Letters to Niisan

by Goggleplex

Summery: His name is Itachi Hyuuga and he is an S-Class Criminal in the Akatsuki. Unfortunately even the massacre of his clan and threats to her life did nothing to deter Hinata from being the best little sister she could be. AU

Chapter One - The Hyuuga Massacre

Itachi Hyuuga was the young genius of Konoha. At only the age of thirteen he was already an ANBU captain and was an expert in even the most difficult of his clan's techniques. He was next in line to be head of the clan after his father Hiashi died and was in the main branch. He had two little sisters, the oldest one was named Hinata, she was six and already had a curse seal on her forehead, which she hid constantly behind a long white ribbon that was tied into a bow behind her head. His second sister Hanabi was an up-and-coming genius who embarrassingly enough for Hinata could already fight on even grounds with her, though she was only two years old.

Hinata had a kind heart. She loved her father, older brother, little sister, animals of all sorts and especially a little loud orphan boy named Naruto who she constantly saw running around, causing trouble whenever she ventured out of her clan's home. She admired the boy. He was bold, brash, rude to adults and most of all a free spirit. He barely glanced at her the few times they crossed paths though. The only person she would talk to about her feelings and life's ups and downs was Itachi. She loved his listening ear the most about him. Though her older brother was serious, frigid and sometimes condemning she could always count on him to listen when she got around to speaking to him. Hinata adored Itachi.

Itachi however hated his family. In his own power he had secretly surpassed the Hyuuga power by developing a 360 degree ranged 'Sharingan' (three silvery-blue comma's amidst the usual pale lavender of the Hyuuga) when he was only ten years old. His partner Shishu Uchiha gave him plenty information about how to use the Sharingan thanks to his endless bragging. The Hyuuga clan was weak. His clan was weak. The main branch clung to enslaving their own family to keep the feeling of being powerful in their weak minds and the branch family was worse. They were weak and did nothing to stop the oppression of their own lives from happening. If all the branch members took a stand they wouldn't have to be the lap dogs of the main.

So when the Akatsuki offered him a position in exchange for the mere severing of his family's lives he gladly took up the offer. And he knew exactly how to work out his strategy of destruction as well. If his plan worked his weak little sister might finally grow a backbone too.

The plan was executed perfectly. It was an early winter evening on Hintata's birthday and everyone in the clan was in the main courtyard. For it wasn't a joyous celebration but the final strike at the neck for today was the day Hinata would be assigned to be someones guard. It likely would have been Itachi's younger cousin Hanaisu who was a three-year-old brat with no sense of self-protection. Itachi made a move as he stood to his feet and pretended to call for a toast, drawing the attention of everyone to his rather small thirteen-year-old frame.

"I would like to let you all know that you are all disgusting sniveling rats and will make a lovely bunch of carcasses once I'm through with you all." He activated his Sharingan-Byakugan and proceeded to mercilessly slaughter his clan as his tiny sister sat, watching in horror being the only one left out of the rather strong genjutsu, those strong enough to fight of the genjutsu found themselves cut into pieces thanks to Itachi's speed with his blade however. Finally as he stared coldly at his quivering sister he stoically spoke, "You are weak Hinata. I am removing the seal on your forehead and have decided not to kill you today because you are not worth the blood. Hate me little sister, cling to revenge and perhaps one day you will be able to amount to half of what I am. I will kill you when you come for me."

And with that he disappeared in a swirl of leafs and vanished into the night. It wouldn't be until the next day that a Jounin found Hinata sitting silently and motionlessly surrounded by the bodies of her family members.

"Will she be okay?" the medic treating Hinata looked over at the trainee beside her who looked worridly into Hinata's emotionless face, "She wasn't hurt by him physicaly I know but how will her mind cope with watever she witnessed yesterday?"

The medic huffed and said, "Like any ninja would. It's her duty to avenge her slaughtered family. The Uchiha's will be trying to kill him for stealing their bloodline but she will be the one to deliver the finishing blow."

"The poor girl. The path of an avenger is hard indeed. I hope when she kills him she does it painfully."

Silently the girl listened to the two talk, 'I have to kill Niisan? But why? He's the last family besides me. I don't want to be the last. He killed everyone...tousan...Hanabi-chan...but...I don't want to kill Niisan. I don't want to hate Itachi-niisan. I love niisan even though he hates me. Why can't I hate him? Am I really so weak that I can't hate the brother who killed my whole family? What do I do?'

For the first time since the massacre Hinata cried, not from fear, loathing or hoplessness but for the loss of her family and the fact that even her own kind heart did not win the love of her nii-san. 'I-I'll try harder. Niisan is alone in the world now like me and even though he hates me...he needs me...'

End Chapter One

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