Sly and the Curse of the Golden Pants


Chapter 1: The History of The Mystery of the Curse of the Golden pants.

Sly was in a China store. he was looking for stuff to inspire him to steal.

"this is pretty fucking cool." sly said.

"yes." murry said.

"fuck you." Benylyt said.

"hehheheh. the fatass retard is rame." the china man said.

"i know! i am really fucking...fuckers." murrys said.

"hey sly these pants are pretty fucking kickass." bently siad. the pants were gold

"those pants are coised." china man said.

"fuck you. they are kick ass." sly said.

"i wir ter you the story of the pants. they are evir. they were created in the olden times when the thieves were fighitng the fucking porice army."

"hey!!!!!!!! we all had relatives back then!!!!!!! sir Devious COoper!!" sly said.

"Murrrrrrrr." Mruy saud

"Bento." bently said.

"goooooood. the porice was trying to fucking become immortar. it fucked them up bad. they were burned and fucking freakirated."

"i want a fucking pair of these pants!"

"but theyr cursed!' murry siad.

"and you fucking dont wear pants."

"fuck you. I will give you murry for them.


"yes...i like this idea." china man said.

"me too." bently said




"these fucking pants i will wear."

the china man made fun of murry.

sly put on the pants. they started to fuckign glow.

"what the fuck!?!??!"