Secret Desire

Dr. Thomas Oliver sighed. The teens had just left and he was worn out, not only physically but emotionally as well. He had been hanging around them when the conversation of ex's had come up and it was not pretty for any of them. Krista and Cassidy by far where the worst for the guys, Trent really hadn't said anything about any of his ex's. Although probably because one was sitting in the same room as him, and the same with Kira. It made practice a tad bit awkward when he had asked them to spar with each other. They seemed to be dancing around each other instead of trying to fight.

There was a girl he liked; now she was someone to take his mind off everything. Nice girl next door type one second. Bad ass girl the next. There was just something about her that held him captive every time she looked at him. It was a desire that he held within himself and a desire he wished to fulfill in his wildest dreams. There was something that held him with every move she made during her kanta that he showed her that would not allow his eye to move away from her form. The way her hair fell out of the pigtails that she had placed it in for training, the way she moved so smoothly with every jab or kick she directed at her former lover. Just the thought of her having a former lover made his skin crawl, he had hoped that they had never gone to far because they where to young to realize it would be a mistake and yet here he was lusting after his pupil, in more than one way. It was wrong, God, he knew that it was wrong yet he couldn't stop himself from having this secret desire.

Yes Kira Ford was his secret desire and he would take that secret with him to the grave.

AN: Just a little one sided Kirommy drabble I made, Angie and I were talking about Kirommy the other night and I happened to find this tucked away on one of my disks so I revised it to make it longer and posted it. Hope you enjoyed.