Chris leaned forward, more towards the open window. The rain was pounding down like rolling waves from the clouds, so the window was only open enough to let the moist air slip in. His eyes focused blankly on a spider web that was nested in the corner of the large stained glass window.

A mass of giggling and singing made his ears twitch but he didn't turn to see Melinda, Penny, and Patty dancing in a circle with their hands clamped to one another's. He didn't have to. Their blurry reflections told him all he needed to know. At 15, the three girls were far too old to be singing and dancing like four-year-olds. But in the refection, he noticed a few of the younger girls and boys plopped down on the couch and blankets that were stretched out on the marble floor. He spotted all of Aunt Phoebe's daughters, the youngest ones sitting on Prue and Ladybug's laps. Aunt Paige's youngest son, Harry, was sitting cross-legged on the couch surrounded by some of the other girls.

Chris couldn't help but grin, even if they were family members, girl gathered around him more than they did to Wyatt. Chris let his eyes wander back to the web. Tiny drops of rain water clung to the thin, sticky threads. His ears filled with his cousin's singing. The twins were both blessed with the melodic singing voice of their mother while Melinda was not. But her tone deaf singing was easily covered up with the loud noises made by the large mass of children. They were watching the older girls dance and sing as if entranced by a piped piper. By this time Prue and Ladybug shooed the girls of their laps and joined in the circle.

Through the screeching, screaming, and loud padding of footsteps, Chris could make out a few nursery rhymes. The loud footsteps were moving to an unheard rhythm.

"Rain, Rain, go away, Come again another day. Rain, Rain, Go away, come again another day."

Four verses of that and they moved onto "Itsy, Bitsy Spider". A quick glance showed that nobody was sitting anymore or standing still. They danced around the room like the world could never end.

Chris could hear Melinda's voice. But that wasn't right because she was screeching her lungs out.

"Never ever, ever, ever, Chris you know Dad loves you. He won't miss one ever again."

He frowned, and actually turned around to face the dancing children. Melinda still danced with her cousins, smiling, and her face was red and cherry. The entire second generation was here, save for Henry and Wyatt, and they acted like the world, the day, the moment would never come to an end or be ruined. But of course, it did. It always did.

With a large crash from two stories up, and a shout of "DEMON!!" the moment was ruined, the dancing and singing stopped short and happiness was replaced with panic and fear. Aunt Paige orbed down and ordered Chris and the oldest girls to go upstairs and help while she hurried the rest of the children out of the sun room. Chris stood from his seat and briefly turned and swatted the damp spider web from the window corner.

Then he orbed upstairs to help get rid of the demon who was retarded enough to attack a house filled to the brim with Halliwell Witches.

Because there was never a happy time in the Halliwell manor that wasn't viciously attacked by demons or drama (or a combination of both).

Never ever, ever, ever, ever, again.

He grinned, despite to slick blood on his arm and Darklighter poison in his veins. A blurry image and muffled sound reached his brain before slipping into unconsciousness.

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