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Summary: Sequel to Code Xiaolin. After finally finding the key to Omi's materialization, Jack and the gang must now search Xanadu for an anti-virus to rid Omi of W.U.Y.A.'s infection for good. With new powers and upgrades, the Xiaolin Warriors face even more deadly W.U.Y.A. attacks, dangerous new monsters, and even the occasional famous transfer student! The question is can they do it?



"Speech on Xanadu"

Chpt. 1: Upgrade

It had been about a month after W.U.Y.A.'s last attack on the Xiaolin Warriors. For whatever reason though, the virus hadn't launched a single attack in that time. Jack wasted no time in trying to uncover the key to Omi's anti-virus. He worked as hard as he could during the day, and sometimes a few nights a week provided that one of the others stayed with him.

But not only did the genius use that time to search for an anti-virus, no, that time was also well spent coming up with surprises for Raimundo and the others. Surprises that the three had discovered on their first trip to Xanadu in what seemed like forever.


"Whoo-hoo!!!" Raimundo cried wildly, speeding through the Desert Sector on a dragon-shaped skateboard that hovered in the air. "These vehicles are awesome!!!" The board was green with red eyes with wings spread out on the sides where the boy stood. He did all sorts of flips and tricks through the air while the others attempted to keep up with him.

"Slow it down Rai, this isn't a competition!" Kimiko yelled after him.

"I agree!" Omi added, "If this was such a thing, Kimiko and I would have defeated you a long time ago!"

The two of them rode atop a bronze-colored cougar, Kimiko at the controls and steering through the rough terrain. She smirked as she pushed a button inside the machine, causing its legs to retract and four small jets to pop out, propelling them through the air.

"Whoo doggies! This sure is excitin'!" Clay shouted, behind the others in his own transportation device. The vehicle he rode on was a like the tail of a dragon. Being a true cowboy at heart, Clay sat on it as if it were a horse as he moved forward into the sector.

"I'm glad you guys are enjoying them," Jack said while back in the lab. "You have no idea how long it took me to make them! The Raimundo's Longi Kite and Clay's Serpent's Tail were easy to program, but it was difficult to get Kimiko's Crouching Cougar to transform like that!"

"Why wouldn't we be enjoyin' 'em?" Raimundo asked. "We're crusin' around Xanadu in style now!"

"Although I do wish I had a vehicle of my own," Omi stated.

"Don't worry; I've got a special surprise for you Omi! Get to that Way Tower up ahead and I'll show you just what I mean!" the genius said with a mischievous smirk.

The four warriors did as they were told, making their respective vehicles move as fast they could. In almost no time they cleared the canyon, spotting the glowing blue Tower in their sights.

"Huh? What's that?" Kimiko question, spotting a strange creature guarding the Tower.

"Is it some kinda new monster? I've never seem anything like it!" Clay added.

"Whatever it is, we'll be sure to knock it down!" said Raimundo, cockily as ever.

This new monster appeared to be a large, mechanical spider with only four legs. It was painted mostly silver with a little brown in the mid-section. Sensing the sword wielder's presence, the beast lifted up its two front legs revealing cannons. He fearlessly charged at the monster in front of him, taking out his own weapon and preparing to strike.

"Blade of the-- Whoa!" Just as he was about to attack, the monster fired its cannons at his Longi Kite, sending him crashing to the ground.

"Raimundo! Are you okay?" Omi asked, jumping from Kimiko's vehicle and calling upon his own weapon.

"Be careful guys, there's no telling what this thing can do!" the genius warned.

"Don't you worry about us there partner," Clay said, unstrapping his giant, golden boomerang from his back. "Big Bang Meteorang!" The cowboy flung his weapon at the opposing force that shot it right back at him, knocking him off his ride. Kimiko was also taken down by the large lasers.

Raimundo quickly brushed himself off and charged once again at the monster, Omi following close behind. The creature didn't even let him get a foot closer before he was de-virtualized by a painful blast to the chest.

"Oh, now you are going to give up currency!" the fish warrior cried, spinning his staff to block the oncoming lasers. Unfortunately, the lasers he blocked were ricocheted and hit both Kimiko and Clay, severely bringing down their lifepoints.

The monster once again shot at the gnome sized boy, this time almost hitting him. Clay had created a wall of desert sand in exchange for the rest of his life points to protect Omi.

"Arrow Sparrow!" Kimiko cried, her weapons having no effect on the monster. It took advantage of her disbelief and fired at her again. She was dodging by flipping as skillfully as she could until she was hit in the side and finished off.

"Dammit!" Jack cursed. "This monster's stronger than any of the ones we've ever faced! Omi, quickly get inside the Tower so I can materialize you onto Earth!"

The little warrior nodded and pole vaulted his way inside the Tower, awaiting Jack to activate the materialization code.

"Code Xiaolin: Materialization Omi!"


"That new monster sure was a pain in the ass," Raimundo scoffed, folding his arms.

"But why did you materialize me Jack? I could have simply hid inside the Tower," Omi explained.

"I know that. But didn't I tell you I had a surprise for you?" the genius smiled slyly.

"Well are ya gonna tell us what it is, or sit there all day?" Clay asked.

"Yeah, we wanna know too!" the Japanese girl added.

"It's simple," Jack wagged his finger in their faces, "while we've had time from our little W.U.Y.A. break, I took the liberty of developing a more powerful super scan device. What that means is I can track activated Towers from my laptop and Omi doesn't have to stay in Xanadu all the time!"

"You're kidding!" Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay gasped.

"Surely you must be tugging my belt!" Omi cried.

"Yankin' your chain!" the Brazilian whispered.

"Nope, I kid you not! The paperwork is all taken care of!" Jack exclaimed. "Omi, you are now a full time student at Fung Academy and free to live in the real world as you see fit!"

Omi started to literally bounce around the lab at this statement! Ever since that miserable virus had infected him, he had almost given up hope of ever being able to live on Earth! Now it was a dream come true, and W.U.Y.A. couldn't do anything to take it away from him.

"Calm down there li'l buddy," the cowboy chuckled. "We oughta be gettin' back to school now or the second semester field trip'll start without us!"

"We are going on a trip to a field?" asked the confused Omi.

"Not quite," said Kimiko, "You'll see when we get there."

"Ooh! I hope we get there soon then! I have never been to a field before!" the pint sized boy giggled like it was the most exciting thing in the world.


"Ah, Mr. Crud, is it?" Coach Guan asked, briefly looking over Omi's papers.

"Yes! That is correct Mr. Gym Instructor!" the tiny boy said with a big grin.

"I see," he mused. "I hope you're not anything like your cousin, but if you need anything you can just ask Spicer, Bailey, and Tohomiko. I think they'll steer you in the right direction."

"Are you saying you don't trust me with my own cousin?!" Raimundo asked, offended.

"I believe you just said it for me," the gym teacher stated, "Now the five of you should report to the courtyard. Also, there will be a new student joining the eleventh grade class so you should greet him."

"But sir, we're not in the eleventh grade," Jack informed, referring to everyone besides Clay.

"What's his name anyway?" Kimiko asked.

"Chad Youth or something like that," Coach Guan responded, "Either way, get moving!"

"Yes sir!" the five saluted, heading to their destination.


The five friends struggled to make their way through the crowded courtyard. Even if it was time for the second semester field trip, it shouldn't have been that packed! There were students left and right and they were all screaming in delight. The trip wasn't that great...

"What's going on out here?" Kimiko asked.

"Perhaps they are also excited about going to the field," Omi concluded.

"Omi, we're not--"

"As usual, you losers are left out of the loop!" a snotty voice sneered. "By the way, who's this shrimp?"

"I beg your pardon!" Omi blew up, "It is not my fault I am in short stature! You are meowing up the incorrect bush!"

"Barking up the wrong tree," the black haired girl whispered.

"That too!"

"Anyway Ashley, would ya mind tellin' us what's goin' on that's got everybody packed tighter than a herd of thirsty cattle at an empty waterin' hole?" the cowboy asked.

"I'm going to pretend I understood that," she scoffed. "But if you must know, we have a celebrity in our school starting today. Besides me of course."

"Yeah, and who is this 'celebrity'?" Raimundo inquired.

"AHH!!!" Jack screamed like the many other fangirls in the courtyard. The others turned to give him confused looks. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Over there! Look, look, look!!!"

The still confused teens complied with the over excited genius' request. Stepping out of an extravagantly long stretch limo was a tall teen boy. He looked like he was about sixteen years old and had long, flowing black hair that went down to his back. He was dressed in a style that was similar to Omi's, except that his shirt and pants were blue with white cuffs. The handsome teen gave a sparkling smile to all his fans.

"I don't believe this! It's the famous genius and movie star Chase Young!! I idolize that guy, I really do!" Jack drooled, large stars popping out of his eyes.

"Chase? That is the name I was called before we deactivated the first Tower, correct?" Omi asked.

"What? Tower?" the confused Ashley said.

"Uh, nothing! How about you go on over to Kitt and Ten? I bet their lookin' for ya," the Brazilian suggested. The spoiled girl raised an eyebrow in suspicion, but left anyway.

"Omi, be more careful about who you talk about Xanadu around!" Kimiko scolded.

"I deeply apologize," he said bowing.

"Hey, is that famous kid comin' our way!" Clay shouted, pointing to Chase.

"I could faint!" Jack over exaggerated.

"Get a grip lover boy," Raimundo joked.

Chase Young continued to slowly stride over to the group, a smirk plastered onto his face, as his fangirls continued to swoon and call his name.

"Hello there," he said, extending his hand, "I'm Chase Young."

"Hi there Mr. Young sir! I'm Jack Spicer, boy genius! Pleased to meet you!" the excited teen almost tore off the star's hand, shaking it rather forcefully.

"Um, yes, pleased to meet you as well," Chase replied awkwardly, "But I was talking to the one in the robes. Tell me, what is your name boy?"

"Omi Crud!" he said with a smile.

"I see. You look very familiar Omi. Perhaps our paths will cross again soon." the long raven-haired boy suggested, before turning to leave.

"That was weird," said Clay.

"Yes, very." Omi added.

"Who cares?! I shook Chase Young's hand!! I'm never washing it again!" Jack cried obsessively.

"Erm..." the Brazilian trailed.

"Let's just get on the bus," Kimiko suggested.

"Yes! To the fields we go!" the bald boy shouted.


"This does not look like a field. At least, I do not think it does," Omi noted.

The school bus had driven them to the local mall. It was done at the beginning of every second semester so the students were able to purchase new clothes or whatever else they needed to get the semester started.

"Of course it's not a field! It's a mall!" Kimiko explained.

"Although, I might prefer a field compared to this place," Clay added in.

"Remember students, you have two hours to collect everything you need. That includes food, clothing, and all other essentials!" the chaperone told them.

"I don't know about you guys, but I could stand to do some shopping right now," Raimundo stated.

"Me too, let's go!" the short girl giggled, pulling him off with her.

"Don't know about you guys, but I'm just gonna mosey on over to the food court," Clay announced before making his own departure.

"Looks like it's just us," Jack noted. "Come on Omi, I'll buy you a cell phone so we can stay in touch."

"A phone made of cells? Most interesting!" the chibi teen gasped.

"If you like, the two of you may accompany me," Chase Young had suddenly appeared in front of the two, swishing his hair back and smirking at them.

"Ch-ch-ch-ch Chase Young? The Chase Young?! He wants to shop with us?!" the genius shouted, earning glares from jealous fangirls.

"Jack, break yourself apart!" Omi advised.

"You don't have to if you do not wish to. I'm sure I could find someone else..." the famous teen stated.

"NO!!" Jack cried, "We'd be happy to go with you!"

"Good," he smirked, "Then lets make sure to enjoy ourselves."


Inside the mall, the three boys were having a fairly exciting time. They looked through most of the shops, getting surprised looks from the clerks and customers. It wasn't everyday that a famous teenager walked in such a common place like a regular person. So far Jack had purchased a couple of overcoats and some eyeliner as well. Omi wanted to buy a video game from the electronics department, but had no idea on how to get the device to work. Chase had bought nothing, stating that he already had all he needed.

After all their shopping was done, the boys headed to the food court where they met up with Clay. Being curious, Omi had decided to try ice cream for the first time and was now clutching his head in pain due to brain freeze.

"I told you not to eat it so fast!" Jack scolded the boy.

"I could not help it! It looked so simply delicious!" whined Omi.

Clay and Chase laughed at the exchange between the two before the Texan pulled the genius over to the side.

"Psst, how long has it been since ya last checked W.U.Y.A.'s activity?" he asked.

"Good thinking, it has been some time," Jack whispered back. He then stood up. "Hey, uh, guys, I gotta run to the bus for a moment. I left something there. I'll be back soon, okay?"

"Take your time, there's no need to rush," Chase replied coolly.

"Thanks!" Jack said, smiling and waving in departure.

"Say, Omi, how would you like it if I showed you something amazing?" the movie star asked after Jack had vanished from sight.

"Amazing you say? I would love to!" the short boy exclaimed in response.

"Excellent..." Chase replied, "Clay was it? I hope you don't mind if we leave you behind."

"Personally, I ain't got a problem with it. Jack on the other hand might though," he answered.

"I see; tell him we've gone off to the pet shop then." Chase replied before dragging Omi away.

"Uh, okay..." the blond mumbled to himself.

"Where are they going?" Kimiko asked, approaching her friend with a tray of pizza in hand. Raimundo was following close behind, carrying both his and her shopping bags.

"Pet store. Why?" Clay responded.

"Just curious. And Jack?" she asked again.

"To the bus to get his laptop," answered Clay again.

"Do one of you guys mind helping me?" Raimundo asked behind the mountain of baggage.

"Hm? What was that Rai?" the raven haired girl asked. A sudden crash was then heard in the background followed by a screaming Brazilian.


Back on the bus, Jack had heard the sound of his laptop beeping rapidly.

"Just as I though," he said, "Activated Tower!" He quickly opened up the device, tracking down the location of today's Tower. "Got it! Forest Sector, 85 degrees north northeast."

As his typing continued, he heard the sound of the bus revving up. The red-head immediately shot up, spotting purple fog appearing over the dashboard of the bus. He was able to jump off of the bus before the doors closed. The possessed bus then backed up and began chasing after him as he ran back to the mall screaming.

"Why?! Of all times why?!" he screamed. Jack took out his cell phone, dialing Clay's number. The blond cowboy instantly picked up. "Bus! Chasing! Tower! W.U.Y.A.!!!" Jack shrieked into the phone.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down there partner!" Clay said from the other end.

"I'm being chased around the mall parking lot by a bus under the control of W.U.Y.A.! Get the others and I'll meet you at the lab!"

"Everyone else is here, but Omi went off that movie star kid!"

"What? Where'd they go?!"

"The pet shop I think. You want us to go look for him?"

"No, I'll do it! Get to the lab and have Kimiko transfer you and Rai!"

"Gotcha!" Clay agreed, hanging up. "Guys, let's go!"


"These animals or whatever they are called really are amazing creatures!" Omi gasped as he peered into cage after cage of animal life. So far he had seen cats, dogs, lizards, and birds. He had to say, he liked the lizards best.

"I'm glad you think so Omi," Chase said with his usual smirk. "Have I showed you my favorite animal?"

"No, I would like very much to see it!" the bald boy begged.

"Alright then." the boy stepped to the side to allow Omi a better view. "Behold the almighty tiger!"

Omi's eyes widened at the sight of the beast. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something about the way the animal looked frightened him. Its eyes narrowed at the small boy, sending a pang of terror throughout the boy's heart. The low growl the creature made didn't help at all.

"Are you feeling okay Omi? You look a little pale," Chase asked with the utmost concern.

Suddenly Omi began trembling, his eyes locked on the striped beast in front of him.

"It's not going to hurt you," Chase said.

He couldn't even bring himself to speak now!

All of a sudden a crash was heard, followed by the sound of a screaming Jack. This brought Omi out of his sudden paralysis.

"What on Earth is going on?!" the star asked after spotting the bus rampaging through the mall. The other mall goers were wondering the same, thankfully avoiding the bus's path in time.


"According to Jack, the Tower's in the Forest. You boys ready?" Kimiko asked. The mall they had went to was near the park, which was also near Jack's house, giving them easy access to the lab.

"We're ready, just don't screw up anything!" Raimundo joked.

"Haha, very funny." Kimiko replied sarcastically.

"Don't mind him li'l lady, just do your best!" Clay said.

"Thanks, nice to know someone believes in me!"

"I was only kidding!" Rai said in defense.

"Yeah, whatever." said the girl, trying to ignore him. The boys then took their positions in the scanner. "Transfer, Raimundo; transfer Clay! Scanner, Raimundo; scanner Clay! Virtualization!"

The boys returned once again to Xanadu in their trademark fighting gear. Raimundo in his silver robes, blue headband with a crescent moon in the center, and blue dragon on the back of his robe. Clay was in his brown form-fitting outfit with rock-like armor on his hands, feet, elbows, shoulders, and knees, brown mask covering his mouth, and Big Bang Meteorang strapped to his back.

"Which way are we supposed to be goin' now?" Clay asked.

"Northeast according to Jack's directions," Kimiko answered.

"Mind sendin' us our new vehicles?" Raimundo questioned.

"I'd love too, but I don't know how. I'd hate to mess up something." she replied.

"Fine, fine. Looks like we're goin' on foot big guy," the Brazilian sighed, patting his taller friend on the shoulder.

"Doesn't look like we're goin' anywhere to me," he responded.

"Huh? What're you talkin' about?" Clay lifted his finger, pointing in the direction they were supposed to go. Raimundo's face donned a cocky expression at the site of two of the new monsters. "Looks like we get another shot at these Tarantulas! I'm game!" he said, drawing his weapon.

"You named them Tarantulas? Never mind that! Remember, these monsters are stronger than the ones we're used to. Don't die too quickly!" Kimiko warned.

"Relax!" Raimundo told her. "Blade of the Nebula!" The swordsman leaped into the air, attempting to stab the enemy in the Eye of W.U.Y.A. The Tarantula jumped back and took aim to fire.

"Big Bang Meteorang!" The earth warrior threw his weapon at the last minute; deflecting the blow from his friend and knocking both monsters back a fair ways. That didn't stop them from firing again! Thinking quickly, Clay used his powers to create four walls of earth to protect them. "Uh, Kim, we're gonna need some back up here!"

"Until Jack gets here with Omi, you guys are on your own!" she answered, "In the meantime, Clay, using your powers just cost you 20 lifepoints!"


In the meantime, Jack had picked up Omi in the confusion, leaving Chase behind to keep him safe. After Omi had calmed down a little he was able to run on his own while questioning Jack about the current situation. Now they were both running frantically through the park yelling for all the innocent people to clear the way.

"What should we do?" Jack asked, "If we just keep running for the lab, the bus'll crash into it!"

"Leave that to me!" Omi stated. He spotted a nearby tree to his right, dashing towards it in hopes that the bus would follow.

"Are you crazy?!" Jack screamed.

The bus changed course to follow the boy in red robes, speeding up as it approached. At the last second, Omi jumped high into the tree, causing the vehicle to crash and the tree to land on top of it. Omi skillfully and nimbly landed back to the ground next to Jack, grinning widely.

"Am I really insane if I was able to defeat the obstacle in our path?" he asked innocently.

"Yes, but that's what makes you Omi!" Jack chuckled in response. "Now, to the lab! No more time for interruptions!"

As the two made their exit, something in the bushes began rustling. When they were completely out of sight, a shadowed figured stood up. This person folded their arms over their chest and gave a competitive smirk.


"How much longer do we have to just sit here?!" Raimundo yelled angrily.

"Hopefully not that much. Clay's barrier is starting to break!" Kimiko answered.

"I'm not quite sure how much longer we're gonna hold out!" cried the cowboy.

"Sorry, are we late?" Jack asked, as the elevator opened.

"It's about time! Hurry before Rai and Clay get de-virtualized!" Kimiko shouted.

"You don't have to tell me twice! I've got a nice gift for you guys once you get there," he winked.

"Clay, Raimundo, we are coming!" Omi shouted.

"Well could ya speed it up a little?" the Brazilian shot back.

Without responding, he and Kimiko stepped inside the scanners.

"Transfer, Kimiko; transfer Omi!" Jack called, closing the doors. "Scanner, Kimiko; scanner, Omi! Virtualization!"

Like the swordsman and stone warrior before them, Kimiko and Omi returned to Xanadu. Kimiko in her light brown leather boots, matching skirt with orange feathers, white shirt with sparrow wings in the center, light brown coat and Indian-style purse that went from her right shoulder to her left hip. While in Xanadu, her hair was worn down with a headband that had an orange and red feather at the top.

Omi returned to wearing his trademark black and blue leotard. His skin was green now and he had fins coming from the sides and top of his head as well as webbed hands and feet. They spotted their friends not too far ahead, the barrier crumbling fast around them.

"What was that gift you were talking about?" Kimiko asked.

"Along with the vehicles, I upgraded all of your weapons! Kimiko, try throwing three or more of your arrows and yelling 'fire'! Omi the same goes for you! Use the Shimo Staff and shout 'water'!" Jack commanded.

"Here it goes!" the Japanese girl shouted. She ran forward, grabbing the monster's attention and prepared to attack. "Arrow Sparrow! Fire!" As the birds left her hand, they fused together, forming a large firebird. It consumed the Tarantula in flames before it even had a chance to react. Seconds later, it exploded.

"Now it is my turn!" Omi announced, targeting the second Tarantula. "Shimo Staff! Water!" At his command, the staff became an ax made of ice. He flung it with all his might, chopping clean through the monster.

"Cool powers!" shouted Raimundo, emerging from the rock pile with Clay.

"I'd like to try mine out too!" said Clay.

"Maybe later, the Tower comes first." Jack reminded. "Here come your vehicles!" As quick as a blink, the genius materialized the Longi Kite, Crouching Cougar, and Serpent's Tail before his friends. Each jumped onto their respective rides with Omi deciding to ride with Clay.

"I see it!" Omi pointed out, spotting the activated Tower's red glow from a distance.

"There's company up ahead as well! Five Bloks and two Krabes!" the genius warned.

"We got it covered! Right Clay?" Raimundo replied, speeding up on his kite. The monsters took immediate aim at him. "Blade of the Nebula! Wind!" he cried. His blue sword then transformed into a pair of nun-chucks. "Eh? What am I supposed to do now?"

"Spin it!" Jack yelled.

Raimundo did as he was told. To his surprise, a large tornado erupted from the spinning nun-chucks, pushing the two Krabes into the digital void.

"Awesome!" he exclaimed.

"Omi, go on towards the Tower! I'll finish off the Bloks!" Clay instructed. He leapt off of the Serpent's Tail, giving Omi control. "Big Bang Meteorang! Earth!" As he launched the weapon from his hand, it split into five smaller boomerangs, each one piercing the Eye of W.U.Y.A. on the monsters.

"Excellent guys! Only one thing left to do now!"

"Right!" Kimiko shouted.

Omi then ran inside the Tower, all three panels lighting up at once. He slowly floated to the aerial platform above him before landing softly on it.

"Materialization, Raimundo; materialization, Kimiko; materialization, Clay," Jack said as he punched in his new code to automatically de-virtualize the warriors.

Walking to the screen, Omi placed his webbed hand on the interface. The screen blinked 'Code:' followed by the letters X-A-N-A-D-U. The floating bits of binary promptly fell to the bottom of the Tower, a sphere of light beginning to emerge in their place.

"Reverse Rebirth Activation!" the genius snapped his fingers, returning everything to the way it was mere hours before...


Once again, the gang was dropped off at the mall by the longer possessed school bus. Much to Jack's dismay, however, the others refused to let him go off with Chase this time and instead traveled to the electronics department together. As they boy sulked to himself he remembered something he had said earlier.

"I'd almost forgotten I was going this buy this for you Omi."

"What is it?" he asked curiously.

"Cool, a cell phone!" Raimundo stated.

"With this, you'll be able to stay in touch with us!" Jack explained. He then tossed the blue and black device to his vertically challenged friend.

"I'll teach you how to work it so you don't break it," Kimiko chuckled.

"Thank you, I would appreciate that," Omi responded, "But I do have one favor though."

"What might that be?" asked Clay.

"Do NOT take me to see any tigers! While I was with Chase before I found them to be quite frightening!" he replied, shaking slightly.

"Is that why you couldn't move before? Strange, I didn't know virtual beings could have fear..." Jack trailed.

"Jack!" Kimiko scolded.

"Oh, right sorry! I'll try keeping that in mind." the red-head said, rubbing the back of his neck.

With that said, the five friends continued their mall shopping together. Once again, Raimundo was forced to carry Kimiko's bags, but he didn't complain as much this time. As they continued walking, a figure was watching them from the second floor of the mall. What could this person want with them?


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