I don't own House, MD... (although I sent a letter to Santa asking for it p)

So, this is something that popped in to my mind while I was watching House.

I Hope you enjoy it!


It was an ordinary September morning at the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Well, as ordinary as a morning can be at a hospital. But there was something unusual this time… If you passed by the Diagnostics department, you would see a darkened office with all the blinds closed. Not so unusual you would say if you knew Dr. Gregory House. Because Dr. House was not like the other doctors, or any other human being for that matter. He was manipulative, rude, abrasive, sarcastic and the list goes on… So this behavior was considered normal. But, over the past three months, these 'qualities' of his had increased dramatically. In fact, everything had changed for the worst for him after one particular night. A night that would always stay engraved in his mind…