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Chapter 2: War

As the clever blonde made her escape from the ball, she slammed into something that sent her sprawling onto the carpet.

"Hey watch where you're…" the person she'd crashed into seemed to soften his masculine voice when she saw who she was.

"Owie." Rikku pouted, rubbing the back of her head, looking up at the taller person towering over her.

"…Going." He finished in a bit of a daze, not expecting to see an angel sprawled out before him.

"Sorry, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was walking," Rikku mumbled. The Al Bhed girl looked up at the man and felt her breath taken away. She took a moment to look over his features; she started with his spiky blonde hair, down to his green swirly eyes (well, eye; one eye was hidden by an eye patch.)

'Of course Tidus has Al Bhed people for servants.' Rikku thought to herself with a scowl, but was able to calm herself once she looked back at his masculine jaw and his delicious looking lips. He reached a hand to help her up, and she blinked.

A light blush spread across her face as she placed a small delicate hand in his, accepting his offer and standing up. The proximity of their bodies shocked her a bit, their lips were close and for some reason she just wanted to press her mouth against his.

"Don't be sorry. I should have seen you coming," he said softly. He seemed to have noticed their closeness as well and took a step back. "So, uh… why were in such a rush?" He rubbed the back of his head, looking at the young woman.

"Heh, no reason." Rikku laughed uneasily and then she suddenly heard someone yell from far down the hall.

"RIKKU!" Tidus' angry voice echoed through the hallway.

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I'd better get out of here." Rikku grinned and took off running, with Tidus gaining on her every step.

"Rikku," The Al Bhed servant muttered, silently committing her name to memory.

Meanwhile, Rikku had made it to her room just in time to close the door in Tidus's face. She locked the door quickly, breathed a sigh of relief, and then jumped onto her bed, sinking into it as she heard the blonde prince jiggle the handle violently.

"Rikkuuuuu! I won't forget this!" Tidus yelled through the door. Rikku just rolled her eyes and flipped off at the door. The noise eventually quelled, so the Al Bhed girl assumed that he had given up for the night and had finally gone to bed.

The Next Morning

The next morning, Rikku let out a yawn as she woke up. She rubbed her bright green eyes as she got out of bed and groggily walked towards the great hall to get some breakfast. Of course, her plate was already set up for her as she sat down at the table in the only empty seat, seeing as Tidus and the other girls were already eating. If she wasn't still sleepy, she would have noticed the evil glint in Tidus's wicked eyes as she got a fork full of scrambled eggs and put them right in her mouth.

At first, she noticed nothing wrong with her food, but as she continued to chew, her mouth became very hot and her eyes widened. The eggs were incredibly spicy, and she hated spicy food. Rikku reached for some water but there was none; the only person who had a drink at the table was the prince.

"Thirsty, Rikku?" Tidus smirked, his blue eyes sparkling with venom.

If Rikku wasn't awake before, she definitely was now. She nodded her head vigorously, in desperate need of the water, but Tidus just laughed and poured the water onto the floor.

Her green eyes were watering now from the hot and spicy eggs. Just as she was about to jump across the table to kill Tidus, a glass of cold water was placed right in front of her. She greedily took the glass and chugged it, her tongue and throat grateful for the refreshment.

Once every drop of the water was gone she placed the glass down and took in a deep breath of air.

"Are you ok… Rikku?" The speaker was familiar, but Rikku couldn't quite place it. Turning around, she recognized the servant she'd accidentally slammed into the night before.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you…um; what did you say your name was again?" She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, averting her eyes.

"Gippal." He smiled politely and lifted her hand, kissing it softly, as she flushed a brilliant shade of red.

Tidus frowned and glared daggers at the two of them, coughing to get their attention, and Rikku suddenly remembered why Gippal had to come to her rescue in the first place.

"YOU!" The hot-headed Al Bhed girl stood up, whirling around and pointing an accusing finger at Tidus. (E/N: the finger of shame.)

"Me?" he asked innocently, pointing at himself.

"YOU PUT SPICY AND HOT AND DISGUSTING THINGS IN MY BREAKFAST!" She slammed her hands on the table, looking at him.

"Ha! Prove it." Tidus smirked, sitting back in his chair, crossing his arms with a smug look on his face.

"Ugh! I can't believe I'm being forced to stay here all summer!" The Al Bhed princess screamed in frustration and shoved the chair backwards, storming up to her room where she started plotting revenge.

Dinner Time

Rikku made sure she got to dinner extra early before Tidus. She was going to get her revenge and make that pretty boy pay. She smirked as he took his usual seat and she took a sip of water.

The blonde prince seemed a little uncomfortable now; unsure of what this little minx could have possibly come up with. He was about to take a sip of his water, but put it down before the water reached his lips.

'She probably poisoned my water. I'm not falling for that one. But still . . . why does she look so damn content!?" Tidus observed Rikku's chipper behavior as the three other girls sat at the table and drooled over him.

Rikku just rolled her eyes as Rinoa started telling him how cute and handsome he was tonight. Dinner was finally served and Rikku smirked, ready to humiliate the prince. She started to flick her food at Tidus with her spoon, earning his glare.

"Stop it." He clenched his jaw tightly, trying to restrain himself.

"Stop what?" Rikku asked innocently, batting her eyelashes.

Tidus just glared at her and then went back to eating. Rikku started flicking more food.

"STOP FLICKING YOUR FOOD AT ME!" The prince stood up, slamming his hands on the table, feeling extra weight at his rear end. He looked back to see that the chair was super glued to his pants.

Rikku just smirked. "Well, I'm stuffed. Good night, everyone." The Al Bhed girl yawned and stood up.

"You're going to pay for this Rikku!" Tidus yelled trying to run after her, but he looked more like a turtle with that chair glued to his butt. The Al Bhed princess laughed, walking backwards, egging him on.

"Come on Tidey-widey, you can do it. Just a little faster," Rikku jeered, provoking him.

"Ohh, Tidus!" The other girls came to his rescue, pulling on the chair until suddenly they heard a rip and it left a nice big hole in the back of his pants. Rikku took the time to look and laughed at what she saw.

"Hahahaha, I never took you for the kind of person to have chocobo boxers!" She was laughing so hard that she found it hard to stand.

"Rikku!" Tidus growled, snapping the blonde girl out of it. Rikku ran towards her room, but he growled and bolted after her.

"You're not going to get away with it this time!" he roared, chasing her down the hall, both of the teenagers running past Jecht.

"Heh, just like old times." The tall brunette man shook his head, walking towards the dining hall.

This time Tidus actually caught Rikku, grabbing her by the arm and twirling her around. He hated to admit that even though she had just super glued him to his seat, he found her gorgeous and breathtaking still.

"What did you do that for!?" the prince yelled, pressing Rikku against her door, trapping her.

"Revenge!" She was letting her temper get the best of her as she glared at Tidus, not willing to back down.

"Well, I was getting revenge on you!" The young prince glared at her, but found it hard to stay mad as she got this look in her green eyes that was so sexy and mischievous.

"Hmm, I'm sorry." The vibrant blonde princess started to play with the collar of his shirt, and then gripped it, pulling him a little closer. "I just can't help myself." Her thin frame was pressed against his strong body, her lips getting closer to his.

The blue-eyed teenager licked his lips, anticipating the kiss, fully entranced by her, started to lean in. It suddenly got extremely hot as he felt her breath on his lips, and the proximity of their bodies was driving him crazy. He closed his eyes and was leaning in the rest of the way only to feel Rikku let him go and his lips met the icky wood of her door.

"RIKKU!" he yelled, slamming his fists into her door, hearing only laughter inside. He couldn't believe he had been tricked yet again. 'If you want to play like that, then it's on.' Tidus smirked, walking away from her door and into the bathroom she used.

The Next Day

After Rikku woke up and took her shower she skipped down to the dining hall only to have everyone burst into fits of giggles and laughter. When Jecht looked up from his paper he spit up some coffee, laughing a little himself.

"What is it?" The Al Bhed princess raised an eyebrow, putting a hand on her hip.

"Maybe you should go back into the bathroom and look at your hair Rikku…" Jecht was finally able to contain himself enough to advise her.

"Huh?" Rikku walked cautiously back to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Somewhere in the dining hall, Tidus was chuckling, and once he could hear her high pitched scream, he laughed even harder.

Within seconds, she was back in the dining hall. "WHY IS MY HAIR PINK?!"

Rikku looked around the room and finally her eyes rested on the blue eyed prince who was laughing so hard that he was about to fall out of his chair. He was able to bring his laughter down to chuckling when he felt Rikku's cold stare on his back.

The prince turned around. "Ohh, hey, Rikku, um… what happened to your hair? Going for a new look?" He smiled innocently, but she tackled him to the ground, punching him. The two teenagers started rolling around, pulling hair, biting, punching, just like they had when they were children.

Jecht had to intervene and pull them apart. "Hey, hey, hey. That's enough, you two." The brunette held his son back as Gippal ran in and held Rikku back. She was flailing, trying to get to Tidus and the young prince was pretty much doing the same thing.

"Let me at him!" Rikku yelled, punching in Tidus' direction (luckily Gippal had her a safe distance away; otherwise, her fist would have made a connection with Tidus' face.)

"Tidus! This isn't proper behavior!" Jecht yelled, holding his son back from the pink haired girl.

"She started it!" The struggling teenager hollered.

"No I didn't! You did!" Rikku screamed back, struggling even more, making it hard for Gippal to contain her.

"Calm down." The Al Bhed servant said softly into her ear. "I think you're still gorgeous, even with pink hair."

Hearing Gippal made Rikku stop struggling, causing her cheeks to turn the same color as her hair, making Gippal smile a bit. The Al Bhed princess started to realize how strong Gippal's arms felt around her, making her blush an even deeper red.

Tidus seemed to notice the closeness of Gippal and Rikku as well, barely able to hear what Gippal whispered to Rikku which actually calmed her down. 'Huh!? Did he just make her blush with that cheesy line!? And… and why am I feeling so angry about it…?'

Tidus stopped struggling, getting lost in his own thoughts, but was suddenly snapped out of it as his father let him go and Dona, Leblanc, and Rinoa circled around him, fussing over his slowly forming bruises.

"Oh, Tidus! Are you ok!?" Dona exclaimed as she touched the cut on his lip, making him flinch from the sting.

"I'm fine." He had to get on his tiptoes to watch Rikku and Gippal leave the room together.

Later on that day

Tidus needed to get away from everything, so he decided to go for a swim in the lake. However, when he got there he stopped dead in his tracks, he saw Rikku standing there, her hair back to its normal shimmering blonde color, enjoying the sun in a yellow bikini. He couldn't help but admire her tan, sun kissed slender body.

He gulped a little and just shook his head, getting all the unwelcome and intruding thoughts out of his head. The young prince just marched by her, acting as though he didn't see her when all of a sudden he felt soft hands on his back suddenly push him into the water.

The blonde teenager sprouted up from the water and grabbed the Al Bhed girl's ankle, making her fall into the lake as well. A couple seconds later, she surfaced and splashed him.

"Jerk!" She glared daggers that could pierce even the thickest armor.

"Enough!" Tidus finally exclaimed, exasperated. "Can't we just… call a truce? I… don't want to do this anymore. It's childish and stupid! I'm sorry that I threw rotten tomatoes at you the last time you left, and I'm sorry for everything I've done so far! I just… I want to be friends now. Please?" He gave her that puppy dog look, the look that usually made her want to throw up, but for some reason felt differently this time. He had a pleading, honest look in his eyes.

Rikku held out her hand and Tidus shook it gratefully with a big smile on his face. "Alright…" she said, "Truce."

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