A Beautiful Day

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(Ritsu's attempt, I'm Sorry)

Haruhi pushed a chink of chocolate brown hair from her large honey brown eyes as she stared out the open window. It was such a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining brightly but the fall winds made it a pleasant temperature. She leaned back in her chair and turned to the rest of the class. Everyone was finishing up a rather difficult test that was worth around fifty percent of their overall math grade. Haruhi smiled slightly. She had already finished her test and she felt pretty confident she had aced it. She had studied all week long to make sure she knew everything by heart. She was very tired from staying up so late but was sincerely happy because she knew she would sleep peacefully tonight. All present thoughts seeped from her mind as the bell rang and she felt someone casually lean on her left shoulder.

"Hello Haruhi." Karou purred gently brushing his lips against her ear lightly.

"How was your test," Hikaru chimed leaning on her right shoulder running his long fingers through her hair, "you look a little tired." Usually the twins came as an annoyance to her but today she was in such a good mood that it didn't bother her in any way. In fact she gave them a huge grin while standing up.

"I'm a little tired but the test went very well." she said tilting her head to the left slightly while still smiling. The twins gave a loud squee and hugged Haruhi at the same time.

"You are so cute!" they screamed making all the remaining girls in the classroom. Mainly because they all still believed her to be a him. Haruhi broke away from the twins and the tree of them made their way to the third music room.

"Haru-chan Haru-chan!" Hunny came at Haruhi in a flying leap wrapping his tiny arms around her neck. "Haru-chan you look happy! You didn't eat cake without me did you?" Hunny grinned letting go of Haruhi's neck. Haruhi laughed and walked past Mori giving him acute smile.

"Hello Mori-sempai." Mori responded on his usual greeting bowing his head slightly.

"Mother look at our beautiful daughter!" Tamaki screamed pouncing on her and clutching her so close to his chest she had to move her head in a certain way sp she could breath. "Daddy's happy when his daughter's happy!" Kyoya peered at Tamaki over the top of his computer and gave him a serious-you-can't-read-my-emotions look.

"Tamaki, please restrain yourself from suffocating Haruhi. She still has quite a large debt to pay." Tamaki got upset and went to cultivate mushrooms in his emo corner. Haruhi looked at Kyoya who went back to typing on his computer.

"Thanks for your concern." she said sarcastically. After the Host Club ended for the day Haruhi reached into her pocket to find she had forgotten to grab her keys before she left the complex this morning. She took a deep breath. She had a wonderful day so far and she wasn't going to let something so trivial as forgetting her house keys ruin her day. She would simply stop by her fathers work and pick up his set of keys. Waving to everyone she exited the building and began to make her way to the bar her father worked at. She remembered a short cut through and alleyway from last time she had visited his work. Turning down the alleyway she smiled to herself. It was a beautiful day but while she caught up in her thoughts she was unaware of the figure slowly following behind her.

A pair of lust filled eyes watched from a nearby tree as Haruhi left the school grounds and made her way down the street. Honda Shoji slipped away from his hiding spot and began to follow the unsuspecting girl. Sure she was wearing the boys uniform but he was not fooled. Shoji knew she was a girl. He was in the same classes as Haruhi all through junior high. He had always liked her. Ever since he first met her in elementary school. She was so beautiful. Her long hair used to drape around her shoulders and her large brown orbs made his heart melt, but he was shy. To shy to do more than give her a small bow in the hallways as she passed. When the last day of junior high arrived Shoji mustered up all his courage and asked his love out. Not realizing he wanted to be more than friends Haruhi turned him down flat. Now he was in high school and not a day went by that he didn't think about his beloved Haruhi. She had become his obsession, his drug. He wanted her. Needed her. She had always been the one to stand up for him. Shoji had always been the quiet type, never very ambitious. So about three months ago he wold his parents he needed to be more independent, and that he had been saving up money to buy an apartment. His parents thought it would be a wonderful way for him to build confidence so they let him go. Unbeknownst to them he had bigger intentions. Every night through his binoculars he watched Haruhi's every movement in her room. She was not in her room a lot, but when she was he cherished it deeply. Pulling out of his memories he watched as Haruhi pulled a left and began heading down a dark, dingy, where-no-girl-should-ever-go-alone alleyway. He smirked at his luck. He was like a spider who built a fresh new web and Haruhi was flying strait into the trap.

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Haruhi was walking down the alleyway when a feeling of dread trickled down her spine. Suddenly she felt a hand grab her wrist. Turning around quickly she came face to tace with a familiar boy. He was tall, about five foot eleven. His charcoal hair falling into hungry grey eyes, "Shoji?"

"I'm glad to see you remember me." he said pulling her into his chest. He leaned forward his lips resting on her ear. "Haruhi." he licked the shell of her ear gently.

"W-what are you doing!" Haruhi yelled trying to pull away form the tall boy. His grip tightened on her wrist as he pulled back towards him before slamming her into the wall behind her.

"We are going to have so much fun Haruhi." he whispered sucking on her earlobe gently. "I learned exactly how to pleasure a woman." he grabbed both her wrists with one hand, pinning her hands above her head. "I did it all for you," he began unbuttoning her jacket and shirt, "I killed them all for you."

"W-what ar-are you talking a-about." Haruhi's eyes were wide with fear as her once school mates hands roamed all over her newly exposed breasts.

"I had to learn just the way to touch you, to fuck you . . . . . to cut you." he whispered the last part before bitting onto her sensitive bud.

"Ng," Haruhi bit her lip, the pain was so intense it made her head throb.

"Don't hold it in, I want to hear your screams." he bit it even harder causing a thin trail of blood to run down her bare chest. Before she could stop it a small scream tore through her lips as she struggled to free her hands."That's it." he groaned in pure bliss, grinding his hips against hers. Tears welled up in her eyes as he continued his assult.

'Somebody save me' she closed her eyes but they instantly snapped back open when he stopped. A freshly sharpened blade glittered menacingly in front of her.

"We are going to have so much fun together." caerfuly he ran the cold blade across her tear stained cheek, "Haru-chan." He pulled the blade back before plunging it into her left shoulder. The crimson liquid now pouring from the wound made Shoji smile in delight. "Oh Haruhi, your blood looks delicious." He dipped his head forward to lap up some of the rich liquid. Using his free hand he started to undo her pants. The tears she had to keep locked away began to flow down her face.

"Shoji sob please don't sob do this to me." he looked up at her blood dripping from his face and mouth.

"Haruhi, you must understand. I have to do this. I have to show you how much I love you." grabbing the hem of her pants he pulled them down along with her underwear. Shoji stopped for a second hes grey eyes clouded in thought. Without warning he grabbed the blade that was in her shoulder and pulled it out. She screamed a more blood gushed from the wound. He pressed a bloodied finger to her lips, " Hush, it will only hurt for a second." with that he plunged the blade into her hands pinning them to the wall behind her. Her throat burned at the fierceness of the scream that flew from her lungs. With both of his hands now free, he began to undo his pants. Pulling them off she could clearly see the bulge under the flimsy material of his boxers.

"Haruhi, look how hard you make me." her eyes widened as he pulled his hardened length out of is confinements. Positioning himself at her entrance he grabbed onto her hips and thrust into her. She screamed again as he ripped through her. "Oh Haruhi, your so tight." he moaned as he pulled back out. He slammed back in, wildly, making her scream again. She felt something run down her leg so she looked. It was blood. Tears slipped down her face as she watched him thrust into her gaining speed. It hurt so much, but she couldn't look away. Suddenly everything started to become blurry. The pain in her body became numb. She could no longer feel him thrusting into her. "Haruhi, I...I'm gunna Ahhhhhh!" He came in her as her body went limp.


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