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Chapter 12 – Fight



"Team one will enter on, Monday fortnight; next, next Monday."

"School will be canceled by an accidental fire."

"Nibi and Shichibi will be there as back up since they know the area already."

"Team two will stay for extra time before they move out; some will stay till some of the members of team one get back."

"Akatsuki will be arriving this Sunday night to help."

"The some of the Jounin (Older members) will be there to support the Chuunin and the Genin. Teams sorted out this Sunday night as well."

"And now, everyone will get to their lesson with Naruto-sensei."

"Also, Shukaku-chan will now eat his favorite chocolate cookies!!" Shukaku announced their next mission while opening his cookie packet.

"Whaah! Nekomata-nee-chan! Cookie packet no open…" Chibi Shukaku said with a few tears clouding his eyes, Nekomata sighed and opened the packet for the now happy Shukaku.

It was Thursday, almost the end of the week, people were getting tired and annoyed easily, "KIBA! It's not a clicky thing, it's a MOUSE!"

"But it isn't a mouse! It's a clicky thing because it clicks!"

Especially Naruto…

"Orochimaru-sama, there is almost no information on this site." Kabuto said as he read Naruto fake files.

"Doesn't matter now, we need to recruit some new fighters." The snake like man said irritated.

"How will we do it this year?" Kabuto pushed his glasses up as they slipped down slightly.

"How about we make a few posers with a fighting competition on it, make sure it's only 20-, don't want people who are too old." The man said licking his lips.

"Of course Orochimaru-sama"


"Hey look! There's going to be a competition!" Kiba declared.

Sasuke snorted, "Who cares."

"It's a fighting one." Blunt reply.

"I'm in." Sasuke said straight right away.

"Read it first, jeez." Naruto said, hands behind his head, he was staring at the sky; the clouds were big and fluffy today.

The group was out walking down the city streets today. The leaders were baby-sitting Shukaku and the adults were doing some other mission.

Today it was just Aburame Shino, Akimichi Chouji, Haku, Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Neji, Inuzuka Kiba, Kankuro, Nara Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Subaku Gaara, Temari, TenTen, Uchiha Sasuke, Yamanaka Ino, and Uzumaki Naruto. Well, we know that every time the author says 'the group' we all know the she means these fantastic people! ……

"It's on today afternoon and the finales will finish tomorrow morning. It's at the arena here." Kiba looked back towards the group and realized all of them have started walking towards it already.

"Hey, wait for me!"


Surprisingly, the place was packed with people. Most of them look tough and intimidating. Naruto scanned the crowd; he could see that some of them were here to support and not fight. Naruto smirked; he had need a good stretch and warm-up of a while now…

"Hey lets go sign up!"

They walked over to the table with a whole long line of people there waiting to sign up themselves, "This is going to be a long wait…"


Kiba grabbed them and pulled them over to the now open counter, "Hey kids, are you sure? It's going to be a rough fight out there even though some of them are your age, they have muscles. Nor offence, but you guys look wimpy…" the guy at the counter grinned at them.

"None taken," Naruto muttered.

"Anyone want to pull out?" Kiba asked over the noise of the others.

Chouji, Shikamaru and Gaara put their hands up, none of them giving an excuse.

"Okay, sign us all up."

"Alright. Here are your numbers, if you win your fight you move up to fight another, if you lose once you get another chance but if you lose the second time you can't fight again." The man explained the rules to them.

"Let's go!" Kiba yelled excitedly.

Naruto looked at his number "8"

'In Chinese, good luck, in Japanese names, bad luck.' He thought.

Somewhere, Hachi sneezed.

The group sat together one the seats waiting patiently for their match, it had already been 10 minutes and none of them have been called up.

"Number 24 and 8, please come up." The announcer…announce

Naruto glanced down at his number and stood up, "Wish me luck people."

The group watched his walk down to the battle field relaxed and carefree. Sasuke watched, he was quite interested in Naruto's fighting skills, He had beat him quite easily.

Number 24 was a middle sized guy, he wasn't as big as most of the others but now as small as Naruto was. Looking at Naruto now, Sasuke realized that He had quite a feminine body, quite small and shaped. Usually it was hidden by the baggy clothes that He wears but today he just had a small-ish t-shirt but baggy pants.

"Start" The announcer announced.

Naruto raised his hand and beckoned the opponent, "Come"

So, the man charged…


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