Harry looked across the darkened field. He was exhausted, after hours of fighting and dodging spells. He had seen Tonks, Moody, Remus and Kingsley trapped against a wall surrounded by Death Eaters. He prayed that they managed to get out. He had seen Hagrid go down amid a storm of giants attacks, and fervently watched for his giant friend to rise.

The battle had been back and forth all night. The first wave of Dementors had been repelled quickly, the DA and Aurors all producing successful Patronuses. The next wave of giants and trolls decimated the troops. Not a single giant had been defeated, and only a few trolls went down. The Death Eaters were swarming in and picking away at the defenders of the castle. But the entire battle had changed when the dragons arrived. Harry's heart had soared when he saw Charlie fly in at the head of fifteen dragons, riding a Hungarian Horntail that looked suspiciously familiar to Harry. The dragons had quickly and efficiently taken out the trolls, and the giants had retreated from the dragon's fire, despite the urging of the Death Eaters. Now the tide was turning. The rejuvenated Light side attacked the Death Eaters with a vengeance and tore through them. Harry had approached Bellatrix, but was cut off by Neville, who looked like a man possessed. Harry had realized the significance here, and allowed Neville to take her on. Her screams as she flew through the air and hit the wall of the castle wouldn't be forgotten for a long time. Harry then attempted to bring down Lucius Malfoy and son, but was quickly deterred by Mr. Weasley and Ron. Both of them shook their head at Harry, before beginning a battle that captivated all who were near. At the end, Lucius was dead, having dodged a curse from Mr. Weasley, and jumped in to the path of Draco's own Killing Curse, directed at a petrified Ron. Draco's shock from killing his own father paralyzed him, allowing nearby aurors to bind and send him back to the ministry. By that time, the dragons were single handedly winning the battle, when Voldemort appeared. The aura of evil and fear he produced frightened the dragons off, and reinvigorated his Death Eaters. Harry had originally taken part in the battle, and had brought down multiple packs of Death Eaters with help from Tonks and Bill Weasley.

But now, he was worried. He was searching for his friends, as he hadn't seen them since the initial volley and spells. He felt the pain in his scar that announced the arrival of the Dark Lord, and followed it to its source, dodging killing curses along the way. What he saw stopped his breath. His worst nightmare came true. The situation he had been dreading since hearing that prophecy had arrived in stark detail. A tall, pale man in dark robes stood looking at him. To call him a man was a stretch though, as years of Dark Magic had warped his physical state. Red, un-lidded eyes stared back at him, and his snake-like nose was shooting out cold puffs of air. In front of him on the ground, lay Harry's closest friends, Ron, Hermione and Ginny, his girlfriend. All of them were unconscious, though only by magical means.

Harry screamed "if you touched a hair on their heads, you will pay tenfold Riddle!" Harry aimed his wand at Voldemort before he stopped himself.

Potterrr, how dare you use my poor freak of a father's muggle name? And I would put down that wand, you wouldn't want anything to this little redhead here…" Voldemort sneered as he picked up Ginny's seemingly lifeless body and hid behind it. "How about we do this right Potterrr…" hissed Voldemort. "Welcome to the final game. You will have three shots, from that distance, and I will place my wand on the ground. Don't miss me, there could be…dire consequences." He laughed as he dropped Ginny to the ground.

Harry was angered and afraid, but the small part of his mind that remained logical wondered why was he giving me this chance? He has my friends in front of him. Why would he set up this game? Then Harry was hit with the realization. He knows he's losing. He saw Malfoy go down, he saw Bellatrix go down. Voldemort was afraid. Harry realized that Voldemort knew that the only way that he was escaping here alive was if Harry gave up. And what better way to do that then to have him kill his family?

Harry looked across at the most feared wizard in the known universe, and watched his face flicker with anger. Harry realized that Voldemort must be seeing the battle go against him. Harry then noticed the deep gash going across Voldemort body, and he realized that he was injured. His non-wand arm was dangling at his side, useless for all to see. Large burns had covered his face, causing him to look even more demonic and evil.

For the first time, Harry believed they might win. Harry knew he had to finish it though. He expected a trick. When Voldemort placed his wand on the ground, he reminded himself that Voldemort didn't need his wand to inflict damage. Harry tried to focus, as he knew his whole life had led up to this moment. Shaking slightly, Harry raised his wand, and shouted "AVADA KEDAVRA", and a look of horror crossed his face. Again, "AVADA KEDAVRA", and another look flew across his face as his tears sprung from his eyes. Finally, he mumbled "Avada Kedavra...", and Voldemort fell. A cheer went up, as the Death Eaters quickly Apparated, and the Order members looked in Harry's direction. Ginny awoke and flew across the field, going to embrace him, but he pushed here away and backed away from her… deep in the Forbidden Forest. Ginny stared after him, and turned to look at a watching Dumbledore, who looked, for the first time, mystified as to what happened. The entire Order watched Harry retreat in to the Woods. As everyone turned towards Voldemort's fallen body, and the entire gasped, and Ginny dropped to her knees.

Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of his age, and all-around good guy, had a reputation of always knowing what to do. And indeed, he generally had a good idea of reason and general common sense. But in this situation, he was as lost as any of them. He watched his protégé, his favorite student and most of all, his friend, back away and turn and flee in to the Forbidden Forest. He knew that the Forest would be rough on Harry, but it would see the goodness of his heart and would not harm him. But the Forbidden Forest wasn't Harry's worst problem: that was Harry himself. Dumbledore sighed, and realized that Harry would come out when he was ready, and Dumbledore would ensure that he would always have a place at his only true home: Hogwarts.