She always had an apple in her hand. She'd be curled on the bed, knees to her chest, chin atop the bony knees, elbows against her legs, book in front, nose tucked into it. Her hair made a curtain around her face, dark and shimmering, heavy and long. She held the crinkling, yellowy volume in one hand, her long, twiggy digits flipping the pages. In the dim light, the red apple was a smooth contrast to the green of her hand.

She ate the apple slowly, chewing it as if she hardly knew it was there-slowly, never breaking the motion.

Galinda was on her bed, watching her roomie chewing and reading, entranced by the slow, steady motion of her green companion. The apple was hardly a core, and still Elphaba worked her teeth into it, chewing on the last pips, hand held just so that her fingertips on the top and bottom of the apple were all that were near the moist, juicy fruit.

Shifting her weight on the dormitory bed, Galinda wondered if Elphaba was going to eat all the way through the core. Was the core even edible?

She opened her mouth to ask, but clamped her lips shut, knowing better. Last time she'd interrupted Elphaba when she was reading, the apple had hit her over the head. And then she had to run to the bathroom to fix her hair. (When she'd come back, the green girl was munching away on that same apple once again.)

So Galinda just sat, watching, noticing the one-handed way her roommate tuned the pages, the bony curled way her spine stuck out and her shoulders jackknifed into each other.

She mad it about thirty seconds before accidentally speaking.

"Why don't you just get a new apple?"

It took Elphaba a moment to react. She pulled her head away from the book and her eyes deglazed on Galinda.



"What'd you say?"

"Um…" she paused. She didn't have to ask. Oh, what the hell. "Why don't you just get a new apple?"

"What's wrong with this one?" Elphaba asked, seemingly oblivious to the obvious.

"Well… it's just there's not much left of it."

Elphaba looked at the apple, examining it as though she'd never seen it before.

"Well, I guess I wasn't really paying attention to it… I was reading."

Galinda sighed. "Yes, I know you were reading. "It was ridiculous, how interested in the stupid books Elphaba was. There were more interesting things!

"I mean, I guess I just don't want to get up and get a new one. While I'm reading."

"I see."

Elphaba quickly turned back to the book, nibbling, once again, on the skinny apple core. Galinda sat back against her pillow, not intending on really going anywhere until morning. As she watched, Elphaba took one last bite of her apple before the core snapped and the two pieces fell to the bed. Reluctantly, the book closed and two careful fingers lifted the pieces by their last remnants of skin and stem. Almost immediately, the hawky green nose was buried in the pages again.

Elphaba continued reading, not noticing or caring about what Galinda did. She assumed she'd flounced off to see Pfanee or Shen Shen, or do whatever it was she did around Shiz. Maybe she came back, maybe she didn't. She might've heard the bustle of her friend preparing for bed, or not. But when she looked up later, to get a new candle for the dark evening, she couldn't help but smile. Galinda was snoring away in her bed, and on the table between them was a basket, filled to the top with apples.

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