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Chop. Chop. Chop.

Nara Yoshino had always wanted a daughter.

The stove gave an audible click and the chopped vegetables were soon placed in the pan on the stove.

She had always dreamed of taking her little girl shopping, doing her hair, and teaching her how to cook. She wanted to be able to give advice about the guys in her life and wanted to be able to help get her dressed for her wedding day.

Milk was retrieved from the fridge and added to the floury mixture.

However, the day when she heard a piercing shriek and that medic handed her that small bundle with a small, "Congratulations, it's a boy!".

The vegetables were stirred and soy sauce was added into the pan.

Shikaku, who was never one for dress shopping, was ecstatic about having a son. He grinned at his wife who although a little disappointed, couldn't help but smile as she clutched the bundle to her chest.

The fridge closed and a questioning glance was sent towards the still woman.

As Shikamaru got older, Yoshino realized the benefits of having the son. Now she had two men to help her with the groceries (though no one to help her cook), two men to help with heavy lifting (though no one to help with the cleaning), and two men to have her as the most important woman in their lives (though she wouldn't necessarily mind sharing).


The dark-haired woman looked confusedly at the young woman.

Teal eyes sparkled with worry. "You've been standing in that same spot with the same expression on your face for about fifteen minutes...are you okay?"

Chuckling at the realization that she was lost in the past, she grinned towards her daughter-in-law.

"No need to worry, Temari. I was just thinking about how I've always wanted a daughter."

Temari smirked. "And you got stuck with a lazy son."

"True, but my lazy son gave me a daughter and," Yoshino stole a look at Temari's stomach, "he'll be giving me a granddaughter in a few months."

The woman smiled as they went back to work. A Yoshino stirred up the batter for their cake, she realized that having a son had its perks. For, if she had a daughter, she would marry into another family and she would lose her only child.

She then decided that sons were the best--as long as they married nice women and made her adorable grand-babies.

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