Evident from the past to the future

A fanfiction by Aoi Kitsukawa.

Summary: Saya awake again but with a new problem after 6 years. A girl name Aya Harumi who was a half human half chiropteran came to her side as a protector from Saya, Haji and her family's new enemies who want used Diva's twin daughter. Can she protect them? JxA SxH.

Disclaimer: I do not own Blood+, I only borrowed the characters of the story.

Author's note: Hello everyone, it's been four / five years since the last chapter of Evident. I'm very sorry for the hiatus status for this story. Four years ago, when I made my KKM story I was been affected by a strange fever which caused me unable to move and then having high fever! Although I was heal from the fever, the side effect of the illness had terribly affected my life that I don't have any strength to make everything that I planned before. Even my WHR and KKM stories are in hiatus status up until now! I'm very sorry for the unavoidable situation.

I'm currently making on Gakuen Alice and Ghost Hunt stories, so unfortunately I have to say that this is the last chapter of Evident. Since it's been on cliffhanger ever since I was sick, I decided to end this story in this chapter. I know many people are expected me to keep on update the story but I can't denied the fact that I can't find the emotions for this stories and the plots that I had make before I was falling sick was gone! I tried my best to make the sequel but I can't confirm that I really can make the sequel.

Please inform me if any of you want the sequel of this story. For those who put alerts on this story, once again I had to say sorry for the sudden ending of this story. Thank you for everyone who give supports to me until know.

IMPORTANT NOTES: In chapter 7-The unexpecting incident!, the pictures of ceramics that been taken by Mao and Okamura were actually from 16th Century. Sorry for the unrealizable mistake.

I really love beach…

I like the other things too…

When the sea breeze kissing my face…

I knew it was the time to say goodbye…

With the battle from the ancient time that still continued…

I have to fight, not only for the future…

Also for the sake of the people who I care and love too…

Chapter 13: A day before leaving…

"Kai! I want some boil eggs; will you cook it for me?"

"Oii, Saya! Stop yelling at me!"

"Both of you are still shouting," Said Riku as he yawn a little.

Kai and Saya looking at each other before them looking at Riku and laughed together.

"How's your feeling, Riku? Anything weird?" Asked Kai.

"Why've you saying like that? I don't feel anything weird!" Claimed Riku.

"No, nothing at all. Have you seen Aya?" Asked Kai.

"Her room is empty. It's seems that she already packing her belongings," Said Riku.

"I see…"

"Have you already packing, Saya-neechan?"

"Well, just for some books. You know, it's about something to investigate."

"I see. I wonder where Aya has gone."

"True, she's always makes us worry about her," Said Solomon suddenly. Kai, Riku and Saya looked at him and realized that Haji was with him as well.

"Are you feel worry about Aya as well, Solomon?" Asked Saya.

"Indeed. She is so fragile but at the same time, she can be so stubborn. Besides, right after the incident at the beach, the woman named Izumi is just disappeared like a wind. She's didn't even contact Aya as well," Said Solomon.

"Which means that she's might be had something secret to keep from us," Said Haji.

"You know where she goes to, Haji?" Asked Saya.

"I've heard that she wants to meet with Julia-sensei about the man that we saw during that incident."

"You mean, the man that Nathan called him Nicholas?" Asked Riku.

Haji just nodded his head.

Saya just looked down. She actually felt something weird when she saw the man named Nicholas. When she looked at him, she suddenly saw a version of Diva; as his hair, eyes and face were resembled Diva. Even his eyes were blue as well.

Even Diva felt the same thing.

Haji saw Saya's confusing face and slowly reached her hand. Saya was shock a little, but then she smiled to him. A sign that she was all right.

All of them were silent, as they looked down on the table in front of them…

Aya drank some orange juice as she looked at the people outside of the café where she was about to meet with her mentor. Her mentor; Izumi Imai was secretly contact her and told her to meet her at the café where she was sitting now.

Aya did not complaining about Izumi's request, but she knew there was something that Izumi wanted to say to her.

Especially when the man who was appearing in front of them during her battle with the Saira's Chevaliers was finding.

"Sorry that I'm late, Aya-chan."

Aya looked up only to find out that Izumi was standing in front of her. She wore her blue-black suit that match with her black hair and handbag, as she walked to the young woman in front of her and sat next to her. Aya smiled to her as she called the waiter and ordered some drink for Izumi.

"Geez, this day is totally hot!" Claimed Izumi.

"What's the problem?" Asked Aya.

Izumi looked at her junior, and smiled a little.

"You seem impatient…I wonder if your meeting with Alan had changed you a lot."

Aya grabbed her drink and took a sip.

"Not only that…"

Izumi stared at her.

"I want to know…Who's this Nicholas guy is…"

"Suddenly get interesting with the guy?" Asked Izumi, smiled a little.

"He's seems resemble to Diva a little…That thing…"

"It does disturbing you, don't you?"

Aya looked at Izumi with her wide eyes. She cannot believe it. How Izumi knew her thought just by hearing her words?


"I know it's hard, but listen here," She said as she put a large envelope on the desk, as Aya looked at it with narrow eyes.

"This is what I get from my friends Satoru Kirimasu."


"Quite surprising?" Asked Izumi, as she smirked a little.

"He's a professor in bio-technology right? At University of Tokyo?" Asked Aya as she looked at the brown envelope.

"Uh huh, but that's not the real point Aya. What I get for you now is something that you need to pay attention. Besides, with the appearance of Nicholas, I bet that it must be more complicate than before," Explained Izumi as she took a sip of her drink.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Just opened the envelope and then you'll know about it."

Aya nodded her head as she tore apart the envelope and then started to rummage the papers in the envelope. She took out a piece of paper and then started to read it. Her eyes wide in shock as Izumi calmly took her drink a sip.

She knew that by bringing the envelope to Aya, that woman's life would change forever. It was something that only Aya could do, and to add more complicate, she needed the envelope's contain to discover something important within her life.

And the reason why she asked Aya to return to Okinawa and met with the Miyagusuku family.

"Where did you get this information?" Asked Aya as she locked her eyes with Izumi'.

Izumi slowly looked at her with her black, mysterious eyes that was scarier than Aya's. Her black eyes that seemed cold; colder than anyone could see in their life. Aya flinched a little as she realized that Izumi had something more than she had thought in the first place.

"You should know how did I get that information, don't you?" Asked Izumi as she smirked a little.

A nod.

"I manage to get it from the people who associate with your family and 'those' people before the death of Miyuki Harumi eight years ago. According to one of the witness after her funeral, it appears that your little brother had been take care by your mother's relative," Said Izumi.

"You mean Yahiko…?"

"He's still alive," She smiled as Izumi looked at her with such gentle eyes. "And I think you should know him by now. He's really popular with girls."

"Huh?" Asked Aya, dumbstruck.

"Actually, he…" Izumi whispered to Aya as the young woman's eyes wide.


"Oh yes way. By the way, I heard that you people are going to leave Okinawa and stay with the Goldschmidt family right? That's quite a surprise."

"Hmm…actually that's Jonathan's idea. After what had happened he ask us to come with them, besides it seems that Saira and the rest of those damn people are moving away from Okinawa. Their new movement had been found in the Versailles," Explained Aya as her eyes read the info in front of her.

"Versailles huh? That's the starting place of French Revolution that sacrificed the last monarchy family. I thought that you're going to Marseilles, the original place of Red Shield."

"Don't ask me why, it's their idea."

Her eyes then stopped at one name: Nicholas Thorrodsen. She saw the photo of this man that was attached at the right side of the paper; his face resembled Saya and Diva, but mostly on Diva. She narrowed her eyes as she slowly looked at her mentor who was looking at her with serious expression on her face.

"This Nicholas Thorrodsen…" Said Aya. "Is he…"

"He's Diva and Saya's father."

"WHAT!" Shouted Aya, shock.

"You should see the resemble features between them isn't it?" Asked Izumi as she pointed her point finger towards the papers in Aya's hand. "He was Nathan Mahler's good friend and Amber's Chevalier and husband."

"Amber? The real name for Saya's mother? The mummified chiropterans that been found by the first generation of Joel Goldschmidt?"

A nod.

"So they did get married…"

"At that time, being illegally eloping is something taboo; after all you're living in the 17th Century so at that time, they might be arrange to get married. As you know, Saira and Amber are siblings, twin to be exact. From the condition that you people are in, I guess it must be because they both fall in love with the same guy."

"Uncle Nathan had told us before…" Said Aya as she trailed off.

"But he didn't explain the rest of the reason," Said Izumi as she ran her hand through her hair. "Amber and Saira's surname is Thomas, and in 1603, the Thomas family had been known in the English society as 'weird' noble due to the obsession in the science field. It wasn't the time of Renaissance where the science once again arose from the Dark Age."

"In 1609 the Thomas family moved from London to Ireland in order to avoid the scandal in the society. Better to say, run away from the suspicion and cynical stares towards the family," Said Izumi as she flopped the papers on the desk. "A year later, both men met with the twin."

"So Uncle Nathan and Nicholas are childhood friends," Said Aya.

"Exactly," Said Izumi. "But how did they end up being a chevalier and what exactly happened between the Thomas siblings are the things that I want you to find out by yourself. However, Noriko and Shun are only able to give their assistance until now. They can't follow you to the Versailles together for some reasons."

"So I have to stay alone?"

"Sounds like that, but don't worry for the communication Aya," Said Izumi as she handed a palm pilot into Aya's hand.

"This is the way we can stay in contact with each other. I'm sorry that we're unable to assist you anymore but don't worry, as long as you keep in contact with us there's a possibility that everything's going to be alright."

Aya just smiled slightly before both of the women stood up and bowed to each other. They walked in separated way and left behind the silent situation within them. Aya had thought for a while, maybe she just stayed with her mentor for a while, but then she realized that day was the last day of the rest of the people that she knew stay in Okinawa and wanted to spend their last day at the beach where they went into the strange dimension before.

Silently sighed, Aya kept on walking as she started to calculate her money for tonight's beach barbeque. Remembering that there's more than one person who had endless hole in the stomach, Aya couldn't help but laugh a little…

That night, the barbeque was great. Everyone who got involved with the Miyagusuku family's incident had come to join the party. Both Lewis and Kai were sweating all over, grilling and cooking the foods for everyone. Aya was making some food that did not need too much fire to make her sweat (good thing being a woman!) with Julia, Mao, Saya and Diva. The kids played with the beach ball, joined with them were Riku and Nathan. Sometimes they could hear the kids screamed happily as sometimes the ball hit the men's faces and then being chased by Nathan (the victim)!

David, Isaac and Jonathan arranged the plates and anything related while Joel sat on his wheelchair, watching over the kids with Solomon and Okamura. All of them were very happy; spending their time with their love ones before they will leave everything for something important to do.

The battle that been left unfinished during the ancient time was slowly begun to start once again. The blood that run through the vein of the queens' chiropterans and the children as well as the chevaliers were the significant evident that showed the past will be brought again to the future.

Aya sat alone on the sand as she watched the sunset at the horizon, as the red light of the infrared was spreading widely through the sky. Soon the sun will be gone, and being replace by the dark night that was shining by the silver light of the moon and the dim glimmer of the stars. The sounds of giggling children and adults voices were heard at her back, but the sound of the wheelchair caught her attention more than anything in the world did.

As she turned around, she saw the man whom she at first hate so much, sat on his wheelchair, looking straight to her eyes. His brown hair fell gently against his forehead, which made his hair matched perfectly with his deep blue eyes that shone gently with him. In his hand was a glass of lemonade; he handed to her gently before she took it from him.

Both of them sat there silently; none of them were talking to each other nor to break the ice. From far away, Kai matched the two people silently when he felt a slight tap on his shoulder. He turned over his shoulder and saw Isaac looked at him with his blue eyes that resembled his brother's eyes.

"Do you think this is going to be alright?" Asked Isaac as he looked at Kai.

"I don't know," Said Kai, bluntly. "But I hope that there will be the time where Aya would forgive Joel, and then start to share her secrets as well as her burdens."

"I won't forgive myself to let such girl to sacrifice her life just because we're being disturbed by Saira and her companies."

"Same with me either," Said Isaac. "That's why I left my position in Marseilles and come to my brother's side."

Isaac's words caught his attention and turned around to face him, "What do you mean by that Isaac."

"Isaac just smiled as he put his finger on his lips and said, "It's a secret."

Kai could only sigh, giving up his effort to force Isaac to spill everything. Plus he seemed like a sly fox; nobody would know that if they looked based on his gentle face.

Aya and Joel stared at the endless sea that turned into black water due to the reflection of the sky. None of them were talking yet, until a small sigh was hear and it turned out Joel had decided to break the ice after a moment.

"So you're deciding to come with us Aya?" He asked.

"Yes," She said. "Is something the matter?"

Joel stared at the young girl in front of him; the person whose face resembled with his long lost love one Harumi Miyuki…

Aya's elder sister.

"I don't want you to make yourself kill Aya…" He said as he grabbed her hand out of the blue, shocking Aya.

"I've had enough pain that I had to bear for eight years, and I can't stand to see what had happened before. Can you at least treasure your life despite of make you nearly at the brink of death? Do you ever realize that there are people here who are concern about you and your life? We're might be not related by blood but we're more like a family."

"It's my duty," She said stubbornly. "I can't just let you or anyone else die because of their selfish reason. I already lost a friend, and I can't bear the thought of losing any of you right now…"

"Then let me help you," He said as he held both of her hands. "Let me help you Aya. Everyone's willingly to protect Saya and her family as well as you. Please…"

Aya stared at the man in front of her before she realized a single tear silently strained down her face. Joel wiped it gently before she closed her eyes, tried to suppress her sadness that slowly boiling inside of her, before nodding her head, agreed with Joel's word. After a few silent moments, both of them went back to the group that met them with a smile on each people's face.

It was midnight when everything was over. Aya stared at the sea once again, as she let the sea breeze went passing her check. She closed her eyes as she tried to remember how beautiful this sea at night, since it was the last time she was here.

She knew the time has come for her to say good-bye.

The ancient battle will be happen in anytime and anywhere, but she decided to face it bravely, and with the support of the others as well.

Slowly smiling, she turned around and walked back to the beach, where everyone was waiting for her. She knew that the road upon her will be dangerous and difficult, but she knew, she was not alone.

She was ready to face the challenge upon her, with everyone at her side.

For sure.

-The End-

The story is finally end. Thank you very much for all of your supports all this time. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry for unable to continue this story anymore; to be honest I don't know if I manage to make the sequel, but if any of you want me to make it, I'll try my best to make it. I've been busy lately so sorry for sorry for the unavoidable situation.

Love you all, we'll meet again in the future. Ja ne.

-Aoi Kitsukawa-