Forbidden Love

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Summary: A few years ago two groups of people crossed paths and a war sprung into action. These two groups are Gangs, the Alice Rebels, and AG, the Alice God. The leader of Gangs and the leader of AG were already off the a bad start and now the war is getting intense. Now a few years into the war Natsume's father died three years ago and he's the gang leader of Bloody Hands. Mikan the daughter of AG's leader is the merciless killer of all time. The two groups fought against each other again in an all out battle field. Natsume and Mikan just happen to cross swords and now their world is turning upside down.


I'm rewriting this story because I got off track and I personally think some parts were forced out. So please cope with me and I'll get it done. Also I might rewrite all my other stories too.

History of the War - (Fictional war)

A few years ago before Natsume and Mikan were even born, there were two groups of people. One group was called AG, AG stands for the Alice God. This group of people worship the god of Alice. There was a legend that said Alices were created by this guy who later on became the god of Alice. AG's duties were to protect the people of Japan. They were to cooperate with the police and all Federal Agents to investigate a crime. They were labeled as senders from the Alice God. AG works together as an organization. They have different rankings in the organization and a leader they follow. It's well organized and controlled probably.

The other group was called Gangs. They are completely different. This gang believe that Alices should be used for freedom. In order to prove this they commit crimes such as robbery or terrorism. Any sort of crime was mostly committed by this group. Gangs operate differently from AG. Gangs have separate clans or groups. Each clan has a leader and then members of certain ranks below them. These clans fight against each other to get to the top of the rankings. There is always a King and a Queen. The King and Queen is the two leaders of the leading gang and this gang will never change or lose it's ranking because its members are all highly trained in killing.

The AG and Gangs are always in the position of Federal Agents and criminals. That was all there was to the two groups. They never really had a grudge against each other but that all changed. One member from the AG fell in love with the prince of the leading gang. The prince also fell in love with her and they got together. However the AG and Gangs refused to acknowledge this love and decided to break them apart. The couple held strongly onto their love and wouldn't give it up. They escaped from all the government business and lived happily in a hidden area. Soon enough the two groups started to blame each other of such actions between the couple.

They began to hate each other more and more. The hatred soon turned into disgust and a war was starting to break out. Both sides issued a new law that prevented its people from falling in love with the enemy. Any one of the two sides break this law and they will be handled by the enemy.

A few months passed by and the war finally began. The government lent all its arms and legs to the AG while the Gangs survived on their own and any support that was willing to come their way. The war was deadly, more deadly then anyone can imagine. There was constant killing and blood shed everywhere. All throughout Japan there was a war going on. Citizens started to suffer and take sides, families were being torn apart so are friends. Everyone had their own opinion about the war. Some supported the Gangs and some supported the AG. It was a while mess in Japan.

The war was just a tragedy to everyone.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

With every swift movement the wind embraced Mikan's body. Her moves was the most graceful thing that anyone has seen, each lift of her muscles charmed them more and more. The grass around her danced along with her feet as they swept through it in a fast but smooth motion. A jump or a twirl was done in the most flawless way by her. The audience just stood far from her and watched Mikan perform such impossible moves. Each and everyone of them gawked and gasped as her hands changed positions or her body changed into another beyond flexible pose. She was just an awesome beauty.

"HAA!" Mikan thrashed her sword forward and managed to loosen her opponent's grip on her own sword. Flashing out of her pose she grabbed her opponent's sword and threw it away before lifting her own sword and pressing it against the other's throat and moving herself beyond close to that person's body.

"Checkmate. Game over, sister." Mikan stated as she continued to hold her pose with her sword at her sister's throat and invading her private space.

"Che." her sister sounded annoyed and tried to escape the position but dare not to move an inch. "Ok. You win." she admitted defeat and raised her arms up showing no hidden weapons. Mikan took one fast look at her hands, confirming that she has no weapons hidden, Mikan backed off. The blade she was holding was thrown into the grass and she began walking away.

"Stupid!" her sister whispered and lifted her leg in an attempt to kick her in the neck. At the last minute, Mikan turned and grabbed onto her sister's leg gracefully before pulling her down and lifting her sword to her sister's neck again. "Checkmate. I believe that was what I said." she repeated herself.

"Did you think I would admit defeat to a brat like you?" her sister snarled at her.

"Whether you want to or not. I won the fight. Back down sister. I don't want to kill you." Mikan explained harshly to her sister before pushing the blade closer to her throat.

"Sumire!" a voice interrupted the verbal fight. Both girls looked up to see their father heading towards them. Sumire took the chance to get back at Mikan. "AHH!" Sumire shouted and flung herself at Mikan after she attacked the blade with her left foot which sent the blade flying.

"Whoa!" Mikan let out and crashed to the floor with Sumire strangling her from above her. "Ah! Ha! H-ha!" Mikan struggled to breath but nothing came through. Sumire's grip was too tight on her throat. "Agh!" Mikan shouted before lifting her right leg up and slammed it against Sumire's skull. Once she felt Sumire's grip loosen, Mikan threw her off of her.

Placing both her hands on the grass above her head, Mikan pushed herself off the ground with her feet and then pushed heself back up again with her hands. Immediately she stood up and took a pose where she had her foot on Sumire's throat. "You don't give up do you?" Mikan insulted her from above her.

"That's ENOUGH!" her father's voice came again and this time he was quite close. "Grab her! Make sure Sumire's still well enough to be healthy." her father ordered some of his men into action and immediately they did.

The guards grabbed Mikan from all corners and forced her down onto the ground as others helped Sumire up and headed for the infirmary. "ARGH! Get off me!" Mikan struggled against the guards.

"We can't keep her down, sir!" one of them reported to Mikan's father.

"Use it." her father replied coldly before walking away.

"Orders from the leader to use it!" the guard repeated and on cue one of the guards that was pushing her down shoved a needle into her and injected some sort of liquid.

"ARGH! ARGH! AHH!! HA! HA! HA!" Mikan screamed and panted as the liquid took control of her body and she became limp and tired. Slowly but painfully her eyes began to close shut. "Argh.....ah..ha...." Mikan struggled once more before blanking out at once. Her head relaxed against the grass. The stiffness in her muscles released. She fell into a deep sleep.

"Get her back to the Leader!" the captain shouted.

"Yes sir!" the guards carried Mikan back to the Leader. On their way back to the Leader's house several people saw the scene and felt poor for MIkan who was dangling over one of the guards' shoulder. The people who pitied her had disgusted faces on for the guards and sad faces on for Mikan.

"How could they?" a woman asked her husband as she cried for Mikan behind the scenes.

"Shhh... Marta... it's alright." her husband tried to comfort her.

"How could they do that? She's only a 16 year old girl who's trying to fend off her sister that's attacking her countless times! How could they do that to the actual victim?" the woman cried more hysterically as the husband hugged her and tried to silence her cries.

The guards ignored all cries or insults they were receiving and headed straight into the home of the Leader. "Sir! We've brought her here on command!" the head guard announced.

"Good... chain her up over there. I'll deal with her later." the Leader ordered. The guards did as they were told and left with a bow. "Sumire... how's the wounds doing?" he asked.

"I'm doing fine, father." Sumire snapped back at her father and looked hatefully at Mikan. "I want to kill her right now."

"Don't be too fast on thinking about killing her." he counter attacked her.

"Why, father!? She didn't kill that boy that was in front of her!" Sumire stood up. "She failed to complete her mission! The mission for us was to kill all Gang memers during the battle but she failed to kill him!" she continued to scream.

"SUMIRE!" her father screamed over her voice.

"What!?" she snapped back.

"SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!" he shouted back. Sumire sat down immediately and looked up at her father with hatred.

"I understand the situation. But we have to deal with this rationally. We can't just kill her. It's against the laws of AG." her father explained to her.

"Ugh...uhh....ha...." Mikan's voice came out as only a small whisper as she began to wake.

The two father and daughter turned to her. Sumire glared deeply while her father just smirked at Mikan who raised her head slowly to look at her surroundings.

"..." Mikan let her eyes rest on her sister and father before glaring deeply at them. "The fuck is wrong with you two?" she spoke perfectly with a sense of hatred and disbelief in her tone.

"What the fuck are we doing? It's more like what the fuck DID you do." her father walked up to her and lifted her chin. "Weren't my orders exact? The order was to kill all Gang members in the battle yet you let one of them go. What was it that made you DISOBEY me!" her father slapped her across the face.

"..." was all Mikan responded.

"Don't play dumb with ME! I HATE it when people play dumb like that!" her father shouted once more before slapping her again.

"THAT FUCKIN' FACE IS WHAT MADE ME DISOBEY YOU!" Mikan screamed back and kicked him in the shin. "You're fuckin' face pissess me off, DAD!" she screamed sarcastically.

"HOW DARE YOU STRIKE FATHER!" Sumire screamed and striked Mikan in the stomach herself.

"ARH!" blood was forced out of Mikan's mouth. The blood dripped its way down Mikan's clothing. It soaked her white top and dripped down her black pants.


"Don't sit there and remain silent. You will talk and you will admit to your crime." her father reassured her of future pains and stomped out of the room with Sumire right behind him. Mikan was left in the room all alone with nothing but four walls to accompany her.

"...hesitation.... why?" Mikan questioned the four walls as she remembered the battle.

Flashback -

"THe battle is about to begin! We, AG, will have to fight to our best abilities."" her father announced over the podium. "The direct orders are to fight and kill ALL Gang members you come in contact with. DON'T hesitate to kill them! They deserve to die for siding with the DEVIL! WHO'S WITH ME!" her father shouted while throwing his right fist in the air.

"YAH!!" the entire group below him screamed and pumped their fists into the air. Then the battle began.

"ARRRR!!!" The AG tackled the Gangs and vice versa. Swords clashed and fists connected. The battle became bloodier and bloodier as every member of the war sliced through their opponent merciless.

Mikan and Sumire were the best of them all. They had no trouble fighting their way through the Gangs. Their combinations were the best in the entire AG and they were flawless. Just as they were about to reach the main source of the Gangs fire surrounded them in a circle.

"Damn." Mikan muttered as she tried to concentrate of nullifying the fire.

"Mikan. What's taking so long?" Sumire asked as she backed away from the fire.

"I can't concentrate! Something's disturbing me!" Mikan screamed above the noises.

"Shit!" Sumire snapped and activated her cat-dog alice. Grabbing Mikan by the waist she attempted to jump over the fire but it flew upwards with her and pushed her back. "YAH!" she screamed and fell back down. Mikan landed on her feet and caught her sister before she made immediate impact with the floor. Carefully Mikan let Sumire down onto the ground with her float alice. Just as Sumire touched the ground her alice deactivated.

"What!?" Sumire became nervous. "I didn't deactivate my alice." she said to herself suspiciously.

"Of course you didn't." a female voice answered her back. The two sisters spun around in the fire circle to see a girl with a pink bandanna over her redish brown straight hair.

"Who are you? I've never seen you before." Sumire demanded as Mikan slipped behind her and grabbed hold of a weapon she hid in her sleeves.

"I wouldn't do that unless you don't want your life." a male voice threatened behind her as a blade appeared at her throat.

Mikan was so stunned by the fact that this guy was able to sneak up on her! It was something no one has ever done. Sneaking up on her was one thing that she never allowed anyone to do.

"Hah!" Mikan gasped as she spotted the blade and slid her weapon back into her sleeves and eyed the weapon.

"That's a good girl." he applauded her.

"Shut up. I don't need any of your fake compliments." Mikan counter attacked his comment and looked forward. Sumire was keeping her eyes on the girl in front of her and haven't looked back ever since Mikan slide behind her.

"Sumire..." Mikan called out not quite to happily. "Um.... a little help here." Mikan begged but Sumire didn't bother.

"You got into a mess, that I can't clean. You clean it yourself." Sumire replied back before activating her alice again and attacked the girl. The girl screamed at the fact that Sumire aimed for her face and ducked away. Taking her chances Sumire darted through the fire and ran away.

"SUMIRE!" Mikan screamed rather angrily and tried to move but the guy pulled her back with his blade.

"hah..." Mikan gasped lightly as she remembered she was being held captive here. "What do you want? If you want to kill me then kill me already."

"Oh no. We're not here to kill you. We're here for a different reason." the girl laughed.

"What is this other reason? Spit it out!" Mikan snapped.

"Hn." the guy smirked behind her and reached over to her to turn her around. "We're here to take you hostage." he answered back and smirked wider.

"Good luck with that!" Mikan shouted before the fire disappeared.

"What-?" the guy didn't get enough time to say anymore as Mikan attacked him with her right foot connecting with his shin.

"DIE!" Mikan screamed and charged at him with the same hidden blade she had in her sleeve.

"You die too.." Sumire appeared behind the girl and attacked her in the skull with her sword's hilt.

"AGH!" the girl screamed. She swung around to face Sumire. "YOU BITCH!" she yelled and grabbed Sumire's wrists and threw her. Taking this as her chance Sumire released her hidden chains and caught the woman in a tight seal. "Hmm... looks like game over." she announced before looking over at Mikan's fight.

"Like hell I'll be your hostage." Mikan smirked at him and slammed her knee into his guts. The guy swung his sword at Mikan's neck but she ducked down and pulled his feet forward.

"DIE!" she shouted and proceeded to stab him through the heart when she spotted the one thing on his neck. There was a tattoo of a clover and rosemary. "..." Miakn stopped her attack and stared at the tattoo. 'What?' she thought as she observed it.

"What you staring at?" the guy demanded and attacked her to the ground.

"Ah!" Mikan yelped at the impact her head made with the floor.

"MIKAN!" Sumire screamed but was pushed back as flames surrounded Mikan and the guy once more. "MIKAN! MIKAN!" Sumire shouted. "DAMN IT!" she started to get annoyed and ripped the girl's throat off before recollecting her chains and staring at the fire. "MIKAN! CAN YOU HEAR ME! MIKAN!" she shouted over the fire.

Inside the fire the guy was one top of Mikan and staring down on her. "What were you staring at before?" he asked as he glared at her.

"... it's not possible..." Mikan muttered before coming back to reality and started to struggle against him. "Let me go!" she growled and tried to pry her wrists away from the man's grips.

"Tell me why you hesitated and I'll let you go." he answered her.

"It's none of your business." she stated and kneed him in the stomach.

"OHW!" the man let go of her and she took the few seconds to flip him over her head and get herself back up on two feet. The man stood up and looked towards the sky before smirking at her. "Bye!" he saluted and raised his hand up. She was confused until another hand reached down and swooped him away from the scene.

"Ah-..." Mikan reached out to him but stopped herself as the fire cleared and Sumire was revealed staring at him flying away. She turned to Mikan staring at her in deisbelief.

"What happened? Why did you let him GO! WHY!? You could have killed him! BUT YOU HESITATED! YOU BROKE FATHER'S ORDERS!" Sumire screamed as Mikan clutched her hand that she outstretched to the guy as he escaped.

End of Flashback -

"A clover and a rosemary.... is it you?" Mikan asked herself as two guards came into the room and undid the cuffs before dragging her into the conference room.

Mikan was then cuffed again in front of her father and sister who sat at the front of the room and a few other people on the sides of the room. The cuffs clicked shut against her wrists and ankles forcing her to limits her own movements. The guards pushed her down onto the floor and stepped on her head to keep her down.

"ahh..." Mikan made a sound that recognized her discomfort.

"Mikan Sakura! Daughter of Leader Takumi Sakura! You are here due to the crime you performed. You disobeyed the Leader's orders to kill all Gang members and allowed one of the gang members to escape." one of the Elders announced the crime she committed. "We the council take part in the court to come to an agreement about the sentence of Mikan Sakura." he continued.

"Thank you, Tai-san." Takumi applauded the guy and took over. "Mikan. Do you admit to the crime you did?" he asked her sternly.

"..." not looking up at all Mikan kept her mouth shut.

"He asked you a question. Answer it!" Sumire shouted while slamming her fist onto her arm rest.

"Sumire." Takumi called out to his daughter and raised his arm telling her to calm down. "Please, my dear daughter." he calmly stated.

"Yes, father." she apologized and glared down at Mikan's overflowing white hair.

"Mikan, even if you don't confess to the crime you committed... we still have several witnesses that can point you out as the one that allowed that Gang member go." Takumi tried another skill.

"..." was al Mikan ever let out.

"I'll give you one more chance to confess to your crime." Takumi's voice showed signs of anger.

"Go to hell." was all she had to say for Takumi to get pissed.

"Bring in the witnesses! Perhaps they can persuade her to confess!" he shouted instantly.

About five witnesses walked into the court room and bowed down to Takumi and Sumire but snarled at Mikan.

"I summoned you five to have you tell us about what you witnessed at the battle involving Mikan." Takumi explained to them.

Each and every one of them nodded their heads and looked at the council then back to Takumi and Sumire.

"Permission to speak, sir?" the first one asked bowing down.

"Permission granted." Takumi waved his hand in approval.

"On the day of the battle Sakura-san was surrounded by a ring of fire with the Gang member. Then suddenly this girl with the flying alice grabbed the guy and flew off. Then the fire cleared." he explained.

"When this guy flew off how did Mikan react to that?" Takumi questioned him.

"She stood there shocked and her right arm stretched out towards his direction." he answered.

"Is that correct?" Takumi asked the other four witnesses.

"Yes, sir. It is the truth." they answered one by one.

"You said she was shocked but didn't she take action to get the guy back from escaping the battle?" Takumi asked again.

"No she didn't sir. She just stood there and watched him fly away. Shouda-sama tried to stop the guy from escaping but Sakura-san was so in shock and not moving that the plan was unable to proceed." the first witness answered back as the other four nodded their heads.

"Thank you. There you have it my council men. Is there anything else you would like to ask?" Takumi looked towards the council men.

One of them stood forward and looked the first witness in the eyes. "Before the ring of fire started how did Sakura-san react to the guy?"

"She fought him quite well. Just when she had him nailed she stopped her attempt to kill him and just stared at him. It was weird. She had the perfect chance yet she just stared at the guy..." he answered back.

"Nothing more." the council man said and moved back to his spot.

"Thank you once again." Takumi waved them off. A few guards escorted the witnesses out the door. "My council men. Please make your decisions now that you've heard the witnesses' confessions."

The council men started to whisper and mutter amongst themselves before straightening again and one of them walked up to the spot and bowed. "Sir, we have come to a conclusion."

"And that is?" Takumi asked with interest.

"We find Mikan Sakura to be... guilty of disobeying an order in battle"

"Thank you, gentlemen." Takumi answered back and waved them off too. "Mikan... you are hereby placed under arrest for disobeying my orders. Lock her up."

Mikan was taken to the jail center and thrown inside one of the empty cells. She leaned herself up on a wall and looked down onto the floor. Her ears picked up the sounds of cries from other women and children that have been locked up in here.

"Disobeying your father... that's a capital crime... you'll most likely get executed." the guard laughed with his partner and left the jail center.

"... A promise is a sign of love... a memory is the proof of remembering..." Mikan whispered into the air as a small smile plastered her delicate face.

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