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To my dearest Darcy,

Caroline once remarked that your handwriting was uncommonly neat and upon how many letters of business you would have occasion to write. I now thank that these same letters have left you with considerable time to write to me. I find it only right to thank you now for the ten pages detailing how much you missed me. We have been apart seven days, my love! However, I digress, as I can safely claim upon noting your absence more than is strictly necessary though I feel that dear Georgiana does so toe. I fear that I may have to take her to visit Jane if she continues to be more sorrowful. She sends you her concerns for my health, as I have been less than well of late. If it continues much longer I well send for the physician, though you must not fuss, as I know you will at such news.

When you write next – terribly soon – do tell me more of London. Jane said little of it upon her last return and it pleases me to hear you talk of such things. My aunt and uncle have once again visited and Charlotte will be coming next she is near. Eleanor, I believe, is also well and has outgrown her first set of caps. I cannot wait to see her again though I pray Mr Collins does not dain to make an appearance. How sad that such a delightful child should have such a father! I am afraid his love of gardening has kept him put thus far however be warned that he may request to come shortly after your own return.

To be true, I wish you to be home more than is strictly modest for a good wife. Oh, now Georgiana must not read this. You know it is still strange to her that you – of all people, being so disagreeable in all eyes – are married. Indeed, she seems to take comfort in my presence rather more as a sister than anything else. God bless her.

Lydia has once again requested my help, which I know you find great distaste in but it is not in my nature – which you promised once to look upon in the most passable light – to leave the unsuspecting shopkeeper with less than is owed. Perhaps, one day, both Lydia and her husband will learn to conserve rather than shifting the burden. I am not sure how far Jane's affectionate heart or Bingley's easy temper can be stretched by one such wretched creature!

But I will not confide my worries in this letter as you have far too many burdens already. Of pleasanter things, the new colt is doing well and when Colonel Fitzwilliam is next by I shall ask him to look it over. It is so sad we see him so little but I know he must be with Anne as Lady Catherine continues her rages. It is unusual to think them betrothed. Lady Catherine shall have to go to the dowager house! as Anne must have Rosings. I can think of no-one more deserving of such luxuries – to have endured this for years and ended so very well is truly a miracle, by any standard.

I must be gone now, my love, but I miss you more dearly each day and eagerly await your return,

Yours always,

Elizabeth Darcy

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