Michiko closed her blood-stained eye-lids slowly. At least no one will miss me. Despite her predicament, a few tears still leaked out of her pained eyes.


'Should I? Or should I not?' Michiko looked at the ningens in the village with indecision clear in her roku-sai eyes. 'Mother always told me not to go near ningens, for they were selfish and greedy, demo... I guess I'll just try it.' The indecision cleared up. Michiko walked toward the village, struggling to overcome a tiny piece of doubt in her mind. Slowing down as she reached the village, the doubt began to grow until it reached to overcome one-fourth of her mind. 'Be quiet!' Michiko snarled inwardly at her consciousness. 'I've already decided. Why don't I just try, anyway?' Stepping into the village,
Michiko immediately struggled not to cover her nose. The stench of dripping grease, sweat, and unpleasant ningen smells reached her. 'What should I do now? Ask for help?' But before Michiko had even finished that thought, a voice broke into her thoughts.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Michiko looked up in total surprise to a man that looked like he was in his late twenties, hauling a bunch of logs over his shoulder. The man was frowning at the sight of such a young kid in the working area of the village.

"You youngsters will be over there," said the man, pointing to another section of the village where Michiko could see bunches of ningen children playing and chasing each other around.

"Chotto matte kudasai!" Michiko cried as the man began to leave. The man stopped, and started frowning again.

"I haven't got as much time as you, onnanoko. What do you need to say?"

All this time, the man and the girl talking were beginning to attract attention. Whispers ran throughout the working area,
and people were beginning to stare at the duo. Suddenly, a man of about sixty cried, "Who is that? I don't know her!"

"Me neither! I've been here for a long time, and I know everyone in this place! Who is she?!" Yells of agreement were heard.

Suddenly, a new, unfamiliar voice boomed out.

"Chinmoku!! Let me through!!" At once, the commotion stopped, and a gap was quickly made. Michiko glanced up to see another otoko in his twenties work his way through. The new ningen looked at Michiko, frowning and rubbing his chin. Suddenly, yet another voice rang out into the silence.

"That's not even a human!! Look at the color of its eyes and hair! Look at its markings and claws! It's a youkai!!"

Everyone, including Michiko, turned to look at a woman of thirty with anger and wariness deep in her eyes.

"That's right!! No ningen has those kinds of features!! Kill it!" Another woman screamed.

To Michiko, all this racket was making her young, sensitive ears beginning to hurt. She winced, though everyone caught her action.

"That's right!! Kill it!"

Yells from men began to rise sharply, and suddenly, Michiko felt an extremely sharp pain in her ribs. Jerking her head to the left, she blinked as blood began to spurt out. Michiko felt herself being raised to come face-to-face with the first man she had seen when she came into the village.

"And I though you were simply an innocent, human child," sneered the man, "I'll never make that mistake again."

With that, he began slapping Michiko face with painful, stinging blows, as the other men laughed and poked fiercely at Michiko's body with rakes and working tools. The gruesome face of man twisted to blood-red. In fact, all of Michiko's vision became red as blood. 'Naze? Why are they doing this to me? I have done absolutely, absolutely nothing to them! This is not fair!' Michiko felt herself thrown onto the ground and stamped on brutally by many heavy boots. Her breath whooshed out of her, and her vision, whose color was already dangerous, became even more red. 'I still do not understand why they are doing this? Ever since my family died...'

---Flashback even more into the past

"Hurry, Michiko! Run!!" Screamed the frenzied face of her mother.

Michiko blinked with utter surprise. Her mother's beautiful face, normally proud and wise, was now similar to a deer in its final moments.

"Run, Michiko, run!!" Her father's voice boomed into Michiko, and with comprehension, Michiko ran like the wind. Fear-
stricken screams tore her heart beside her, but with tears running wildly down her face, Michiko sprinted as fast as she could, with adrenaline in her veins making her run faster. Fear flooded her entire system.

After one hour, a rested Michiko walked cautiously into the area forever imprinted in her taiyoukai memory. The scent of her father and mother's blood reached her. Eyes widening immediately, she spotted her father, and ran over to him.

"Father!! Are you ok? Father, answer me!!" Silence met her words.

'Where's Mother? I can't find her, but if Father is dead, then Mother must be too...' The true realization of what happened hit Michiko, and she fell to her knees, sobbing, looking at her forever-dead father's face, staring eternally into blankness...

---Fast Forward to first flashback

'I've done nothing. I deserve none of this. So why?' Michiko stared at nothingness as the men from the village beat her already-bruised and broken body.

After ten minutes, everyone involved in the violent beating of a girl smirked and straightened up, trotting away to continue on their work, convinced this youkai was dead for sure. But Michiko, scenting everyone was gone, slowly opened her eyes.
Over the next half hour, she kept repeating in her head, 'Must get to water. Must get there!', while she dragged her mangled body to a nearby river. Her hands shook as she struggled to cup some water and throw it over her head, but before she could, she collapsed.

---End of flashbacks

Daughter of the Lord of the North, what have you gotten yourself into? Michiko sighed as unconsciousness finally overcame her,
and she welcomed it with open hands.


Inuyasha growled.

"What is it, Inuyasha?" Asked an alert miko.

"I smell blood. Lots of it, but it seems to be youkai blood and only from one person." The hanyou sniffed the air again.

"And it seems to be from a little girl, no more than six." Inuyasha's wary expression slowly faded.

"What should we do?" Inuyasha looked over to question Kagome's opinion.

Kagome answered without hesitation.

"Let's go check it out! Youkai or not, it's still a little girl. We should make sure she's alright."



"Sesshomaru-sama, it's a little girl! But she looks really hurt." Rin cried, pointing to Michiko.

Sesshomaru stared at the broken body.

I... I know this girl. But I don't. She smells like me. Suddenly, Sesshomaru caught a whiff of his younger brother coming.


Inuyasha leaped into the clearing where the blood smelled strongest, and let Kagome off his back. Miroku, Sango, and Shippo followed on Kirara. They all froze.

"Sesshomaru!" Chorused five voices, and a cat youkai growled.

"What are you doing here, bastard?" Growled Inuyasha, stepping forward.

Sesshomaru switched his eyes over to Inuyasha, also stepping forward.

"She is my half-sister."



chinmoku: silence

chotto matte kudasai: please wait

demo: but

hanyou: half-demon

miko: priestess

naze: why

ningen: human

onnanoko: girl

otoko: man

roku-sai: six-years-old

-sama: used for extremely respected people

taiyoukai: great demon

youkai: demon


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