Letters to Niisan

by Goggleplex

Summery: His name is Itachi Hyuuga and he is an S-Class Criminal in the Akatsuki. Unfortunately even the massacre of his clan and threats to her life did nothing to deter Hinata from being the best little sister she could be. AU

Chapter Seven - Heart Strength

'Dear Hinata,

You and your team can beat Zabuza with the help of your teacher since he is very full of himself. He has one helper who knows medical techniques. Don't die, chibi-Hyuuga I like my lunches!


Kisame, Itachi's assosiate.'

Hinata felt her heart expand with courage the next day when she received the short note. She had never been addressed to by one of Itachi's friends before. Itachi must have been at least slightly worried is she received a note of encouragement from a friend of his. She didn't have to be scared anymore, her brother, somewhere in the world was concerned for her and that made her fell ten times stronger than usual.

Later, as Team Seven crossed deeper into Wave Country, Kakashi knew his students were on edge and frankly they should be, knowing that a jounin could pop out at any moment from the mist. Hearing the faint whistle of something slicing through still air, Kakashi yelled, "GET DOWN!" while taking Tazuna and Hinata with him.

'Damn. I knew there was something wrong with this whole situation,' Kakashi said to himself as he got up and drew a kunai. Cursing himself for being careless; he looked up at the giant zanbato that was stuck in a nearby tree Kakashi couldn't help but feel a little fear creep into him.

'A mist swordsmen this far out!? Damn, I'm going to need my Sharingan, gotta make this fast,' the silver haired Jounin thought to himself as the mist cleared revealing his opponent. The man in what looked like cow skin clothing turned to Kakashi before speaking out.

"And you are Sharingan Kakashi. Sorry, but the old man is mine." Zabuza said.

"Sharingan Kakashi, it will an honor to kill you," the man said while Sakura said to herself, 'Sharingan Kakashi!?' before Kakashi cut in saying, "So my reputation precedes me, Demon of the Mist, Momochi Zabuza."

Zabuza let out a laugh before saying, "Anyone who reads their bingo book would know of you, but for you to know me will make it an even greater honor when I cut off your head with my Head Chopping Cleaver,"

In an instant Kakashi had broken their formation to protect Tazuna and in a faint whisper Zabuza breathed, "Silent Killing technique," but Kakashi stopped his sword swing with his kunai before he could kill Tazuna. Unfortunately for Zabuza, Kakashi wasn't done and with a war cry he launched the silent killer into the nearby lake.

Rising from the depths, Zabuza said "Kirigakure no Jutsu," just loud enough to frighten the genin and worry Kakashi, who raised his hiate, revealed his Sharingan eye, effectively pissing off Sakura.

'Damnit how could I have spilled my guts to an Uchiha with such a powerful Sharingan, he'd going to turn me in as soon as we get back homr' the girl thought while Zabuza said, "Good job Kakashi, now take off the kid gloves so when I kill you, you know that there was absolutely nothing you could have done," his voice bouncing from every direction.

'Hmm, a true master of hidden mist swordsmanship. This should be a challenge,' the copynin thought to himself, before he felt Zabuza's breath on his neck.

"Where should I hit first, the heart, kidney, lungs, or brain," Zabuza said while hiding in the mist, just naming a few of the fatal places that he could hit. Dodging the swing of his giant cleaver, Kakashi ducked down before driving forward and stabbing Zabuza in the stomach, and he would have killed the man if it wasn't a Mist Clone.

'The bridge builder!' Kakashi thought before making his way to Tazuna and stopping the blow that would have ended the man's life, but put him in position for Zabuza to return the favor for the kick Kakashi had landed earlier. Watching the man sink, Zabuza went on top of the water to make sure the jounin was dead when Kakashi copied Zabuza's earlier appearance and burst through the water before placing his kunai to the missing mist nin's neck.

"You lose Zabuza," said a very wet and very pissed Kakashi. To his surprise though, all Zabuza did was laugh before saying, "You fool," instantly putting Kakashi on guard as the man dissolved into water.

'Shit Kakashi, you really fucked up here, get the children to run with the bridge builder and maybe they can escape,' were the only thoughts that ran through Kakashi's mind as he relayed his message to his genin cell,

"You guys must run to Tazuna-san's home and protect him there. I will stay and use my sharingan to fight Zabuza."

Kakashi found it shocking when Hinata of all people glared at him in shame.

"Don't you dare ask us to abandon you sensei!"

"Yeah! If you die it's not like we can teach ourselves!" Naruto agreed.

"I don't care if you are a bastard-Uchiha, you're the best Uchiha I've met and I won't let some tacky leather dressed freak make a fool of you!" Sakura agreed, punching her fist into the air with an encouraged bravado. "We'll watch your back and protect Zabuza while we do it too!"

"Very well, kids. You Zabuza, will have to go through me first if you want toget my students and client." Kakashi said, glaring at the missing-nin.

"Ah, so I get to finally see the famous Sharingan. I'm honored." Zabuza said.

"So Sakura, you know the most about Uchiha's, what is the Sharingan exactly?" Naruto asked.

"What, you never heard Sasuke-teme's bragging? The Sharingan gives the user the ability to read and defeat any genjutsu, ninjutsu, and taijutsu." Sakura explained, her face turned dark and a bit creepy, "But that's not the only ability it has. What's even scarier is that it has the ability to copy your opponent's techniques once you see them."

"The girl is right. When I was in the Hidden Mist ANBU Team, your teacher's name was written in the bingo book, the man who copied over 1,000 jutsus...the Copy-Ninja Kakashi. But anyway, enough talk, let's do this." Zabuza said and then jumped toward the water, standing on top of it.

"Ninja Arts: Silent Mist Technique." Zabuza said, and then the whole field was engulfed in a very thick mist.

"This mist is so thick!" Sakura said, "I can't see through it at all."

"I'll be Team Seven's eyes then," Hinata said firmly, activating her Byakugan, "I will see for you two and he won't be able to sneak up on us."

"This isn't good at all. You guys better be careful." Kakashi warned, glad that the last Hyuuga was with them on such a visibility difficult mission.

"The mist is getting thicker." Naruto said as he noticed it spreading.

"8 choices..." Zabuza started to say.

"Where the hell is he?" Sakura asked as she was getting more and more nervous.

"Don't worry," Hinata whispered, "He isn't near us at all."

"Liver, Lungs, Spine, Clavical Vein, Neck, brain, kidneys, heart. Which one should I go after?" Zabuza asked.

Kakashi then made a seal and emitted some of his chakra in order to clear out the mist. As soon as he did, they were all hit by an intense killing intent.

'This killing intent, it feels even worse than what I remember Itachi's was like. It's the killing intent of a man who truly wants to kill for the simple pleasure of it and is fully capable of.' Hinata thought.

"Don't worry, Hinata. I won't let any of my comrades die before I do." Kakashi said as he tried to reassure the young girl.

Then Zabuza appeared in between the genins and Tazuna.

"Is that so?" Zabuza said, shocking the genins and Tazuna. He swung his sword but it was countered by Kakashi who stabbed him in the stomach. Zabuza then turned into water and another Zabuza was suddenly right behind Kakashi. Zabuza swung his sword through Kakashi, only for Kakashi to also turn into water.

"Mizu Bushin? He copied it while being in this mist?!" Zabuza realized much to his disbelief and then felt a kunai near his neck.

"Don't move." Kakashi said with the kunai in hand.

"Wow, Kakashi-sensei is amazing." Sakura said.

"Hehehehe... It's over? You really don't get it do you? You won't beat me with those cheap imitations, Kakashi. However, I am very impressed by you. You had your clone say those words while you were waiting in the mist and waited for the time to copy my technique. But..." Zabuza said and then another Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi, "I'm not that easy to beat." The one that Kakashi had pinned was simply a clone after all.

"That one's a fake too!" Naruto shouted.

Zabuza swung his sword to try and cleave Kakashi's head off but Kakashi ducked the sword. Then, Zabuza, after his swing missed, switched hands, and then with more flexibility, caught Kakashi off-guard with a powerful kick to the stomach, knocking the man into the water.

"Now," Zabuza said and ran toward Kakashi, before he suddenly disappeared.

"This water, it feels so heavy." Kakashi said as he resurfaced from the water.

"Fool. Water Prison Technique!" Zabuza said and then trapped Kakashi in a heavy water bubble.

"You may have been trying to escape into the water but that was a foolish mistake and now I have you trapped in my inescapable prison technique. It does make things difficult if you can move you know" Zabuza gloated.

"Now, before we finish this, I'll get rid of those twerps. Mizu Bushin No Jutsu." Zabuza said as he created a water clone.

'He's much stronger than I expected.' Kakashi thought as he watched the scene unfold before his eyes.

The clone formed from the water and then walked toward the genins.

"You think wearing head protectors makes you a real ninja? Ha, garbage. What makes a real ninja is when someone has gone through life and death more times than he can count. Basically, once you're in my bingo book then you can consider yourself a true ninja!" the clone said and then dissappeared before reappearing in front of Hinata and kicked her hard in the face, knocking her back.

"Just a brat." Zabuza said, disgusted.

'They should just take Tazuna and run away while Zabuza is still keeping me in this prison, but I know they won't because of their pride. Damn it all, if only I didn't get...huh?' Kakashi started to say mentally but then stopped as he and everyone heard Hinata starting to chuckle as the slight girl started to get back up.

"A real ninja is one that goes through life and death situations more times than he count, is that it? Well, Zabuza, let me tell you something. I lived with the threat of death looming over me from before I could walk. I was considered a mistake by my own father and then my entire family was murdered in front of my eyes by my beloved niisan. When I was released from the hospital I had no one to turn to until I invited Naruto to stay with me since he was an orphan as well. My village gives my money and training but no love and so true support. But I still live. I live for my friends and I live for my dreams because I am Hinata Hyuuga, and I will be the greatest medical ninja in the world!" Hinata said as she wiped the blood off her lips and glared at Zabuza.

"Well said, Hinata." Naruto smiled.

"And I can't die until I've accomplished my dreams as well." Sakura said.

'Amazing, that kid just made her teammates more confident simply with that speech.' Tazuna remarked.

"Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" Naruto yelled out nearly giving Kakashi a heart attack when ten clones poofed up around him and then they all tried to converged on Zabuza, only to be knocked back easily. Naruto stood back up but then was elbowed immediately by the clone and then elbowed into the ground, forcing him to cough out blood.

"So kid, you still think you're a ninja?" Zabuza asked.

"I am, because a ninja is never supposed to get tricked." Naruto smirked and then poofs away.

"WHAT?" Both the clone and Zabuza yelled in surprise.

He turned only to see Naruto beside the lake, next to the water.

"But how? How did Naruto do that?" Kakashi asked though Hinata and Sakura showed no signs of confusion over Naruto's strange tactics. The water beneath Zabuza suddenly sucked him down into its depths and Zabuza suddenly found he was surrounded by several dozen underwater exploding tags shaped like fish. He hastily swam away only to finally realize he was caught in a genjutsu when he hit dry land. He glared at a smirking Sakura and snarled at her.

"WHY YOU! I'LL RIP YOU TO PIECES!" Zabuza roared and was about to go after the kunochi duo when he was suddenly punched in the face by Kakashi.

"I'll say this again, Zabuza. You'll have to go through me first, got it?" Kakashi said, now free of the water prison.

"No problem." Zabuza glared.

Zabuza and Kakashi leapt apart and rapidly formed a long string of seals, ending with the rooster seal.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Blast Technique!" Both men yelled and two giant water dragons formed and crashed together before canceling each other out with a huge splash of water into the air, revealing Kakashi and Zabuza locked in a stale mate. Kakashi was using a single kunai to block Zabuza's sword, somehow managing to exert the same force into the little knife weapon that Zabuza did into his giant blade.

'What the hell is going on,' Zabuza thought. The two fighters leapt apart and Zabuza started making gestures, only to see Kakashi mimic them.

'All of my moves, my gestures, he's imitating them…' Zabuza thought as he saw what was unraveling right before his eyes.

"Stop copying me, you stupid copy-ninja!" They both said at the same time, surprising Zabuza.

"I'll make sure you...What?" Zabuza began to say only to see a ghostly image of himself behind Kakashi.

'What the hell? Is that a genjutsu?' Zabuza thought

"Water Element: Giant Waterfall Technique!" Kakashi yelled as the three comma shaped marks of his Sharingan eye spun around as he unleashed the technique. Then a huge waterfall was formed from the water.

"Wh-what!" Zabuza yelled out as the water crashed into him, causing him to be suck into the vortex of the water.

'This is absurd! Before I could even finish my jutsu he used the same jutsu against me! I can't keep up with him!' Zabuza said mentally as he struggled to swim up to the surface but was unable thanks to the massive force of the water current, and then he slammed into a tree. Immediately a kunai hit each arm and leg pinning him to the trunk.

"What, can you see the future?" Zabuza gasped as Kakashi appeared on a branch above him.

"I foresee your death!" Kakashi said coldly as he prepared to kill Zabuza and end the fight when suddenly, two senbon needles struck Zabuza in the neck and he fell to the ground, not moving. Everyone followed the needles path to a masked figure standing on a tree branch opposite where Kakashi was.

"Heh, heh, looks like he's really dead," the speaker was an ambu from the mist who had two long braids framing the side of their face and their hair tied up under a small cap.

'He's dead,' Kakashi confirmed in his mind as he checked the pulse of Zabuza.

"Thank you for your help. I hope you don't mind my interfering, but I have been searching for the opportunity to kill Zabuza for a long time." he said politely. Hinata remembered the words in the letter but couldn't say something now without rousing suspition. She would have to wait until later to speak of her suspicions about the 'anbu member.'

"That masks...you are a kiri hunter-nin, correct?" Kakashi asked to confirm his suspicions.

"A hunter-nin?" Naruto questioned.

"Yes. As hunter-nins, our job is to capture and kill those who have betrayed our village and escaped, like Zabuza over there." The boy explained.

The young anbu then jumped down from where he was and grabbed Zabuza before performed a seal in order to disappear into the mist. Kakashi sighed and then covered his sharingan eye once again before slumping to the ground unconscious. Hinata immediately went to examine him and sighed.

"Don't worry guys, he's just tired from chakra exhaustion, probably caused from using that sharingan too much." Hinata explained.

"Alright guys, you are all coming with to my house so your sensei can rest." Tazuna said and the genins all nodded before walking, though Hinata did turn her head to look back at what was once a battlefield.

'Something tells me that we will fight a much fiercer battle than this one before we finish this mission.' Hinata thought before she hurried after her friends, 'But somewhere Itachi-niisan is thinking of me so I won't be afraid...'


Sorry for the delay. I was getting super excited over my other stories...; I sincerely am glad that all of you have read this and I hope you enjoyed the update!