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Your Room Or Mine?

- Part 3 -

by eishi (2007)

"I hate Biology," Kyo snapped after their last lesson. "What's the use of learning all the stupid Latin names of stupid plants?"

"You just need some stress relief, honey," Uo purred. "There an empty closet over there, if you insist on it."

"Thanks, but I'd prefer a real room over a small closet full of spiders and brooms."

"Brooms can be used for many things, dear, don't you underestimate them."

"Spare me from your perverted ideas. So, your room or mine?"

The couple shared a quick smirk. Kyo coughed.

"You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say that you're really lusting after me."

"In your dreams," Uo snorted. "I don't want a man who might leave me anytime for the sake of another man. That would be just downright humiliating."

"You say it like it was a bad thing."

"It would be, if I was dating you."

"How did we get into this…? Wait up, Yankee, if I was dating you, I'd never even consider leaving you."

"Aww, that's just so sweet, but…?"

"What do you mean, 'but'?"

"Come on, I know you better than that. There's always a 'but' when it comes to me."

"… you've been spending too much time with me. Anyway, here's your 'but': you'd kill me did I ever even try to leave you."

"Now that's humiliating."

They shared a smirk again. "Love you too," Uo laughed. "I'm going to take my leave now. See you tomorrow."

"Wait up—"

"Unlike some other people, I have a job." She grimaced. "See you."

She turned on her heel and stomped away, and Kyo didn't try to stop her. He silently smiled at her back – despite all her perverted jokes, incompetence to learn to shut up at certain times or to control her fists, she was more important to him that she knew. Or then she knew, and knew too that Kyo could never voice his thoughts. He grinned.

"What are you smiling at?"

Kyo turned to see an irritated Yuki, who was taking his shoes out of his locker. Kyo slammed his locker shut and tried to look calm.


Yuki's irritation turned into a scowl. "How can you be so happy even after this horrible day?"

Kyo quirked an eyebrow. "I still have some things to be glad of. Something called 'a life', for instance."

Yuki laughed dryly. The shoes in his right hand trembled as he clearly had trouble controlling his fists. "I hate it how simple everything is for you. You're just too easy to put up with. If you're happy, you're happy… If you're sad, then you are sad. There's no in-between option in your menu of emotions."

Kyo rolled his eyes. "D'you think it's fun to be on a constant rollercoaster trip through either Hell or Heaven?"

Yuki shot an odd look at Kyo – once again Kyo wasn't able to decide was the rat shocked, hurt, smirking or smiling. It was that one look he was continuously giving Kyo and Kyo only, but sadly that one exclusive person wasn't able to tell what it meant. "It's better than to be always feeling the same damn thing."

They stared each other. Kyo coughed, feeling a bit awkward. "You mean… you mean that you're always sad?"

Yuki turned his eyes back to his locker, dropped his shoes to the floor and closed the locker. "Yeah. I am."

"That's… just plain stupid."

"I know." His fists were trembling again. "Fuck, I hate you so much sometimes. How easy everything is to you. How lucky you are and don't even fucking realise it."

"You're a broken record," Kyo replied dryly. He knew he was being rude to Yuki, but there was a limit of what he could take in public and what in privacy. Yuki revealing his deepest feelings in school at the lockers was not something he particularly wished to experience – or rather, wanted everyone to see. "Come on, we're going home."

Yuki once again gave him that one odd look, but Kyo coldly turned away and started to walk down the aisle. He heard a shuffle and then silent steps, and knew the rat was following him. What he did not expect was a hand that grabbed his shoulder and forced him against the wall.

"I hate you," Yuki snapped as he clutched Kyo's upper arms. Kyo didn't even try to break away from the painful hold; Yuki was once again looking at him with that mysterious look. "I hate you for making me feel like this."

"What?" Kyo let out a startled sound, but it went unnoticed by Yuki, who was just clutching Kyo's arms tighter. "That hurts, you bastard," Kyo whined, but didn't move. Yuki brought his face close to Kyo's, and suddenly the familiar cascade of events was happening again: it became harder to breathe, the sight of Yuki's eyelashes was impossible to pass, producing complete sentences was out of question and his brain forgot how to move. There just was something hypnotizing about his cousin that made him forget everything and everyone around him – it was just impossible to break the spell and push the damn rat away.

"I had a horrible day," Yuki murmured, "and I really hope that you're ready to lighten up my mood."

"De-depends… on…" Kyo gulped and bravely tried to finish his sentence, "wh-what you have to offer."

Yuki smirked. "Everything."

Butterflies filled Kyo's stomach as Yuki forcefully pressed their lips together and tightened his grip of Kyo's arms. Kyo wanted to put his arms around Yuki, but the other denied it, and Kyo couldn't find the will to fight back. Yuki nudged Kyo's neck, making Kyo sigh in excitement and pleasure. Kyo was pretty sure Yuki smirked again against his skin, and that thought restored his usual stable resistance against commonly everything. He grabbed Yuki's collar and attacked his lips, attempting to make the other lose balance.

His plan backfired, unfortunately, as Yuki did not lose his balance, but instead just deepened their kiss and pressed Kyo harder to the wall. Kyo submitted immediately when faced with the impossible challenge of resisting Yuki's taste. Yuki seemed to realise this as well, because he loosened his grip a bit and started to kiss Kyo more tenderly than forcefully. Having his arms finally free, Kyo slipped them around Yuki and relaxed in the embrace.

Their kiss turned slowly into a lazy, lingering moment and the wild passion suddenly melted away. When they parted, neither made an attempt to move away; they stared each other in the eye and enjoyed the warmth and the comfortable stance. Kyo was the first one to talk.

"Someone's coming."

Yuki smirked gently at him. "I've always wondered what cat-like features you would have, excluding your hair and eye colour. Apparently your hearing is better than most of people."

"It is?" Kyo was really surprised at this – no one had commented on this before. "I've never noticed."

"Where is he?"

"In the upper corridor."

"Then we have plenty of time." Yuki nudged Kyo's neck again, and a wave of heat filled Kyo in seconds. He pushed Yuki away.

"Get off. The last thing I want is to be seen with you."

That strange look returned to Yuki's face again, and he let Kyo go so suddenly that Kyo almost lost his balance. "Whatever. I'm going home."

He turned, grabbed his backpack from the floor and kicked the door open. Kyo stared as his usually calm and sometimes almost stoic cousin literally stomped away, waving his hand furiously at his sides and shooting a dark glare at anything that moved.

A slow, silent realisation filled his head as he watched Yuki walk away. He leant on the wall, missing an interesting episode as the boy he had heard approaching before engaged in a tongue-battle with another boy right in front of him, since all he could see at the moment was a close-up of Yuki's face wearing that mysterious expression. He now knew that he had seen that face dozens of times before – for two years, to be exact – but had never paid attention to it.

Yuki never looks at anyone else like that.

Kyo picked up his bag and Yuki's forgotten shoes from the ground, dodged gracefully the kissing couple and opened the door. There were dark clouds in the horizon and the air was ominously moist, but for once, he didn't care.

I'm the only one he dares to act around like that.

When Shigure bumped to him on his way back home and told happily that he was visiting Hatori, Kyo merely nodded. When Touru almost bumped to him – missing him by few millimetres and thus not managing at turning him into a cat, thankfully – and told happily that she was visiting Haru, Kyo knew that life was plotting against him.

It was starting to rain. He had to spend the night in an empty apartment with his cousin. His cousin had suddenly managed at turning his world upside down and making him feel guilty. And, fuck it, it was really raining.

God hates me, Kyo thought bitterly. I ask for one teeny tiny little thing, and even that can't be granted. I just wanted to keep away from him for a while.

He opened the front door and muttered a silent 'hello' at no one in particular, even if he knew very well that Yuki was probably upstairs. At the moment he didn't want to see his cousin again—


Kyo sighed in his mind, placed his shoes in the neat line and looked bravely up. Yuki was leaning against the doorframe that separated the dining room from the kitchen. Just the word 'kitchen' was able to send shivers down Kyo's spine, so it took him a moment to adjust to the situation and answer.


Yuki slowly passed his fingers through his hair before continuing: "We need to talk."

About time, Kyo was about to say, but stopped himself in time. Yuki probably didn't need any more discouragement. He stayed where he was, staring directly at Yuki and waiting for the other to continue. After a short pause Yuki sighed.

"I was just… I… just thought that… if I'm bothering you—"

"Get to the point, rat, I don't have all day." Kyo blinked; He really hadn't meant to say that aloud, but the miserable look on Yuki's face plus the steady rhythm of the rain in the background made him impatient. Yuki blinked too, then a snarl settled on his face.

"Fine. If you're not interested in what I have to say—"

"Cut the crap and talk."

Yuki blinked again, and this time a faint glimpse of rage was lurking in his eyes. They looked each other in the eye – Kyo didn't want this eye contact to break just because he had a gut feeling that if it did, something horrible would happen.

"Do you know why I turned down Ayame's offer about helping me to buy my own apartment?" Yuki said with a low voice that almost trembled because of the hidden rage. Kyo continued to stare at his cousin. "Do you know why I reject each and every one of my admirers? Why I chose Physical Education classes even though Social Studies would've helped me much in getting in the university? Why I tag along every time Haru invites us to watch some boring movie I couldn't care less about?" He took a deep breath and snapped: "Damn it, it's because of you, you stupid, dense, idiot cat! You! You've made my life a living hell for the past two years and don't even realise it, and I hate it how I don't even care, and I hate you for it and damn it, for making me enjoy every sick second of my life! It's your fault I'm—"

"Stop it," Kyo said firmly. Silence filled the air instantly, leaving Yuki's poisonous words hanging in the air. The rage had disappeared from Yuki's eyes and was now replaced with that enigmatic look Kyo still couldn't fully understand. Kyo shifted his legs and opened his mouth, but had to look the other way before anything came out. "I thought I already told you that I don't hate you."

The silence was very long after that. Kyo stared blankly at the wall, a bit afraid of Yuki's reaction, but what made him even more terrified was that the other wasn't reacting at all. The ticking of the clock was starting to get painful again.

"You mean… you… don't… mind me?"

Kyo badly wanted to laugh out loud for several reasons: for making the rat stutter, because of that very vague question that could've been interpreted in many ways, because of that blush on the rat's face… but didn't. Some basic instinct about human contact told him that if he wanted to maintain that slowly forming bond between them, he should act a bit more respectively.

"No," he simply answered and shrugged then. "I'm stronger than you, you know. Like you said… I could've pushed you away anytime."

A small smile curved on Yuki's lips, and they stared at each other, abashed. Neither knew exactly what to do now, especially when the moment was quite frail and very unimaginable for both. Yuki broke the silence when he nodded at the kitchen and said:

"You hungry?"

"A bit," Kyo answered. He followed Yuki into the kitchen, thought varying from Yuki's beautiful locks to what he should eat to accompany the few onirigi balls that were leftovers from the weekend. Then he saw the playful glint in Yuki's eyes and understood instantly why Yuki had lured him into the kitchen.


"I said I had a horrible day", Yuki purred when he had trapped Kyo tightly between the wall and himself. The spot next to the fridge was becoming familiar to Kyo, as he now remembered to watch out for the nail sticking out of the wall near the floor. "And I hope you're ready to amuse me this time…"

Kyo smirked. "You never told me what was particularly 'horrible' about this day."

"Does that matter?" Yuki snorted and leaned closer to kiss him. Kyo avoided the move, and Yuki frowned.

"Fine, you stupid cat. It was your fault again."


"It's your fault I almost flunked my English test," Yuki muttered, a blush occupying his cheeks again. "I was too busy watching you instead of filling in the answers…"

It was Kyo's turn to blush. "You're obsessed."

"You have no idea," Yuki smirked. He leant closer again, but Kyo interrupted the attempted kiss before that.

"Is that the reason you started seeing that dumb psychiatrist?"

Yuki rolled his eyes. "Yes," he replied with faked patience. "And you know what that over-rated Mrs. Superego told me? 'You are just sexually frustrated… go and get laid.'"

"She didn't say that."

"Well, not from word to word, at least."

"Sexually frustrated, huh?" Kyo grinned. "I wonder if that's true."

"Enough talking, cat, your moving lips are slowly turning me into a madman."

Kyo's laughter was suppressed by Yuki's strong kiss. Yuki pinned him tightly against the wall, moving a leg between Kyo's thighs. Kyo gasped, trying to free himself from Yuki's grip, but the other wouldn't let him. Feeling Yuki move against him was so amazing feeling that it beat all the other endorphin-filled moments up to now by far. Kyo tilted his head to his left, making Yuki whine because of the lost contact. He attacked Yuki's lips again, taking advance of the other's open mouth and slipping in his tongue. Yuki's grip loosened immediately, and Kyo placed his freed hands around Yuki's waist and pulled him close.

It felt heavenly to stand there, in the middle of the kitchen, kissing Yuki and listening to the raindrops drum the roof – to be so close to someone. The kiss became slower until it wasn't an actual kiss anymore, just two pairs of lips barely touching. Kyo's eyes were closed as he hugged Yuki tightly, enjoying the warmth of the other and the thought that they were sheltered in the kitchen, away from the horrible rain. He smiled drowsily: he could get used to this…

A pair of hands roaming on his hips woke him up. Yuki smirked at him, and Kyo scowled. Trust the horny rat to ruin a perfect moment.

"Lay off the hands, you pervert!"

"But you like it," Yuki laughed. "Well, have you decided yet?"

"What?" Kyo grumbled, still fighting off Yuki's hands. Yuki brought his face very close and whispered into Kyo's ear:

"Whose room are we going to use, of course."

Kyo's blush equalled the shade of his eyes as he jerked away from his cousin. "You're getting ahead of things, rat…"

"I'll be waiting in my room."

"Wait as long as you want, you pervert." Yuki just smirked, turned around and walked away.

Kyo followed in three seconds.

"Souma Kyo."

Kyo stood up, slouched towards his teacher and rolled his eyes when the paper was handed to him. It was the worst day of the whole month: the day their exams were given back to them and they were graded. Usually Kyo would end up having a handful of average scores, with a few worse and few slightly better than average. The day included almost always a receiving of his (usually failed) English exam and a humiliation from Miss Spell Checker because of that. No matter how hard he tried, Miss Spell Checker would always frown on him and give him that sneer he hated so badly.

This time wasn't an exception: as soon as Kyo had received his English exam, Miss Spell Checker leant closer and raised her thick eyebrows.

"I don't know how you did it this time, Souma, but I'm sure you somehow cheated. I'm not letting you go this easily next time."

Kyo just bowed politely and returned to his seat. Then he turned his paper around, expecting it to be void of any comments and having just an 'F' coldly marked on the right corner. It was quite the opposite, filled with circles, making it look like a fireworks of red marker. He blinked.

"Oy, Carrot, what are you smiling at?" his best friend yawned. "Isn't that your English exam?"

"Just look at this, Yankee. Look at this!" He almost threw to paper to his friend's face. Uo snorted and took the paper.

"What?" she yelped. "You got an A? But that's… that's… I'm so proud of you!"

Kyo avoided her hug by standing abruptly up. "I told you! Watch me now, world! I did it! I beat the horrible monster called 'English grammar rules'!"

"Souma, if you don't want any more detention, sit down," Miss Spell Checker said dryly. Kyo rolled his eyes. Sure, the Yankee could yell as much as she wanted on her lesson, but when it came to him…

"You seem kinda frustrated, sweetie. So, your room or mine?"

Miss Spell Checker turned redder than anyone had ever seen her. "THREE WEEKS OF DETENTION, SOUMA!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever suits you."

"You know, that wasn't very wise," Uo remarked when she finally managed to stop her laughter. Their usual group was sitting on the rooftop for lunch as usual. Usual and usual. Kyo smirked for the word in his mind, then noticed Uo's awaiting look.

"What?" he muttered, giving the right answer by accident. Uo rolled her eyes.

"Miss Spell Checker is going to kill you next time she sees you. You humiliated her in front of the class."

"I'm sure she deserved it," Haru commented. Behind his blank look was a hint of amusement, and Kyo was proud to notice it. Touru started to stutter:

"Bu-but, Haru-kun, you—I mean, Kyo-kun was being a bit mean towards her, um, not that she hasn't been rude to us, but I just mean to say that, uh, maybe that was—"

"Touru, you're too kind, as always," Hanajima said nonchalantly. "The only vibrations I've ever gotten from her have been anger and frustration. She has never even once been happy or even felt empathy towards anyone."

"That's pretty harsh, even from you, Hana," Uo snorted. Momiji frowned at her.

"Aww, but Hana-chan's right! She is pretty evil at times…"

"Well, anyway, that doesn't change the fact that it was pretty dumb to defy her when you had just gotten out of the hook," Uo interrupted and shooed Momiji off despite the little boy's attempts to regain the attention. "Now you're going to spend the next three weeks in detention. Good work, honey."

"Don't be jealous. You can accompany me any time you want." Kyo snickered when he saw the faint blush on Uo's face.

"If you're referring to my punishment for teaching those idiot gangsters a lesson or two for blackmailing the junior high students…"

"Don't cry, sweetie. We all know that on the inside you're just an old softie."

"Shut it, Orangey."

"Love you too."

"Will you two ever stop?" Yuki sighed.

Kyo hid his smile by taking a bite of his sandwich. Things hadn't really changed in the past two weeks: he was still spending his afternoons cleaning the corridors from four to five (Miss Spell Checker still made sure that he received the dirtiest ones), Touru and Haru were still just as crazy for each other (and still didn't dare kiss in public), Momiji was still trying to impress everyone by acting a four-year-old instead of the mature seventeen years old young man he truly was, Hanajima was still just as weird as always, Uo was still being a pervert and Yuki was… Yuki. Even if he now knew a whole lot more of his enigmatic cousin, there were still a lot of things that were too touchy to discuss. It went for him, too: there were still things he wasn't ready to talk about with Yuki, and the exact definition of their relationship was one of those silenced things.

"You need to get laid," Uo sighed. Kyo resisted the urge to roll his eyes and replied dryly:

"So, your room or mine?"

"You wish, Carrot."

It was just as odd to pretend being a very mature but perverted person in the eyes of everyone, because on the inside he was still just as scared as he had been all these years. The fact that he locked his lips with his male cousin daily hadn't affected his shyness, even if he had wished it to give him real courage instead of the pretended one he used. Life was still being cruel to him: even after finding the one person who wasn't intimidated by him and accepted him (or, in practise, wasn't freaking scared of being near him), he wasn't one bit more confident of himself. Wasn't finding 'one's other half' supposed to give you infinite happiness? Kyo thought, a bit disappointed. He glanced at Yuki, who was sitting opposite of him, next to Hanajima and trying to explain to Momiji why wearing girls' school uniform would be deadly to him. ("I would be instantly hugged by one of my fan club members, then crushed to death under their feet… and you still insist on me using girls' uniform just because it would look 'cute'?")

Kyo smirked – if the news of him and Yuki dating/fooling around/being in love (he honestly didn't know which alternative was closest to the truth) broke out at school, he would be murdered in five seconds. It was easy to laugh at the thought now, but when declaring their true relation became an actual issue…

Not in a century, Kyo snorted in his mind and focused on his sandwich again. There's no way I'd figure out that damn rat sooner than that.

"Hey, Prince, I forgot to ask… How did you do in the exams?"

Yuki smiled blankly (translation: he didn't want to tell something). "They went well, thanks for asking, Uotani-san."

"How was your English test? I mean, that was a disaster for the whole class…" Uo glanced at Kyo and shrugged. "Excluding one lucky bastard."

"Hey! I think I deserve some praise for staying up and studying the whole night before the test!"

Uo ignored Kyo and turned back to Yuki. "What grade did you get, Prince?"

Yuki smiled (translation: he was trying to figure out how to change the course of the conversation). "Not good one, if you must know."

"But, but, Yuki-kun, you have always been so good in English!" Touru exclaimed, gripping Haru's hand tightly. Haru smiled at her as if to signal that he would support her no matted how deep she would put her foot in her mouth this time. "There's no need to be so modest!"

Yuki gave a laugh at Touru (translation: he was wondering how the hell she didn't get his message when everyone else could clearly see that he didn't want to talk about it). Kyo sighed in his mind and was ready to open his mouth to change the topic for Yuki's sake, but Uo was faster.

"Oy, Prince, now I'm really interested! What grade did you get?"

Yuki's scowl was so clear that it didn't even need to be translated. "I passed, okay?"

Silence filled the air for a while. Kyo wanted to laugh: the perfect prince Yuki had gotten a lower grade than him? Maybe there was some justice in the world. Maybe there were times he could beat his perfect cousin…

"I thought so," Uo continued. "I mean, you weren't concentrating at all during the exam…"

"Your brain waves were ranging from furious to blank," Hanajima stated, "meaning that you were thinking of something completely else."

Yuki coughed (translation: why must even my closest friends keep an eye my every move?) and sighed. "Yes, you're right. I wasn't concentrating."

Kyo felt his hair stand up to its end: the conversation was slowly turning to walking on thin ice. Before he could interrupt, Yuki had already turned his eyes directly at him. "My mind was on something completely else."

Oh, great.

Suddenly they were all staring at Kyo and Yuki. Kyo glared at Yuki, who was wearing that mysterious look again. If Kyo had learned something about his cousin, it was that every time Yuki wore that look, there was a hint of lust behind those bright eyes. Even if everything else was blurred and uncertain, that aspect of his look was very clear.

Too bad for Kyo that everyone else could read that much too.

"Oh, I see," Uo grinned instantly. "He is pretty hot, isn't he?"

What were friends for again? Oh yeah, not saving my ass and comforting me when I need it the most, but for embarrassing me every second like there's no tomorrow.

"I think you weren't concentrating much during that exam too, cat," Yuki smiled wickedly. "What was that term again… Oh yeah, 'sexually frustrated', by any change?"

"Speak only for yourself, you idiot."

"I think it was you who came to me last night, not the other way round."

They gasped, every one of them, and Kyo saw from the corner of his eye that Touru made a movement that hinted that she might've fainted. Momiji was staring at Yuki with so big eyes that Kyo was afraid that they might pop out; Hanajima was turning her head from Yuki to Kyo and back to Yuki faster than anyone had seen her ever move in general. Haru just smirked and nodded at Kyo, which just embarrassed him more. The worst of all was, though, the look on Uo's face: she was slowly but surely turning into a yaoi-fangirl and thus breaking her promise of never ever squealing because of the "cute boy-boy love" in front of Kyo.

Kyo looked at Yuki's eyes and sighed in his mind. Perhaps things had changed a bit after all. Previously when he had been put in a situation equally as humiliating as this, he had usually turned red because of anger and embarrassment and ran away, screaming revenge and colourful swear words that made young children's ears ring for days. Now he was just merely staring back at Yuki, thinking how stupid and at the same time perfect it would be just to grab the stupid rat's collar and kiss him right now.

"So, cat, what do you say? Your room or mine?"

Kyo quickly looked around – everyone was still staring at him, puzzled because of the situation. Maybe it would be wise to discuss with Yuki how they should bring forward their relation or should they do it at all, and then it would be time to tell Uo to go to hell with her stupid jokes and beat up Haru just because he was such a pervert…

He smirked. Judging from the eagerness of Yuki's eyes there was one thing he could always win at. No amount of psychiatrists or will power could remove Yuki's one weakness that was, luckily, controlled by Kyo and Kyo only.

Perhaps they could talk later. Much later. Kyo smirked again.



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