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Emily pov

It was a long day, but I still had to leave this place my boss would be happy with the information I gotten so far… I was able to escape that night and went to see him. Lucky me that he wasn't too far.. I made it to his warehouse.

"Aww little Emily! Welcome to my home always from home." he said as he stayed in the dark I bowed to him and then looked up.

"I found her once more and you wont believe what has been going on." I said with a all knowing smirked

"well tell me I don't have all night you know." he said

"Of course I don't have all night either well what would you say if I told you that little Yuki has a fiancé?" I asked him and he didn't say anything until he laughed

"I would have to meet this young man who things he can take my baby girl always from me." he said and I smiled oh I just wanted to know what he had plane for that poor boy…

Yuki\kitty pov

Finally the big day was here! It was our soccer torment. Jean and I had worked so hard for the last few days and we wanted to win this. We were on the bus with the other girls cheering and just being . My dad and the others said that they well be there for the game and lance was going to be there too he said he was going to sit in front if I don't see him there then to look in the way back roll.

"Ok Girls remember we are doing to do this right everyone one put it in." our coach said as we put our hands together

"We worked hard to get here so even if we don't win this I want each and everyone of you to know that I'm proud to be your couch." she said and we all smiled

"WE'll WIN!" we all yelled as we all gave one more cheer we got off the bus and could see that our family's and friends were there waiting for us to kick some butt. I waved at my dad and friends and they gave me thumbs up. I was so really. I looked around to find Lance , but couldn't find him yet, I looked down on my hand and saw the ring.

"Don't worry he'll be here you know he well he must have got traffic you know how he could be his always late but his always here when It counts." Jean said as she put her arm around me and I smiled at her.

"I guess your right but I think I well have to give him the wrong time for the wedding once our wedding come close.." I said

"why would you want him to miss the wedding?" Jean asked

"No he wont miss it I'll gave him the wrong time so he gets there on time the brides the only one aloud to be late and I like to keep it that way." I told her as she laughed I smiled at her and we went into the changing rooms.

With Lance his pov

Damn, I'm an hour late and its alright late at lest no ones on the road. If I keep driving this way I well make it for the half time and time to see her.. I drive as fast as I could I never saw the fighters on the road until it was too late…..something hit my jeep and made me go out of the road and hit a tree I was able to get out of my jeep and look back and saw men in black suits.

"what the Hell dude!" I yelled at them and one of them came forward

"So you the young man who's dating my daughter and had the never to ask for her hand with out asking me..well we cant have that now can we…" he said and I was shook I know Professor X wasn't kitty real dad but I never thought I would be face to face with the man that had made her suffer so much… but I kept my cool.

"Oh well I did ask her father, and he should as hell isn't you. A father rises and protects his children, they don't do what you done." I yelled as I made and earthquake but he just jumped out of the way. Into one of the streets light were I could get a good look at him and I was shocked. He didn't look like he could be a father of a 17 year old. He looked to be in his late 20's at lest kitty seem to have gotten her brownish red eyes from him along with his skin ton but that's was about it case the way his eye grow could freak anyone out, they were cold with a trash of crazy in them his teeth were sharp like a sharks mouth his hands looked like they had knife instead of fighter and his hair was a little longer then my and was in his face.

"oh my dear boy you don't know what you got yourself.." he said in a craze voice….

"Men you know what to do." and with that he was gone…..

Kitty pov.

He didn't come… We were back in the locker, changing. Thought out the whole game I kept looking up in hopes that he would be there but he wasn't it was the first time he broke a promise and he should have better have a good reason of why he did.

"Great job everyone. Jean Kitty come over here." out coach said as we went over

"this is mostly thanks to the both of you that why we had asked them to give us two other awards for the both of you" she put a metal around us they were gold and had best players on them. The others got silver we all did a cheer but my heart wasn't in it. We all sated to head out since most of our family's were there so most of us were going ot go home with them while the others took the bus we were all doing to hang out tomorrow night at the club for our win but for tonight we were going with our family's and friends. Once outside I saw Pietor and his father with my dad they both looked worried. I went over and looked at the sliver speed demon.

"what are you doing here pietor? If you're here case Lance send you well tell him I'm Pissed off at him!" I said but he looked sadly at me and shook his head…

"Kitty…" I stopped he never called by my first name I know this had to be bad.

"were is he? What's wrong? You never call me kitty never!" I said panicking I could feel my heart was betting fast and I could feel my stomach truing into knocks. Erik put his hand on my shoulder trying to calm me or help me from falling to his nexts words.

"Kitty Lance was on his way here but he crash into a tree and he was attacked, we believe it was mutant haters that attacked him but his in the hospital kitty he might not make it..…." it was like I was thrown from a building as I felt like I was falling and my tears came….