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Chapter 2: Making the Claim

The music room was now empty except for the two people who had stayed behind to plan the next day's theme. "How about a space man theme?" the blond asked throwing his arms around the ravens neck. "How does that sound Kyoya? Do you like it?" the blond tilted his head to the side and looked up his bright blue eyes shining. "Don't you think that would be fun"

"You're tactics don't work on me." Kyoya stated brushing the blond leach off of him. He regained his composure and once again began to type away at his laptop ignoring the sobs from the immature Tamaki who was now sulking and cultivating mushrooms in the corner.

Getting very annoyed at the blondes stupidity, Kyoya was about to throw something at him when a message alert popped up on his computer screen. Kyoya took a deep calming breath and clicked on the alert.

Attention: A warning has just been issued due to suspicion of a serial rapist in the area. The culprit has already raped and brutally killed three girls around the ages of 15-17 in the past month. A distinct mark was left on the stomach area all of the victims, it was the letters FH. Authorities are almost certain that these are someone's initials, whether it is the killers or someone else. If you have any insight or information about these killings please report it to Authorities immediately.

Adjusting his glasses he silently placed his laptop on the table in front of him and stood. He new he was probably just being paranoid about the initials FH but he wanted to find out himself if Haruhi had made it to Ranka's work unharmed. Extracting his cell from his pocket. He began searching the call list for Haruhi's cell number but before he had a chance to push the call button his phone began to ring in his hand. He could swear his heart stopped for a millisecond when he saw the number. He pushed all bad thoughts from his mind and pushed the talk button.

"Hello Ranka, how are you?" His voice stayed calm but on the inside he was praying nothing was wrong.

"Oh Kyoya. You're so sweet, even answering the phone like a gentleman, unlike that disgraceful blonde boy"

Kyoya heard a rustling from the corner and looked over at Tamaki briefly; he had finally regained his composure and was making his way over to where raven haired boy stood. Kyoya refocused his attention back on the conversation.
"So Ranka, I suppose Haurhi made it safe to your work and is home with you now"

"Oh, Kyoya dear that is what I was calling to ask you about. Haruhi never showed up after school and I was getting a bit worried. I was wondering if she was still at the club with you"

Kyoya suddenly went deadly pale and dropped his phone to the floor.

"Kyoya, Kyoya dear are you still there?' He heard Ranka's voice but he ignored it. He was slowly starting to realize that the initials FH were no coincidence.

Quickly coming back to his senses, Kyoya scooped up his phone, mumbled a quiet "sorry" to Ranka and hung up. He effortlessly threw the phone at Tamaki and grabbed the front of his shirt in a very serious manner.
"Tamaki, listen to me and no questions. I think Haurhi may be in some serious trouble, I need you..." before Kyoya could finish, Tamaki was in his own little storm of questions.

"Where is my daughter? What happened to her? Is she being harassed by those indecent twin devils again? Is she..." he was cut off when a hand collided with the side of his face and knocked him to the ground.

Kyoya hovered above him in a half-rage, half-frightened manner. "Damn it Tamaki, did I not say listen. I need you call my private police force immediately and then come find me!!" without another word the he ran out the door away from sight of the blonde.

Tamaki was absolutely sckocked. He could not believe Kyoya had punched him. His mind suddenly wondered back to the little mission the other boy had left him with and thought for a minute what could be wrong. Then he saw it. Across the room on a table sat Kyoya's open laptop with the warning still flashing. His mouth dropped as his fingers instantly began dialing the numbers on the phone.
"Oh god Haruhi," he thought to himself listening to each ring waste a second of precious time, "please be ok."

Shoji finished pulling on his jacket and turned to stare at the unconscious girl still hanging on the wall, held up by a now bloody knife. He let a dangerous smile grace his lips. All his practice with those other girls had finally paid off. He had spent months of planning and observation to claim Haruhi as his. He now realized after those years of watching Haruhi from the sidelines, he had finally acquired his angel. He had proved his love.

He reached out a hand and traced a long, cold finger down her crimson streaked face. "So beautiful my little Haurhi." Shoji began trailing his finger down her neck and toward her chest. Once he reached her small fleshy mounds he stopped his ministrations and grimaced. Something was missing. A claiming mark. A mark that would let others know she was claimed. He needed to show everybody, especially the small brunet, that she belonged to him and only him.

Removing his hand from her chest he reached up and grabbed the wooden handle of the knife that pinned her hands to the brick wall. He then started to slowly started to pull it lose. Haruhi gave a small groan of pain as the knife was swiftly pulled from her flesh, freeing more blood from the large cut in her hands.
Catching her in his arms as she fell from the wall, Shoji kneeled down on the cold concrete and laid her on her back. He leaned over her and brought the cold, sharp blade to rest menacingly across her right breast. He placed one last kiss to her chest before he began to carve in to her mound with the tip of the knife. He made sure it was not terribly deep, but deep enough to leave a lasting scar. His mark. The whole time he took to carve into her, Haurhi stayed in an uneasy state of sleep. She fidgeted and cried but did not wake.

Shoji finished and pocketed the blade. Standing up he straightened his clothing and looked down upon his broken angel. He admired how she laid in her blood. His mark now carved forever more into her small but radiant chest. To him it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

"I'm sorry my love." He said picking up her bloody and ripped jacket and covering up her exposed skin. Skin only he would see. "I must leave. I can't take you with me, at least, not yet. But I promise I will be back for you Haruhi." He blew a final unnoticed goodbye kiss and left the alley, leaving the broken, bruised and beaten girl, unconscious on the hard, cold pavement.

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