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Chapter 14

"Dark Justice Part II"

February 17th 2008

Tristan & Amanda's Cabin

(Timeline: after Dark Curse before Dark Slayer)

"I have to help, Tristan. I'm the only who can handle the grimoire." Amanda told Tristan as he got ready to go into battle against Xavier, the vampires and the other creatures living on the caves. "You'll need protection if you want to go into battle with them. I need you to tell me where you placed the book."

"You are still weak from … the loss, I would never endanger you to gain my own safety." Tristan said; he had hidden the book for Amanda's safety, after their loss she seemed out of herself, unpredictable, vulnerable.

"Don't be stupid for god's sake!" Amanda screamed with pent-up rage. "I will not loose you too. I'm going to make you invulnerable to spells, don't you understand how powerful Xavier and Razvan are. They would kill you! You reek of me; he'll know you are tied to a dragonseeker, a female to bear him children."

"I'll die saving my race." Tristan said softly as he caressed her cheek, even with Amanda's vast psychic power, she always had trouble poking through Tristan's mind, and she just couldn't see his future, it was too close to hers. "We'll meet soon in the afterlife, if not, the book will reveal itself to you once I die… and you know you must severe the link, I know you will do this for me."

"That I would live without you, are you serious? I will die without you."

"You are better than this, A gradh. You are far more precious than this war, and your talent will be put to good use when I'm gone. You will not die with me."

"I want to fight, I need to fight them. I'm bleeding for revenge. You have to understand my feelings." Amanda said with unshed tears shining on her eyes.

"I do, that's why I'm charging onto those caves with them. I want to avenge our child too."

"I only want a small shield on you; it's so simple; it requires very little energy from my part." She insisted yet again.

"You are lying to me, if you place this shield on me, you'll be left defenseless, as I understood you'll need full concentration to even sustain the illusion of invisibility. You can't keep the shield on for both of us."

"You spoke with Natalya them?" The question was unnecessary, they both knew he had.

"I want her to stay with you, but as it turns out, she's going too." Even pregnant Natalya had to be there if they wanted to win the battle, she alone had a power to equal Xavier's dark magic; and a pull strong enough on Razvan's soul to keep him from being sucked, should he be saved.

"Them I'll bond with her, so we can keep a shield on you for longer."

"Why do you need the book, Natalya does that with you practically all the time, I know she's been teaching you to share your powers with her."

"Because I don't know how to trespass the power of the phoenix to you!" There it was, the heart of the matter, wanting to make him as invulnerable as the phoenix was.

"I don't need it. I'd rather know you are the indestructible one." He said as he hugged her letting her head fall upon his broad chest. "I will let you have the dangerous book if you promise to stay here… safely away from danger, for me."

"Fine, but if you are in trouble I'll use any resource within my power to save you."

"I expect you to." Tristan turned her to face him, and kissed her deeply. "In fact, I trust you with my daughter's future. It something happens to me, you must look after Maria."

Amanda didn't have time to complain, he dematerialized in front of her, and gone he was, into the night.

"I love you." Amanda whispered as she closed the door after him. It was already empty but he heard her, and sent her an intimate caress than only she could have recognized, he said without words remember me, because I will never forget you. He left in haste, without looking back, and only because he had to, otherwise he would have never left her.


Amanda opened the book with utmost care, found the ceremonial knife and sliced the tip of her index until a single ruby drop fell upon the leather binding. As if awakened by dragonseeker blood, the book started humming with power.

She sighed gathering her strength; she would need it in order to succeed. With the utmost serenity she grabbed the long dagger on one hand, poised to use it for defense and placed her other open palm on the book, in seconds everything started to whirl around Amy, things levitating on the air, time slowing down to no existence, until she was suspended and her cabin was no longer her cabin but an entirely different place.

Green eyes dilated at the caves, Xavier drew a shuddering breath. His book was awake, utterly and completely open for plucking, with every single energy cell he possessed he separated his body from his soul and started on an astral journey to his dear companion, his beloved grimoire.

Amanda sensed the change, oh how easy he took the bait she though.

Now sister, you must attack now, he's busy elsewhere. Amanda told Natalya through the link.

Natalya felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. A creeping sensation followed Amanda's message, Xavier was on top of her, a dark looming shadow ready to kill her sister.

The war cry echoed on every Carpathian mind, now, the master was distracted. Natalya and Lara nodded in unison. Their blood would help them find Razvan, he was to be taken out first as quickly as possible.


Amanda's breath hitched, as coldness and fear like she had never known engulfed her. He was in the room with her and suddenly the stench was unbearable, rotten flesh, decay, vermin constricted her throat, made her aware of darkness more fathomless than any hell known to mankind.

Thank you, child. You have awakened my dear treasure. Now, you must die.

Hello, granpa, welcome to purgatory, you are going to pay for your sins right here and right now.

Amanda gathered her life-force onto a single purpose, to open the gates between living and death, it was no small fate, it came from her gift of seeing the future and it left her completely incorporeal, in order to surrender she had to shut her lungs and basically die, at least only so Xavier had no body to possess.

Oh, we have ourselves a conduit, how charming, I had only heard of your power; show it to me, I'm dying with curiosity.

Amanda called to every Carpathian killed, to the shadow warriors, and specially to Rhiannon and her mate, the came like a tide, they engulfed her, went through her, and into the space where Xavier was. She was what mages called a conduit, basically a bridge between worlds, times and places, through her energy would pass both ways, in this case from the world of the death to the one of the living.

Xavier was left speechless. This mere child was unleashing literal purgatory onto him. Too bad he was so darkly powerful as to handle them all.

In seconds Xavier was pummeled by supernatural attackers, barricaded, pierced, sucked and slowly drained simultaneously, even as strong as he was, he felt it wasn't only the death, living energy was backing the assault, his own grandchildren, and a great deal of Carpathians were using the conduit as their vessel to join forces.


And suddenly at the cave; it was as if the earth stood still for a second and the shift of Carpathians into dragons took place, the aunts Tatijana and Branislava had shifted and called onto the energy of dragons.

They stood very close to Xavier decaying body, directly above it. Sensing his mystical barriers, they attacked viciously tearing through the moist soil with claws and fangs, and just as the saw the living corpse, they sighed once, twice, took a deep steadying breath and exhaled a mouthful of fire so big as to singe the entire cavern, growling as they unleashed their thirst for revenge.

Xavier was then and there forced to use another body since his own was nothing but ashes, he needed Razvan's to survive. But to his surprise his grandson had bonded with powerful mages and was completely unconscious and near dying himself just to assure Xavier could not find a shelter.

Going somewhere Mage? Rhiannon asked as she took the knife he had forged himself from Amanda's hand. You have a debt of blood with me, and now you'll pay.

I'm your husband, you cannot kill me!

Wrong answer, my mate is right here beside me. We are going to escort you to hell.

Rhiannon's mate wrapped his hand around the dagger on her hand and pushed deeply into Xavier's heart, Amanda supplied the one thing missing to finally destroy Xavier.

Even as a tiny phoenix she concentrated on fire until the blue flame surrounded her, them she surged with both hands, and embraced his spirit, combusting the mage forever. Phoenix fire was pure flame, nothing could survive it; it would consume the impure, wicked and deceitful.

As Rhiannon took even more power from Amanda she connected with Natalya and Lara and told them how to destroy the curse placed upon the reproductive cells of Carpathians. It had to be done now, when the creatures were confused for their lack of master.

Lara took over and started the painful task until nothing of the parasites remained on the ground of the caves. The cauldron for reproduction was destroyed but they were still wandering around on the deep layers of the earth. A deeper attack will have to be planned. By now killing Xavier was more than enough.

Something like an hour before it had begun, they were destroying the caverns, burying all it darks secrets into blackened, barren soil.


The mineral Caves

Hours after attack

All of the dragonseeker clan returned to see to their fallen member, all Carpathians throughout the world gathered at the mountains, finally the evil mage had been decimated; it took the combined effort of mages, Carpathians, shadow warriors, a phoenix and ghosts to destroy him.

When they finally emerged from the caves, the light of midday sun that nearly killed all of them had finalized the destruction of all the evil things buried on the cave, collapsed and disemboweled she laid open like a crater, nothing but sunlight piercing through the black soil. The whole of the mountain had been collapsed so neither vampire nor human could enter it again.

After Xavier was killed, Razvan had entered a state of near death, until Lara and Natalya went after his soul with her aunts assisting them to draw him out. But he was too weak, starved to death, ravished by decades of torture, and nearly incoherent.

Gregori and Francesca worked non stop to heal centuries of wounds. And still he was old, he looked like he was 50 years old, his hair had gone black and grey, his body was extremely thin, and his face was ashen, wrinkled, he looked like a starved man.

But soon after the work was started he awoke, and noticed he was surrounded by Carpathians, he was finally save, Xavier had been killed, and his demonic influence had been severed. His soul was whole again.


During this time Amy was recovering from the lost, the ordeal she had gone through to weaken Xavier for their advances, and even another trip on dead land, when Rhiannon had guided her on finding out the spell to undo the original curse and destroying the very own DNA of the parasites all around the world, so their children could be finally saved, and the race could thrive again had weaken Amanda.

As Amanda read the spell out loud she had flashbacked to the time when it was casted, saw how Rhiannon's baby was ripped from her, it was his lifemate's daughter, so Xavier used it to make sure immortality from birth was never given to anybody else, specially girls who could breed more immortals. He casted the spell upon tiny microbes and started reproducing them and sending them silently into the ground to pollute the male Carpathian and then hide in the deepest core of cells, and wait until certain chemicals triggered the awake of the demon.

Girls would not survive, for they didn't have the protection of the y chromosome, but boys would never be rid of the parasite for the had one X chromosome and that was enough to make them hosts.

She went into that horrible past, recorded the words, the spell issued upon blood and mother cells within them. And brought it to Mikhail, all mages available and all Carpathians must participate in breaking the spell. And they would need mother cells as well. Easily taken from the umbilical cord at birth, whichever birth that happened first would serve Natalya's baby, Alexandria's, any birth at all.

As Amanda delivered the spell to Natalya, she was told that Razvan was alive and conscious, and they were watching over him. He was whole and he wanted to apologize endlessly for the suffering he had caused to so many people.


Mineral Caves

Reunion of Dragonseeker clan

Amanda entered the cave quietly, she felt as the odd number, everyone there was so… dragonseeker. Dominic, Damian, Lara, Natalya all of them born Carpathians, all them in possession of their dragons, she felt as the mutt at the pedigree show.

Razvan locked eyes with Amanda for a second over the crowd, but he did not recognize her as he did Lara, Natalya and her aunts. Skylar had been vaguely familiar, but she too felt like a stranger to the man. He saw Amy as another female coming to offer comfort.

Amanda knew who he was, but that didn't prepare her for the sheer emotions she felt when she saw him surrounded by his family, his sister, his daughter, all people she did not have and so much love crashing in waves around him as to blind him, healing chants and prays to nurse him back to health were abundant.

Razvan smiled vaguely and raised his head to wink at her, he was the novelty, practically every Carpathian had come to express sympathy, since he was lying on the ground, healing slowly from centuries of torture people came and touched him; sending him waves of reassurance, getting reacquainted.

"Come, Amy. We told him of you, he wanted to meet you but he was scared you would hate him. He is very sorry about your baby too." Skylar said as she drew Amanda closer into the circle of dragon seekers. They had told him she was a mage; that she had helped retrieving and securing the grimoire, and that she had destroyed Xavier with Rhiannon.

Amy was terribly tired, the journey to find the spell to undo Rhiannon's baby curse had nearly killed her, she was still carrying the emotional strain of feeling Rhiannon's suffering topping and mingling with her own. Tristan wrapped his hand around hers and walked with her to Razvan's side, sheltering from every sensation of fear and vulnerability.

"I apologize to you too." Razvan said weakly as he stared at the couple, he had battled Tristan before; Xavier had been deeply interested on the Lamia Ovis. He did not recognize Amanda at once, because she was a phoenix after all. "You have strange eyes, I feel your power, and it's great…" he whispered, sensing the subtle changes on the air as she drew closer to him.

Amanda moved quickly and yet her movements were slow, almost slow frame, a second of recognition was followed by a great surge of bravery, she could do something for him and she would do it.

She stretched her hand over the scared wrist and wrapped her fingers around it, she sought the connection and a nanosecond later, she abandoned her body completely, she needed to know his life inside out, so she let her body fall into that darken place again, it welcomed her, knowing she had become a part of it.

"No! Let go." Skylar, Natalya and Tristan screamed in unison weary of the sudden slip of control, not even Lara could handle the brunt of such blow, to know Razvan's life had to be too hard for words. Amanda descended slowly, falling endlessly into the ground, Tristan was at her back. But even as Razvan released his hand from her grip, it was too late, she had entered the vision, and no one could go there with her, she had to come out on her own.

Her head fell limply on Tristan arms and her eyes went wide white with second vision, her body cold and motionless as she traveled into the infraworld.

Images blurred together; the joy of childhood, the love for his sister, and then slowly pain, oceans of pain, regret, fury and anger took over. He had been so weak, powerless to act against the pure evil of Xavier. Centuries of tortures came before her; she watched and felt as detachedly as possible. Speeding out of the loop to get to the future as quickly as she could; but still the endless pain was sinking into her soul, charring what was already damaged beyond believe by Rhiannon's ordeals and her owns.

One simple conclusion came to her, he was innocent, all along he had tried to protect them, had suffered the fires of hell by Xavier's hand just to save his family. She stood still on the realm of all times, as she felt Xavier inspect her through Razvan's eyes, when she was only a toddler, she didn't have the dragon at the hip, so he though she didn't carry immortality, through Razvan he left the baby to die. Xavier was the killer, not Razvan. He had been under his control, completely incapable to stop him.

And then she felt true pain, as Razvan was forced to see Shauna die, and his daughter Lara tortured, he was so powerless, so afraid, in so much pain, she cried, in both soul and body. And the same wounds he carried came to her; a conduit could go so deep into the past as to relive it in mind and body.

Lara was a year older than Amanda, and selfishly, Amanda thanked god she hadn't carried the mark on her hip, or she would have been subjected to the same tortures. She saw the girl suffering and the pain was too great to bear it.

She moved forward, trying to avoid the destructive emotions, and she felt the death of their big foe, a horrible affair, she saw Tristan fighting side by side with Mikhail and all the other warriors. Xavier had wanted to take Razvan with him, but Lara and Natalya had bonded his soul to theirs saved him and collected him from the shadow world.

As she sped toward her goal she felt joy, happiness of being at home, family nurturing him, and then, as he visited North America, she stopped to gaze around the long timeline and she found it.

It was a warm night, the sky was clouded, it would rain soon, Louisiana skies were heavy, it was early march, New Orleans, home to Gregori and Savannah, Razvan was visiting with Lara and Nicolas. The were there to celebrate Mardi Gras.

As they watched the throng of people dancing and drinking, one woman stared at the silent group thoughtfully, thinking they had not spotted her, she was gorgeous, roughly thirty years old, dark hair, dark eyes, completely aloof, almost concealed by the throng but not quite.

She was Carpathian, huntress, the air of danger engulfed her like a second skin. She wore leather from head to toe, she murmured something to her closest friend and Razvan stared at her as a world of color seemed to appear, millions of them, to say he was startled was an understatement.

After so many centuries of pain, fear, rage and torture. There she was; his lifemate. Amanda went a little further and tried to guess as many details as she could, but her lifemate was tugging her insistently, and many souls were invading her body. She had gone too far. Her body had started aging, her eyes bled blood tears, and clearly she was agonizing.

When she came back into her body the first thing she felt were all the presences anchoring her, all of the dragon seeker plus Tristan, as she raised her arms to draw her mate closer she noticed she was covered in welts. They were healing rapidly but one pair or green eyes stared at her with matching deep red tears. He had not seen, but he had felt, and the pain was too great for Tristan to bear.

Why would you want to relieve that? Razvan asked, as he stared at Amanda with sadness.

"So I could tell you how to find your lifemate." Amanda responded out loud as she sat up. Hunger was a living thing, she pulled Tristan's arm, drew breath, sank her fangs and sucked for dear life. Damian and Dominic offered blood to replenish Tristan.

The silence filled with expectancy; a minute later she closed the wound and drew a little closer to her mate in an intimate embrace of recognition.

I'm fine, Tristan; it was such a small gift for him who has suffered so much…

I'm beyond coherent thoughts right now, we'll talk later.

"I've seen her, you will meet her in New Orleans, next year at Mardi Gras, she's brunette, about 5'7'' tall, dark brown eyes, a Carpathian huntress… she's been tainted by vampires, I think she's with the Malinov clan. That was all I could figure, her name I couldn't get."

Then it was Lara who hugged her, a blinding smile taking over her face. "Thank you! See? I told you, daddy. Dragon seeker male don't turn, all of you will find lifemates, Dominic is also waiting for his light. Don't despair, now you have a reason to heal and stay with us, we will look after you until she comes."

Razvan stared at Amanda with awe. Such power, to guess the future so accurately, that had to be a curse. "I suppose thank you is in order." He whispered.

"You don't need to say anything, dad." Amanda said as she sent Razvan an image of herself as a baby, and of her mother.

Razvan shook visibly, he thought her long dead, he thought nobody had survived in her house; Xavier had left her to die on the cold, not really interested on a child that wasn't immortal.

"I really thought you were dead." Razvan whispered as he noticed the multicolored strands of silky hair, the deep blue almost purple eyes, and as he was about to caress her; he hesitated inches before touching her face. She had her mother's look, mostly, but she was tall and willowy as Rhiannon had been. In fact she kind of looked like her. "This is a work of poetic justice. He thought you would never suffice, but I can feel it now, mage is very strong in you. Why is it that your hair stays as if in trance all the time?"

"Have you ever read about the phoenix?" Amanda said drawing his hand to her face, covering with hers. The softness of her hair and skin startled him. The hair was silky and it curled down to her waist in waves. The skin was milky, nearly translucent, inhumanly pale, tiny blue veins popped closer to the bones at her temples. "I've learned to control it; I only go there when I want to."

"What of it, the phoenix I mean?" Razvan whispered and then Amanda turned to her side and bared the flying red bird at her lower back, he gasped. "Oh my god! You mean the bennu spell, what possess you to do such dangerous thing; the spell could have killed you. Been in possession of the book is one thing, but using it, that's very wrong, you can't imagine how he came about such knowledge."

"Yes I do, the book told me all of his tales, and then I erased his memory, he's blank now, only I can bring the memories forward… when I need them. Now that we have undone the curse upon our children, the book would be stored again, safely tucked away."

"She was already dead." Natalya whispered filing in the last part of the story. "So the bennu spell was a last moment resource, and here she is, a phoenix."

"Dad, what was the point of that spell? It seems useless to me, except to reborn of course." Lara ventured as she shared memories with Natalya.

"It's a dream Xavier had, he new Carpathians dreaded sun light, would consume on it. So he found the bennu, and thought the spell would make the Carpathian immune to fire, and through that, immune to sunlight. He dreamt to become fully and completely immune to any kind of dangers, indestructible. He thought the phoenix would be the last step on achieving it. Was he right?"

"Oh! I didn't know that, I have to test your theory. I will try some other time. When you are healed we'll talk some more, right now, I have to rest. I fear I've exhausted my strengths beyond believe." Amanda said as she felt tiredness taking over her, Tristan pulled her closer to his chest and carried her out of the chamber.

"Wait, I'm very sorry about everything. I thank you for your priceless gift; I rest assured that happier times are ahead of me. Thank you, beloved daughter." Razvan said as he sent a small blessing of protection to her.

"A small gift, after a century of tortures, you deserve far more, I will make sure you find her." Amanda vowed.

"We'll use all the resources available to find each lonely male his lifemate, if she exists, she'll be found." Nicolas vowed, as he caressed Lara. Vikirnoff seconded the vow, and soon, a pledge was made, the goal was to bring the Carpathian race to thrive again and they would do everything in order to achieve that.

Having killed Xavier made the war easier, but still, many vampires waited, scattered around the world, they would have to be hunted and destroyed. Even without a dark mage behind them, they were evil, and would kill anything on their path. Also, the Morrison society and all other organizations related had to be tested; they had to make sure that nobody else was hunting Carpathians. Only one battle had been won, but it was enough to assure a brighter future.


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The Night

By Disturbed

What has come over me
What madness taken hold of my heart
To run away, the only answer
Pulling me away
To fall into the sight

The source of my recovery
Sweet shadow taking hold of the light
Another day has been devoured
Calling me away, leaving a question why

For saving me from all they've taken
Letting my horror fall again
Give me the strength to face them
Feeling it taking over now,

I'm about to take it all away
There can be no better way of knowing

In a world beyond controlling
Are you going to deny the savior
In front of your eyes
Stare into the night
Power beyond containing
Are you going to remain a slave for
The rest of your life
Give into the night

This self discovery
Redemption taking hold of my mind
A serenade of haunting voices
Calling me away
To feast upon the night
The source of my felicity
Dark maiden taking hold of my hand
Lead me away from hibernation
Strong and unafraid
Never a question why

For saving me from all they've taken
Letting my horror fall again
Give me the strength to face them
Feeling it taking over now,

I'm about to take it away
There be no better way of knowing

In a world beyond controlling
Are you going to deny the savior
In front of your eyes
Stare into the night
Power beyond containing
Are you going to remain a slave for
The rest of your life
Give into the night
Give in to the night

In a world beyond controlling
Are you going to deny the savior
In front of your eyes
Stare into the night
Power beyond containing
Are you going to remain a slave for
The rest of your life

Give into the Night …