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-Detroit, Michigan-


"Hm?" Henry turned to face his sister, her eyes averting to the floor.

"Everyone only has a week before they make their move."

"Then we'll need to warn them all.."

"Yes." Alexis rushed upstairs onto her rooftop. Henry followed suit. She closed her eyes and used the powers of a girl named Hellen to speak to all of the Heroes.

Heroes. You may not know me, but my name is Alexis Livens. The Company plans to destroy us all. We cannot win alone.

-Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean-

Peter looked up from the ground of the plane, gaping.

Gather into groups of three or more and prepare to fight.

-Costa Verde, California-

Claire looked up at the sky as the message rang loud and clear through her head.

We should try our best to all unite in one place against the Company.

-Somewhere in New York-

Nathan stared around, his brows furrowing. He flew into the air, shooting through the clouds.


Matt slammed open the car door. He motioned for Molly and Mohinder to enter with him. The engine roared, a determined look set upon the man's face.

-New Orleans, Louisiana-

Micah and Monica left their note of goodbye and set off to find Nikki.

-Somewhere in New York-

A man flew out of the glass window of the tall brick building. He fell with a sickening thud upon the ground. Nikki smirked from the window, finally able to control herself and Jessica.

-Orlando, Florida-

Jordan angrily turned the engine to his car. It wouldn't start. He turned around to face the young girl and boy behind him.

-Costa Verde, California-

Nathan landed firmly upon the ground. There stood his proud daughter, wearing the blood stainec cheerleading uniform that she wore long ago in Odessa.

-Detroit, Michigan-

Alexis flew off, the hawk following her closely. Alexis still had to project her thoughts to everyone.

Make sure you aren't alone. If you're encountered, just ask for help. Everyone hearing this message is now connected. Good luck, Heroes.

-Somewhere over New York-

He landed upon the rooftop. Peter stared in awe at his neice and brother, waiting for him. He then realized one thing. Smith was compleately right.

-Somewhere underground in New York-

"Bob's dead," Victoria reported.

"Doesn't matter," the blonde man said nonchalantly. He gave a wave of his hand and stood to face the lined up members. Barnett, Pammi, Sylar, Nero, Victoria, Smith, Dana, Claude, Marco, and Elwood. His true Elites.

"Your targets..?" he asked, making sure they knew who to attack.

"Anyone who gets in our way," Dana hissed. The man slowly shook his head, though he chuckled.

"We pick off the new Heroes first and drag them all in," He explained. "That's why, Dana, you don't have a target yet. You're too strong."

Claude, Elwood, Marco, Sylar, and Smith stepped forward. The man sneered.

"Targets?" The question was repeated.

"Jordan Tropi," Elwood hissed angrily.

"Cleo Treas," Marco murmured.

"Johnathan Newcomb," Sylar grinned.

"Alexis Gargoia," Claude rasped.

"And Henry Livens." Smith concluded.

"Good." The man nodded. "Now set out. These Heroes believe they have a week for them all to be ambushed. They're wrong."

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