangerous weapon through it. With great strength and concentration she was able to bring the blade through the trunk making a clean cut. And just as the top half began to slide away from the bottom she lept off and stood observing her work.

"Well," Tenten sighed under her breath, "that's enough for today." She swipped her hand across her forehead expelling the sweat that beaded there and began collecting her things.

The weapons mistress made her way through the village and towards her small house, in desperate need for a shower and a good meal. She glanced over at the people of the village and began to wonder just how it came to be that she was unknown to them. She was strong, she knew she was but somehow they just didn't see her. Sighing heavily she produced her house key from the depths of one of her brown buns and slid it into ther door knob. The cool blues of her home greeted her as she stepped in and locked the door behind her. Throwing her things on to the ground and toeing her shoes off she started down the hallway, peeling her clothes off as she went. She enter the bathroom and turned the water on hot. As she waited for it to heat up she took down the buns and unbraided them, letting her chocolate colored hair rest on her shoulders. She took a moment to admire herself, glad for the fact that she was much larger breasted than Sakura. With a small smile she stepped into the shower and went about getting clean, using her favorite shampoo that smelled like mint and tea leaves.

Once the process of showering was complete she stepped out of the shower and toweled herself off, wrapping the pastel blue towel around her otherwise bare body and made her way to her room. With that same small smile in place she opened her drawers and pulled out a new outfit. She put on a pair of panties first then pulled on the sports bra like blue top, next she pulled on the matching bottoms that billowed and yet clung to her legs tightly just under the knees. She then grabbed her new jacket, one that was similiar to the fourth hokage's, if not for the fact that it was styled in a "blue fire" fashion and made her way back to the bathroom to put her hair up again. Once this task was complete she pulled on her shoes and left to get food.

Well that's the end of the first chapter, let me know what you think. Here were the songs I used in writing it.

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