I apologize, I apologize. I've just lost major interest in this fanfic, so it's going to be discontinued on my list officially. Please don't flame me. Again, hontou ni gomen nasai. But honestly, I'm probably not going to write chapter stories anymore because they take so long and I quickly lose boredom. So, yeah. Sorry.

For people who had interest in this fanfic, I was planning for... oh, great. I've forgotten now. Anyway, I was somehow going to make Sesshomaru come back from Naraku's digestion and, Michiko to finally learn, after a hard battle, that revenge does get you nowhere. For people who need a "catch-up", Michiko originally wanted to get revenge on Sesshomaru for being so brutal in her training days. Anyway, that's about it.



hontou ni gomen nasai: I'm really sorry