Little Sakura

Pairing --- Itachi -x- Sakura

Genre --- Romance/Angst

Rating --- M

Location --- Tokyo City


Ichiban Sho --- Torikago


Her pulse was ecstatic!

Breath coming out in a hurried frenzy, small hands clinging to her beating heart; trying to calm it down...

Moisture formed in the large green irises, quivering lips and throat tightening as she tried to force something out.

Nothing was said however...

Not even the hollow screams from within were able to break free and finally be heard. She fell back, hitting the ground hard, backing up until the wall met her back.

There was nowhere left to go now...

She was helplessly caged in her own sinned home. A place were she had lived all her life but no longer would she continue to stay in such a vile place smelling of corpses...

A massacre had taken place. Her mother and father taking the damage as she was pushed into a nearby closet. They had said they were coming back for her...

But when the gunshots finally died down and silence reigned over the entire World, she felt her body grow numb and her heart become heavy encased within her ribcage.

She didn't dare to breathe or come out of hiding, no. Not just yet...

Not until she was absolutely sure it was safe or at least until the loving faces of her parents appeared before her. Lips kissing her and making her feel like everything was back to normal.

Those days were gone now...

Her mind was going crazy with questions and possibilities, face reddened from crying and whimpering, limbs shaking and numb... Small fingers curled around the brass knob of the closet.

Eyes peeking out ever so carefully and slowly, trying to catch sight of any human life. Bad or good.

Nothing was found...

Was she all alone now!?

Feet thudded against the oak floors, legs carrying the 93 lbs out of the stuffy closet she had been in.

How much time had gone by!?

Lips, although quivering, formed words but her throat was too dry and sore from crying and whimpering.

Was she that hopeless??

She was so young and innocent. To have this misfortune befall upon her was too much of a burden to bear for such a girl.

Almost impossible to live with...

Her nose wrinkled with pure disgust as soon as the smell of rotting corpses entered through her nostrils. Thumb and index finger pinching her nose, the smell still as strong as ever...

Little feet dragged her across the bloodied living room, unknown bodies strewn all around her.

Maybe they had escaped without her?!

It was a possibility...

Her steps halted, eyes shut tightly, fist balled and head shaking from side to side. Those thoughts were too torturous for her mind to even begin to comprehend!

How could she think like that in the first place!?

Of course they wouldn't leave her to die in such a place!!

But even though how many times she tried to reassure herself that, in the back of her mind there was a doubt and that doubt would follow her around until she knew.

Knew if her parents escaped or not.

Knew if she had been abandoned.

Knew if she was left helplessly alone...

The tears trailed down her paled face, she didn't care! Mind set on other things.

She rubbed at her agitated eyes, legs bringing her towards a large mahogany door situated at the very end of the long hallway. Subconsciously, her fingertips ran down the frame of the door, eyes cold as she stared at the fine wood.

The smell of death and blood was not gone however, it still lingered within the air...

The hinges creaked under the force of it being opened, the noise echoing off the walls and back.

She swallowed whatever saliva she had in her mouth, gulping and taking in air, feet again taking her into the room.

It was cold.

So dreadfully cold in this place...

Goosebumps formed on her skin, she paid it no heed and continued to walk on. In the corner of the room, blue eyes stared back up at her. The life in them having dulled...

The face caught her by surprise; such a sad, sad face staring right back at her now frightened one. Lips slightly ajar, eyes wide and lonely, fingers uncurled and skin pale.

The face of her-


The little whimpers left her, everything else pushed to the back of her mind as she shook violently under the tremors of her fear and sadness.

Little hands pressed against his chest, tears staining his face and rolling down onto his blood stained shirt. Almost like he was crying with her too...

His skin was so cold under the smoothness of her finger pads, chilling her even as she cried uncontrollably.

She wouldn't believe it to be true!

Her father couldn't be... dead! The person she was shaking and attempting to try to awaken!!

His expression was vague, not a sign of happiness or despair. It held no emotion whatsoever and it scared her.


Her body was becoming cold, lips shaking and body going numb. She was so... tired all of a sudden, she just wanted to sleep. Sleep forever in her father's loving embrace, in his arms...

She buried her face in the crook of his neck, arms wrapping around his cold body, salty tears wetting the man's neck as she cried again and again and again...

No matter how many times she tried to rationalize the situation; the worse it kept on getting and getting.


What of her mother??

Her father was the only one in the room...

Oh, how tired she felt all of a sudden, body direly wanting to rest and eyes already slipping shut. The dimness in the room, the emptiness outside, entering through the broken windows and into the room...

It was depressing.

She bit down on her bottom lip hard, drawing a little bit of blood, running down her chin...

"I love you, Otosan..."

The light was no more, blackness engulfing the entire manor. Haruno Sakura, 12, letting herself go and fall into a deep sleep...

It made her skin crawl, just thinking about being alone and without parents to love her anymore...

A last short breath left her parted lips and then she gave in.


It was dark, nothing could be seen. Not even the pink locks of hair, framing the once happy face of a young girl. Sadness hanging, eyebrows furrowed with confusion.

"Okasan, where is Okasan..?"

Her reverie was broken, breath hitching and eyes bulging. Her heart raced and the pace increased with each breath she took and each one she exhaled.

Fingers curling tightly around the male elbow, body pressed more firmly against his as she craned her neck to the side.

Hair cascading down her shoulders, bangs shielding her eyes, body shivering as the cold night air blew inside the room. The crimson stained curtains, blowing dully with the breeze.

"Its going to be alright..."

She trailed off, eyes glowering at the unopened door, how long were they going to take!?

She had heard voices coming from the other side but thought nothing of it. Whoever was out there didn't seem like much of a threat.


It came from within the room!

Quickly, she pushed herself away from the corpse of her father, following the quick breaths in the shadowed corner of the room. Pale skin came in to plain view, green irises staring into green irises.

Her feet pressed firmly against the ground, body completely away from her cold father, arms outstretching to catch her mother in a tight embrace.


"Shhh... It's okay, I'm here now... Shhh."

Sakura fell into her mother, body pressed so tightly against hers, warm hands pushed at the back of her head, holding her. Lips kissing the wet flesh of her skin.

"I missed you..."

The noise from beyond the room proceeded, becoming so loud it sounded like soldiers coming to invade a country!

She felt her mother's arms tighten around her frail body, comforting her and cradling her as best she could. The cocking of a firearm could vaguely be heard, Sakura gasping against the sob that escaped her throat.

At first, when the door to the room burst open, Sakura had never thought it through but when the unfamiliar voices screaming, "Kill them!" sounded throughout the spacious room, she fell cold.

Her eyes couldn't believe it, the dangerous weapons being pointed at them as her mother grasped Sakura in a quick embrace and whispered, "I love you." into her ear, she heard the inevitable.

A thousand gunshots going off, tearing the flesh of her mother's backside, she had protected Sakura with her life.

A sacrifice...

They both fell backwards, arms unwinding from around her, plummeting to the hard, cold floor with a sounding 'thud'!

No more sound was heard, just retreating feet padding against the wood, they were leaving...

She held her breath, not wanting to make even the slightest movement or noise for fear that 'they' would return... She hadn't expected the blood to smear against her front side.

Her mother had been forever taken away from her...

Her blood to prove it.

She was covered in it, every inch of her body in a crimson liquid. Sad smile gracing her, now, bluish lips...

Body sprawled out on top of the young girl.

No more sounds...

No more noise...

No more mother...

Her quivering lips pressed against the forehead of her mother, kissing the cold flesh as she let out a shaky breath.

"Bye bye..."

Her hand fisted, carefully moving the corpse off of her, laying her to the ground and closing the once vibrant green orbs with her fingertips; something she would never see again...

A solemn kiss against her cheek, little body moving away from the sinned room that held her dead parents... Their lifeless faces forevermore being programmed into her mind...


Arms securely wrapped around her waist, pink hair framing her face, blood covering her body and staining her clothes. Sakura removed herself from the room, closing the door quietly and at once slipping out into the dreary night.

Rain hitting her skin, cleansing her of the crimson. But never would it wash away what she was feeling, ever.

And in a fit of coughing, she collapsed, body hitting the muddy ground. Cheek pressed against the wet ground, scraping it. Flesh speckled with lingering rain...

Bittersweet smile touching her lips, whispering broken promises and bonds.

'Goodbye sweet, mother...'

Unconsciousness fading in, taking over...



"She's still alive."


"Just knocked out."

Throbbing pain..

"And about the massacre?"


Lingering silence..

"No suspects so far..."


"Are you sure she'll be okay?"


"She may be a little shaken up but-"

"What about the news of her parents?"


"I suspect her to take the blow harshly.."


Emerald fluttered.

"Wh... What...?"



Tears of eternal sorrow.

"Where.. am I?"

Warm and safe hands.

"The hospital."

Confusion crossing her features.


They held her down.

"Observation. We found you out in the rain."

She calmed down instantly. Everything sinking in painfully, the memories cutting at her like a thousand knives. No.. Not even a blade could inflict this much internal pain.

"Okasan! Otosan!!"

Sad eyes watched her.

"Are they-" She swallowed. "Dead?"


"They are! Aren't they!?"



"Tell me!"


She took the blow full on, stopping from doing anything. Just laying there like an immobile doll..

"What will happen to me?"

They gave her a quizzical look.

"What do-"

"Who will look after me!?" She snapped.

This took them by surprise, eyes set downcast, lips closed tightly as if afraid to speak.


She shook furiously.

"I can't live alone!"

They looked at her, finally.

"We haven't made any arrangements as of yet.."

Sakura placed her fisted hands in her lap, fuming inside but at the same time trying to cover up the fact that she was deeply saddened by the sudden turn of events in her life.

"Do you have any other relatives?"

Sakura held her gaze before shaking her head slowly.


She watched one of the female nurses whisper something into the doctor's ear, nodding his head.

"What about adoption?"

Sakura nearly jumped out of the bed she was in.

"No! You can't!"

She paused.

"I won't!!"

The doctor silenced her.

"That is quite enough, Sakura-chan."

He sent her the best smile he could suffice at the moment.

"But it's your only option at the moment.."

She held back the tears that threatened to fall.

"My only.. option."

They nodded.

"Get some sleep. We'll take care of it."

She pressed her head more firmly against the pillow, waiting until everyone had left the room until she let out a much held in, heart-wrenching cry.

She was so hopelessly broken inside now..

Her hands placed on either side of her head as she cried out in both pain and despair.

"I can't take this!"


"Are you ready?"

She scoffed.

"I'm not a baby!"

She held her head up high, shoes clicking against the marble floor of the hospital hallways as she began walking outside. That's were she and the doctor would meet up with her new 'parents'..

She rewed the day when she would actually accept someone other than her parents. Her 'real' parents! And not some foster parents, artificial parents even 'if' they said they cared for her!

She knew right from wrong and this was definitely wrong!

But what else could she do?

Live at an orphanage until she turned eighteen!? The day when she would inherit anything and everything that her parent's owned! Along with the business!

The Haruno enterprise..

One of the most successful enterprises in all of Tokyo City and when she turned eighteen it would all be hers.

Every last penny that her parent's had would belong to Haruno Sakura. The brat who was the daughter to Haruno Rina and Haruno Keto.. The spoiled little girl who got everything she asked for.

Was it really her fault?

She was originally born into a wealthy family, loving parents who just so happened to own a large enterprise..

Her long pink tresses were tucked behind her ears, legs carrying her towards the front entrance until the early morning sun momentarily blinded her.

The only person she saw was a tall man, cigarette in one hand, just about ready to put it out. High priced shoe, stepping on the burning bud, encasing the heat and extinguishing it.

He removed his sunglasses to look over at the hospital doors, noticing the young looking girl standing there, vague expression crossing her features as she stared.

This... this man! She had seen him somewhere before, but where?

He inclined his head towards the two as the doctor stepped forward and shook hands with the raven haired male.

"So, you are Uchiha Itachi.."

Sakura let out a breath.

That name.. she knew that name, her father had mentioned it many, many times before.

It always circulated around business and what not. This man, owned the company her father had made plans with for the future and now that he was gone, those ties were severed.

He would take over both businesses and Sakura would have to stand alongside this man. She wasn't properly introduced to him, per say but he seemed like a... nice man.

"And of course, you must know Sakura-chan here."

Itachi nodded, looking down at the girl, expressionless black irises staring into her pair of green orbs.

She frowned and turned her head away, feet carrying her away from the doctor's side, hands placed on her hips.

"Let's go already.."

The doctor smiled, "Take care, Sakura-chan!"

Itachi said a curt 'goodbye' before catching up to the girl and leading her towards his car. It was just as nice as her father's silver Mercedes but this one seemed 'just' newly bought.

He opened the passenger side door and offered her the leather seat in which she took without really thinking about it. God, this felt so familiar to her all of a sudden.

Sitting in almost an exact replica of her father's car, window drawn a little to allow a nice breeze to enter. Itachi said nothing to her for a couple of minutes, the music making up for the lingering silence..

"That's your new school." He pointed out as the car passed by.

Sakura frowned at that.

She had to go to a new school!?

Great, just great...

"How nice." She said through gritted teeth.

He looked over at her, sensing at once the anger emitting from her.

And at once he knew that this girl was going to prove to be a handful and a lot of trouble..


"Hurry for dinner."

Sakura grumbled something under her breath.

"Yeah, I'm coming!"

Her feet padded against the marble floors, carrying her towards the dinning hall where only Itachi sat. She was usually seated way across from him and no conversation ever was spoken between them..

Well only the basic stuff! Nothing too serious or anything, God! He was so much of a stranger to her! She's lived with him for over a year and still she knows nothing about him!

"How was school?"

She looked up from her dinner to acknowledge Itachi.


She ate slowly, savoring each and every last bite. Yes, Itachi treated her well, like a parent should but he was missing one key thing..


He didn't show any love or compassion towards her. Ever for that matter!

He kept that same hard gaze plastered on his face and he 'hardly' ever fucking smiled! What was it with him!? Was it so goddamn hard to fucking smile once in a while!?!

Was it that much to ask for!?

"Why don't you smile?"

It seemed to echo off of the walls of the spacious room, Sakura shuddering under his watchful gaze.

"That is none of your concern, now eat."

Sakura grumbled something under her breath while stuffing some food inside her mouth and swallowing hard.

The one rule she had made up herself the first day she had arrived in this enormous manor was: Never to call him 'father'!

She would never ever call him her father because she had a father and she didn't nor wanted another one!

Sitting up from her seat angrily, Sakura pushed the chair back and walked in the direction of her bedroom on the second floor. Fingers curling around the railing of the stairs but-

"Where are you going?"

She sighed and slumped her shoulders.

"My room.."

Nothing more was said, her feet carrying her upstairs until the sound of her door slamming shut was heard. Itachi looked over at the empty seat across from him, once containing a girl.

He rubbed his aching temples, fingernails digging into the skin of his forehead as he groaned and too left the dining hall. Hurrying into his personal study room where he conducted most of his work.

The only reason why he had accepted to look after Sakura until she was eighteen was because he would be entitled to 'all' of the Haruno profits and the business belonged to him now.

He smirked, it wasn't so bad, ne?



Said male looked behind him, pink locks blurring his vision.


She smiled up at him, he had grown over the summer. She had not of course but that wasn't the point! She noted something different about him, he looked cute..

She blushed at that thought.

He was almost like her brother!

"You wanna come over?"

Naruto nodded his head, Sakura hooked her arm with Naruto's a blush spreading across her cheeks as they walked.

A black limo parked in front of the school caught Sakura's attention. God! Why couldn't Itachi just let walk home for once!? The school wasn't even that far away from her home in the first place!!

Naruto seemed pretty pleased, because he hopped right on in! Sakura laughed, he was the only person that made her laugh even when she didn't want to or felt like it.


He stuck out his tongue.

"I can't wait until we take our driver's exam next year!"

Sakura laughed again.

"Why is that?"

Naruto gave her a look, she shrugged her shoulders cutely.

"We can drive!"

Sakura giggled like a small child.

"I guess it would be fun.."

Naruto scratched the back of his head.

"Your dad is gonna by you such a cool car!"

She froze at that.

Her dad!?


She shook her head and put on a fake smile.

"I'm fine, Naruto-kun!"

She laughed, but he could tell that it was a forced laugh. Nothing like her pure and natural laughs..

The limo came to a stop, Sakura opening the door and allowing them to both exit the car. Naruto seemed to be the only person in high school that wasn't trying to befriend her because of her wealthiness..

He liked her because she was just being herself.

She had no other friends, he stuck by her side through every trial in her life.

She stopped and turned to him before opening the front door.

"Naruto-kun.. Thank you."

He seemed perplexed but patted her back nonetheless.

"No problem, Sakura-chan!"

Pushing the front door open, Sakura stepped inside with Naruto who just gaped at the largeness of the manor.

"You live.. here!?"

Sakura nodded slowly.

"That is so cool!"

She giggled again which caused Naruto to smile.

"Wanna play some video games?"

Naruto gaped.

"You play video games!?"

She laughed nervously.

"I love them."

He smiled widely.

"You are awesome!"

They both overlooked the pair of glaring onyx orbs, watching them as they ascended the steps and headed into a large room filled with many sorts of games.

"Your going down!"

Sakura grinned.

"I don't know Naruto-kun.."

He looked over.

"I've been practicing lately."

He gave her the thumbs up, she chose a game, preferably a racing game and they both began playing. Laughter and screams filling the room soon after; echoing throughout the house.


"Sakura! Dinner."

She left her bedroom and walked downstairs where she met Itachi's hard gaze, glaring at her as she entered the dining hall. She sat down and pursed her lips together..

"What's with the glaring?"

Itachi didn't acknowledge her, just continuing to consume his dinner that had been prepared by the cook.

She tapped her fingers against the mahogany table, awaiting an answer but sighing, seeing as it was futile.

"Why do you hang out with that boy?"

She was caught off guard.

"He's my friend."

The fork was put down, hands placing on top of each other, eyes glaring back at her with such intensity.

"Is there a problem with that?"


She looked at him with confusion lacing her words.

"Wh... what!?"

He began to eat again and only answered before taking a sip of his wine within the glass.

"I don't want you being around him anymore."

Sakura slammed her hands against the table, causing the glass filled with juice to spill and stain the table as well as drip to the expensive carpet beneath.

"You can't tell me what to do!"

Itachi sneered at her, sipping at his red wine again.

"As long as you live under this roof you follow my rules."

She stood from her seat again and turned her back to him. She had had enough with this bastard!

"Your not my father! You can't tell me who I can and can't hang out with!"

She began running..

"The agreement was that I am now your father whether you like it or not."

She screamed from the top of her lungs.

"I'll never think of you as my father!"

The 15 year old slammed her door shut and collapsed on her large and well furnished bed, tears streaming down her face as she gave out a short sob.

She didn't care if she wasn't allowed to see Naruto! She was going to stay his friend no matter what that bastard Itachi said!

'I hate him!'

She let a grim line grace her lips, eyes narrowing up at the ceiling of her bedroom..

"I have only one father. You won't replace him.."

And with that being said, she let the day sink in and finally sleep took its toll, dragging her into a World of dreams where she was once again reunited with her beloved parents...






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