Namida wa Ame, Wasurarete Bara

Pycal the Paperboy

Character Bios:
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One - It Wasn't Supposed To Be Like This

It was supposed to be routine. Go into the museum, nab the Emperors Emerald, escape. Lupin helped his son out with the plan, he and Fujiko going over it with their kids several times.
Lupin IV and Eva Marie, Lupin and Fujiko's twin children, were both 12 at the time, more than ready for their first big heist.
"Come on, dad," Lupin IV whined. "We've gone over this fifty times already."
"Fifty three," Eva Marie corrected.
"Whatever. Can we just go now?"
Lupin sighed. His son was too much like him, a sure sign that no heist would ever go easy. "Fine," he said reluctantly.
"Yay!" his son shouted happily as he grabbed the plan, his backpack and keys to his motorcycle.
"Wait for me!" Eva Marie shouted as she ran after him.

Lupin IV disabled the alarm system with ease, his sister then picking the lock to the side entrance door.
Inside was pitch black, their flashlights giving off more than enough light.
"So, where's this rock?" Lupin IV asked.
Eva Marie glanced at the map, their father circling it's location. "Up the stairs and down the hallway to the right, second room from the end."
"This is too easy," he said, full of confidence.
Eva Marie rolled her eyes, following him up the stairs, neither noticing the small blinking red light on the far wall.
They both fitted on their infrared goggles, scoping out the room for any hidden sensors. None were found, so they casually entered.
"This doesn't seem so big," Lupin IV said in disappointment.
"We're doing this for a test, not to grab the most expensive thing. Just get the cutter so we can get the jewel and get out of here."
"Nervous?" he smirked.
"No," she said, looking around her. "Something just doesn't feel right."
"Yeah yeah," he brushed her off, digging through his backpack to get the glass cutter.
She watched him as he cut a perfect circle in the glass case, reaching in and snatching the emerald.
"Easy," he scoffed, holding the jewel in his hand, tossing it up and catching it before pocketing the green rock.
"Can we go now?"
He looked up at her and laughed, stuffing the equipment in his backpack and standing, taking one last look around before heading out of the room.
Eva Marie followed him and then gasped at the sight of flashlights on the lower floor.
Lupin IV held his hand over his sisters mouth, both quietly sneaking back to the room.
"I thought you disabled the alarm," Eva Maria whispered.
"I did," Lupin IV said. "I did everything dad told us."
"Whose there?" a voice barked, the light shining in the hallway, making it's way to the small room.
"Stay here," Lupin IV whispered, sneaking towards the entrance.
"Lupin," Eva Marie whispered, afraid for her brothers safety.
Lupin IV pressed against the wall, jumping at the guard just as he passed, clinging to his back as he tried to wrestle the flashlight away.
The guard struggled, finally ramming his back to the wall, stunning Lupin IV in a barrage of pain.
Lupin IV fell to the floor, kneeling as he glared at the guard, who was soon joined by another, this man with both flashlight and gun in his hands.
"Put your hands up!" the one with the gun ordered as the other guard drew his gun.
"Heh," Lupin IV said as he reached in his jacket, his right hand grabbing something and moving out towards the guards.
Thinking he had a weapon, the guards fired.
Eva Maria watched in horror as her brothers body twitched and jerked with every bullet that hit him. "Nooo!!!!" she cried out as she watched the silver flash marbles in his hand drop to the ground, bouncing twice before rolling to a stop, his legs quaking before giving away.
He fell to his knees, his whole body finally falling hard to the carpeted floor.
The guards stood stunned, the realization that they shot an unarmed kid hitting them.
Eva Marie ran to her brothers body, kneeling down and turning him over, holding him as she sobbed.
He looked up at her and smiled. "I...I'm you..." he said in his dying breath, tears rolling down his face, his body suddenly going limp as his sister clutched it and continued to sob.

For the next five years Lupin would frequently visit his sons grave, standing over it while crying and begging for some sort of answer.
He blamed himself. Everyday he told himself it was all his fault.
Eva Marie blamed him, as well. His relationship with her crumbled. His relationship with Fujiko was also on the brink, the stress and sorrow causing them to fight.
The only one he had to run to was himself, but even he wasn't reliable.
"Why did this happen? It wasn't supposed to be like this..." He wiped away the tears with his sleeve, turning and walking from the grave.