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Rule 1: Fool'em


It wasn't like he wanted this, he really had no choice. Fate could deal quite the bitchy hand sometimes, but of course he really didn't complain…he wouldn't let himself. Putting on a sunny disposition for people was what he did best. When he moved from place to place he had learned (to his dismay) that one must 'fit in' in order to retain friends. Problem…he didn't like to. Most of the time he'd prefer reading over going to the movies with 'friends', or that's what he thought they were. Solution…fake it. He'd done it before and the outcome was rather pleasant, so why not try it again? People liked him more if he told them what they wanted to here, but the problem was keeping up with the lies. You know the old saying 'a truthful man doesn't need to have a good memory'? Well since he wasn't being very truthful he had to have a pretty damn good memory. He thanked the gods he did…because there was that one time…we'll talk about that later.

More to the point

He absolutely hated moving; on a scale from one to ten he'd have to give it a negative one-hundred. It wasn't the fact that was leaving the few friends he had, but the sheer loneliness he would endure that irked him. He would always be alone in that house, townhouse, apartment, or where ever the hell he'd move to. It surprised him that he hadn't lost his sanity yet.


There it was…the voice that told him 'you really should unpack already', but he had learned after the first few times that it was pointless. Why unpack? He was going to be there for god knows how long so why bother? Why get comfy? So hiding his irritation he answered.

"…I don't want to…" he said in a rather quiet tone.

This earned him a headshake from his 'father' who decided best not to press the matter. And there he was…alone in his 'new' room with nothing but bare walls and a bed. A tacky light blue paint job was the color of choice the previous owner had decided to make it; on top of that they made the trim around the door white! There was no contrast! The whole house had little to no color in it! The only bold things were the ugly brown boxes that littered his floor and he dare not touch any of them…well, other then the ones he needed. Another lesson he had learned other then not to unpack was to LABEL the boxes. He used to just pack this and that into a box but now he labels them according to what he need. The only three boxes he ever touched were 'school', 'clothes', and 'survival' which consisted of nothing more them a few CDs, games, and books. The rest of the boxes were labeled 'junk' and were usually discarded into a nearby corner. The only good thing about his room was the placement of the windows. Call him weird but he liked how the sun would cast the shadow of the nearby tree on his wooden floor. It made it look as if there was a grand ball taken place within his meek room…well that what he saw. His father had commented that he had an eye for the oddities people tend to over look.

People...he knew how people worked, and hell he was only fifteen turning sixteen in a month. It was actually kinda funny how easily he could pander to what people wanted. With his sweet smile and fake disposition he'd be the talk of the town in no time, and by the time he left he'd make all the girls cry from broken hearts. But of course he really didn't care about what they thought. Brushing a white strand of hair out of his face, he got up and started to get ready. For what you ask? School. He had moved into his 'new' house only two days ago, usually his father would wait at lest a week until he sent him to that hellhole…but no.

"…To hell and back again…" he muttered.


He was late to school…not five, ten or even fifteen minutes late. He got to school so late there really wasn't much point in going to first period. So he contemplated going in while leaning right in front of the door. There were, in truth, many more cons then pros; such as being looked at as a dumbass in front of a 'new' pack of wolves, er, I mean adolescents. He could hear the minutes ticking away and damn did it sound annoying. It sounded more annoying then…well a number of thing, but he really didn't have time to contemplate the annoyance of one sound AND if he should go in and be labeled a 'newbie dumbass'

'I bet the teacher would be pretty mad…' he thought to himself.

Oh yes, he HATED to disappoint. If you must call it anything call it a toned done perfectionist, but he was always like that. Fortunately or unfortunately the bell rang and he let out a loud sigh. But of course Fate was about two seconds away from dealing him another bitchy hand.


There it was! Right on cue! Fate's bitchy hand just happened to be the door he'd been leaning against which had just flung him into a suspiciously open locker. Not only did he hit the back of it with a loud 'thud', but he heard the 'click' of the door behind him. Without missing a beat he started to pound on the door, hoping someone would have pity on him. Nothing…harder...nothing…HARDER! Dear god, were they just being assholes or were they deaf?!

"Help! I'm kinda stuck in here!" He yelled in desperation.

A light snicker was heard from outside of his confinement.

"Later loser…" the voice said obviously laced with malice. He pounded harder, whishing nothing more then to get the hell out of there. Oh and did I mention he was slightly claustrophobic? Believe it or not the locker was big enough for him to sit in, knees against his chest of course. He wanted to cry, but he wouldn't let himself do so. He knew he would die in there…or at lest breakdown from the fear of the walls caving in on him. Either way he was screwed until someone found him.


It really did feel like hours passed in that damn locker, he now KNEW he was going to die. He really couldn't breath anymore since had been frantically gasping for the first few moments. Since he knew he was going to die he let the tears fall. He cried because he knew this was it, because he knew his life was about to end and taken by a damn locker no less...

"Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop…" he repeated over and over again in somewhat of a trance. He was so far gone that he didn't even notice the door open; so far gone that he didn't notice the hand on his shoulder shaking him slightly.

"Oi, oi, how'd you get in here?" a voice came. Allen slowly started to snap out of it, and finally noticed the hand on his shoulder. It then occurred to him that the hand was attached to an arm, and therefore that arm was attached to…

"Can you, er, hear me?"

'Oh…my…GOD!!' was the only thing he could think at the time. He would have loved to jump back and just run but he had forgotten he was in a damn locker. So instead of that he slammed the back of his head against the large metal box and let out a loud yelp. He clung tightly to the back of his head and tried to not let more of his tears flow. This was just great, late to school, locked in a damn locker, and found by a stranger who probably thinks he's the biggest loser this side of town.

"H-hay, maybe I should take you to-"

"J-just leave me alone! Let me out! Let me out!" He interrupted obviously in distress

"Whoa, whoa, calm down-"

"Dammit, let me out!!" He was starting to get a little loud.

"Okay! Okay!" The stranger backed up and Allen went flying. Where was he going? Hell if he knew, the poor kid just wanted somewhere to calm himself. In truth he had NEVER lost himself this badly at school before; was this sign of what was to come? Was he destined to make a complete ass of himself at this school? No…he wouldn't dare think like that. He was not going to break on the first day, and dammit he'd find the guy that opened the locker and apologize. He knew he had severely startled him and that never helped with first impressions. But as of now he REALLY needed to calm down. Upon turning the corner he flung the first door he saw open and went it, panting heavily as he closed it behind him. He slowly started to open his eye, which he didn't even realize were closed, and looked around. Empty…or nearly. It was a rather large dimly lit room, and in being dimly lit he tried to feel around for a switch of some kind. Once his hand bumped something that felt like a switch he pushes it up. After his eyes adjusted he looked around again.

"…is this a…?" He asked himself.

And he was correct. It was indeed a music room or at lest it was at one point. Cobwebs littered the room latching onto everything he saw. The walls were stained with a foreign substance that he did not wish to identify as well as the curtains. The husky smell of mold filled his nose almost making him sick to his stomach, but yet he stayed eyes now fixed on a single piece of furniture. A piano to be specific.

"I haven't played one in a while…" he mutterd to himself. As soon a he took a step forward the bell rang nearly making him yelp. Okay so he wasn't completely calm yet…Looking a the clock he sighed

"Lunch just ended"


"Um…my name's Allen…Walker…" he muttered. Dear sweet merciful god he hated this part…introductions in front of the whole class. Why couldn't he just sit down and be forgotten? Looking around the room he could see that NONE of the students seem pleased and or not interested at all. But someone did catch his eye…The figure sat not to close to the back but also not in the middle of the room. His cheek rested against the palm of his hand and his expression could be read as 'hurry up and finish…' His gaze was directed to the scenery outside as if there was something better going on out there (which there probably was) But it wasn't the bored-to-death expression that caught his attention, it was the messy fiery red hair...the headband with the rather imaginative design on it that hung loosely from his neck…those piercing green…no…emerald eyes…

'He's…the guy from before…' He thought to himself. Even in his lost state he could still recognize the person who'd helped him out of the locker of death. After his wonderful introduction he was told a few things by the teacher and was assigned a seat. Unfortunately he had to sit RIGHT next to the guy and he swore he felt cold gazes from most students. The redhead seemed slightly different from the last time, well not physically different but disposition wise. Hesitating for a second he tapped him on the shoulder.


"What is it…?" he asked with out even lifting his head.

"T-Thanks for…letting me out of that locker." He said in a rather small voice. This caused the redhead to look up at him with a deeply confused look; had he said something wrong?

"…'cuse me?"

"You let me out of the locker during lunch…" He said in an even smaller voice. Silence filled the room and all eyes were on him.

"…I'd remember helping someone like you, shorty…" He scowled. And with that said the class erupted into a fit of laughter. Allen could only sink in his seat and pray that the he wouldn't be in this hell hole for long.


The next three classes were not any better. He actually BLEW up his lab in chemistry no thanks to his clumsy partner. He completely froze up when asked a fairly simple question in math; he knew the answer it just didn't come out for some reason. And lastly…he tripped five times while running a lap around the track in gym or rather…he was tripped. Yes the redhead whose name he didn't even know had tripped him multiple times. The kid just wanted to get thru the damn day! But no he had to be terrorized by some red-haired punk! To make matters worse he not only tripped him but he slammed his head into his while doing sits-ups. He was the unlucky enough to be assigned the pricks partner (which he suspected the teacher did on purpose) and he knew it wouldn't end well. BUT the ABSOLUTE WORST thing was that not only were they assigned to be partners but he was going to be Allen's partner for the WHOLE year…or what little time he'd be there. He'd really need to find a way around to turn this around and make it more…beneficial? Whatever he was going to do he needed to think of it fast.

While in the locker room he tried to change as quickly as possible. Not that he was shy or anything he just didn't want everything hanging out. The only good thing about having gym last was the lack of people who decided to change. Meaning he was mostly alone which didn't change his mind about changing quickly.

"Oh hay, you are here! I thought I saw you on the track" A familiar voice came. Allen threw his shirt on and headed straight for the backdoor. He wanted out...now...he was not going to let that red-haired punk get him ONE more time. It was so close to the damn door! He was touching it! But he was pulled away when he was just about push it.

"L-Let me go, you psycho!" He yelled.

"What a minute, I haven't even done anything to you…"

"W-what?! Are you kidding?! You tripped me five times and rammed your skull into mine!" He was starting to struggle now.

"Wait, what? We don't even have this class together!"

"Do you have MDP or something?! It was you! Unless you have a-"

"Oi, Rabi…"

To say that Allen was shocked would be a grave understatement. It was more like...he had just witnessed an alien land, walk over, kissed him, tell him it was his father, and fly away. Just to makes sure he hadn't passed out somehow he pinched himself…yup nothing.

"Huh? Oh hay bro."

Allen blinked once…


He was seeing double or more correctly twins. Allen shook the hand that was on his shoulder off and backed up. The two redheads looked at each other for a minute. Looking back at Allen they began to laugh.

"S-so you two are…?" he asked

"Yup! Sorry, I should've known something was up when you started talking about getting tripped." The one now identified as Rabi said.

"Heh, the look on your face was priceless…"

"Lavi…" Rabi warned.

Allen just slowly opened the door and quickly left. He was having a very screwy day and this, without a doubt, was the icing on the cake. Lavi held the door and watched him leave, a smirk slowly forming on his features. He was in fact the one who had locked Allen in the locker. It was quite the plan the two of them cooked up; they would switch in-between classes causing the 'new kid' as much distress as possible. And the line up was…


1. Locker (letting him out as well)

2. Math class (actually hit Allen in the back of the head with a spit-ball)

3. Part of gym (the head-butt)


1. Fourth period humiliation (Lavi told him act dumb if anyone thanked him)

2. Science class explosion

3. Part of gym class (the tripping)

The two of them loved to do this to new students, because it would freak them SO badly. It was the only real reason the enjoyed going to school. Most of the faculty was well aware of their antics and just decided to ignore most of it. The two thought some fun had to come from being twins, oh but they had found it as soon as they entered high school. Since there were so many students then in middle school, they found that people could so easily confuse them. The two of them used this to the best of their advantage, making all kinds of fun with the people around them. But this time they wanted something a little more…

"Dear brother…" Lavi started "I want to…play with this one…and I know you do too…" he said, the smirk on his face widening.

"Geez, I haven't heard talk like that for a while now…you remember the rules, right?"

"Of course…but I want to change the last one…"

Rabi choked for a minute.

"What do you wanna change it to…?" he asked a little cautiously. Lavi's smirked widened.

"Make'em your koi…"


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