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Warning: Yaoi (boyxboy) story, don't like it, then go away... For the ones who like it, WOOOT!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, he belongs to Masashi Kishimoto sensei...and also the bastard Sasuke... --'

Pairings: SasuNaru, little bit of KakaIru, ShikaTema, KibaHina and NejiTen

Chapter One: Love-making

It was a beautiful morning. Kids were playing happily and birds were chirping gleefully. The sun shone brightly, as if it were smiling to the people in Konohagakure. At the Uchiha mansion, a blond figure was sitting alone at the garden. His golden hair and blue eyes were gleaming enchantingly. After a while, he let out a small sigh.

'It's been a week since I got married to Sasuke...' he looked at the ring on his finger. 'But...we've never done it...'

Then, he blushed. 'Of course we've never done it! I sent him to a mission right after our wedding! He was such a monster! ...but then again, I wonder how will it feel? To be with Sasuke...to feel him loving me...to...to...'

"What am I thinking?! He'll be back tonight! Yikes!" he jumped when someone tapped his shoulder.

"Ohayou, Naruto!"

"K-Kiba! W-what are you doing here?" he stammered.

The dog-boy pouted a bit. " Well, can't I be here?" he leaped over the stone bench and took his seat beside the kitsune. "Anyway, Rokudaime-sama, your husband will be home this night. Have you done anything to celebrate his returning?"

"Shut up, Kiba!"

"You want some suggestions? Hinata and the girls gave them to me," he handed the blond a piece of paper.

"Huh?" he looked at the paper and flushed immediately. "What's this?!"

Kiba grinned. "Hehe, just do it, okay, man?"


'That darn Kiba! Those stupid girls! What were they thinking?!'

He stared at the paper on his hands. 'Things to buy; some strawberries, whip cream, cooking chocolates and honey... The hell I'm buying all this! But...but...the girls...they've done so much for Sasuke and I to get together...'

"Fine, I'll buy it! But, I won't be sure that I'll use it!"

He got up from the bed and changed his clothes. He took a blue tank top and a pair of orange tights. Then, he pulled his hair into a short ponytail(yup, his hair's longer now!). After that, he went out to the supermarket near the Uchiha complex. When he reached there, he bought all the stuffs that were enlisted on the paper.

That night...

'Sasuke will be back any minutes now. What should I do? Should I make him a surprise? Or...? Anyway, where is that teme?! I've been waiting for half an hour now! Baka!'

He opened the fridge and stared at all the sweets he bought earlier. He sighed and closed the door. Then, he went to the bedroom and changed into his pyjamas. He sat on the bed and looked at the clock. It was half past ten. He had been waiting for almost an hour by then. He yawned and lied down. After a few minutes, he felt asleep.


"I'm home!"

The raven stared at the empty space in front of him. 'Weird...I thought he would be running to me yelling "I miss you!" and hugged me till I can't breath... Well, nevertheless...'

"Oi, dobe! Are you still awake?" he called.


'No answer...perhaps he's already asleep...I'll go check in the room...'

He opened the room's door. Then, he saw the sleeping angel on his bed. He smiled and walked towards the bed. He bent down and gave him a light kiss on the forehead. Suddenly, the kitsune opened his eyes slowly. The taller guy backed away slightly. The blond blinked a few times and finally realised that the raven was in front of him.


"Good night, Naru-koi...you're sleepy?"

The blue-eyed boy sat up. "Umm, not really... Welcome home..."


Suddenly, the smaller chuunin pulled the older guy and they were locked together in a deep, hungry and passionate kiss. Naruto licked Sasuke's lower lip, begging for entrance. The raven opened his mouth and quickly slid his tongue into the kitsune's mouth. The blond moaned and pulled him closer. The taller chuunin slid his hand into the kitsune's pyjamas.

"Ah, Sasu..." the blond moaned again.

Sasuke licked the whiskered cheeks and went lower, licking and nipping around the tanned neck of the smaller boy. He bite a spot on the neck, making Naruto yelped in pain. He sucked the mark and lastly, blew it with his cold breath. The smaller boy shuddered. The raven smirked and lightly touched his nipple, making him moaned again.


Suddenly, he ripped the white and green pyjamas. "Nanda?!" the kitsune frowned. "That's my favourite pyjamas, teme!"

"Hnn..." he smirked and licked the erected nipple.

"Ah! Sasu...nnh..."

The raven continued to suck and lick the nipple, receiving more and more moans from the blond. Suddenly, he lightly bite the nipple, making the kitsune mewled. He smirked again and moved to the other nipple, giving the same attendance to it. Naruto held Sasuke tightly as he licked the nipple. In a sudden the raven's wandering hand touched the smaller boy's clothed manhood.


"You like it?"

The blond blushed. Sasuke pulled the kitsune's pants and boxers off. He gasped when the strong fingers encircled his erection and began moving up and down the length. "Haa...Sasu...ah..." The taller guy kissed him again. His hands kept on running around the manhood. He smirked as the blond began to precum. He licked the cum on his hand.

"Sasuke..." the kitsune whined. "No fair..."


"Take...off...your clothes..."

The raven smirked. "How about...you do it for me? Hm, Naru-chan?"

Naruto blushed but did as told. He sat up and began kissing Sasuke, all the same running his hand all around the taller guy's naked body. Then, he began working lower towards the Sharingan-user's chest. He claimed a nipple, sucking and licking it while his hand played with the other nipple. After that, he moved to the other nipple, sucking and licking it as well.



He blushed slightly. "Do you...want me...to give you...a blowjob?"

"I'd love to..."

Naruto smiled and lowered himself until he was at the same as the erected manhood of Sasuke's. He kissed it lightly before taking the whole of it into his mouth. Sasuke moaned as the kitsune's talented tongue encircled his manhood. The blond ran his tongue up and down the length, sucking all the precum as he licked the manhood.

The smaller boy could feel that the raven had almost reached his climax. He smiled and continued sucking the whole manhood, intending to drink all his cum as well. "Naruto...that's okay...you can stop now..."

"Hm?" he looked up at the taller guy. 'Doesn't he want to cum in my mouth?' "What's wrong, Sasuke?"

The older chuunin pulled the kitsune up. "I...want to cum...inside you...now."


Sasuke turned the blond around so that he was above. He smirked at the blushing boy. Then, he put three fingers in front of the pink lips. "Suck," he ordered. Naruto opened his mouth and began sucking the fingers as told. He sucked and sucked until the fingers were wet with saliva. After that, the raven took his fingers and put them in front of the kitsune's entrance.

"Do you really want this, Naruto?"

Naruto blushed and nodded, looking away. The older guy entered his middle finger, making the kitsune mewled in pain. He apologised quietly and entered the second finger. He made scissoring motions with the fingers and finally, put in his third finger. The blond grabbed hold of his arm, trying to hold the pain off.

"Does that hurt?"

The kitsune opened his eyes and stared at the raven. He shook his head and smiled at the taller guy. Sasuke smiled back and began thrusting Naruto with his fingers. On his first thrust, he hit the kitsune's sweet spot. The blond shouted his name in ecstasy. 'Finally!' he thrust a few more times, each thrust hitting the same spot. Suddenly, he took out his fingers, making the smaller boy growled in disappointment.

"I can't hold back anymore..."

He positioned his manhood in front of the entrance and immediately jolted it in. Naruto hissed in pain as the huge erection entered him. Tears started flowing from the corner of his eyes. Sasuke whispered an apology and waited until the blond said it's okay to move. As soon as he got the signal, he began thrusting. He hit the sweet spot of Naruto's on every thrust.

"Ah! Sasu...! Ah, I'm...!"

The blond couldn't finish his words and came onto both of their chests. Sasuke came right after him. After that, he fell onto the kitsune, both of them panting heavily. He took out his manhood from the blond.

"I love you...Sasuke..."

"Love you too, Naru-koi..."

And the both of them fell into a deep sleep, snuggling each other in a warm and loving embrace.


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