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Romance, yaoi, violence. Five some if you're lucky. My first fic involving a vampire. Please enjoy!

Naruto stared at the statue before him, their lady and their goddess. She smiled kindly down at him, silently promising nothing but happiness if asked.

"Lady Malashee, protect me, guide me and show me my path," the young blond whispered, holding Malashee's cross secure against his chest. The small silver chain shined against his robes, partly illuminating the hall around him, bathed in candle light. The statue he stared at was of a woman with a large bouquet of flowers. A ring of roses placed delicately around her head, acting as her diadem of faith and serenity. Two children sat at her feet, one a boy, the other a girl. The two unborn children as they called them. The two souls that were given and taken in one day from the maiden. The little boy represented courage and passage. The girl represented innocence and faith in all things. Two reminders and two sacrifice to their meanings. The blond sat on the small steps leading to the altar from which his father, the high priest of the Church of the Kingdom of Malashee would stand during mass. His father often told him how much he represented the unnamed boy. Courage and passage showed you were a man. The blond sat on the last step leading up to the high plat form, looking out to the row of chairs that people would sit and pray. The high glass windows were dark and bathed in shadows, reflecting the darkness of the outside and of the twilight hour of eleven. And still the blond's father had not returned.

"We are going to investigate a possible follower of the vampires. Stay by our lady, she will guide and protect you my son, keep her near and evil will not approach you. Please stay safe. I will be back before midnight."

His father had told him these words before he left with a group of men. He noticed the worried glance his father cast him before mounting his horse and taking off toward the edge of town. They had all feared that a new vampire lord had descended upon them. Taking refuge on the edge of the village and seeking the villagers as prey. Many had already died or been turned, later to be found and killed by crucifics. His father had preformed exorcisms on the ones who wished to be freed. Naruto as a part of his training was required to be there and assist. He as a trainee had little spirit power but would develop it and become stronger with age. Other villagers simple perished if they had gone against the church and their lady. Naruto thought sadly of the sacrifices that needed to be made to not let their world fall to vampires. He had seen the bodies hanging from trees that committed suicide. Slipping knives into their eyes or hearts. Slashing at their wrists or forcibly drowning them selves by tying heavy rocks to the back of their heads and leaning forward into the water. Never to rise since the rock, so heavy, held them down from their natural instinct to get up. Drowning yourself was hard, and they wanted to get it right the first time. Naruto couldn't understand why they chose such a torturous death, maybe to punish themselves? He never knew.

"Devils . . . " Naruto whispered, closing his eyes and laying a hand on the cross that adorned his chest. He stroked the metal and fiddled with the chain with his index finger.

"Angels . . . " a voice whispered, clear and high up into the rafters of the church. He went un heard by the blond as he sat down on one of the arches supporting the roof. The vampire sat and watched his prey, watched as gentle candle light played against the skin of the boy's face. The angel he watched was dressed in blue and white robes. The vampire licked his lips and started to grow impatient.

"He would look much better dressed in red velvet and silk . . . " the vampire closed his eyes and began to hum a tune lightly. The sound carried and traveled lightly to the boy's ears. Naruto's eyes began to lid heavily, his body suddenly moving of its own accord. He lowered his hand from his chest and shifted on the step.

In a field of wild flowers . . . Will you dance with me?

Naruto stood without realizing it and walked down the steps to the churches long aisle. He took long strides and made it halfway down the red carpet.

Come and dance with me . . . A dance of eternal darkness?

Naruto raised his arms and closed them around his body, hugging himself and swaying in place. His hands tightly gripped his hips, moving sensually and carefully.

It's not so bad . . . It will feel good . . . Holding you against me in our dance?

The vampire smiled and carefully floated down to the floor, humming and watching as he made his hypnotized angel dance. His traveling cloak shifted around his ankles before touching the floor as he began to watch. Naruto swayed carefully and reached one arm toward the vampire. A strong look of longing and desperation in his eyes as he looked at the newly approaching stranger. The vampire moved forward and took the white clad gloved hand of his angel in his own. He pulled his doll toward him and circled an arm carefully around his waist, resting a hand lightly on his back side, sensually sliding it down to his back thigh. Naruto's clouded eyes stared at him for a moment, slowly his eye lids lowered and completely closed. The vampire captured his other hand and started waltzing to their own world's tune. Gently resting his forehead against a tan one and staring into beautiful clouded blue eyes.

These flowers beneath my feet are not crushed . . .

They live again with the new moon . . . Live again with the moon like you and me?

Naruto threw his head back in their waltz. Hair swaying and the line of his neck perfectly curved. The chain around his neck glistened and bounced against his chest. The vampire licked his lips and breathed in shakily, his eyes burned with need and lust. Naruto's breath hitched and he opened his eyes, clouded with the rhythm. The vampire pulled the blond against him and buried his face in the silky corn flower hair, spinning them and moving gently up and down the aisle.

I dance to show you . . . I dance to own you, love me in the moon . . .

Love me in the light of the demonic moon?

The vampire smiled and stopped their dancing. Naruto blinked, unable to un fog his eyes. It was as if he was dreaming and moving in that dream, his body was heavy and relaxed, but managing to still stand up right. The vampire brought a hand up and unbuttoned the buttons on the collar of the robe, gently and smoothly pulling it down until the boy's collar bone was exposed. He scented along the bone and could practically feel the pulse point throbbing in the boy's neck.

"You smell wonderful, as wonderful as day shine. Amazing how a human male could smell better than any other women I have sucked dry . . . I think . . . I will make you mine . . . Mine until the end of eternity."

You smell sweet . . . You make me drunk from your essence and life . . .

Let me live, give me life from your own?

The silver of the chain glittered against the tan, suns kissed, flesh of the blond's neck line. He ran his tongue the length of the chain, tasting the metallic and coldness on his tongue. The blond's natural skin oil was against the chain, symbolizing that the blond wore the chain constantly, probably never taking it off. The vampire brought the same hand to the boy's hair and gripped it, pulling his doll's head back and his neck to a perfect arch like in their waltz. Naruto took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Life from your beauty, live for me and for me only . . .

You are mine to cherish and worship . . .

His eyes turned red and his fangs descended from his mouth, protruding past his bottom lip. Naruto only stood there, still lost under the hypnotic powers and the tune gently being hummed in his head. Slowly a pair of lips kissed his collar bone, a tongue following the bone to the boy's smooth neck. He took a deep breath and kissed the pulse point, his tongue making a small circle around it before his lips completely covered the area.

Mine and mine alone . . .

Do we dance to our tune as you become my bride?

"DEMON! RELEASE HIM!" a voice bellowed, followed by a gunfire. The sound seemed to amplify in the large cathedral like church, making the stain glass windows shake in their frames. A string of pain crossed the vampire's vision. He dropped the body in his arms to the floor. His hand reached up and grasped his arm, crimson flowed beneath his fingers. Naruto landed on his knees, his head bowed and his eyes blinking rapidly, finally taking in his surroundings. His brain barely registered falling to the floor or hearing a gun shot. He lifted his head and saw his father standing at the end of the aisle. A group of about four men behind him with either guns or crossbows. He lifted his gloved hand and covered his neck, feeling exposed and frightened.

"Naruto! My son! Come quickly! Get away from the demon!" his father shouted, his own chain bouncing hard against his chest as he spoke. His eyes were wild and his glasses threatened to come off. He reached out with one hand and desperately beckoning his son to him as if it would make him rise faster. Naruto quickly got to his feet and swaying as he ran. He bumped into the edge of the church seats as he passed, almost knocking himself over or losing his footing. His father ran at him and quickly led them at the back of the group of men who were staring with hate at the vampire. Naruto hazily collapsed into his father's arms. The priest set him down and gave a strong look of hate toward the demon. Trying to burn holes through him with his eyes alone. He rose from his son's figure and adjusted his glasses.

"MONSTER! How dare you go after my son? Your kind has already killed too many! Taken too many! You will not leave this church alive!" the priest bellowed. The men around him took that as a sign and started shooting at the vampire. Bullets and arrows flying and desperate to hit their targets. The vampire quickly teleported and wound up standing by Lady Malachee's statue. He hid behind it and waited for his injury to recover.

"Who are you demon? I have not seen your face! You are not a consumed villager?" one of the men asked, a gun pointed in the vampire's direction. The demon came out from behind the statue, recovered and angry looking.

"I am the new vampire lord! I am Sasuke Von Uchiha! How dare you interrupt my ritual? Hand over the boy if you value all your lives!" Sasuke roared, causing the walls around them to shake. The priest checked his son's neck and found no puncture wounds. He sighed in relief, grasping the cross around his neck.

"I see no puncture in the flesh demon! My son is not yours! Be gone from this world!" the priest yelled, holding up his own cross, he began to chant. The men around him joined in and followed the priest's movements. Sasuke hissed and covered his ears. The sound seemed to go through him, causing him to cry out in pain. Large wings covered his back as they emerged from his body. He lifted himself from the altar and into the air. With great speed he flew at them. The priest held his cross in the air as Sasuke drew near. A barrier formed, causing Sasuke to be knocked back into the air and crashing into the Lady Malachee's statue. The statue didn't break and caused Sasuke to land in front of it with a painful thump. The men raised their guns and aimed to strike. Sasuke picked himself up and jumped behind the statue, stray gunfire went past him and hit the brick wall. He quickly ran toward the window and faced them.

"You humans will pay. I will come for what I seek and next time . . . I shall have it!" Sasuke lifted his great bat like wings and blew a gust of wind in their directions. They shielded their eyes and the priest pulled his son's body to his own to protect the boy's face. Sasuke quickly smashed the windows with his arms and legs. He flew out them and into the night air, soaring off into the direction of the full moon. The men spat curses at him and reloaded their guns and arrows. Naruto opened his eyes and looked toward his father. The priest pulled the boy into a sitting position and examined him.

"Naruto, son, are you all right? Did the demon hurt you?" Naruto shook his head and re buttoned his collar, straightening it and fixing the chain of his neckless. The priest helped him to stand while he addressed the men.

"The vampire will stay away for now, please alert the town that the lord of the vampires has shown himself. Tell ever one to ready their crucifixes. I must mend to my son. The demon's tune is still within him. If it is not taken out, eventually he will begin to seek the vampire if the vampire wishes it. Raphael, please help me." The man nodded and went over to Naruto, picking the boy up and carrying him bridal style. The priest motioned for him to follow, leading them to the priest's private library at the side of the church.

"Place him on the table please." Naruto was set down, his father moved over him and inspected his son's face.

"Stay still, Naruto." The priest grasped his neckless and began to chant. Naruto felt his body twitch as if his skin was burning. He yelled out as his father's cross began to vibrate and glow in his hand. Raphael came over and pushed the boy's shoulder's down, keeping him in place. His father touched his forehead and almost immediately his body started to relax. The man released him and stood back. His head began to clear itself of Sasuke's presence as he sat up on the table. His father set his hands on his shoulders.

"What . . . Happened?" Naruto asked, rubbing his neck.

"A vampire entered the church and tried to turn you. Thank goodness we were in time getting back. It's a mess down in the village. People are panicking. I think it would be safer for everyone if we alerted them of the demon's presence." Naruto nodded and stood. He cast his father a smile.

"Thank you, dad. I could have . . . I can't believe he was able to enter holy ground. It's unbelievable." Naruto stood and moved his bangs out of his eyes. His eyes widened and he looked on the verge of panic.

"I'm next! I'm going to die aren't I?" the blond yelled, looking at his father. The man looked at him stern and shook his head.

"No. I won't allow it. Calm down and go to sleep. We will discuss things further in the morning." His father walked over to him and took one of his hands. Naruto took deep breaths and nodded.

"A-All right. Good night." Naruto bowed in respect and left the room, heading toward the courtyard. The priest watched him go and sighed in relief.

"The vampire will be back. Now that Naruto is on his list, the vampire won't stop," Raphael whispered. The priest nodded in head and fixed his glasses on his nose.

"I will worry about that. If necessary, I will send my son into hiding. But for now, make sure the town is aware of what is going on. I don't need any more deaths." Raphael nodded and exited the room. The priest walked out to the altar and stared at the statue.

"May our Lady save us, please help my son . . . " he begged, kissing the cross around his neck. He bowed one last time and exited the Cathedral, following Naruto to their home in the back of the court yard. Naruto was already asleep by the time he got there. The boy looked tense, shifting every few moments and mumbling in his sleep. He finally settled when his father walked over and gently touched his forehead. His father stared at him, fear clear in his eyes.

"Naruto . . . I won't let anything happen. I'll find a way to protect you . . . My son . . . " he sighed, brushing his son's hair.

Like his mother . . .

He gently closed his son's door and walked to his own room for a night of troubling sleep.