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Logan awoke sometime later, how much later he didn't know.

Without opening his eyes, he immediately did know that he was alone in the bed. So he didn't open them, he squeezed them tightly shut throwing his arm over his face and fought the crushing idea that it had all been a dream.

Scratch that - a cruel nightmare. Nothing more than a liquor induced Utopia and reality was Veronica didn't actually come back to him, she didn't forgive him, never finally said that she loved him and there hadn't been these amazing moments where they spoke honestly with hope of a future together.

Barely containing the wave of grief that was building, Logan held his breath. It was then that he heard the faint sound of water running. Like the shower.

Slowly lifting is arm, Logan let out the breath he had been holding in a sigh of relief. He could see the sheets disturbed on Veronica's side of the bed. He then caught sight of the tank top she had been wearing carelessly left on the floor, her jeans in a pile a few steps from them, her bra and her underwear all creating a path to the bathroom door.

His heart rate slowed and the panic faded. She was there. She hadn't left. It all, had in fact, happened. Veronica had come back to him. Those words, THE actual words, I love you had willingly come from those lips. Every wonderful moment of it had been true.

She had spoke before of wanting to be truly intimate with one another and Logan finally felt like they were there, or at least at a place where there was possible.

He didn't expect things to be easy. What was it he said in the drunken ramble alterna-prom night … 'They don't write songs about the ones that come easy' … something like that … and it's true. Life wasn't easy. He just knew that was a lot easier when he had Veronica at his side.

Of course, they were always going to have their differences of opinions on many topics, of this he was sure. There was more than one fight in the future. It was knowing that there was a future together … despite the differences, even knowing that it was the differences that made it work.

Logan smiled to himself as the thoughts ran through his head. He didn't know that happiness like he was feeling this moment was even possible. He wondered if there would ever be anything that could top this feeling, this day. Maybe the day that they actually marry, or perhaps the day they have their first child? Yeah, those just might do it.

Slowly realizing that he's been staring at Veronica's bra, Logan lets his eyes follow the sound of water to the bathroom door. She hadn't run … she was right in the next room having a shower.

A wicked smile crossed Logan's face as he quickly leap from the bed. They had yet to make this reunion 'official' in every sense. And, although Logan liked that they had talked first, he was eager to 'seal the deal' with more than just the one kiss they shared last night.

Following the path of Veronica's cloths, he let his own pajama pants join the trail.


Veronica had awoken from a blissfully, perfect dreamless sleep. She had no idea how long she'd been out, but she knew that it was the best sleep she'd had in at least a week.

Without opening her eyes she also knew that she was completely wrapped in Logan. Every part of her could feel where every part of him touched connecting them. His arms holding her closely, securely and so gently. His chest warm against her cheek was her pillow. His legs entwined with hers, his larger feet covering hers because he knows how cold they get. He had nuzzled his face into the top of her head somehow, her hair half covering his face and his breath tickling her as it came out deep and even in his sleep.

For the longest while she just laid there, still and warm. Listening to Logan breath. She thought of waking him, but he sounded and looked so peaceful that she couldn't. He had likely been sleeping less and passing out more these last few days and likely needed a good night's sleep as much as she had.

Only, now that she had gotten some sleep, she couldn't get anymore right now. She was giddy and excited and she knew that it was so silly, but she couldn't help herself. In a decidedly Un-Veronica Mars move, she was going to allow herself to be happy and be in love with the only man she knew she made any sense with. The only man she was willing to fight it out with from time to time as long as they were fighting for something. Fighting for Them.

She had always known that Logan was willing to take up that fight. It was her who was holding back. So, in another decidedly Un-Veronica Mars move, she was no longer going to hold back. She would honestly commit to trusting Logan. Trusting that he loves her and would never intentionally harm her (physically or otherwise) again. Yes the past was a different story, but their lives were a different story back then. Time had moved the past into the present and changed everything as it went.

Logan had made up for the slights of the past he had spearheaded or just simply stood by and let happen so many times over now that Veronica would never again hold those days, that past against him. From simple gestures that he thought she missed, to the grand sweeping life saving (again and again) ones.

Veronica had a lot of time to think about these things as she slowly, inch by inch, worked her way out of Logan's embrace. Piece by piece she reclaimed her limbs. She would have stayed longer, but she couldn't avoid Mother Nature's call much longer and really didn't want to give Logan any material for lowbrow 'marked territory' jokes.

Once she had successfully gotten herself untangled (proud that she hadn't woken him in the process - though there was a moment when he groaned a sleepy and weak protest) Veronica slipped from the bed and looked back at the sleeping figure. His boyish features scruffy from not shaving and his hair a mess from falling asleep while still wet, she couldn't help but smile.

Veronica stretched and made her way to the bathroom. She conducted her business, then stood washing her hands considering her options on what to do to past the time. She briefly wondered what happened to Dick after she locked him out of the suite. She chuckled to herself as the image of Dick sleeping on the floor in the hallway outside the door flashed through her mind.

Realizing that she was starring at the shower's reflection in the mirror, Veronica made the decision to have a long hot shower to wash away the last week. She reached in and started the water to let it heat up.

Veronica walked back on to the bed (Logan still peacefully asleep) and took a moment to make her side looked used by messing the sheets more to show that she had been there. The last thing she wanted was for Logan to wake without her there and think that she had left or that none of it was real.

She then pulled off the tank top she wore and left it in sight on the floor. She shed the rest of her clothes as she crossed the room. She figured that this would be a good sign she was still there. Where would she go without her clothes?

She also left the bathroom door open, so he would hear the water. Of course, aside from her wanting to make sure Logan knew she was there, she had another hope in mind when she left the 'bread crumb' trail and the door open - A hope that involved Logan waking and seeing it all as an invitation to come find her.


Thick steam poured through the slightly open door of the bathroom. Logan walked in, taking a deep breath and enjoying the heat on his skin. All the mirrors had fogged up; the frosted glass of the shower itself was even harder to see through than normal. Logan could barely make out the small blurry figure within.

Inwardly, Logan groaned and felt the familiar jolt go through his body at just the idea of Veronica on the other side of the glass naked, standing under the water letting it cascade down the length of her body.

The sound of the shower door opening caught Veronica's attention, but didn't startle her. She smiled as she turned to face him. She had begun to think that he was going to sleep through her entire shower and was a little disappointed. Seeing him standing there; dark eyes sweeping over her body, his own nakedness allowing Veronica to see his excitement - washed away any budding disappointment and replaced it with desperate desire.

Logan was momentarily awed as his idea became reality … and was so much better. Naked - Check. Water cascading - Check. But what got him most, was the smile Veronica wore as she looked at him - it tugged at the corners of her delicious mouth. He didn't remember making the decision, but suddenly his lips were on hers. She didn't pull back, she kissed him - parting her lips and tilting her head up to allow him better access.

Veronica grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer. His hands ran down her bare back, over her behind. He lifted her easily, pinning her between himself and the wall. Their skin wet and slick, her breasts slippery on his chest. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles firmly together just above his ass.

Veronica broke the kiss with a moan, she could feel the head of his erect penis bumping against her clit. She gasped as Logan thrust his hips slightly, bumping a little harder. His mouth had worked its way down her neck, he nibbled along her collarbone.

He gave another small thrust of his hips and Veronica cried his name out. That seemed to be the magic word, because his hands and lips were suddenly everywhere. Sucking, squeezing her hard nipples, licking a path up her neck, devouring her mouth.

Veronica couldn't take it anymore. She used Logan's shoulder to steady herself and before he realized what she was doing, she thrust her hips down and took his length in her with one quick motion.

Logan sucked in a deep breath and let it out with a low hiss. Her sudden warmth almost making him cum right then.

Veronica seemed to understand this and waited a moment before she started moving slowly, pulling herself up his body - only the head of his cock in her.

She let out a moany gasp as she slid herself back down. She started a slow rhythm, taking in the feeling of him. She clutched tightly onto his shoulders, her short nails biting into his skin.

Logan silently thanked whoever was responsible for the invention of non-slip shower tiles as he shifted his feet for better leverage.

A groan escaped his lips as Veronica continued to buck against him.

He also silently thanked whatever Gods were listening that he once again was holding Veronica in his arms.

Veronica moaned loudly and quickened her pace. He let the exquisite pleasure of her movements shoot through him and couldn't stop the guttural cry that escaped his lips as he fought the buckling of his knees. Words fell from his lips in between pants and kisses about love and forever, her name like it was a prayer for salvation.

Veronica tightened all around him and he felt it as she came hard, clinging to him for balance and screaming out his name. He held her to him as she caught her breath, he could feel her heart hammering against her chest. Amazed that he had held off on his own release, Logan moved them from the shower on shaky legs - not breaking their intimate contact - and sat Veronica down on the counter.

Veronica leaned back, head resting on the mirror behind, her hair creating little swirly designs in the foggy surface. She looked down between them, letting her eyes slowly drift up the length of Logan's body to meet his heated glaze. Never was sex like this with anyone else. Not that Veronica had a lot to compare it to, but the times she did were nothing when held in comparison to even just the simplest of acts with Logan. Everything was intense and passionate. Endless kissing and whispered declarations. Never did she feel more loved by another person, more cherished. Never had she felt such emotions towards someone else as she did when with Logan.

Logan started slowly moving again, in and out of her finding his own rhythm. His hands found their way to each palm a breast, gently squeezing with every thrust in and then pinching her nipple. He smiled as he drew out a long moan and watched as Veronica bite her lip to keep from being too loud.

Quickening the pace, Logan bent down over Veronica to replace one of his hands with his mouth. He used his tongue to draw her hard nipple into his mouth, then bit down gently. He was rewarded with another moan and her fingers in his hair urging him on.

He paid the same attention to the other nipple and then moved up to claim Veronica's lips in a kiss. She surprised him by immediately taking control of the kiss and using her tongue to mimic his movements below. Logan took that as a challenge and stepped up, thrusting harder. Veronica's head fell back against the mirror with a dull thud. Her mouth dropped open and hung slack, a silent scream on her lips as she came again.

This time Logan didn't hold back and a few sloppy thrusts later, all his muscles tensed and he gave into his climax as Veronica held on, kissing the side of his face telling him that she loved him.

Sliding down to the floor, Logan pulled Veronica with him. They settled on the fluffy bath mat and Logan was able to reach a few of the large towels to cover themselves with. The shower was still running, the steam filling the room floating above them like humid little clouds. They both struggled to catch their breath.

"Wow!" Veronica finally managed to get out.

Logan smiled kissing the top of her head, "You can say that again!" he panted.

"Wow!" Veronica laughed out, her voice echoing off the walls.

She snuggled in closer to him, unable to move and feeling sleepy again.

Neither cared that the water continued to run in the shower as they drifted off.