Control is Everything

Summary: Can a girl, with multiple control issues, finally get to Reid? What if she is sexually linked to most of Spencer's swim team? What if her best friend (with benefits) just happens to be Aaron Abbot? Let's just say that this is going to be a very interesting ride. Pun included. R/OC, A/OC, K/P, C/S, T/?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for Leigh and anyone attached to her. But oh do I wish that I own that locker room scene. drool


Arrogance is the way to a woman's heart, well mine at least. I love guys that know who they are and what they want. Men who mostly take charge in the relationship, but in the bedroom understand that their girl is in control. Unfortunately, I've had my eye on this one boy, but he can't seem to give up some of the power. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Oh well, that's why a girl always has to have a back up boy.

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"Leigh! Get your ass in gear! We have to get to English class!" my roommate, Kate, screamed. She is always yelling about something or another. Rolling my eyes, I pull on my sneakers and grab my bag.

"Why is it that you're always worried about missing class? We're never late, K. Settle down." I calmly spoke to her. Our class is about five minutes from our room, and we don't have to be there for another 15 minutes. I absolutely hate getting to class really early. It's awkward, and plus, I'm trying to avoid Reid Garwin.

The night before, he and I decided to hang out. Disaster! We went up to his room and watched some movies with Tyler Simms, and then naturally he wanted to get some action. And hey, I'm not going to deny myself, so we went back to my room. Kate has a boyfriend off-campus, so she spends a lot of time over at his apartment. So alone in a room, I knew from the moment we locked the door it was going to be an interesting experience.


I turned to meet his eyes. Smiling slightly, I took off my shirt. Throwing it back at him I asked coyly, "Going to join me?" His smirk deepened, and came to meet me in the middle of the room.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you are?" he asked me. I just chuckled. Pushing me lightly on the bed, he starts to take off his clothes. How sexy I am? He is absolutely delicious. After stripping naked, he crawled onto the bed, and pulled off my skirt. Then he did the hottest thing ever. He started playing with the strings on my underwear, pulling one side higher and the other side lower. Smirking at me through his hair, he gently kissed my hip bone.

I was so excited. I've heard from plenty of girls about Reid's sexual prowess. I was finally going to experience this first hand. I reached my hand down to play with his hair, and the moment he followed my hand to my collarbone I knew I was going to be deeply disappointed. He took both of my hands and held them above my head, kissing up along my neck the entire time. When I went to take my hands away, he whispered huskily into my ear, "Nuh, uh. They stay there, princess. I am in charge."

NO! It was like time stopped. My head jerked up. "Excuse me?" He looked up confused. "Okay number one. I'm not your princess. That's the most chauvinistic thing I've ever heard. And number two. Who said you could control this situation? You obviously don't know who you're dealing with." He started to chuckle, somehow thinking that I was joking with him. "Stop laughing. I'm totally serious." After he shook his head, I gave up. I fixed my underwear, and grabbed my shirt from the ground. I turned back around and saw that he was lying with his head on his hand. I looked at him with an incredulous expression.

He immediately squinted his eyes. "Are you freaking kidding me? You are kicking me out because of that? What the fuck?!" Okay, so he's mad. Whatever.

"Maybe you should just go, huh?" And then I tilted my head towards the door. After one more glare, he got off the bed, shoved his boxers and pants on and then picked up his shirt.

Right before he put on his shirt, he looked straight at me, and said, "Maybe to the next guy you bring in here, you won't be so fucking psycho." And then he took off.


"Alright class, get out your literature books." Our teacher told us. Great, he's going to make us listen to somebody read all class. Just as I thought that, I heard a slight cough to my left. Turning my head slightly, I saw Aaron Abbot trying to get my attention. I chuckled softly. He always wants to get laid. He's just lucky that he performs up to par. I noticed he raised his eyebrows, and wiggled them a bit. That meant he wants to hook up tonight. When I jerked my head down slightly, his smile got even bigger.

When class was over, he hurried over to my seat, and picked up my book bag. Smiling slightly, he put his arm around my shoulders. "Missed me, huh?" He asked. I dramatically rolled my eyes, but I added a smile to soften it. "I don't know, Aaron. You just know how to scratch this itch of mine." I said just to hear his chuckle. You do have to admit, he is pretty banging.

As he steered me out of the room, I heard a familiar voice say, "Damn, Leigh just likes to give it up to everyone in Spencer's, doesn't she?" I felt Aaron go a little stiff. "Just ignore him, Aaron." I whispered. Apparently Reid heard as well, because it didn't take that long for him to meet up with us. "So how are you this evening, Ms. Roberts? Have you been acting like a tease lately?"

Aaron went completely stiff by this time. "Tease? Sorry to tell you Garwin, but I know from experience that Leigh is anything but a tease. She likes to follow all the way through. Maybe she realized that you were a waste of time before things got too far. Which in that case, I applaud her. She would have been bored to tears." He is anything but an asshole to me, and I totally appreciate him. Aaron and I have been friends (with benefits) since the beginning of high school. He is pretty much the one guy at this place that I've been with more than five times. Loyalty is something that I expect from my friends, and Aaron has never let me down.

Tired of dealing with some of the Sons of Ipswich, I grabbed Aaron's hand off my shoulder, and pulled him along to my room. "Let's go have some fun." I said without looking at Reid's expression. I'm getting bored with him. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, which was like 24 hours. This is why, like I said, you need a back up boy, and Aaron is absolutely perfect. He doesn't expect much, and he lets me have my way in the bedroom. Perfect.


"Reid Garwin? Seriously?" I started laughing obnoxiously. Here I was, naked in bed with Aaron, settling down from one of the most powerful orgasms of the month and he has to ruin the moment.

"I thought it would have been interesting." I responded. "You have no idea what the girls in my gym class say about him. But then while things were getting all heated, he goes and plays the whole manly card. 'I'm in control.' Bullshit! Don't you guys talk about chicks in the locker room? I mean, I've been with plenty of the swimmers, they must have said something."

"Guys like that don't admit to have a strong female in bed. They want everyone thinking that they conquered the world. But they know who the boss is, don't worry."

Wanting to make him squirm, I asked, "So what do you tell the guys in the locker room? That you are the one conquering me and my body? That you control what happens?" He wasn't looking at my face when I asked that, so at first he was a little unnerved. When he saw that I was wearing a small smirk, he nudged my side with his elbow. "I tell them the truth. If they want to really know, I simply say that we fuck ourselves insane, and are left absolutely breathless. I wouldn't change a thing. Especially you on top," he starts saying, slipping closer towards me and at the same time pulling my body towards him, "Filling yourself with my man meat." He ends his sentence by blowing a raspberry on my neck.

"Asshole!" I laugh, and drag myself on top of him, just like he said when he started out. I straddled his hips, and that made him pay attention fast.

Just as things were getting a lot more intense, the door opens. It was a priceless experience. Here I am, on top of Aaron, naked as a new born, with his hands on my hips, and him looking past me to the door. Turning slightly, with my arm covering my breasts, I see Kate and her boyfriend. Just great. Oh and in case I forgot to tell you, her boyfriend just happens to be apart of the Sons of Ipswich. Trying to make the situation a little bit better, I sighed and gave a big smile. "Hey Kate, Pogue. How are you today?"

They both started to chuckle a bit. We've been in this position before, so instead of being self-conscious I slip out from under the covers and retrieved Aaron's shirt. From the corner of my eye I saw Pogue turn around. Good boy. I threw Aaron's boxers at his head, and he caught them in mid-air. Turning around, I asked Kate, "So do we have any plans for tonight?" I saw her nod before she responded, "Yeah, we're going to the bon fire remember? I have to introduce the new girl to everyone." Ah, I forgot about the new girl. I turned to Aaron with the "are-you-going-with" look on my face, and he shook his head. "Can't, Kira asked me to go along with her." I quickly stuck my tongue out.

There couldn't be a girl that I hated more than Kira. "Have fun with that. Make sure you use protection, okay? I'm not touching that if it touches her too. You know my feelings on that." He had started putting on his pants when I said that. I walked over after he buckled his belt, and kissed my nose. "No protection, no Leigh. I know the rules." He started for the door before he said this, "Hopefully I'll you there, and don't forget to return my shirt. You steal enough of them as it is." I just smiled.

Turning back around, I noticed that Kate and Pogue took a sit on her bed. My smile got even bigger after I saw Pogue's red cheeks. "Aww, Pogue, you should be used to seeing me this way. Just think of me as like a naked statue from Rome. Beautiful, untouchable, totally safe. Kate trusts you, so settle down a bit." Kate and I share a glance. "Well, I'm going to go take a shower, Kate are we taking Sarah with us?"

"No, she's going to drive us down there."
"Okay, sounds good. See you later Pogue!" I exclaimed while walking out with my towel. He usually always arrives with the other Sons, so Kate meets up with him at the place.

The entire time I was taking a shower, all I could think of was what Reid had said. Tease. How was I a tease? I was clearly going to have sex with him. He was going to score, yet when I rejected him because he has a horrible attitude about it, I was automatically a tease. Yeah, well, sucks for him. The poor boy. He doesn't understand what he missing. Oh well.


A.N.: So this is my first Covenant fan fiction, let me know what you think!! Give me some ideas if you want. I'll see if I can fit them into the story. Let me know who you want Leigh with. With this story, I'm going to try to please the readers as much as I can. I'm really leaning towards Reid, and some very Aaron friendly fun. Thank you so much for reading, and I'm looking forward to the reviews.



"Why is she acting like that, Aaron? Is she looking to get smacked in the face?"

"What makes you think I care? He lost his chance, he didn't understand the rules." "He doesn't know the rules, Leigh." "Pogue." "Just give him another chance. I'll explain things to him."

"Oh my God, Pogue, what happened to your face?" "He didn't like that I've seen you naked before." "Well, his hand is going to hurt after punching all of the guys that have seen her naked."