Sometimes,time doesn't follow us….

But sometimes,it follow us…

But can you really can abandone it?

How many times

They passed us

Without we even notice about it?

But one thing for sure……

The future…

Is waiting for us…

For sure.

Evident from the past to the future.

A fanfiction by Aoi Kitsukawa.

Chapter 1 : A Mysterious girl

Six time had passed by so stood in front of Omoro as he he looked at the scene in front of ,the voices of Hibiki and Kanade;Diva and Riku's twin daughter were looked at them with a smile on his lips.

"Such a naughty kids,"Said Kai.

Unknown to him,someone was watched him from the top of the roof,two block from was a girl,with a beautiful,long black hair that reached to her waist,with a pair of black,mysterious face was cold,but held a strong believe as she looked at Kai and his nieces.

"The time has come,"She said.

"Before 'they' will find them out,I will protect them,no matter how it was."

Before she left the place,she suddenly opened her mouth and a song that just like Dive was time,Kai,Hibiki and Kanade were shocked to heard the song that Kai never expected will be heard anymore.

He turned around and saw the song also gone.

Kai suspected that someone was there,watching him with the that person decide not to interfere him,as well as the though for a moment as Kanade,the elder sister,caught his shirt and said.

"Otousan,let's go home,it's late now,"She said.

Kai looked at her,and then nodded.

"Yeah,let's go home."

Far away from the Omoro,the young girl watched the family then stood up,let the breeze blew her long black hair to her right held her katana and kodaichi at her side,as she turned around and let the white robe on her body covered put the head cover and jumped from the building.

"So,you're here,"Said a woman's voice.

The girl was shocked with her interfere and quickly held out her sword at she went down on one of the electricity's woman also done the same thing and stood against her,hand placed on her waist.

"Don't be afraid.I'm not your enemy,"She said.

"That voice…You're Noriko Kisugi-sama!"Said the girl.

"That's right,Aya Harumi,"Said Noriko.

"What are you doing here?This is not your territory,"Asked Aya.

"Who say like that?I already created my own power 's only my next heir will protect this place."

"Don't forget Aya,that guardian is not me as well."

A silent.

"This is important to you,and I want you to accept it."

"Why Noriko-sama?"

"Because you are the only descendent of Eiji Harumi."

"I still have my little brother Yahiko!"

" remember,I want you to go to the Omoro and meet Kai Miyagusuku."



With that,Noriko turned aside and want to left the girl,only stopped by her voice.

"Wait,why you ask me?I'm not the one who suitable for this!"She looked at woman who was in 26 years old looked at her with a serious expression.

"We descover about some of the chiropterans from the past…During the first queen before her daughters,"Said Noriko.

"And why me?"Asked Aya again.

"Because you are the only hope of Saya Otonashi and Haji,"With that,she disappeared,living the mysterious girl in puzzle.