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1. not permitting penetration or passage; impenetrable

2. incapable or being injured or impaired

3. incaple of being influenced, persuaded, or affected

Impervious. Hyuuga Neji was impervious. He seemed not at all affected by the scowl Tenten shot at him, this was their first meeting in what felt like months and yet he acted as though she were a burden to be around. He sat, focused on the meal infront of him, all the while Tenten glared at him.

"Well?" She finally aid after about ten minutes of silence.

Upon hearing Tenten's irritated voice, Neji cast his milky colored eyes in her direction, seeming only to irritate her more. No one could read a Hyuuga's eyes, after all what was there to read? Only an irisless and pupilless white surface, that still somehow was able to see everything around them. Complete 360 degree vision, and the ability to see one's chakra points and who knows what else.

Tenten continued to scowl as she spoke, "Are you going to say anything," she stressed the word hoping to get a response out of Neji. But he just continued to watch with the irritating white eyes of his. In a way, Tenten suposed this was his response, his eyes saw everything and she couldn't hide the contempt she felt for that still small emotion she felt for the Hyuuga. Sighing, she decided to change the subject, although she was still seething on the inside.

"Well Neji, have you made any progress with your training?" she asked almost scathingly.

"As per usual, I have," Neji replied, again he seemed so impervious to her. Nothing she could say seemed to get to him, it just bounced off his invisible sheild.

"Well," Tenten replied, her voice quivvering slightly, "that's great. That's just great!" Frustrated, she felt tears behind her eyes, just how far ahead of her was he now? She should be training, but she knew her body wouldn't last long if she kept up this routine she'd developed; training vigorously all day, every day.

Neji regarded her with caution, although he would never show it, he was becoming worried of Tenten. She just seemed to be angry all the time now, frustrated at the world and he wasn't quite sure why. Was it possible for him to be so blind?

Tenten rose from her seat and looked at Neji for only a couple of seconds, she bowed her head slightly her breath shaking a little. "Well Neji, I've been around for far too long," she said shakily, "I'll be departing now." She then exited the room, Neji watching her leave with an emotionless facade. Tenten, once outside the Hyuuga manor leaned against the wall and buried her face in her hands and let a few frustrated tears fall. She'd give just about anything to be strong, to be recognized by her village, by all villages as a truly strong kunoichi, but not matter her attempts they were all ahead of her.

Sniffiling a little, Tenten rubbed her eyes and continued walking, she had no idea where she would go, but she just had to get away from Neji. In th hour she spent with him, he had not said one kind word, in fact he'd been nearly silent the entire time. "How could I ever have loved him?" she asked herself, and yet she knew the answer. He was beautiful, breath takingly and unnaturally beautiful and se'd always seemed to fall for the pretty boys, especially when they were strong to boot. There was nothing better than watching them fight, the excitement it brought stirred her deep within. Thinking back on the question she answered herself in a voice barely above a whisper, "I still do love him, but only a little. It is not a strong as it was when we were genin, I doubt it will ever be."


Tenten sat on a bech near the market, her chocolate eyes watching the clouds blankly. She could see how Shikamaru liked this, it was so easy to loose yourself in the white of them and drift off to your own worlds. Sighing softly Tenten was content for now, her earlier breakdown washed from her mind and only the aching bareness caused her pain right now.

"Tenten!" an all too familiar voice called.

Tenten smiled and looked to the direction of the voice to see Lee running up to her. "Hello Lee," Tenten said softly, it was hard to be angry at the happy green spandex clad ninja. He was just like aprotective, goofy brother, "did you just get back from your mission?"

"Yes!" Lee cheered tossing a fist up to the sky and bringing it down swiftly to his side, "everything went smoothly!"

"Good to hear," Tenten replied, knowing her smile would vanish soon enough, the awful thoughts were returning to her.

"I spent some valuable time with Sakura-chan!" Lee continued. Yes, he still loved Sakura, but he was not nearly as intense or weird as he had been in his no younger years. And he no longer completely freaked Sakura out, she treated him like a good friend.

Tenten's smile faded slightly, "that's great Lee, but shouldn't you be reporting into Tsunade-sama?"

As if this realization just dawned on him Lee immediatly jumped up. "Oh yes! Right! I nearly forgot! I bet Sakura and Naruto are way ahead of me!" Lee said and gave Tenten a quick hug, "I'll see you later. We can train!" Lee shouted.

Sighing Tenten watched Lee go, already he was a speck in the distance. She was not sure if she wanted to train with him, the monster that stirred within her and drove her to her extreme feelings of despair and jelousy, and anger. She knew, if Lee ever encountered the monster, or anyone she 'loved' for that matter would get hurt. It wouldn't matter that she did not mean to, it would happen, Tenten could sense it. Frowning to herself, Tenten made her way back home.


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