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"Oh well" Roger said to himself "As long as Mimi does not find out about this I'm good! I'm calling Joanne!"

"Hello Office Of Joanne Jefferson this is Joanne Jefferson Speaking" Joanne told him

"Howdy My Name is Ricky! Ricky Mc...Urm...McRicky Thats Right Ricky McRicky" Roger said with an accent "I'm a Lawyer from Texas!"

"Thats Great" Joanne said "So Ricky what can I do you for?"

"You can do me for free!" Roger said in an accent "Just Kidding! Lawyer humor!"

"Right..." Joanne told him

"Anyways Ms.Jefferson I'm calling about Maureen Johnson" Roger told her "Your Ex Girlfriend"

"Yeah what about Maureen my---Wait did you say Ex Girlfriend?" Joanne asked

"Yes" Roger told her "I'm calling to say that I'm her Lawyer and she's gonna sue you!"

"For what?" Joanne asked

"For not having sex enough" Roger told Joanne "Your gonna lose everything you own Ms.Jefferson"

"WHAT? How do I fix this?" Joanne yelled

"You meet Maureen's Demands" Roger told her "You have to find a Mr.Mark Cohen and Give him a Wedgie and make him cry"

"What?" Joanne asked "I'm not gonna do that"

"But wait!" Roger told her "Theres more! you have to go find a man named Tom Collin's and lick his feet then go to a bar and buy him a Tom Collin's"

"These are Maureen's demands" Roger told her in his Ricky Voice " DO IT NOW" Roger yelled while playing his Guitar

"Roger is that you?" Joanne asked

"NO!" Roger yelled in his Ricky Voice

"Is too" Joanne told him "I can hear you playing Guitar and just wait until I see you later Roger! Your dead"

"Oh well" Roger told Himself "I'm gonna call Angel now"