Forbidden Love

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Summary: A few years ago two groups of people crossed paths and a war sprung into action. These two groups are Gangs, the Alice Rebels, and AG, the Alice God. The leader of Gangs and the leader of AG were already off to a bad start and now the war is getting intense. Now a few years into the war Natsume's father died three years ago and he's the gang leader of Bloody Hands. Mikan the daughter of AG's leader is the merciless killer of all time. The two groups fought against each other again in an all out battle field. Natsume and Mikan just happen to cross swords and now their world is turning upside down.


I'm rewriting this story because I got off track and I personally think some parts were forced out. So please cope with me and I'll get it done. Also I might rewrite all my other stories too.

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Chapter 5 - WD

"What do you mean the Deal of WD?" Hotaru asked Natsume carefully. She wasn't even sure why she was being careful with asking a question that they all were asking mentally. Natsume walked over to a chair on unsteady feet and sat down. He breathed in and out before reaching over and grasped Mikan's hand.

"Why didn't you tell me? Instead of comforting me you could have told me of WD!" he screamed the last part. Mikan didn't move nor did she say a word. She just lay there quiet as ever. The only thing that proved she was listening was the sudden increase in her heart rate on the monitor. Everyone took several tentative steps towards Natsume afraid he might blow any second. Anyone can tell that whatever the Deal of WD was is giving Natsume a fright for his life.

"Natsume… fill us in… what's this whole WD thing?" Nonoko poured all her courage out in one go. At first Natsume didn't say anything. Instead he just gripped onto Mikan's hand and wouldn't let go. Nonoko and Anna looked at each other and urged the other to speak up. Hotaru remained silent as well as Ruka. They observed Natsume's reaction. His hands held tighter and tighter onto Mikan's hand and the monitor on Mikan's heart rate increased. The room remained silent as the two listened to Natsume's uneven breathing and the whispers of Nonoko and Anna.

Hotaru stepped forward after a while and placed a hand on Natsume's shoulder. He turned around sharply and glared at her. Not letting Mikan's hand go, he stood and towered over her.

"What!" he screamed at her. Hotaru didn't move an inch instead she glared back and pushed him slightly.

"Don't what me, Hyuuga. Enough of this mourning shit! Tell us now! What is the Deal of WD?" Hotaru demanded. The room fell silent once more and this time Natsume sat down and released Mikan's hand.

"The Deal of WD refers to Weston Doug." Natsume answered in a soft whisper.

"Who's Weston Doug?" Ruka asked. Natsume leaned forward and hung his head.

"Weston Doug was a figure erased from history. Only the most elite families of the Gangs and the royal family of AG know about him. His story is transferred down to the next generation and is to be kept a secret. But... I believe it's time to let this secret out." Natsume stopped for a moment before continuing. By now Anna and Nonoko had taken the couch with Hotaru sitting on the arm rest. Ruka sat himself down on the chair opposite of Natsume; Mikan in between.

"Weston Doug was under my grandfather. He was a part of Bloody Hands."

"Wait. He was one of the original Bloody Hands?" Nonoko asked to verify what he said was right. Natsume nodded. Everyone knew Natsume's grandfather founded Bloody Hands. He was the first leader and his comrades were rumored to be undefeated during their reign. Not even AG stood a chance.

"Weston Doug was one of the commanders of the divisions. He had the mind reading alice if I remember correctly. Grandfather trusted him with his life. He was my grandfather's best friend and tactician but then that happened. Grandfather wanted to hand the leadership over to my father but Weston disagreed. He didn't want to follow a teenager. But grandfather silenced him once and for all with his overbearing ways. The matter was resolved and grandfather named father as his heir. Weston stayed silent but then something strange happened. He would never utter another word about the matter. He was silent for the most part. Then… bodies began to pile up in Bloody Hands. People began to die mysteriously. They had no idea how until one of the members caught the murder in action. He testified that he was on his way to the dining room when he passed by Weston's room. He smelled something strange, like herbs, so he walked in to make sure he was alright. It was then that he realized what he smelt wasn't something strange like herbs. It was the residue of dark magic. He said Weston stood by the person and was performing some kind of ritual. Grandfather took action immediately and banned Weston from Bloody Hands. Weston refused to go and said he'll make a deal with grandfather. He'll leave but he'll be back in the future and all members of Bloody Hands are to be prepared because he's not done yet."

"He managed to attack Mikan, a royal princess of AG, and seal her in such a horrible state. Imagine what he can do to the entire gang?" Ruka asked Natsume.

"Not to mention, he's using dark magic. None of us are familiar with the arts of dark magic. It's unknown territory." The heart monitor increased in speed as Mikan's heart raced rapidly. They turned to her in concern. Her face was slightly red and the monitor was beating faster and faster.

"She's trying to tell us something…" Natsume raced to her and clasped their hands together. "Mikan, what is it? Tell me. Come on, do that telepathy thing again. Try it. You can do it!" Mikan's face turned redder as Natsume urged her on. He placed his forehead against their hands and continued to mumble.


Natsume snapped his head up. "What? Release? Go on! Go on! You can do it, Mikan!"




"How? How Mikan? Do you know how? Please!" Natsume screamed as the rest of them piled around Mikan's bed. Her face didn't turn any redder instead it became paler.

Dark… Magic…

"Dark magic? What do you mean dark magic?" Natsume screamed but nothing else came from Mikan. He didn't hear anything. She kept silent and just lay there.

"She said dark magic?" Hotaru asked. Natsume nodded his head. "Mikan! If you can hear me then raise your heart beat a little." They waited several seconds then the monitor increased its speed. "Good, I'm going to guess some things for you. If I get it right then raise your heart beat. Ok?" the speed increased again.

"You need us to release you and you know how?" the speed increased. "Good…."

"You're trying to tell us that dark magic is not the answer?" Ruka screamed out. The speed didn't increase. Instead it decreased dramatically. Hotaru looked at the monitor then back at Mikan. The gears in her head began to spin as she pieced everything together.

"Dark magic against dark magic, you're telling us that to fight this dark magic we need dark magic!" Hotaru announced. The speed on the monitor increased rapidly. Natsume and Ruka smiled as well as Nonoko and Anna. The only one that remained unfazed was Hotaru. She sighed instead. That caught the attention of them all. Even Mikan who's heart beat decreased slightly in confusion.

"Why are you sighing, Hotaru?" Ruka asked.

"Even if that is the answer. Where are we going to find someone who can use dark magic? It's one of those extinct powers. It's going to be hard to find someone with dark magic and be able to trust them." Hotaru answered.

"I don't care. You all go find me a dark magic user right NOW. We need Mikan to recover as soon as possible. I don't know why but I have a feeling she's our best bet." Natsume demanded.

"You're being unreasonable, Hyuuga!" Hotaru shouted.

"Why? Because I demand her to be released from this state ASAP!" Natsume jumped up once more and towered over her.

"No! Finding a dark magic user can take years! Even decades! There aren't much of them left! I'm not even sure if any are left besides that Weston Doug!" Hotaru shouted. Natsume fell silent. "… I'm not saying that I won't try to find someone. But we need time. I know Mikan's unable to breathe and all but we can't rush things. Dark magic users are not that trustable. They're known as dark magic users for a reason."

Hotaru turned and left the room leaving Natsume to think things over. Ruka followed after her and tugged Nonoko and Anna out as well. They protested and fought against his hold.

"Come on!" Ruka whispered.

"We don't want to!" Nonoko whispered back.

"Too bad! Leave Natsume alone for a while. He needs to think things through." Ruka pulled them harder and out the door they went. Natsume sat back down in the chair and looked at Mikan.

"What am I going to do, Mikan? You heard Hotaru… there's no fast way to do this. Why dark magic of all things? Wait a minute…" Natsume looked thoughtful for a couple minutes. "Weston's from my grandfather's time… he's older than my father… how is he still alive? And using dark magic?" Things didn't seem right to Natsume. Weston should have been dead by now. Not roaming around in his hide out. How did he get in the hideout in the first place? Natsume thought. So many factors didn't add up. Weston Doug was over a hundred and able to use dark magic? Even if he wasn't familiar with the grounds of dark magic he knew that dark magic contained mental ability and physical stability. Weston Doug was far too old to use dark magic much less lift a finger. He would be wheel chair bound if he was even still alive.

"Nothing makes sense Mikan." Natsume whispered into her hand. The heart rate monitor slowed to a steady beat meant to calm Natsume. He chuckled but listened to her heart beat. Certainly it calmed his nerves and his thoughts cleared of Weston Doug and dark magic and ways to conquer it. Everything melts away except for Mikan's heart beats. A small smile appeared as he remembered their first meeting. It was so cute and innocent but locked the future events in place. From that moment they were destined to be together forever.

"Natsume." Hotaru returned. He released the trance Mikan has on him and turned his undivided attention to her but made sure to keep an eye on the rest of the room.

"What?" He asked.

"Ruka thinks he found something. He wants you at the library ASAP."

"That fast?" Natsume asked. He couldn't believe it.

"Dark magic is a limited field but has a wide range of information. There are tons of books on them and we happened to have stolen quite a lot as well." Hotaru's nonchalant voice never raised or lowered. It remained steady. Natsume nodded and released Mikan's hand. Her heartbeat raced immediately at an impossible rate. Natsume turned back to Mikan.

"It's ok. I'll be right back. In the mean time Hotaru will watch you. Don't worry. See you soon." Natsume nodded at Hotaru as he passed her but she kept staring at Mikan. He closed the door and heard Hotaru shuffle to sit down. Quietly he headed for the library where Ruka was probably cursing him out for taking his time.

Mikan lay on the bed with her glazed eyes staring at the ceiling. Her chest constricted beyond possibility yet she was still alive. She listened as Hotaru sat in the chair Natsume was in. Her heart beat continued to beat faster and faster as Hotaru got closer. Soon the raven haired girl chuckled.

"Any faster and your heart would burst. We wouldn't want that do we?" Her voice no longer was Hotaru's. Mikan couldn't see the person but she felt wind when the window as closed and the sound of shifting. Hovering above her in the chair was a dark cloaked figure with a skull mask. His rusty gold eyes pierced into her soulless ones.

"Mikan-chan, how you feeling?" He laughed. Mikan slowed her heart rate to prove she disapproved his remarks. "I bet if you were able to talk you would be screaming profanity at me. I'm sorry but you just happened to stumble upon me. You should have left it as it is; continued your walk and ignore my presence. But you had be like the rest of those AG bastards! You had to investigate! You deserve this! All of this!" The man shouted and widened his arms in exasperation but huddled up when he realized he might draw attention to the room. The cloaked figure pulled the chair closer to Mikan and leaned in close to her face.

"I haven't introduced myself properly yet. I'm Weston Doug as I'm sure you probably know." Weston cackled. Mikan's heart rate dropped dramatically to prove another disapproval and disgust. "Oh stop that, my deary. It's not mature to be so rude to your elders. Haven't your parents taught you to respect your elders? After all you are from the AG. I thought you had more manners. It seems these stupid third generation Bloody Hands tainted your high status manners. What a poor child. Don't worry; I'll get revenge on them." He cackled before disappearing. Mikan was left alone in the room with nothing but her heart monitor to keep her company.

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