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-Mahwah, New Jersey-

Johnathan Newcomb had such an average life. Every morning at 6, weekend or schoolday, he'd wake up. He'd run his fingers through the short auburn hair that he kept back in a windswept style. He'd stand and groan, stretching. Then John would go to take a shower. He'd walk to school, listening to his iPod every morning. He felt like he was in a rut every morning, but he didn't really care.

John groaned as he rose from the hard chair 7 hours later, the school day ending. The loud noise of students always gave him a headache, so he'd be irritable on his way home because he couldn't listen to his music. Music would worsen his headache. John decided today that he'll lightly listen to it in one ear. It didn't worsen his headache at all and he felt content with that. Exchanging various farewells with his friends, John exited the school. Today, three football playing seniors were waiting for him. He gazed at them lazily, wondering what their problems were.

"Newcomb, give us your iPod," one sneered. "You seem so attatched to it, the piece of shit might be special or something."

John blinked, brows furrowing. He placed the other headphone in his ear and boosted his music, daring the seniors to confront him. He awaited their reaction with open arms, a small smirk firmly in place upon his lips.

"You little bitch," another said. They leapt at him, John feeling a blow to his jaw as he stumbled down to the ground. He shook his head dizzily, wiping away blood portruding from his lips. The seniors punched him again and John could feel the strong blow of bone against cartilidge, he could hear the sickening crack of his nose shattering. Blood splattered across his face as he coughed up the thick, crimson liquid. He started to stand up until he realized how loud his music really was. He felt the rhythm flow through him as overwhelming confidence burst through every fiber of his body. The smirk had left his lips, an angered scowl curving its away upon his expression. Another blow shot at him. John stumbled back.

"It ain't about the iPod no more, Newcomb. You dared us, you piece of shit." one of them explained with a sneer as John stood. His arm drew back and it rocketed for John's chest. He felt a wave of impulse collide with his desperate attempts to dodge. John's arm shot forward and he caught the fist, his eyes closing in a flinch. The music seemed to make his heart beat louder, to make his muscles grow. His opened his eyes, dark blue optics now filled with anger. His arm drew back and it shot forward. He hit the senior, the blow making his head retreat, but John heald firmly onto his arm. His fist spun quickly as he hit the man's gut, sending him stumbling back. The senior hunched over, gasping for air. John glared at the other two, cracking his knuckles.

"Ru-run!!" one said, dragging his friend with him. Only the senior gasping for air remained, wheezing now. John loomed over him, his kick sending the senior to his back. John prepared one more blow before he froze. He blinked, all his strength fading. He looked around and stared at his iPod. The music stopped. He shook his head, bemused. Jon finally shrugged and walked home, wondering what had happened to him.

-Bronx, New York-

Henry Livens was at the Bronx Zoo, taking his class for a field trip. He was a student teacher between 20 and 30. He had a sepia hair color that was parted from side to side, bangs hovering above his forehead. He did a quick head count of the bustling students with him. 22. Perfect, he had all students. They were near the grizzly bear area. Henry liked grizzly bears, he had dreamed about being them. Sitting around, eating salmon. It seemed like a good life. He was watching the zoo workers add more fish to the stream the bears lived near in the little habitat. Henry smiled, watching the bears catch the fish and groan with happiness. The worker seemed anxious as she edged near the bears, adding more fish to the end of the stream. One watched her curiously and he could tell she was worried. It groaned hungrily. The worker screamed as she slipped on a rock, falling down before the bear. The students screamed in worry. Henry's breath hitched. He began to run to the entrance to the exhibit. He had no choice but to use it.

The worker screamed again as the bear approached her. The other two slowly walked over too. She trembled, tears running down her cheeks timidly. Another bear walked from the shadows, the worker screaming again. The bear rose to its hind legs, roaring angrily. The three retreated back to the river. The worker sat up and the bear approached her. It gently nudged her back with it's head, making her scramble up the rocks. The students cheered happily. The bear went back into the shadows to the winter habitat they stayed in. The bear rose on its hind legs as they grew taller, slimmer. Beige pants and black shoes replaced fur and claws. The tear shurnk back in as the whole body slimmed and shortened. The green button up shirt reappeared as tan hands shot out of the sleeves. The bears head morphed into a human head, reddish brown hair coming to finish Henry's true body. His light green hues shifted nervously as he left the habitat, rejoining his students.

-Orlando, Florida-

17 year old Jordan Tropi was rarely surprised. It was a bit odd for a boy his age to never be surprised. He just felt confident because he knew he was going to graduate that year. He knew that the college he wanted to go to would accept him. He knew that his 18th birthday would be the best birthday ever. He just insisted upon it with such ensurity that it was as if he'd seen it happen. In school, he calmly walked throughh an unexpected firedrill like it happened every day. One day, he walked home from school, his red and black hoodie lightly swaying with each step. A woman was walkign across the street ahead of him. He ran torwards her. Jordan lept at the woman, tackling her onto the sidewalk across. A car zoomed straight by, hitting the spot where the woman would've been a few seconds earlier. She stared in amazement at Jordan. Jordan shrugged his shoulders and stood, walking on. His curly chocolate brown hair blew back with the wind, Jordan's coffee brown eyes merely gazing forward as he avoided a door opening from a nearby shop with ease.

-Detroit, Michigan-

Alexis Gargoia scribbled furiously on a sketchpad. Her eyes were glazed over, a milky white color. She blinked and her light blue eyes gazed upon the paper to see what she'd drawn. A boy with short hair ready to punch someone bigger than him, his eyes filled with anger. A man on all fours, his legs growing fur and claws. A boy saving a woman from a speeding car. She stared and shook her head. Alexis sighed. She had no idea why this was happening to her. All she had was abilities and names flashing through her mind. Isaac, Betty, D.L., and others. Alexis drew the future, she could create illusions, she could phase through things. But she knew that these people wern't alive. She knew that she only had their abilities because they were killed..

-Olympia, Washington-

Cleo Treas sat upon the couch of her living room. She was 14 and had honey blonde hair with dove-grey eyes. They were kind eyes, unlike most grey colored hues. The door had shut closed, her mom leaving. Cleo was home alone. She squirmed in her seat, staring at the lamp nearby. She stood and placed her hand on the lamp shade. The light dismally faded, Cleo twitching as it finally disappeared. She clenched her fist and it glowed a faint yellow, the same color as the lamp. She switched the lamp again, the light returning. Cleo merely stared at her fist, the light pumping through her veins just like last time.

-Costa Verde, California-

Claire Bennet's lips met West's again in a kiss. They hovered in the air above the clouds on the rainy day. They broke apart, Claire smiling up at her flying boyfriend.

"So, Cheerleader," he said softly with a smile. "What now?"

"Oh, I can think of something." Claire said with a smile of her own. They kissed again.

-Cork, Ireland-

Lips met and broke apart in a rhythmic pattern. Peter and Caitlin kissed and kissed passionately each day. Peter had not cared about his idenity, he liked everything now. They kissed again, his tognue delving into Caitlin's mouth.

They did not know they were watched. Watched by them all. Each of these Heroes and more were known about. And they were all watched sadly by people yet to be revealed. They were hunted by these Heroes themselves. They were gathering anyone that wasn't using his or her powers for good and they joined. It was an army growing, preparing. All for the extermination of these Heroes. All at once.

Author's Note: About the Claire/West, Peter/Caitlin thing. Honestly, I hate it, but I wanna be realistic at first. I hate these relationships and I have nothing on Caitlin and West, so their conversations might be messed up and stuff. Reveiw, please!