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It wasn't always easy, you know, being Reks' brother. Everyone would always expect me to be kind and gentle, like he was. I knew he was something I could never be, but still, I respected him.

He had a way of making everyone around him happy. It was nice just to be around him. His smile would make anyone want to smile too. And he was always trying to help people as much as he could, even if it made more work for himself. He always put others before himself, which was something I admired about him.

I looked up to Reks for all that he was, and all that he did. After all, he was my brother, my only brother. And I loved him for just being himself. He listened to me, even when all I had to say was something stupid. When I needed advice, or when I just needed to talk, he was there for me. There wasn't ever a time when he didn't stand up for me, when someone put me down. And I couldn't believe how patient he was with me. Just the fact that he was always there beside me was comforting.

I could never understand why my brother lacked confidence in himself. He was, after all, the kindest person I had ever met. He would stand up for others, but never for himself. I always wondered why, but now I wonder if he even knew the answer himself.

Often, I'd wish I could be more like Reks. Kind, patient, gentle. But, it wasn't hard to realize that patience was way out of my league.

In my eyes, my brother was perfect. I'd never thought that there was anything I'd want to change about him, if I could. But, looking back now, I wish he hadn't loved me as much as he did. Because, maybe then, he wouldn't have left to fight in the war...to fight for me. Maybe he'd still be here...

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