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Chapter 1 - Past







"Stuff this stupid computer!"

"Oh shut up, I already told you! If you actually do well in your grades this year I might actually get a laptop! I know the computer we have now is slow and is a piece of crap that Kakashi drag from some rubbish dump, but you're going to have to deal with it until you pass your classes!"

"But mum!"

Iruka sighed, Naruto might be cute and everything but he was almost lazier than Shikamaru some times!

Naruto was adopted by Iruka and Kakashi when he was just 6, his parents died when he was only 4 and everyone blamed him for their deaths.

Arashi and his wife were well respected in their little town, Arashi was the Mayor's son, but they were young and people believed that they got Naruto by accident and it was too much stress on them causing them to run away. Unfortunately, while they were driving in their car, a truck smashed into them, killing them instantly.

Naruto's grandfather, the Mayor, who died soon after, unable to help Naruto. He was the last blood family Naruto had.

After they died, Naruto was put in the orphanage; people didn't like him, blaming him for killing their leader's son, saying bad things to Naruto. They said that his parents hated him that his birth was an accident and he was a demon.

He had been in the orphanage for around 2 years when Iruka and Kakashi chose him. They had been married and Iruka pestered Kakashi into adopting a child. Naruto was surprised when they chose him.


"Aiko-sensei, look at this!! I made a little bird!" A little Naruto came running, holding a little clay bird in his small hands.

"Get away! I don't care! Stay away from me you demon!" The women screeched at the frighted Naruto, smashing the small clay bird to the ground.

He stared at the remains, the bird didn't mean much to him, and it was only an excuse to leave the room that the other children were playing nosily in. He turned around and walked slowly away.

He had always wondered why all the adults hated him. They always told him that his parents hated him, but he knew it wasn't true, he remembers the way his mother held me the way his father smiled at him, he knew. He knew the adults blamed him for their deaths but it wasn't his fault, he knew that, so he didn't cry not once did he cry, teary eyes were often but never tears.

He knew a lot more than the people thought, the children he lived with always called him dead-last but he knew al lot more than them, he pays attention to everything, putting on a fake mask of stupidness and happiness.

"Excuse me miss, I would like to adopt a child could you please help me?" A voice knocked Naruto out of his thoughts.

He looked up, there were two men, one had a mass of spiky sliver hair with a mask on, and he looked a bit frustrated and bored at the same time. The other looked excited and you could see he had kind eyes, his hair was tied in a high ponytail and he also had a scar on the bridge of his nose.

"Of course gentlemen!" the lady's voice was completely different to the one she used on Naruto.

Naruto hurried back to the room with the other children. Even at their young age, they already separated into different groups. They had the bullies who were the bigger boys, the cute girls who only allowed the prettier girls into their group, they smart kids, the lazy kids who were the kids that slept more than the others and so on.

He stepped into the room and closed the door.

"Everyone, we have visitors."

Aiko, the owner of the orphanage have taught them that every time there were visitors they had to be on their best behaviour and act as cute as possible.

Everybody paused what they were doing before tidying themselves up and went back to their games.

Naruto went to the seat next to the window, although he wanted to get out of the orphanage he knew none of the people that came would chose him, they were all informed about his parents, most of them knew already anyway. Staring out the window look at the clouds, he waited for the men to come and chose one of the kids.

The door flew open; Aiko had her fake smile on and telling them all about the orphanage and the kids.

"Please take a look around, you can talk to them." Aiko seemed excited that two hot guys were in her orphanage. She was presenting the children like cheap shop products.

The silver haired man was glaring as the lady talked; Naruto guessed that the guy didn't like people who were like Aiko. He didn't blame him; he highly doubts anybody would like Aiko if she truly behaved like herself and not a fake.

Naruto sighed, it was just another day in the year, the 2 years he had been in the orphanage was not really the best and he promised himself that he would run away on his 7th birthday, but that was almost a year away.

"Hey, he's cute, Iruka what about that one over there?"

"Ooh! Hello! What's your name?" the voices surprised Naruto. He blinked his big blue eyes.

None of the other visitors even bothered to look at him and even if they did, they were looked of disgust. The pair was obviously not informed. Even if Aiko wanted to get rid of Naruto, she wouldn't dump him on two hot guys.

"Excuse me Iruka-san, Kakashi-san, why don't you look over here?" her voice was way too sweet and fake.

"Oh! It's okay Aiko-san! Oh my god! He's so adorable!" Iruka cooed ever Naruto, making him blink in confusion.

Kakashi chuckled; he could see this kid was not used to affection. He knew the story of the kid; after all, Arashi was like an older brother to him when he was a kid. Kakashi knew all of the kid's family, and even Iruka knew the boy's history.

"Iruka-san, Kakashi-san, can I please talk to you two out side?" Aiko was a little desperate now; she couldn't doom those two hot guys by dumping a demon with them, she had to explain to them.

Iruka ignored her, still cooing over Naruto.

"What's your name sweetie?" Iruka smile kindly at Naruto.

"U-u-uzumaki Narut-o." He managed to mutter.

"Aww! He's so cute Kakashi! Can we take him?"

Naruto's eyes were wide open, but he couldn't get his hopes up yet, he knew Aiko will do anything to make him miserable, she would do something to stop them.

Aiko managed to pull Kakashi and Iruka out of the room, probably telling them about Naruto.

He looked out the window again, it was pass noon, and he sighed and closed his eyes.


The door flew open again and Aiko walked in, eyes wide, she had a shocked expression on her face and she was a bit wobbly on her feet.

"Grab your things." She said in a shaky voice.

Naruto was confused, but he followed Aiko out, he didn't have anything that belonged to him anymore. All he had were his cloths and a little locket from his parents with their family photo inside.

The children stopped what they were doing and stared as Naruto walked out of the room. They might be little and stupid but they can see that the adults didn't like Naruto, they wondered why he was told to get his stuff and leave.

The door closed behind him and he walked to Aiko's office. The two men were there waiting for them.

"Come on, we'll take you to your new home, I sure your glad that you're out of this place." Iruka said in a kind voice.

Naruto was shocked, they actually wanted him. They left but not before Kakashi and Iruka glared at Aiko, causing her to shake again.

Naruto hid a smile, he wonder what they said to Aiko, causing her to do that. He didn't care any more, he could see that these were nice people and now that he has left the orphanage, he was free.

End Flashback.

CRASH! CRACK! And that was followed by loud cursing.

Kakashi ran into the house surprised.

"Are you guy's okay? Iruka? Naruto?" he said worriedly.

He opened the door and sweatdropped at the scene. Naruto was glaring at the computer or what was left of the computer which was on he ground with its insides hanging out. Iruka was sitting on the couch reading a magazine like nothing special was happening.

They were used to Naruto's anger.

He stared a new school when he left the orphanage, since he was 7 when Iruka and Kakashi got him, he started in year 2. He still acted stupid but he didn't always have the big stupid happy grin on his face all the time.

Naruto doesn't do very well in class, it wasn't that he doesn't pay attention, of course he paid attention, but he didn't do his homework and didn't answer the teacher's questions correctly.

He knew how to do all the things the teachers set and even more, but he didn't show it, He was too used to his mask now.

There was one thing he was interested in a lot. Computers and everything to do with modern technology, he loved them. He could do almost do anything on a computer, it's just that he wanted a faster one.

He had even hacked into the school files changing some minor details since the teachers were giving him a headache with all the homework they were setting not that he does any of it, it was just that his classmate were complaining too much. He might be only in year 6 but he computer skills were great.

Naruto isn't altogether the most popular boy in the school; to everyone else, he was just an energetic boy who was loud and stupid.

Iruka is also one of his teacher's. He taught language use. Kakashi was a helper but not a full time teacher since he couldn't stand kids much.

Next year, Naruto is starting year 7, the teacher say that if he didn't improve, he would have to stay down a grade and just stay in year 6. The only class that he passes is IT, information technology, computer stuff and typing.

To Naruto, all the people in the grade below him were pains and he was not going to join them, so he worked a little harder, barely passing, it will be good enough for everyone.

Right now, Naruto was worrying about the computer, sure he hated it but since he ripped it apart it meant that he wouldn't have a computer till the end of the year, and that was around 3 months.

"Kakashi, Kakashi! Please get me a new computer!" He begged.

"Sure, I'll go pick one up the next time there's a garage sale or something cheap." He teased, Kakashi knew Naruto wanted a new computer, but he also knew that Naruto had to pass his grades first.

Naruto groaned, he desperately needed a new computer to change some of the school files so that his class doesn't get so much homework but since he doesn't have one now he couldn't do anything.

"You know what I mean Dad, a new one, one that actually works and not one of those cheap one you pick up, those pieces of crap are so slow!" He started whining.

"Naruto, mind your language." Iruka said, still reading his magazine.

"Mind my language? You said it as well!"

"Look kid, pass you grades and you'll get a laptop, if you don't, you won't be touching a computer and anything like that for a long time."

Naruto pouted and went to his room leaving Kakashi to clean up the mess.

The walls of his room were painted a light orange and his carpet was a fiery red. He had a huge book shelf filled with manga and other books.

He grabbed one of his manga books and laid on his bed reading.

'Why can't my life be interesting? Where are the vampires and werewolves or even fairies and pixies? Why can't my life have spies and martial art experts?' Naruto thought bored out of his mind.

Before he knew it, he was asleep drooling on his pillow.

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