A/N: Hiya guys, This is just me, doing the whole author-note-at-the-end-of-the-story thing. So, yea, this is a trick chapter. Sorry about that. But there were a few questions that needed to be answered.

First off, someone was concerned that I was bringing in a new character to make a jealousy factor between Ino and Kiba. I can assure you, though it's a good idea, I'm not doing that. I just changed the info about the story from a random quote to more about the actual story. So no worries.

Second, this isn't the end. So, no need to be sad or worried. There is another story that is meant to be after this. The next story is the last story of the InoxKiba trilogy. And when the next story is done, I'm thinking of having some stories with the next generation. But I don't know. I already have names and everything (it took me a whole night) but I've only written one chapter for that. And it may only be one story. So, to end this rambling, this story line doesn't end here.

The next part of this story line is continued on in The Beginning of Forever. So far it's going to be about Ino and Kiba's quest to avenge poor Shino. They'll be after Yuri, and her sister (who had acted as her mother for the purpose of the mission), Any akatsuki member they can get, and Itachi. It's going to be very action-packed, but also have some romance that we all love. Basically, I have big plans for the next story.

So go on to the next installment of this series, and ENJOY!

Much love,