Ok. My first writing ever.

They're not mine.Sadly.Wish they were.

English is not my native language. So be nice, please. If you spot mistakes, tell me.

Hope you enjoy this open display of TV-Series addiction.

I know, I should be asleep.

But I'm not.

Definitely not.

I can feel her stirring next to me. Right now I'm trying not to think about it. The fact that she is here, with me, in the same bed.

Something that is, given our current assignments, not often the case.

But we agreed to this. No touching, this is a mission, after all. A simple, nice, relaxing diplomatic mission.

With me in charge and SG-1 to make sure I don't screw up completely. Meaning, I get a whole, boring week of listening to Daniel and the natives instead of enjoying downtime with my very hot, highly ingenious Lt. Colonel/wife.

Which leads me back to my problem.

Whose idea was this anyway?



Former ascended, soon to be dead archaeologist. Wanted to spend time with the whole team, old and new. Picked the assignment, convinced Hank, talked me into it.

Oh yeah I'm going to kill him.

But he'll probably just ascend again and haunt my ass.

So, no killing Daniel.


She stirs again and turns over. Suddenly I have my arms full of Carter. She's sprawled upon me. Her head resting under my chin, one leg over mine, her palm against my chest.

My nose is assaulted by her smell. Not bad. Quite the opposite actually. Well, normally. But we did have this agreement. The no touching, being professional Air Force Officers on missions rule.

Wasn't my fault our hosts paired us up for the night.

Was Daniels. Again.

He just had to tell them we're married.

At least he's got to spend the night with Vala. Woman drives him crazy. Hah!

That'll teach him not to interfere with Carters downtime again, or mine.

But now, back to the problem.

Think of something bad or really ugly.

Like Kinsey.

Kinsey in underwear.


Kinsey in nice, blue, satin underwear like the one Sam bought for… oh no. Not going there. So not going there. Bad for safe control.

She sighs and snuggles closer to me.

This is getting more difficult with any minute. I should really try to sleep. Have at least to pretend I'm awake during the talks. Thankfully Daniel is doing the talking.

I realize that the darkness is already fading. The morning is about to come while I continue to think about punishments for Daniel.

Think I'll stick with the last one.

Locking him and Vala in a supply closet for a week or so.

Oh yeah.

That'll work.