There are a lot of things Colby doesn't know about how the team dealt with searching for him after Dwayne Carter's escape.

Don was unsure if this should stay one of them.

On the one hand, telling Colby could open a whole new can of worms if David found out. After all, Don had been delivered the note personally, sealed, in an anonymous envelope…at his apartment, not HQ. It was addressed to him, but the whole of the contents were about Colby.

Maybe it would help Granger to know someone else had been on his side the whole time. Maybe knowing who that person was wouldn't matter.

Maybe if Granger found out later, he'd be pissed.

Don toyed with the note.

"Hey," Colby announced from the doorway. "I was about to head home…you need anything?"

It was like a sign.

"Come here for a minute," Don said instead.

Agent Eppes,

We've never met, but I've asked around and I know you're the usual head of Colby Granger's team.

Perhaps that is a name you do not wish to hear. Keep reading anyway.

I believe a man is made of more than just his actions; that character includes charity and basic kindness as well as the absence of bad deeds. When my son went missing, your team found him without you, but for all their obvious help and concern, it was Colby Granger who impressed me.

He didn't just tell me what I expected to hear – good and bad – from the officers and agents on the case. And he didn't just do his job. I could see in his eyes that no matter what he thought of me, my child was worth enough for him to run around the city like a madman in the fading hope that it would save Jo.

His devotion so impressed me, that if you do not find him, I will. And I will not send him back to your military prison to rot for something I cannot believe he would do. Whether you find him or not, remember that he has done many great things for this country as well, and don't be so consumed by appearances that you cannot see the truth.

Look him in the eyes and call him a traitor. And then decide for yourself if it is true.

--Che Lobo