Chapter 14: The final spin bow and kiss your partner

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Well, this series has had a good run. I have many others that are already done and I'm itching to post. Hope you enjoy the ending to Ritual. I don't think I'll make a sequel, its too complicated to make one from this. MAJOR LEMON! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Three days later from the event,

Sasuke's castle has vanished from the face of this earth.

Demons from all over had heard rumors and discussed it with careful tongue.

Some say Sasuke Von Uchiha has died.

Some say he is in hiding and will reemerge.

He is king of the vampires after all . . .

At the moment no one knows the truth.

The small village though didn't care, it was as if a miracle occurred. Their nightmares had vanished and demons no longer inhabited the area.

They rejoiced and held feasts, dancing around roaring fires of well-lit flame. There was only one among them that did not celebrate though.

Naruto . . . The new head priest since his father's passing.

The news brought everyone to tears and more cursing of the demons.

Though they did not know, it was not even a demon's fault.

The title given to him by the town head and by Malashee herself.

Naruto Level Aqua, High Priest Uzumaki, Of The Church Of Malashee.

God bless our lady.


Three days had gone by and no word of Sasuke had made itself known. It was as if he vanished like dirt under the rug, there but not seen by the eye. The four knights had left, reluctant to leave him alone. Since his father's passing he had become quiet and a bit reserved, speaking only when spoken to. Since such a heavy title had been bestowed upon him, he had a new gleam in his eyes. Naruto in a way had changed, they were possibly sure for the better.

"And may that light envelope those who wish for forgiveness in this life. To hold hands with the other and seek no ill tempt, to seek no harm and abolish all thoughts of evil. Our Lady watches us in warmth, amen," Naruto spoke, the rest of the church echoed his phrase.

"Amen," They all said, the sound resonating around high colored windows. Naruto closed the large heavy book in front of him with a 'thump' and took a deep breath. Today was Sunday, the first day of his new active title and duties. Conversation broke out among the masses. Many came up to him to give blessings and congrats. Many also grieved for the passing of his father and if he was angry or confused about his loss. Naruto only gave them a shake of head and a smile. Behind that smile though, Naruto clenched his fists of his new white gloves. His new robes consisted of the colors' white and gold now, the only blue he wore now were his eyes. The church emptied and the final sounds of laughing children left him feeling empty inside. He cleaned up around the pews and carefully rearranged the books there. His lonely footsteps echoed as sunlight made the floor change colors through the stained glass windows. Naruto stopped all action and just stood there, hugging a spare book to his chest. He snapped out of his trance and walked slowly to the front, having been working near the entrance to the church. Naruto looked down the aisle and remembered where he was now. The very setting he first met the vampire, where he had first danced with him in a song known only to them.

How did that song go again? He wondered. He felt like actions would help him remember. He took off his ceremonial robe and carefully draped in across a pew chair. This left him in a simple white tunic shirt and dress pants. He closed the large church doors with a creak and faced toward the aisle. Slowly he walked until he was about halfway down the aisle. Naruto searched his memory hard, closing his eyes he tried to remember. Before he could stop himself, words flowed like water from his lips to the air.

In a field of wild flowers . . . Will you dance with me?

Naruto went forward a few steps, the soft clacking of feet filled the air as he moved down the aisle. He hugged his body as he walked toward the large statue.

Come and dance with me . . . A dance of eternal darkness?

Naruto stopped walking and frowned, no he didn't like that, it was time he changed the song around.

Come and dance with me . . . A dance of eternal light?

He smiled, Much better he thought. With that he continued to move, each step made his heart beat faster.

It's not so bad . . . It will feel good . . . Holding you against me in our dance?

His body moved faster as he spun and threw his head back, gold hair reflecting the light from the windows, making it look like a halo floated there.

These flowers beneath my feet are not crushed . . . They live again with the new moon . . . Live again with the moon like you and me?

He felt his eyes start to mist over but he did nothing to stop the tears.

I dance to show you . . . I dance to own you, love me in the moon . . . Love me in the light of the demonic moon?

You smell sweet . . . You make me drunk from your essence and life . . . Let me live, give me life from your own?

Life from your beauty, live for me and for me only . . . You are mine to cherish and worship . . .

The tears fell freely as he waltzed in the aisle. He stopped to catch his breath when suddenly his foot bumped on the side of the pews. He braced himself with his hands as he hit the floor, the air escaping him as he gasped. He stayed there on the floor, hands and knees. His tears hit the floor and he just let them fall. He cried as he shifted to sit on his knees, he brought his arm up and wiped them away. His breathing finally evened out as he sat there, waiting for . . . He didn't know. It was then he realized he never finished the song. With a sigh he scrambled his brain to remember the lines, when he finally did he sucked in a breath.

Mine and mine alone . . . Do we dance to our tune as you become my bride?

Naruto sat there confused as the words seemed to come out from nowhere. He lifted his face as a pale hand came out and touched his cheek. He looked up into eyes that even though dark, seemed to sparkle in amusement. Naruto's words caught in his throat as the vampire stroked his cheek and moved down to cup it. Naruto felt himself being lifted off the floor and into his arms. Sasuke's cool breath felt tingly on the side of his neck as he breathed out against it.

"Miss me?" Sasuke asked, petting the hair below Naruto's neck. The blond stood stunned for a moment before his eyes tear up even more. He smiled and nodded as the tears fell, nuzzling his head into Sasuke's strong shoulder.

"More than you know," He breathed, bringing up his arms and hugging back. Sasuke smiled and rubbed Naruto's back, he stopped suddenly when he noticed his shoulder was getting wet. Sasuke pulled the blond back to watch as cascading tears fell down the blond's tan face. He lifted a delicate looking finger and gently removed the moisture, Naruto closed his eyes, relishing in the feeling. Sasuke's finger moved from that cheek, tracing instead full red lips. Sasuke bent down and gently connected their lips, the contact alone sent them both ablaze, electricity seemed to travel to their very nerves. When they parted, Naruto implored him.

"Where . . . Where did you go? ...Where were you, Sasuke?" He whispered into the air. Sasuke's dark eyes traced that face, it was amazing how three days could completely change the outlook of a person you had not seen too long ago. Sasuke took the blond's hand and gently tugged. The blond followed, his question still in his eyes. Sasuke walked until they were standing at the large window behind the statue. The different colored glass showed brilliantly in the day against pale skin. Sasuke wore nothing but a red flannel shirt, silk to the touch. His usual cape was missing and he seemed for once . . . Normal, walking around like a human would.

"My castle is gone," Was all he said. Naruto nodded and placed his forehead on Sasuke's shoulder from the back.

"I know . . . Believe me for the past few days I've known. I'm sorry . . . " The blond muttered. Sasuke raised an eyebrow and looked at him.

"Sorry? For what?" He asked, turning around. Naruto looked to the side.

"For the mistake of circumstance I guess . . . Well, in a matter of speaking, I was the one that made the four knights, N-Neji and my . . . My . . . Father, to go to the castle," The blond said quietly. Sasuke's gaze went soft and he raised a hand to smooth back blond bangs.

"When we fought, Neji and I, something happened," Sasuke began. Naruto raised his blue gaze, a brow of confusion held his features.

"Something happened? You mean besides the destruction of your castle?" The blond asked. Sasuke nodded and smirked.

"Notice anything different?" He asked. Naruto ran his eyes up and down the raven, besides the manner of dress he looked the same. Naruto shook his head. "Come closer," He urged. The blond went forward but still didn't see it. Sasuke took the blond's head between his hands and gently placed Naruto's ear on his chest, right above his heart. The blond closed his eyes and listened.










Naruto's eyes shot open and he backed away, he shook his head and raised a hand to his mouth, taking another step back.

"No . . . " The blond breathed. Sasuke nodded his head and approached him gently but beseechingly.

Stretching out his arms Sasuke proudly announced "I'm human." Naruto seemed to stare at him for a long moment before looking to the floor. Sasuke was confused by the action, before he could ask what the problem was, Naruto spoke.

"How? Well . . . What I mean is . . . Huh?" He asked, not sure how to explain. Sasuke smiled and shook his head.

"When Neji and I crashed into my castle, our forces cancelled each other out. In a way, Neji did represent justice and I the evil, ying and yang balance each other, there is no in between." Naruto looked confused until he spoke.

"So you . . . Cancelled each other?" He asked carefully. Sasuke rolled his eyes but nodded. "But that doesn't explain how you became human . . . " Naruto stated. Sasuke would admit to that.

"Neji's aura somehow changed me, I noticed when I woke up on a stone pile . . . It hurt like hell when it normally wouldn't. Not to mention, I don't have a craving for blood any more." Naruto nodded and moved forward toward him.

"But what . . . What happened to Neji?" He asked. Sasuke narrowed his gaze.

"Do you care?" He asked, almost accusingly. Naruto flinched and looked to the side.

"I only ask because he was a childhood friend. I will never forgive him for taking my father away from me." Naruto's eyes once again became teary as he spoke his next words. "I miss the Neji that was before this incident, that is the Neji I want to mourn," The blond cried. Sasuke regretted his attitude and moved forward, taking the blond into an embrace.

"I'm sorry, I had forgotten he was a piece of your life. I have full belief that he is indeed dead, I can no longer sense his life force. No doubt he is buried beneath the rocks of my home, centuries of age have made the rocks heavy, crushing him." Naruto nodded and buried his face in Sasuke's now slightly warm chest.

"It's hard to believe that he is completely gone. That my father is gone, but I . . . " Naruto shook his head, soft bangs falling into his eyes. "But I don't want this to be a dream. I want to be here, to be real, to know I'm standing right in front of you, right now." Sasuke took slim shoulders into his hands and made it so Naruto looked him in the eyes.

"Naruto, now that I've changed, not that I'm not a demon or a monster, could you love me?" He asked, rubbing the slim shoulders he held. Naruto's gaze softened.

"I can't love a monster," he began and Sasuke's heart was beating faster. "But Sasuke, you were never a monster to begin with, I see that now" He finished and Sasuke gave him a blank look. "Human or demon we are what we are, you fell for me even though I was a weak human right?" Sasuke nodded and pulled the blond into a strong and loving embrace.

"I'm glad because Naruto . . . " Sasuke pulled back and smoothed back the blond's bangs. "Either human or demon, I would have never given up on you. Embracing you now I . . . Naruto, do you now share my feelings of love?" He asked in earnest. Naruto's eyes shined and he smiled.

"Through this all, I think I've judged who you are and your motives," The blond only said. Sasuke's face looked desperate.

"And the verdict?" He asked, squeezing the blond's hand in his own. Naruto made Sasuke's heart beat even harder when he returned the squeeze. Naruto leaned up and brushed his lips against Sasuke's. When he pulled back, both of them held a tint of pink on their cheeks.

"Sasuke I . . . I love you," He blushed red, averting his gaze to the floor. Sasuke leaned down and captured those tempting lips, Naruto closed his eyes and tilted his head for a better angle. Both were left breathless as Sasuke took his hand and pulled him to the back of the church. Naruto almost tripped as Sasuke practically dragged him out and into the garden. Flowers of every color lined the pathway to the small home in the back. Naruto managed to catch his breath before Sasuke swooped in and captured his lips, opening his mouth and letting a wet muscle trace his bottom lip. Naruto responded, his cheeks turning as red as the roses they passed. Sasuke ran a hand down the blond's slim but firm chest, loving the softness of the fabric of his shirt. Naruto gasped as his shirt was rubbing against his tender flesh. The excitement made it feel like everywhere on his body had become sensitive. His senses seemed to be on fire as his body moved from pure pleasure and instinct alone. Underneath though he felt a surge of fear spike through his stomach as he broke the kiss he and Sasuke were in the middle of.

"Sasuke . . . S-Sasuke!" He gasped, trying to pull away. The raven held him tightly but listened to the blond carefully.

"Naruto?" He questioned. The blond opened his eyes, bright blue clashing with dark as night orbs.

"Say it," He pleaded. "Say that you love me." Sasuke's gaze went from questioning to realization, his love wanted confirmation, then he will have it.

"Naruto . . . Be it human or not, I will always love you," He breathed, ever word was confirmed with a kiss or a nuzzle. Naruto smiled and fell into the raven's embrace. Before he could have noticed, they were up the stairs and heading for the blond's room. Sasuke rocked against him as he was pushed into his now closed door. Naruto panted with the effort to keep up, Sasuke was making his body feel so much at the same time. His stomach had lightened while his chest heaved. His legs felt wobbly while his feet were firmly placed onto the floor. Sasuke reached around and picked him up by his rump, crushing their hips together while Sasuke supported him. Naruto wound arms and legs around him, suddenly noticing his shirt was gone and already on the floor. Sasuke kissed him until both thought their lungs would deflate. Sasuke kissed his neck and nipped sensitive skin right below the jaw, he blew on the skin and Naruto felt shivers go down his spine.

"You . . . Ah, stop . . . T-teasing," He whimpered. Sasuke smirked against sun kissed skin.

"Can't help it beloved, you're too irresistible," He breathed. Sasuke shifted Naruto so that he was level with his face before backing up. The lack of a door to his back made the blond carefully clutch onto Sasuke, arms grabbing at the strong back. The raven switched them so Naruto landed on his bed first, staring up at his lover. Sasuke removed his red shirt one button at a time, slowly capturing Naruto's gaze in what felt like hypnosis. The blond suddenly felt vulnerable and looked away, covering his chest with one arm. Sasuke slid in next to him, trying to catch his gaze.

"Naruto?" He called, tilting his head. He didn't think the blond would suddenly turn shy, fear of so much intimacy could be understood. The blond looked at him, reluctance at the edge of his blue gaze.

"Are you sad? Are you sad that I took away your demon powers?" He asked. "Are you mad because in the result of loving me . . . You're not a vampire anymore?" He asked, voice a little shaky. Sasuke in return pounced on him and held his body close, capturing the blond's lips he spoke between every breath.

"I will never regret this love. This love could turn me into a mindless corpse but I will never regret holding, kissing you, having the ability to make you mine," He said, never wavering at all. Naruto felt himself carried to his bed and laid down gently and lovingly. Sasuke slid his hands up his smooth tan back, then down to a firm butt were he squeezed, causing Naruto to meet and thrust his hips up. Sasuke chuckled at Naruto's mock pout before leaning down and sucking on a tan collar bone. Naruto moaned and ran fingers through dark tresses.

"S-Sas-" The blond tried.

"Ahh . . . "

His eyes shot open as a hand boldly but lovingly moved between his legs, cupping him and massaging slowly. Dark eyes looked up and watched his blond's reactions carefully, making sure not to move too fast. Naruto panted and gently keened his hips, moving up and down in an experimental manner. Sasuke smiled and licked a trail down his stomach, tonguing the dip toward his groin. Naruto hands flew up behind his head as he latched onto a nearby pillow. The hand moved faster as Sasuke licked his head making him gasp and whine. The raven became more determined then to wither every sound he could from the blond.

"Naruto . . . I want to hear you . . . Beg me . . . " He spoke softly as if the blond beneath him was made of glass. He wanted to be romantic, but at the same time he wanted the blond to encourage him, making him want this. Sasuke released the blond making him give out a confused and unsatisfied whine. Instead Sasuke rubbed his most intimate of areas. His eyes went wide as his cheeks burned red. Sasuke massaged his virgin entrance slowly with a finger before gently lowering his head and licking it. Naruto wanted to thrust but Sasuke held him firm by an arm being thrown across his hips. Naruto's erection bobbed, making him reach toward it to try and soothe the itching but bittersweet ache. Sasuke caught his hand and held that firmly too.

"Sasuke . . . Please . . . It aches . . . So much," He whimpered. Sasuke groaned at the tone of his lovers voice, if possible making the desire within him grow. He gently leaned down again and plunged his tongue deep, becoming wet enough for him to gently but strongly push a finger inside. Naruto whimpered and panted, breathing in and out, in and out. Being a virgin, he didn't know what to expect, the sensations of another being upon him and what it could do to his body. A hand suddenly on his erection leveled him down as Sasuke watched his face, pumping that finger in and out before another one was added. Naruto's hand moved to the pillow behind him and held on. Sasuke pushed his fingers deeper and moved down to kiss where a thigh dipped down to his groin.

"Naruto . . . You're so beautiful," He whispered softly, treating the blond below him like glass. Naruto smiled but shivered when those fingers brushed up against his magic spot inside him. He moaned and looked at his lover, blue eyes swimming with pleasure.

"Sasuke . . . I'm . . . Being selfish, let me do. Uh . . . Something to you," He begged, hips twitching. Sasuke smiled and grasped the base of his cock a bit harder as his fingers moved, roughly now. Naruto tried to bite back a whimper but it came. His knees were moved farther apart as Sasuke pulled him up and watched his face. His hand moved quicker, making the blond wither in pleasure from his sweet torture. A tingly feeling made its way from the blond's stomach and out. His breaths came out softer and he moved his hips to ride those wonderful fingers. Fingers clasped the blankets below him in a white grip. Sasuke knew the blond was close but continued anyway.

"Naruto, just watching you makes me feel good," Sasuke groaned. The heat in his stomach was getting stronger and stronger, it didn't help that Sasuke was now ramming his fingers in while his cock was now being stroked in a tight grip. This torture went on until Naruto thought he was going to burst, until suddenly, it stopped. Naruto was caught off guard as his eyes burst open to look at Sasuke, so caught up in pleasure and never realizing he had closed them. The raven smirked and moved to him to capture his panting lips in a kiss. Naruto's arms came up and wrapped around the other, stroking his back and firm muscles of his abs. Sasuke shivered, not used to such an intimate soft touch, always the one touching. He moved strong hands down Naruto's shoulders to wrap around his waist and pull their bodies together. After a few hot minutes they pulled apart, nothing but saliva connecting them. Naruto gazed at him and gently rubbed pale shoulder blades. Sasuke kissed the side of his neck and smoothly went down, massaging the blond's back with firm fingers. Naruto's head fell to the side, giving more room for Sasuke to kiss down his swan like neck.

"Hmm . . . You taste like roses," He muttered, kissing the skin. Naruto swallowed and closed his eyes.

"I was . . . I was planting flowers this morning, new ones, roses actually," The blond blushed. Sasuke chuckled deep, sounding like a purr deep from his diaphragm. He came back up and stroked Naruto's smooth and soft cheek, the three whiskers tinted red. Naruto sighed and caught Sasuke's hand in his, kissing the knuckles.

"I didn't know a simple touch could be so . . . Intimate, like I'm being kept warm in front of a fireplace," He said softly. Sasuke kissed him, talking against smooth lips.

"I will always make you feel loved, for the rest of our lives," He spoke, gently touching their foreheads. Naruto closed his eyes and nodded, small tears formed at the edges of his eyes.

"Forever," Was his breathless reply. Sasuke moved up so that he was in between the blond's thighs, moving his knees apart and wide. Naruto felt himself shiver as Sasuke touched him so tenderly.

"Do you have anything? To make it less painful?" He asked, looking back up at the blond. The blond smiled and turned to his window sill, a small box rested there.

"In the wooden box there," He said. Sasuke nodded and tipped the lid open, a small bottle was inside. He took it out and smiled at the blond. The blond smiled back before looking off to the side in embarrassment. Sasuke reached over and cupped his chin, stroking it with the pad of his thumb.

"Do you want to or . . . ?" Sasuke motioned with his eyes. Naruto sat up and nodded.

"Y-yeah . . . I want to," He said, taking the bottle. Sasuke was patient with him which was really sweet. He watched the blond nervously uncap the bottle and pour a fair amount onto his hands, rubbing them together, shaking a little. Sasuke kissed his neck to calm Naruto's nervousness.

"Relax love, whenever you're ready," He whispered, nibbling on the skin. Naruto took a deep breath and relaxed his hands. Sasuke moved back and looked him deep in the eyes. Naruto's eyes went half mast as he carefully reached forward, grasping Sasuke's length and coating it with the lube. Sasuke groaned and mouthed Naruto's neck, the blond was definitely going to have to touch him there more often. The blond panted as he felt Sasuke intimately for the first time, moving his fingers softly then harder as he heard Sasuke groan into his neck, hot breath against his slightly sweaty skin. His touches became shaky as one of Sasuke's hands gently touched him, running a hand between them to rest against his swollen sex. Naruto couldn't take any more torture, he released Sasuke and pushed his body closer, anxious to feel.

"Sasuke, I need it, I need you, now," He whispered, burying his burning face into Sasuke's dark hair. Sasuke moaned and pulled back, long bangs framing his pale but heated face. He kissed Naruto once more before pulling a bit away and positioning himself. Naruto's fear made itself known as he was pulled close and felt something large entering him from behind. It was a weird sensation, it felt like he was being stretched but he did not move anywhere from his warm spot on the bed. Sasuke seemed to be coming closer to him as he felt himself becoming full. His hands flew to the raven's arms and held tightly, breathing became deeper as he whimpered at the feeling.

"Ah, oh, too . . . T-too fast," He pleaded. Sasuke gentle face drew closer as he was being pushed back until his head hit the spot below his pillow. The area felt cool against his hot and sweaty skin, making him twist a little and groan at being stretched all the more. Sasuke's breath fanned out against his lips as he started to tremble, his lower half felt like it was burning, being filled to the brim for the first time by another was overwhelming and new.

"O-Oh g-god," He whispered as Sasuke pushed even farther in.

"Shh . . . Relax, relax and let me in. Let me fill you love," The raven coaxed. Naruto's breathing became softer and he closed his eyes, trying to relax his muscles. Sasuke felt the tightness around him soften a little and he sank inside, hot, wet heat was accepting and it felt amazing. He fought against orgasm on the spot, anything to stay a little longer like this in his love. Naruto let out a deep sex-filled whimper as Sasuke's cock brushed against his prostate, the feeling made his stomach jump and his cock leak. He opened his eyes and met Sasuke's slightly shining ones. The intimacy made it more real and the raven smiled down at him in love.

"I love you," He said, placing his hands below Naruto's armpits, stabilizing his position on the bed. Naruto smiled and rubbed circles on Sasuke's arms with his fingers.

"I love you too," He whispered. Sasuke started slow, moving in an experimental thrust. Naruto breathed through it, feeling Sasuke move in him.

"Hmm . . . " Sasuke purred low in his throat. Naruto's hands moved from his arms to rest around his neck, pulling him close. Sasuke's hands clenched in the blankets as he moved easily with the help of the lube, sweat collected and the sensation of moving like this made him dizzy. Naruto buried his forehead into Sasuke's collar bone, his cock was grounded between his own stomach and Sasuke's making heat crawl up his spine. After a while of this slow pace Sasuke moved forward more and went faster, causing the blond to gasp and arch into him.

"S-so good . . . " He moaned, kissing Sasuke's sweaty chest. The raven leaned down and started kissing Naruto's neck, licking up the sweat and moaning at the taste. To Naruto it felt like the room was spinning, what looked like fog was gathering on the windows and his body was feeling pleasure at every jab. Sasuke moved fast and slow at the same pace, searching out Naruto's body from the inside. Moans floated off the walls and made their bodies vibrate. One of Sasuke's hands came up to circle the blond's leaking shaft and pump in time with his thrusts. Naruto's body went into overdrive and he whimpered as thrusted his own hips.

"So . . . Close," Sasuke whispered, speeding up even more. Naruto felt the muscles in his stomach clench as he began to feel that sweet sensation trailing down his thighs to his groin. New to the feeling, the blond did nothing to hold back his desires.

"S-Sasuke! SASUKE!" He yelled to the room. His insides melted as he came with a wail against Sasuke who was still thrusting into him. The raven felt the warmness spread all over his hand. Lifting the hand to his mouth he licked away the semen there.

"You taste great," The raven husked. He thrust a few more times before the blond's tightness caught hold of him and he came, buried deep within his blond. Naruto moaned at the warmth and clung to the raven, heaving chest against a sweaty heaving chest. Sasuke almost fell on top of him as he came down from his high. Both felt drunk and tired as they lay there basking in each others essence.

"I...I..." The blond didn't know what to say, never before had such things crossed his path in life. The new experience made him feel complete in some way. Sasuke kissed his forehead and nibbled it while breathing hotly against his skin.

"Are you all right?" He asked, moving some blond hair out of the way. The blond breathed deeply and smiled.

Hours later found them both in the garden as they walked among the flowers, discussing what happened.

"So when your castle fell, what happened, right down to the last detail," The blond said, stopping to sit on one of the garden benches. Sasuke sat next to him closely, making the blond blush as an arm circled his waist.

"What is there to tell? I woke up on a stone pile and alone. Most of my former minions either are in hiding or have found a new master to serve, but if your wondering . . . I don't regret it one bit," He stated, smiling at the blond. Naruto blinked and leaned his head against the raven's shoulder in a sigh. Both relaxed against each other in content, something suddenly though sprung into Naruto's mind.

"Hey!" He said sitting up. Sasuke looked at him in surprise.

"What?" He asked, clearly confused.

"Whatever happen to Fransa, Jananzee and Yallanda?" He asked. Sasuke's mind did a flip as he too didn't know where they were. He shrugged simply and pulled his lover close.

"Wherever they are, I'm sure they are together and they are happy, just like us," He said truthfully. Naruto smiled and kissed his cheek before one again resting his head on the raven's shoulder. The summer day was bright and Sasuke this time was truly able to enjoy the sun with his blond. The wind swept his hair playfully as if a kitten was pawing at it. He closed his eyes and breathed deep.

I wonder though, what did happen to those three?

Far away in a town bordering the country

"I wonder if master ever confessed truly to his blond . . . " Fransa sighed, waving a hand in front of her face. The sun today was bright and baring down, Jananzee was nearby, playing in the sand. Yallanda looked up from standing in the water and faced Fransa.

"I'm sure master is happy with his blond, besides . . . I've been waiting years to take a vacation from that stuffy castle!" She said, flipping her wet hair off her shoulders. All three sighed and out of curiosity, Fransa summoned a crystal ball from the sand and it cast an image. A blond and a raven were sitting happily on a bench together, eyes closed and enjoying the sunny day and evening breeze. All three smiled and the ball vanished in a soft glimmer, taking the images with it.

"I think they'll be just fine. And besides . . . We'll always watch over them from afar," Jananzee said softly, playing with her sand pile. All three nodded and looked to the sky.

It looks like a bright future indeed . . .

Malashee, I bless you for our happiness

that every day reminds me of the losses I have faced

and the things I have gained

The road ahead will be hard but we will face it together

a day at a time

thank you my lady and continue to watch over us

your humble servant Naruto




Well, the fic is over and truthfully I don't think there will be a sequel. I plan to keep on ficing so to speak, it has been a long road and I thank everyone for reading and for support, even the cool ideas ppl have given me. I went all out on the lemon and am very proud, it's my first real good one. The plot was a little twisty at times and at times not, but I am proud of myself, this is the second one I've finished besides my other YUGIOH one. See you all in my other fics! Seeya!