Okay, due to popular demand (well, for me anyways), I'm continuing Demonic. Some credit should be given to cpneb for pointing out to the bunny I had a plot that was worth exploring. Since then, I can safely say there will be plenty of good twists that should please most of you all. Funny how nightmares create some of my better work, huh? This story will have mythology from varying parts of the world.

In the Inuit mythology of the Labrador and Hudson Bay coasts, the Adlet are monsters that drink blood. They are the offspring a woman and a red dog. Weird, yes. Of the ten offspring, five were the Adlet, while the other five were human and supposedly sailed across the Atlantic to form the European people.

As always, italics are thoughts, unless they are putting emphasis on words, of course. Bolded means something read or the Kimmunicator beeping.

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For the first time in a while, Drakken was ecstatic. Not his usual mixture of smugness and excitement, but a whole new level. He was slightly disappointed that Shego had disappeared for a few days, but that was overshadowed by the fact that her absence gave him time to set up his plan.

Pausing in his thoughts to jot down a brief note regarding the raven-haired thief's rushed leaving, Drakken soon turned to a old, leather bound book. Only slightly longer than the length of his hand, it was still at least two inches thick. Originally the book had belonged to Monkey Fist, but due to his prolonged, stony state of being, certain items belonging to the monkey man had been tossed aside to prepare his castle for a new lord. Drakken previously had no interest in the book when Shego had found it, thrown into a box full of training equipment and weaponry, but in recent days he had come to question why someone so obsessed with monkeys would have a book devoted to other paranormal.

It was when his curiosity became so overpowering that he finally cracked open the tome that he found a most interesting section, one that he felt had a relevance he had never before considered. "Flames enclose slim hands, which can be wielded gently for purposes other than destruction," he read. "Their ultimate reason for existence, however, is either the safety or peril of the world. Death knows no bounds but those it is limited to in the wake of utter hopelessness. Soon her choice will come, whether to rule the world or save it."

Clearly the volume could only be referring to one person. In the three days since Shego had last been seen, he had made enormous progress. Now he was merely waiting for her to reappear, since she was an integral part of his plan. The next few hours for Drakken were nerve racking as he anxiously awaited for her arrival. It was only when she finally reappeared that he resumed his previous composure.

Shego noticed immediately that something was different when she stepped into the lair, and it was not only the half completed frame of a monstrous contraption that tipped her off. The lair was silent, like a quiet moonlit night where one expects to hear the howls of the wolves but sense none. Forcing that thought off, with a shudder due to her recent encounter with a certain 'hellhound', Shego pressed deeper into the noiseless abode. Not a henchman was in sight, and the mad scientist who always kept his presence known in a loud way was in no way visible. Her footsteps echoed in the cavernous hallways of the lair positioned on the outskirts of Middleton.

"Dr. D.?" called Shego, her voice bouncing eerily along the walls of the laboratory.

"Ah, Shego, there you are," replied Drakken, appearing from inside the invention she had noticed earlier. A wrench was in one hand, while the other was limply holding a rag smudged with oil stains. "I need you to pick up something."

Shego stared at him for a second. "Are you sure that's wise, Drakken? I mean, after that run-in we had a few days ago with Team Possible..."

"They won't be expecting us to strike back so quickly!" he exclaimed, irritating Shego. She hated when he tried to finish her thoughts, because he was so blatantly wrong most of the time. She sighed.

"All right. What's the job?" the pale villainess asked with less than bored enthusiasm, while partially praying that it was something where she could get done before a certain redheaded demon and a blonde monkey master could show up.

Drakken turned to the nearest monitor in response to her question, and quickly pulled up what he was looking for. Three images popped up, one of which was of a modest house. The second was of a fair teenage girl, with blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail, while the third was...

-Possible residence, same time-

"Ron...," started Kim, swallowing nervously while playing with a few of her auburn tresses. She could hear explosions in the background on his side, which stopped abruptly as Ron paused his game. Kim cracked a small smile as she realized that even though he didn't have to devote all his attention to hear her, he did so this time. Which was good, because this was pretty much as important as it got.

"K.P. ... I... I'm sorry," Ron suddenly blurted out, causing Kim to nearly drop the phone in shock.

"What? Ron, what on earth do you have to be sorry for?" asked Kim, replaying the events of the last few days. Yes, there was plenty of apologizing to do, but it was from her, to him, and not the other way around.

"These last few days... I've been pushing you for something you're not ready for. I mean, if you don't want to tell me what happened at the lair, I'm cool with that. I'd like to know what happened, sure, but there are just some things that even the two of us have to keep from each other. Like Yamanouchi," Ron replied.

"Ron... I know about Yamanouchi, so you should know about the lair," Kim pointed out. "That's actually why I called. Can we-"

Beep Beep de Beep!

"Ever notice how Wade's timing is just horrible?" grouched Ron through the phone. "He has the world wired, yet always interrupts the most important things."

Beep Beep de Beep!

"Hold on just a minute, Ron," Kim sighed, temporary relief being replaced by frustration. She laid the phone down on the bed next to her wrist, then answered Wade's call. "What's the sitch, Wade?"

The younger teen took a drink from his ever-handy cup before responding. "Got a hit on the site. Apparently somebody robbed a Miss T.S.S., and she's convinced that Shego is the one behind it. And where there's Shego, there's Drakken. She'd like for you to come check it out if you could."

"It couldn't have been Shego. She was just...," Kim started, before reversing gears. If Ron knew Shego had been in her house, without punching and kicking being involved, then that would just dredge up his jealousy over the Miss Go incident, and that would lead to him to jumping to conclusions about why Kim didn't want to tell him what happened with Shego while he was unconscious at the lair, and... Kim shook her head. Not going there, she commented in her head. "Never mind."

"Why couldn't it have been Shego, K.P.?" asked Ron, and Kim suddenly had the distinct impression that his eyes were narrowing, although she couldn't verify such a feeling over the phone. "You didn't do something to her the other day, did you?"

"Not really," Kim said quickly. "Wade, a ride?"

"Already on it," the boy replied, typing rapidly at his keyboard. "Looks like Combat Creations is busy, but I managed to snag you a lift with Starlight Productions. Which works well, because apparently Miss T.S.S. is the head of the firm."

"Ever notice that out of all the rides we have, authors seem to be the most prominent?" Ron mused. "I mean, the Cap's given us a lift more than a few times, the BlazeITjet is always ready to give us a lift, and Combat Creations and Starlight Productions -those two are young, you know?"

"Anyways," Wade cut in, "your ride will be at your house in about fifteen minutes, Kim."

"Thanks Wade," Kim replied, cutting the connection to the young genius before turning her attention back to her blonde boyfriend still on the phone. "We'll have to pick this up later, alright?" Immediately that mixture of frustration and relief from earlier returned. How am I ever going to tell him? I just... Argh. Head in the game, Kim.

"...Alright Kim. I'll see you in a few," responded Ron finally, pushing the end button after a few seconds and placing the phone back in its cradle.

-Stoppable residence, simultaneously occurring with the events at the Possible house-

Sighing, he climbed up the stairs to his attic turned bedroom and reached into his closet, pulling out his mission clothes.

Rufus lifted his head up from where he was peacefully sleeping on the pillow on Ron's bed. He gave off a series of short squeaks, and Ron nodded.

"Yeah, buddy, head in the game... mission time," Ron conceded, pulling the shirt over his head. His ears had just poked through the neck hole when a sharp chill went down his spin. "Did you feel that, buddy?" Ron expected to hear a few quick chirps in response, only to instead perceive silence. "Rufus?" Ron turned around, and started to make his way to the bed, only to stop short. Rufus was sitting there, but he wasn't looking at Ron. Well kinda.

In fact, it appeared that he wasn't looking at anything, but rather through everything. The mole rat was slowly turned his head in every direction, but his eyes had that far-away look in them commonly described in stories when the person (or in this case, animal) was not focused on his surroundings, but something happening somewhere else. Whatever had spooked Rufus, however, was causing him to softly growl as well as he sniffed the air almost imperceptibly. The naked mole rat, however, shook his head after several moments, looked up, and gave Ron a thumbs up. As he crawled into Ron's pocket, he pondered the strange smell one last time. A dog-human scent?But it smelled like fish and blood as well. Human blood.

Ron frowned deeply as Rufus settled himself. Oh great, now my pet is keeping secrets too!

-Possible household-

Rufus wasn't the only one to be put on high alert by the strange presence. Kim felt it too, and gave a small gasp, dropping her gloves. It's... familiar? But not quite... I'm not sure how to describe it. It's like something I once knew, but I lost a piece of it. More like a whole chunk actually. A memory perhaps?

Kim shrugged off the strange feeling, putting it temporarily aside. She retrieved her gloves and was about to put them on when something pricked the back of her brain and her eyesight blurred.

She could hear it. The voices. They were why she was sent here. The woman's sharp, deep breaths, and the man's soothing whispers. She could hear the acceleration of the car as she waited. This was important. She had to get this right or nothing would go as it was supposed to for the next hundred years at the least, maybe longer.

Then she heard the second car. One that wasn't supposed to be there. This wasn't right! She felt a mild note of panic as she heard the voices inside the second car. The crying newborn, overlapping the mother's calm voice, and the father's joyful laughing. It was too easy to recognize them. She was supposed to help them too, but not now. Not both at once.

A tiny heartbeat directed her attention back to the first car. The one that hadn't beat on its own yet. It was a precious package still being carried by its mother. The two cars were running side by side as a third distraction interrupted her growing angst.

The semi truck was speeding along the street perpendicular to the one the two cars were on. This one she didn't have to see. She would have known the driver anywhere; the slight curl of her lip into a smirk was the one sure way to recognize her. She glanced back at the two cars, the fear she felt earlier creeping to a peak.

In the intersection she thought quickly. Save one, lose the other. That wouldn't work. They had to be together for fate to follow its path. She could hear the semi increasing its speed, even though it was already well over the speed limit. She looked upwards; the two cars would have a green light when all reached her, but that wasn't going to change anything. Too fast! Too fast! She was losing time much too quickly.

"I'm sorry," she whispered to the wind, her attention on the gurgling baby in the back seat of the car in the inner lane as she stepped in front of the outermost car.

She saw the man stomp on the brake as she suddenly appeared in his line of sight, materializing from nowhere. The pregnant woman's eyes went wide in alarm, even as the car stopped a few feet short of her.

The second car saw the semi too late, even as it hit her and continued onward, carrying her with it into the back seat. She lurched through the metal and over the screaming babe. There was a piercing pain she had never felt before as darkness consumed her sight briefly before rushing back into focus in time to see a smirking face looking down at her huddled over the child. Something warm was gushing over her hand. Blood. The child's blood. She felt dizzy, weak, and a totally new experience: one of terrifying reality. The child was going to die. She had failed. No no no. She wouldn't allow it. She had to keep her alive... somehow.

"... can't save everyone..." A chuckle, then the crunching of glass. She flitted out of consciousness a few seconds later.

"Kim? Kim!" Ron's voice filtered through to Kim a few seconds after her world went dark from whatever had just occurred. Her head snapped up quickly, and the sense of vertigo made her nauseous. What was that? "Hey! Take it easy." Ron quickly caught her, even though she was only swaying on the bed. His warm arms enclosed her waist as he pulled her backwards toward him. Rufus was a few feet away angrily chattering incoherently.

"Ron?" Kim asked, just to be sure it was him. She had another weird feeling, but this was different. It felt as those -would they be considered visions- were seared into her brain, but already the details were fleeing from her consciousness.

"It's okay, just calm down. Breathe. C'mon, in and out," instructed her boyfriend. On the outside he was worried, but on the inside, he was both terrified and distraught. Oh man, what in the name of nacos is going on here? He rubbed her back gently as she took a few deep breaths to try to steady herself. Or at least he assumed so.

Kim was kicking herself. Breathe, idiot, don't let him find out this way! Kim did as Ron told her, following his lead as he himself controlled his breathing. Then she glanced at the clock. "Ron, our ride!"

"It's okay, K.P. I mean, they've been waiting for five minutes anyways. That's why I came up after all. You're usually first to get ready. Besides, after the spell you just had, don't you think maybe we should postpone this?" inquired Ron. Please say okay! I'm going to worry enough as it is! Just please...

"Ron, we can't just cut a mission short before it even begins. I'll be fine," Kim replied, worming her way out of his embrace and standing up, albeit a little wobbly.

Demon nacos. Ron stood up as well, within reaching distance of Kim. "Alright, but promise me you'll talk to your mom when we can back? K.P., I couldn't stand it if something happened to you."

The problem is something is already happening, Kim thought, nodding her consent.