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Your Room Or Mine?

- Part 1 -

by eishi (2007)

"So, sweetie, now that we've established that you want to have sex with me, your room or mine?"

It had become a stupid inside joke that involved the whole Kaibara High. Apparently it had been a freshman who had been caught doing something he shouldn't be doing – some said that he had been sleeping during the lesson, some that he had played hooky on Arts – and he had been called to the principal's office. The principal of Kaibara High was a tough lady in her fifties, who looked much older because of her horrible glasses and old-fashioned dresses that were either black or sailor blue. A call to the principal's office meant usually that you were in very deep trouble and that there was no way to get out. Many of those who had been called to her office had been expelled from the school for two weeks minimum, and many of them permanently. No one liked the principal, and she liked no one. It was a fair deal.

That first year student that had been sent to her office one stunningly beautiful Tuesday morning had also learned that there was no way out of the mess he had brought himself into, and so he had held no respect for the older lady. The principal had given her usual speech about the manners of younger people and how they should respect the older generation and give them more space had gone to deaf ears, as it usually went. Then she had asked the student, like she always did, was there something he wanted to say to defend himself. The boy had smirked and launched in almost monotonous tone the nowadays very famous line: "So, sweetie, now that we've established that you want to have sex with me, your room or mine?"

He had been expelled for three weeks and was given detention for "defaming the authorities". If the headmaster thought that she had crushed the rebellious spirit of the students, she was sorely mistaken. The line of that one undisciplined student had become a widely-known joke in the school in matter of days, and when the humiliated boy returned from his expulsion, his words were still alive and had reached every student of the school. It was nowadays a habit to say "so, sweetie, your room or mine?" if you were in trouble or had been caught telling lies to your friends. In short, each and everyone in the Kaibara High knew that particular line.

That knowledge, however, didn't make Souma Kyo feel any better after those words had been uttered to him on one lunch break of a sunny August day.

"You wish, Yankee!" he shouted so loud that poor Honda Touru who had been sitting next to him had to cover her ears and still got a headache out of that. "As if anyone would want to sleep with you!"

"Relax, Carrot, that's just a saying!" Uo grinned and took a bite of her sandwich. "Gee, are you that sensitive? Can't even take one hinting joke?"

"Don't stray away from the subject. You're absolutely wrong, there is nothing in common with kendo and—"

"How cute is that? Our sweet but unfortunately very hot-headed Carrot is that chaste that he can't even joke about sex!"

Kyo blushed heavily. "Shut up, Yankee."

"But it's true, isn't it, dear?"

"Shut it!"

"Whatever you say, my love," she laughed.

There were certain things that Souma Kyo was very, very uncertain of, and sex happened to be in top of his list. Since their principal was so conservative in her mortals and whatnot, she had cut down all the sex education classes and made sure that there were minimum amount of those. And even if they happened to have one sex education lesson per period, it was usually "mysteriously" cancelled or the teacher (usually female, in her early twenties) started to giggle uncontrollably in the middle of her sentences. Needless to say, their lessons were pretty much useless.

As the school didn't offer Souma Kyo any help in that area of life, he had decided to search the matter on his own – and came back with tail between his legs. There was just too much information to his liking. The Internet was full of crazy yaoi-fangirls with nothing better to do than write their horrible descriptions of how male's genitals met in different positions; the library's section of sex-related books was usually crowded with older men and thus he didn't dare to go there; the bookstores were absolutely out of question because there were sharp-eyed merchants everywhere. Kyo's short misadventures into the wonderful world of sex had stopped very quickly, and he had grumpily accepted the fact that maybe some things were better left unsaid. Besides, with his curse and all, how on earth would he ever get to bed with any girl – or guy? No need for sex education if you're not going to put that information into practice.

Even if Kyo had accepted the fact that he didn't need the information of sex to live a full life, apparently the world had decided otherwise. He was reminded of his little handicap every day: Uo would comment how cute some random classmates of theirs would look together, Hanajima would say that she sensed very strong sexual waves coming from the direction of their teacher, Shigure would crack his umpteenth joke about the relation of Kyo and Yuki (which wasn't sexual by any means, thank you very much), a song played in the radio would include rather suggestive lyrics, his favourite TV-series would show a scene between two minor characters that Kyo didn't particularly wish to see… And, in addition, his own hormones were driving him crazy once in a while. The world just wasn't being fair to him.

Somehow, with enormous amount of forced will and nerves of steel he had been able to put up with the situation. He ignored all the obscene jokes, all the sexual references in song lyrics, books, TV programmes and in general speaking. It took much of energy and will, but nowadays he was able to live in his very own world where sexual relationships between men and women – or men and men – didn't exist. Ignorance is bliss, he used to tell himself.

Naturally, there were times when all his walls of faked innocence crumbled and he had to admit that perhaps there was a lot more between people than just platonic love. These times were sparse, fortunately for him, but they existed, and he knew that they would get the better of him sometimes. In any case, he was happily living in his dream world – until that damned freshman decided to create something original and unforgettable that every other student was churning out.

"So, sweetie, now that I know that you've the hots for me, your room or mine?"

It was everywhere he went. Sometimes the line would appear in slightly different light; sometimes it was shorter and sometimes even more suggestive (how it was possible was beyond his "innocent" mind). Souma Kyo had come to a turning point in his life: he was in the situation where he couldn't shut out the existence of sex anymore.

And that made him more furious than the fact that the rat was still stronger than him, that his grades were still bad and the fact that his beloved Touru was dating Haru. He absolutely hated that moment of the day when someone would shout on the corridors "so, sweetie, your room or mine?", because it happened every day and each and every time he was just as embarrassed as he had been on previous time. He couldn't get away from that stupid line – it was hunting him.

"Hey, Kyon-Kyon, now that I know that you want me so badly, your room or mine?"

"Shut it, Yankee!"

"Now now, Carrot, if you don't learn to control your anger, you're never going to attract a girl enough to take her bed."

"Yankee, one more word and…"

"You're no fun."

One of the eternal truths that Kyo had learned about his friends over the years was that Uotani Arisa never ever learned to keep her big mouth shut. She just had to joke about topics that Kyo furiously tried to avoid – e.g. his sexual preferences, his temper or his hatred towards his cousin Souma Yuki. If Uo found another touchy subject of her favourite orange-headed friend, she would make fun of that until Kyo lost his temper, trashed his lunchbox and ran away. Uo just couldn't learn that there were certain times when it would have been a heck lot of politer to remain silent.

"Hey Kyon-Kyon, see that lovey-dovey couple? Which one is more attractive in your opinion, the girl or the boy?"

"Shut up, Yankee."

"Oh c'mon! Which one?" Uo tapped her chin and thought for a while. "Even though I'm no queer like you, I'd go for the girl. She's got pretty face."

Kyo sighed and glanced at the couple quickly. "The boy."


"That girl looks so ordinary. There's nothing special to draw attention to her."

Uo was silent for a moment. "You mean that she looks too much like Touru-kun."

"Will you ever shut up?"

"No." She stroked her hair. "Look, I'm really sorry for you – it's pretty much my fault that Touru and Haru found each other, since I happen to be the one who forced them to go together to that boring movie – but you've got to stop mourning after her. They've been together for six months, for heaven's sake!"

"And it's still your fault, Yankee."

"I said I'm sorry for you, not sorry for them. They're really happy together, if you haven't noticed." They had found a peaceful place from the school backyard (under a tree, in a pleasant shadow) and sat down to the grass. "Look, you had over two years and you never even once tried to do anything about it. Accept your defeat, it's easier that way."

"It's not," Kyo murmured. "I really wanted… I wanted to tell her…"

"Too late for that", Uo said cruelly. "Besides, she knew, and you know that. We've had this discussion hundreds of times. Stop beating a dead horse."

"You're not helping."

"Of course I'm not. I can't help someone who won't even accept help," she snarled. The sunlight shone beautifully through the leaves of the tree, and Uo leaned backwards and stretched. "My, what beautiful morning! The only good thing about this day…"

It really wasn't fair. It really wasn't fair that Kyo's best friend was the very same person who teased him mercilessly with every single thing that would freak Kyo out. It really wasn't fair that Uo was the only person in the whole world that knew of Kyo's sexual orientation and his misadventures in the "world of wonders", as Uo had once said with a smirk. The only thing that Uo didn't know was Kyo's curse, and that secret Kyo wished to protect as long as he could. It didn't matter did Uo know about that or not – she would still laugh as cruelly as always when Kyo blushed upon hearing the line "so, sweetie, your room or mine?". And afterwards she would always smile, pat his back and say that one day Kyo would find his happiness too, and then there would be no need for all the feelings of embarrassment and worthlessness. "Believe me or not, one day you're going to wake up and realise that you've fallen in love. And then there will nothing to keep you from reaching that person," she had told him while flashing that very rare, unfeigned smile. "One day it will happen."

In reality Kyo couldn't have cared less about falling in love. One non-blushing person to tell him about the basics of sex would have been enough for him. And then, if he had the right to make wishes, perhaps a willing, good-looking partner for a practise round…

"Hey, sweetie, where are you? Your delicious body seems to be here, but your mind is somewhere very far away."

"Go to hell, Yankee!"

… Or perhaps not. If Uo's stupid jokes were enough to make him blush furiously, what would the act of stripping off clothes do to him?

"Now that I've got your attention – you hear me? – good, now get your lazy ass up. The class is about to start."

"I hate you," Kyo grumbled, simply because he wanted to take out his anger. The English lesson that was about to start was horror to almost every student in the whole school: the teacher was originally from Canada and therefore really did speak fluently English (a quality that was very rare in high schools generally). Making mistakes during Miss Spell Checker's (a nickname that was rightfully earned) lessons meant slow death in the form of continuing humiliation. Kyo, unfortunately, happened to be on the Black List.

"Oh, honey, I just love it when you get dirty," Uo purred. Kyo jumped up and tried to stop his hands from shaking as Uo laughed. "I'm joking, Carrot! God, learn to control your nerves…"

"Perhaps if you learned to control your mouth," Kyo snapped. Uo just laughed at him.

Miss Spell Checker's lesson was just as boring as ever – and as hard as ever. The passives and adjectives and nouns and their usage was completely missed by poor Kyo, who really tried to concentrate – keyword being "tried". He fell asleep when the teacher started to talk about irregular verbs and some test that was coming. He was only asleep for couple of minutes, because when the snores were loud enough for Miss Spell Checker to hear, she marched right to Kyo's desk and slammed him on the head rather hard. Kyo woke up immediately.

"Now, Mr. Souma," she said as Kyo raised his head, "do you have anything to say in your defence?"

Kyo didn't say anything, because he knew that Miss Spell Checker wasn't expecting for an answer. She never did.

"If you had been paying attention, you would know by now that there's a test of irregular verbs coming up next week. How about studying for that, Mr. Souma? Your last test was truly substandard. Why can't you be a little more like your cousin? At least he doesn't fall asleep on my lessons."

Kyo remained silent, but inside he was burning: Miss Spell Checker had just insulted him in so many ways as she could in five sentences. She had underestimated his power of concentration, told the whole class that he had failed the last English exam and compared him to his perfect cousin. Of course the stupid rat wouldn't fall asleep in her classes. Of course that damn rat was her favourite student. He knew everything, every single fucking word that his dictionary could give him and pronounced them perfectly. Of course the cat was nothing compared to the rat.

"I'm really disappointed in you, Mr. Souma," Miss Spell Checker continued. "But since it seems that sleeping is the only thing you can do right in my classes, feel free to get back to that action." She turned around and tilted her head proudly backwards, as if she had been the one insulted.

Kyo didn't know what made him say it, but later on he guessed that it was because of the mixture of humiliation, Yankee's stupid jokes and that awfully pitying look his cousin shot at him. He stood up and said loudly and in very self-assured way:

"So, sweetie, now that we've established that you want to have sex with me, your room or mine?"

"I still can't believe you did that! I'd never have thought that you'd have the guts for that!" Uo was still laughing uncontrollably and hacking her knees. Hanajima had been giggling the whole lunch break, as had Haru and Momiji. Touru was still so shocked that she couldn't say a thing, and the rat was smiling uncertainly.

That little burst of rebellion had given Kyo three weeks of continuing detention (the hardest punishment a single teacher could give) and a threat to apologize to the teacher with a letter, if he didn't want to be expelled. Even if Kyo had to admit that it was the dumbest thing he had done in a while, he felt strangely relieved. He had actually said that line aloud. He had had the courage to say it.

"See, Carrot, you're much braver than you thought!" Uo snickered. "Now if you'd only practise what you preach…"


This time Uo obeyed him as she realised that she gone a bit too far. Kyo turned his eyes away from Uo and glanced at Touru and Haru, who were holding hands. Just the sight of those two made his heart ache, and he quickly turned his head to another direction.

"I have to say… she deserved that." Kyo was very astonished to hear his cousin say such a thing – the rat had actually complimented him. In a very hinting way, but still. His perfect, beautiful, over-confident cousin had actually complimented him.

"Yeah," Kyo answered when he couldn't think of anything else. Uo slammed Kyo hard on the back.

"Better make that a habit, you know! I think that that bitchy biology teacher could really need some sex education from you, Carrot."


"Or that sex education teacher herself!" Uo laughed. "Really, I bet that she hasn't even kissed anyone in her whole life and has just taken that job for money! Well, here's a newsflash for you, honey: reading theories from books does not equal practical knowledge! Really! I'd say that even you know more than she, Carrot-head."

"Would you finally shut your big mouth and remain silent for at least thirty seconds?" Kyo snapped. His cheeks were turning red again, and he felt extremely embarrassed. If there was one person in the world that Kyo didn't want to know about his inexperience in human contact, it would be his perfect cousin. It would be just another point for the stupid rat. Experiences in sex: Souma Kyo, zero points, Prince Souma Yuki, hundred points. Life just wasn't fair.

"Whatever you say, my dear," Uo laughed. Kyo prevented himself from sighing. Life just wasn't fair.

When Kyo noticed a few days later that almost everyone in his class was congratulating him for saying that line aloud to their horrible English teacher, he felt like becoming a bit more confident. Such a simple line with nothing to do with his real self had suddenly earned him respect and bravery as a cover he so badly needed. That stupid line had actually helped him to mask his uncertainty.

After that nothing would stop Kyo: no detention would stop him from using that line in every possible situation, no threats to be expelled would make him shut up. Such a simple line, and yet it was camouflaging every inch of his real fears and anxiety. It became almost his trademark to use the words "so, sweetie, your room or mine?" whenever he was confronted or had messed up something. Particularly Uo was proud of him.

"See, Carrot, I told you! There's nothing to be afraid of in expressing one's thoughts aloud! It's just natural to say what you're really thinking!"

Kyo didn't have the heart to tell his best friend that in fact he was still just as scared as before, but at least he felt a bit better the moment he launched those words to someone's face. Usually that poor someone would blush furiously and stutter something incomprehensible – in other words, act just as Kyo would've acted had the line been launched to his own face.

"But, but Kyo-kun…" Touru mumbled nervously, gripping Haru's hand, "aren't you being a little rude? I mean… that poor boy you told—told that…"

"Relax, Touru-kun!" Uo laughed. "It's just a bunch of words! Can't hurt anyone!"

Touru looked still unconvinced, and Haru patted her on the head. Kyo felt a pang of pain explode at his chest again, and turned to face the other way.

"You know, stupid cat, there still are borders you cannot cross," Yuki said slowly. His smirk made Kyo snap immediately.

"What do you mean, you damn rat?"

"Take Shigure for example. Saying him those particular words would be a suicide."

Kyo paled. Shigure plus lousy pick-up lines equals…

"Stop putting horrible mental images in my head, you disgusting rat!"

"Don't blame me. It's all in your very own imagination."

Kyo grumbled something and began to pout. Uo snickered.

"Well, well, what do you know. The Prince isn't that innocent."

"I'm not having this conversation," the rat replied quickly. "If you'll excuse me, I still have a student council to attend to."

"Sure, Prince. That's the oldest trick ever."

Yuki just smirked at her and left. Kyo was still keeping his hands crossed and kept them that way until the rat was long gone. Just why did it have to be this way? Why in the fucking world did he have to be the loser and Yuki the winner? Wasn't there anything he could win at? The stupid rat beat him even in a game of cards.

"Hel-lo, honey, you still there, or should I do a little check-up to your—"

"I know you want me so badly, but could you at least keep your desires by yourself?"

"You know, I'm so proud of you. My little baby has finally grown up."

"Apparently you haven't."

The world really wasn't being fair to him. It never offered him a chance to have a peaceful day – instead, his mood was varying from terrible to perfect, and the change could happen in bare three seconds. Not seeing his perfect cousin for the rest of the day had been a happy surprise – having to walk back home with Touru and Haru, who couldn't keep their hands off each other, was not. The only very vague ray of hope was that they wouldn't at least be at Shigure's house for the whole evening, since they were planning to go see a movie. Though, that left him spending the night alone with his two horrible cousins. Life just wasn't fair.

When he arrived home, his mood was risen a bit. Shigure announced (little too happily) that he would visit Hatori and that they shouldn't be bothered to wait for him, because he would most likely stay the night over there. (Honestly, how couldn't two grown men invent a bit better cover-up story? Their affair was so badly masked that anyone could see it miles away.)

"Kyo-kun, we're leaving now!" Touru chirped at six o'clock. "I made you some onigiri to eat, they're on the kitchen table. Yuki-kun will most likely come home after seven… Um, I just thought you should know…"

"Relax, Kyo, you're not going to die from being alone with him for couple of hours," Haru added, rolling his eyes. "And although I'd love to stay and see what happens when you two are left alone, I'm afraid that I already have something more important to attend."

"Being jealous, are you?" Kyo shot immediately – the sight of Haru holding Touru's hand made him quite snappy. "Don't worry, you can gladly keep the rat all by yourself. I only want his head."

Haru smirked. "Loosen up a bit, you're being awfully tense."

"So, your room or mine?"

Touru coughed nervously at this point, and Kyo noticed that she was gripping Haru's hand a bit tighter than usual. "Kyo-kun, um, I—I really think that you're going too far… There's really no need to—"

"Forget it, Touru," Haru smiled. "Let the cat have his one and only fun."

This comment made Kyo even tenser, since it had hit the nail. When the two were gone, Kyo took out his anger by kicking the poor old tree on the backyard. It was already filled with the marks of his kicks and punches, since it usually served as his punching bag. Whenever Kyo was feeling grumpy, he went to that tree and beat it until he felt better.

Stupid cow knew nothing. Nothing at all.

Kyo had heavenly sixty-three minutes of being completely alone, and then his illusion was shattered as the rat came home. Kyo heard from his footsteps that the rat was not in a good mood; apparently the student council had been a disaster or something other minor crap was getting on his nerves. Whatever the reason, Yuki's bad mood made also Kyo's mood worse.

They avoided each other for a relatively long time – usually they would seek each other out to have a good, old-fashioned bare-fisted fight when they needed to learn some anger management (as that dumb therapist had once told Yuki, who had told that to Kyo, who had laughed off his ass and gone back to beating his sad old tree). Kyo came downstairs after doing his homework and went straight to the kitchen. His stomach was begging for food, so he opened the refrigerator's door and took the milk carton. When he closed the door, he noticed that the rat was standing before the sink and looking at him murderously.

"Don't you dare drink straight from that carton. There are other people living in this house too, and they don't want your disgusting bacteria."

Kyo bit back a reply ("for your record, rat, we are so closely related that our bacterial flora is 99,9 per cent the same, so it's not much of a difference") because showing that kind of intelligence against his cousin would have resulted in a heart attack and a week in the hospital for poor Yuki. Stupid rat just couldn't get that sometimes, when he was interested enough, he would listen on lessons too.

He didn't verbalize his reply – he simply did just what his cousin had dared him not to do. Yuki's eyes flickered with anger as Kyo slammed the carton to the table.

"Don't tell me what to do, rat." He turned his back on the rat and took the onigiri balls Touru had left him from the table. Yuki was suddenly next to him.

"Stop playing games with me. You know exactly what I want."

"Yeah, yeah. So, your room or mine?"

Time stopped.

Holy shit. I didn't just say that. I didn't just say that. I didn't just…

If there was a list of taboo words concerning Souma Yuki, the words Kyo had just uttered would be there. Using a stupid, originally inside joke pick-up line to avoid fighting for the sake of food was not a good idea. It wasn't a good idea to use on anyone, but to use it on one's archenemy-cousin-somewhat-of-a-friend was officially the worst idea ever.

Kill me now. Someone just please kill me now.

Yuki gaped at Kyo, and Kyo avoided the gaze. Time stood still. The onigiri ball Kyo had picked up with his chopsticks fell back to the plate, but Kyo couldn't bring himself to picking it up again. The ticking of the clock was painfully loud, and Kyo wondered why hadn't ever thought about that before. (In fact, he hadn't even noticed that there was a clock in the kitchen.)

Then, just as abruptly as it had started, the still moment ended. Yuki smirked.

I'm dead meat.

"Mine," Yuki said silently. Kyo blinked.


"Yours is awfully cold."


"What, are you backing off?"

Kyo couldn't answer. The life had just taken a route he had not anticipated and didn't even have compass to follow it. The whole moment was screaming irrationality.

"Stupid cat," Yuki smirked again. "You're really dense, aren't you?"

Kyo couldn't answer. His irritating cousin was once again outwitting him, and this time on an area that he really didn't wish to discuss. The chopsticks were dropped when Kyo felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

Yuki sighed. "Too damn innocent."

Kyo didn't have time to retort. Suddenly his vision was filled with a close-up of his cousin's lilac eyes, and then his senses burned when cold lips were pressed against his. Time lost its meaning; the only thing he could concentrate on was that Yuki was kissing him, not beating the crap out of him like he had thought. His legs felt suddenly very wobbly, and there was a strange sensation filling his abdomen. Yuki pushed him backwards until he hit the wall, and Kyo couldn't even find the slightest hint of annoyance inside of him. He felt numb, like he really wasn't in his body anymore but instead watching his life from outside. It felt odder and at the same time even better when Yuki cupped his head and grabbed his shirt tightly with the other hand. When Kyo couldn't decide should he knock the living daylights out of his cousin or enjoy the turn of events, he remained still and let Yuki do… whatever he was doing. Whatever it was called, it made Kyo feel extremely good.

"Was that clear enough for you, cat?" Yuki asked, when they parted because of the lack of oxygen. Kyo stared at him.

"I… You—you…"

"Obviously not," Yuki sighed. Amusement flickered through his eyes when he bent forward. Kyo's face flushed when he realised that they were only millimetres apart, but before he could vocalize his discomfort, their lips were already pressed together again. The awkwardness disappeared the second he felt their lips touching.

This time he didn't think too much about it – he simply acted on instinct. Because he had not felt the urge to kill his cousin and stop the endorphins flowing in his mind by now, he decided that perhaps he should give it a try. In almost a timid way, he returned the kiss and placed his shaking hands on Yuki's shoulders. Encouraged by this gesture, Yuki dared finally put his arms around Kyo and pull him as close as it was physically possible. Kyo didn't complain: instead, he slipped his hands to Yuki's hair. He could feel Yuki's lips curve into a grin in the middle of their kiss, but didn't mind. He could endure anything as long as that wonderful feeling was floating in his head.

Kyo had never ever kissed in his life before, so it shouldn't have been a surprise for him that something had to go wrong. When he felt Yuki's tongue darting out, he opened his mouth immediately – and caused their teeth to clash painfully. They parted, and even when Yuki was clearly in pain, he managed to laugh.

"Where is your boldness now, cat? Weren't you saying something about a room earlier on…?"

"Sh-shut up," Kyo murmured. He felt suddenly very embarrassed instead of feeling good. Of course he wouldn't be enough for the rat. Of course the rat had to win him even in this.

Somehow Yuki seemed to understand what Kyo was feeling, since he took a grip of Kyo's shirt much more gently this time. "First time for everything, cat. From where I'm standing, you were doing just fine earlier."

Kyo was about to ask was the rat kidding, but didn't have a chance: his words were suffocated by familiar lips. This time the kiss they shared was peaceful and gentle, not rushed and bruising like before. Kyo shut his eyes without even meaning to do so; they lingered on the chaste kiss for a long time. Then, eventually, Yuki's actions grew bolder and he used much more force to shove his tongue inside Kyo's mouth and to push his back to the wall.

Kyo could feel the loud beating of Yuki's heart and sensed the hot breathing on his neck. He felt very weird at the moment – just few minutes ago he had been minding his own business and now he was… doing something that he couldn't describe in words. He took a tighter grip on Yuki's collar, trying to get even closer even when it was impossible. The air felt suddenly very cold when Yuki's lips left his own and the other began to kiss his neck, hands travelling from his shoulders to lower regions. Kyo shuddered when Yuki placed his hands on his hips, but got used to the feeling quickly. His breathing grew faster when Yuki started to tear his shirt, trying to slip his hands under it—

"I'm home!"

In bare two seconds, Kyo and Yuki had flung to the other sides of the room. Kyo leant onto the wall, trying to catch his breath and tugging his shirt back to its place. Yuki was looking directly at him, deep blush covering his cheeks and breathing just as irregular as his. Kyo tried to look nonchalant when Shigure peeked in.

"I'm just here to grab my wallet… I forgot it. I'm off to Haa-san's again!"

It was a miracle that he didn't crack a single joke about their stances and/or the looks on their faces, but then again, he was busy hurrying back to his lover. True to his word, Shigure really did just enter his room for a few moments and then rushed away. The slamming of the door woke the frozen cousins up.

Kyo was the first one to speak. "So… er… I— Um…"

There were so many things he wanted to ask and so many things he wanted to say ("hope you're not disappointed", "you understand that I'm still in love with Touru, right?"), but nothing came out. Yuki straightened his tie and smiled.

"I hope that I was able to give you something else to think about… You've been dwelling too much in the past lately."

Kyo looked up, astonished. His embarrassment turned to bewilderment – he really couldn't figure out his cousin sometimes. What was it that he wanted? Had this been just an experiment? Just a crazy thought? Or had he been planning this for long? Did Yuki actually care?

Yuki gave him a final smirk before sliding away from the kitchen and leaving Kyo stand there dumbfounded. He felt suddenly very, very lonely.