Naruto May Cry.

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Ch4. Loves in the air Konoha Style!

"What do you mean my house is gone?" Naruto said in complete fear. "What about Sakura I thought she would have lived in it." He continued. "I was…" Sakura said walking in. "You're Kaa-san sent Dante-san flying through it." She sighed. "Then where have you been living?" Naruto asked. "At you're Kaa-san's cause… well you know." She said with a sad smile. Naruto knew all to well what she meant, it was way back after the two started dating.

It's time for another Rabbit, Ox, Snake Flashback no jutsu!

Naruto and Sakura lie on Sakura's bed naked "O.k…. that was not you're first time." Sakura said as she recovered from her orgasm. "What I'm telling you the truth." Naruto said. "No you are lying to me who was it some chick while you trained with Jiraiya or maybe it was Ino I saw the looks she's been throwing!" Naruto turned to her and said. "I've wanted you since I knew what that meant, and you're saying that I'm gonna lose my virginity to anyone else?" Naruto asked. "Then how come you're so dame good at that?" She asked. "I ah… lied when I said I never read Ero-Sennin's books." Naruto replied as he got a tap on the head. "Not where I would have liked you to get it but at least it's better then losing it to some random slut." She said. "Ino's a random slut?" Naruto asked. "No she's not it was just a joke Naruto, Ino's in love with Shikamaru." Naruto's eyes went wide. "Really cause Shikamaru's in love with her." He said. "Well we should get them two together." Sakura said. Naruto shook his head in agreement as the two stopped talking.

After a few minuets Sakura kissed Naruto and said. "I'm ready to go again." Naruto smiled as he positioned himself over her and place himself inside her. As he started to move the door opened up and the pair went white as Sakura's mother looked at them, anger in her eyes and a smell of vodka on her shirt. "Demon what are you doing to my daughter." She said in a drunken stupor. "Help this Demon is trying to rape my daughter!" She screamed as she threw Naruto off of her. "I'm going to kill you demon!" She said as she pulled a Kunai off of Sakura's desk. As she ran at him Sakura punched her through a wall sending her into the street.

"Sakura-chan what are you up to?" here mother asked. "No Kaa-san what's up with you why did you do that?" Sakura asked. "What are you saying this Demon was about to rape you with his demon cock and impregnate you with his demon seed! I was saving you from being his demon whore." She said as she nursed a possibly broken jaw. "Kaa-san I wanted to be with him!" Sakura said causing her mother to tear. "No what has this demon done to my sweet Sakura! He hypnotized her with his demon powers!" Naruto started to walk away as Sakura stopped him. "Naruto-kun I'm sorry for what my Kaa-san said to you please don't leave me." She said crying. Naruto hugged her and said. "I would never do that." Sakura's mother went to rip them apart again. "Get your hands off my sweet baby you demon!"

Sakura pulled off of Naruto and grabbed her mother. "Listen to me Kaa-san, I love Naruto-kun I am not being hypnotized by him or anything else, I love him with all my heart and soul, and if you can't see this then I'm leaving and never returning!" She told her tears in her eyes. What happened next was no surprise her mother slapped her and said. "You are not my daughter my daughter is dead she would never be some demons whore! Leave and join you're demon in hell you whore!" Sakura started to cry and grabbed onto Naruto as he and her walked towards his house in nothing but a blanket that the two shared.

What Naruto didn't know was that after he left, her mother went to her a few days later.

Double Flashback no Jutsu!

Sakura heard a knock at the door and ran straight towards the door. "Naru…to…" Sakura said with a hope quickly smashed. "So the demon still has some hold on you huh? No mater we'll fix that soon enough." Sakura's mother said as she entered the house. "What do you want?" She asked her mother. "I heard you broke the demons control on you." She said. "Listen Naruto is not a demon." Sakura said. With a laugh her mother said "Yeah and I'm Hokage, now lets get rid of all of the demon's possessions there having a lingering effect on you." Sakura grabbed her mother and threw her out the door. "Out of my house I don't need you getting rid of my fiancé's stuff!" Her mother looked at her. "Do you like being treated like his whore, do you really want to burn in hell, do you not care what others think of you!?" Sakura shook her head and said. "As long as I'm with him I don't care if I burn in the darkest reaches of Hades I will love every moment as long as I share it with him." Her mother dusted herself off and said. "Fine enjoy hell you whore, from this day forward you are no longer welcome in my home, you're no Haruno you're a demon whore!" Sakura looked at her with a smile "And I'm proud of it!" She yelled slaming the door to her house.


"Yeah…" Naruto said. "What are me and Dante gonna do about sleeping quarters!" Tsunade looked at him and said. "I have extra room in the mansion." Naruto shook his head and said "That will be fine thank you." Naruto turned to leave as Dante entered. "Oi, Naruto how's the living quarters?" He asked sitting down. "Fine well be staying in the Kage's mansion with my Kaa-san and Sakura-ch…san." Naruto said catching himself. This didn't go unknown to all three as Sakura's heart was about to explode. 'He called me Sakura-chan!' She thought as she heard her Inner self reared head "Hell Yeah! Naruto-kun is ours again baby!" 'I hope so.' Sakura thought. "Well lets get our stuff set up."

At the Hokage's mansion.

"NANI!!!" Sakura and Tsunade were wide eyed at the amount of items in the room. "What we need all this stuff." Dante said as he put his stereo down across from his pool table. "Yeah it's necessary for our work environment." Naruto said putting down his workbench where he made his and Dante's weapons. "Yeah right!" Tsunade said as she saw Dante setting a mounted Demon's head on the wall. "Well… it is… so unless you want to kick you're son out into the cold, cold street." Naruto said putting on fake tears. "It sounds tempting." She said as Naruto went wide eyed. "Have you no soul!" Naruto said. "Nope." she said. Naruto put his head down and started to whine. "Man Naruto you're Kaa-san's a slave driver." Dante said putting a picture of him and Naruto back around when Naruto was twenty.

Sakura moved over to look at it she looked at the people There was Naruto and Dante, next to Dante was a lady with two different color eyes, a girl with blond hair around Naruto and Sakura's age, and a silver haired woman that looked like Naruto a bit due to her own fox appendages. "Who are these girls?" Sakura asked. "The two normal looking ones are Lady and Patty and the silver haired chick is well… only Naruto can tell you about her." Dante said as he took out a blue object (Cerberus) and handed it to Naruto. "Hey I was looking for this." He said putting them away in a bag. "Naruto-kun who was she?" Sakura asked. "I'd rather you not ask about her Sakura." Naruto said very seriously. "Let's just say I don't like to bring her into my affairs any longer then needed. She's not something you should ask about understand." Naruto said. "I understand…" Sakura said in a low tone.

Upon finishing Dante went to change as Naruto started to teach Sakura to play pool. "Ok what you have to do is use this stick to hit the ballsinto the holes in order one to nine." Naruto said. (He's teaching her Nine Ball.) He then took the pool stick and hit the ball's separating them as the six ball went in. "Oh the one didn't go in what dose that mean." Sakura asked. "It means it's your turn." Naruto said. Sakura took the stick and held it completely wrong knocking the Q-ball off the table. "No Sakura you got to hold it like this." Naruto said wrapping his hands over hers in an attempt to teach her. This of course meant Naruto and Sakura were close, very close, "You see…" Naruto said as he held her his warm breath tickling her neck as she silently moaned from his touch. "Like this…" Naruto said as he moved the stick.

Sakura decided it was now or never "You're good at this Naruto-kun can you show me this again." She said Naruto shook his head as he moved over her again. As Naruto was about to show her as she rubbed her ass against his crotch making him moan. "Sa-sakura…" Naruto stuttered out. "Shh…" She said putting her slender fingers on his mouth. She turned and kissed him. Naruto felt like he had the first time they kissed he felt a strong tug on his heart. Naruto pushed her against the table and forced his tong into her mouth he laughed to him self that she still tasted like strawberries even after ten years.

"More…" She said as if ordering Naruto. "More…" She repeated as Naruto's hand cupped her right breast and gave it a hard squeeze. As Naruto started to put his hand up her shirt they came to a stop, due to Dante coughing. "Ah…" Sakura screamed as she turned red. "Well I'm going out see yeah." Dante said leaving the two. The two turned red as they looked at each other. "Oh yeah…" Dante said popping out his head. "Wear a condom." He said as a kunai flew towards him via Sakura. Dante left with a wicked laugh to meet his date.

At Konoha shopping district.

Dante walked there looking for Karina's as he looked around at reconstruction of the area and remembered the two girls that caused it. 'Something was off about the blond… she wasn't very into capturing Naruto.' He thought. "Ah Dante-san." He heard Karina's voice call. "Hello." He greeted. "Hi" she said returning the greet. "Kono I'll be back by eleven, twelve latest." She said. "Ok… have fun Karini-oba-san." He said. "So where are we going?" Karini asked. "Naruto told me about this palce very quiet on the edge of town, he said it's where him and Sakura had there first date, he said it's the kind of place you might like." Dante replied. "Sounds good, lets go." She responded.

To the restaurant

"Wow it's so nice in here." Karini said. The restaurant was a quiet little Sushi shop inside was decorated with hanging lights that gave the room a dark look, the walls had painting of things such as famous Ninja, places like the Suna desert and the Uzumaki (whirlpool) Country. The two sat there and enjoyed some sushi and green tea, after that the two headed to the park and sat and watched the stars and had some dango.

The two sat and talked about themselves getting to know each other they talked about things like Dante's demon hunting and training with Konoha's number one unpredictable ninja. For Karini it was raising Mitoko on her own. "It must be tough for you." Dante said. "Yeah it has it's ups and it's downs but look at her now, she's so big and she's learning to be a ninja, 'sigh' she's not my little baby on the swing asking for her kaa-san to push her anymore." Karini said. "I sometimes wish I could have another… but… well you're the first person I've dated since Asuma died. I was always too busy raising Mitoko-chan to find a man to replace him." Dante put his hand on her shoulder and said. "Well let me take you home."

Around eleven thirty the two saw something that made them go wide eyed, Naruto and Sakura leaveing a restaurant. "We shouldn't follow them." Dante said. "And miss my chance at the best rumor since Naruto and Sakura catching Ino and Shikamaru having sex in the Ninja Academe, hell yes were gonna spy!" She said rushing after them.

With Naruto and Sakura.

Naruto and Sakura sat on a bench at the park, they were quiet until Naruto knew he had to brake the ice. "So… how were things while I was gone?" Naruto said. "Fine a few weddings, a couple of babies…" Sakura said trailing of at this. Naruto put hand on hers and spoke. "I know you wanted to have kids for a long time Sakura… I'm sorry I let my emotions take me over. I feel like an idiot, today when I saw you crying over me when you thought I died… I couldn't bare it… the way you acted over the thought of losing me again made me see that you would have never cheated on me on purpose." Sakura put her head on his hands and Naruto felt her crying on them. "At least 'Sniff' were together again that's 'sniff' all I care about 'sniff' and all I ever wanted for ten long pain filled years all I wished 'sniff' night and day was for you to come through our door hold me and love me like you did so long ago." She cried. Naruto lifted her head and kissed her softly. "Don't cry my sweet blossom I shall never leave you again." He said as he kissed her again. Sakura cried as the two touched lips, she had waited ten long years for him to say that and she loved him even more (if that is possible) after he said it.

(Ph34r for it is a mini- lemon)

Soon a small kiss turned into a war of tongs as the two made out. Naruto's hand as sneaky as ever started to move up her skirt again. Sakura moaned into his mouth as Naruto started to rub her womanhood as she started to sweat as she had started to get horny form his touch. 'Naruto is the only one that can make me feel this hot' Sakura thought. Naruto then pulled down her panties and pushed his clawed fingers into her pussy making her moan as his fingers filled her. "Oh god yes Naruto 'Moan' oh fuck me 'Pant' with those dirty little fingers of yours!" She said louder then she should have as Naruto stopped and looked to see if there was anyone around. Sakura got impatient and gave him a heated kiss. "Keep fucking me please…" She said to him. "Someone might here us." Naruto said. "Then take me home and make love to me like you used to…Naru-chan." Sakura said as she rubbed a growing bump in his pants. With a grin Naruto Hiraishined the two back to the mansion.

(mini-lemon over)

"Well… I think I should take you home Karini-chan." Dante said as he got up. "Yeah… we can have sex in privet there." Karini said with an perverted grin as she liked his neck. "Well somebody's horny" The Half-demon said as he grabbed her and ran straight to her house.

(LEMON!!!! Lemon appears. "Yes" Get to work! "Ok… NaruSaku Lemon No Jutsu!") (Avert thy eyes ye of weak heart and fragile minds for this is a lemon scene… for the rest of ye… here's a lemon.)

Naruto dropped Sakura on his bed as he looked upon her. She smiled as she started to take her top off. "Naru-chan… are you ready for me?" Sakura purred as her top came off and her large tits popped out. "No Sakura… are you ready for me… I'm a bit… bigger… then before." He said as her lusting eyes grew "How much bigger, you were eight inches by three inches." Naruto laughed and said. "Lets say that taking the Kyuubi into did more then make me stronger." Naruto said.

He pulled Sakura into a heated kiss as he massaged her tits. "I know you want to fuck them, don't you, you dirty little fox." Sakura said as Naruto rubbed them. "Yeah but first I want to do something." Naruto said. "What?" was Sakura's answer. "As you know I'm a half demon now right." He said. She shook her head and said "It doesn't matter if you were a full demon I still love you." Kissing her he said. "I love you too Sakura-hime… and that's why I want to ask you?" "Ask me what Naruto-kun?" Sakura asked as the two continued to kiss. "Can I mark you as my mate?" Naruto asked. "What will happen?" Sakura asked concerned.

"Well it will mean that you are mine and mine alone, also it will let me know if you're in trouble, It will give you many of my powers and it will…" Naruto trailed off as Sakura looked puzzled. "Will what?" Naruto looked at her and said. "Would you love me… even if I… kept you from being normal ever again?" Sakura's face hardened and she slapped him in the face with tears in her eyes. "You think I would hate you for anything! I have not loved a man or thought of anyone but you for TEN YEARS and you think that I would hate you because I wouldn't be normal is that a joke! I don't care I love you no mater what, all I need is you're love to be happy not the way society looks at me, just you." She then kissed him again as Naruto said he was sorry and went down on her neck Naruto looked at her with soft eyes as Sakura pushed him into her neck as if to tell him that she craved his mark. Naruto then sank his fangs hard into her neck and the two lovers glowed red as Sakura screamed, not in pain mind you… but in a heavy, deep, insatiable lust.

Naruto moved away from her as he saw a seal that took the shape of the Mangekyo/Amatsugan appeared on her neck and her body pulsed in a red aura as she moaned. Naruto looked at her, her K-9's grew a bit, her nails clawed, her eyes grew a red hue, her ears disappeared under her pink hair only to appear atop her head covered in pink fur and in the shape of a fox's ears, and finally with a tug Sakura pulled her skirt of to show two pink tails popping out of her panties. Slowly Sakura stared to move again as he suddenly smelled Sakura's pheromones and became very, very horny. "Naruto-kun I want it now and I want it hard!" Sakura said as she pulled Naruto into her face for a lust driven make-out.

Naruto kissed down his Yoko-hime (Fox princess) and reached her breast as he decided to have some fun with them. Taking the right nipple into his mouth he sucked on it hard as his right hand massaged her left like he were needing dough. This caused Sakura to moan incredibly loud, luck for her Naruto's father had put a silence jutsu on the guest rooms long ago when he and Naruto's mom were try to have Naruto. As Naruto sucked away Sakura pulled off her panties, actually more liked ripped them of in a fit of ecstasy, discarding them to the floor. Sakura then plunged her fingers into her wet hole and played with herself, only to be quickly stopped by Naruto. With a feral growl she watched as he took her fingers and licked them.

"If I said it once I've said it a thousand times, I love you're taste." Naruto said as he put his head on her clit as he nibbled on it causing Sakura to moan even louder. "Oh Naruto-kun even after all these years you still know how to make me moan so much." She said as Naruto started to lick on her clit as his fingers entered her pussy. Naruto did this for a few minuets before he noticed the tightening feeling on his fingers, pulling them out he licked the juices off them before he began to eat her out. A few moments later Naruto heard Sakura's claws ripping the mattress and knew that she was about to release. "Nar-Naruto!!!!!" Sakura screamed as she had an earth shattering orgasm erupting her juices all over Naruto.

"Oh god… I haven't came that hard since that time we did it with that Kage Bunshin clone." Sakura said as she tried to recover from the experience. She looked at Naruto who sat there with a lusting look. Sakura sat up as Naruto walked over, moving on the bed she pulled him onto the bed pinning him under her as her had reached for his pants. Sakura pulled of his pants and headed to his boxers, she laughed as they had a design of a fox on them saying 'sexy fox' kissing his boxers and feeling his hard member she pulled his shorts down. She gasped as she looked at his throbbing member "Naruto you didn't joke how big have you gotten!" She said with ecstasy hanging on her words. Naruto had a fox grin as he said "I grew six inches." Sakura looked at him and said. "I hope I can fit it in me." Naruto suddenly moaned as Sakura started to take his dick into her mouth. "Oh god Sakura!" Naruto said as he was reaching heaven on earth due to Sakura's attempt to deep throat all fourteen inches of his manhood.

Sakura got as far down as she could and started to move up and down making a light hum as she did which form the moans Naruto was making was a nice touch on her part. "Sakura-chan you're better then I remembered you being, and you were good back then." Naruto said as he took heavy breaths. Sakura continued this as a minuet pasted she felt Naruto's dick throbbing like crazy. Naruto's hand went to her head as Sakura speed up and Naruto soon muttered something Sakura could swear was, "c-cumming…" Sakura took one last hard suck and Naruto unloaded a blast of cum down her throat Naruto continued to cum for another thirty seconds before stopping. Sakura who still had Naruto in her mouth was drinking his cum as it was released. "My, my Naruto-kun you sure were backed up." Sakura said as she wiped the cum that she had missed off her face. "Well… I haven't had sex in ten years so it can happen." He chuckled. "I know what you mean." Sakura said as she felt Naruto pick her up and put her gently on her back.

"Ready?" Naruto asked. With a shake of her head Naruto put his dick on her womanhood making Sakura moan. Naruto then looked at her and said "Birth control?" She shook her head yes and Naruto started to push inside her. 'Oh god I've waited for this for ten years.' Both thought as Naruto suddenly made a wicked grin and moved into her and stopped just an inch in. Sakura had a confused look on her as she then felt Naruto pull out. "What the…'Moan'" Sakura said as Naruto moved back in just a little deeper then before. 'What is he doing this is torture' Sakura thought as Naruto did the same as before each time going a little deeper. "Na-Naruto-kun…" Sakura mumbled as Naruto was half way in. "P-Please…" She said. "Please what Sakura-Hime" Naruto asked teasingly as he pulled out again. "Please just do it." She whimpered. "Do what?" Naruto asked as he slowly penetrated her again. Sakura moaned and said "Please fuck me." She begged. "As you wish." Naruto said as he trusted deep into her.

Sakura screamed with ecstasy as she felt Naruto's dick rip through her body. To Sakura's surprise she was in fact able to fit all of Naruto into her. Naruto then lifted Sakura a little so that he could fuck her deeper. Sakura moaned as Naruto enter her deeper the two continued to do this for a few more minuets before Naruto felt Sakura's wall's get tighter. Naruto sped up as Sakura keep screaming that she was about to cum. Naruto felt Sakura cum and with one last push spilled his seed into her.

The two lovers were lying there "You ready for round two." Sakura asked. Sakura's response was the hardening of Naruto's dick inside her and Naruto lifting her into a sitting position. Naruto lied there as Sakura rid Naruto's shaft up and down for a good ten minuets. Sakura could tell that Naruto was close by his members throbbing inside her. She slowly pulled Naruto up as she moved into the doggy position and Naruto Began to pound her hard and deep. Naruto felt Sakura tighten and slammed into her as the two lovers came together. Lying back down Sakura lying next to Naruto him still inside of her. "Sakura…" Naruto said. "Naruto." She responded. "I love you." He said as his arms wrapped around her. Sakura, eyes closing as she started to fall asleep from the lullaby of Naruto's heart, whispered "I know… because I love you just as much."

(Lemon Over)

In a chamber a woman with silver hair lie there naked covered in blood of many men. A knock at the door made the girl look up as a blue haired fox-boy walked in. "You're guests has arrived Kyuubi-sama."

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