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Summary: Sequel to Code Xiaolin. After finally finding the key to Omi's materialization, Jack and the gang must now search Xanadu for an anti-virus to rid Omi of W.U.Y.A.'s infection for good. With new powers and upgrades, the Xiaolin Warriors face even more deadly W.U.Y.A. attacks, dangerous new monsters, and even the occasional famous transfer student! The question is can they do it?



"Speech on Xanadu"

"Speech of those possessed by W.U.Y.A."

Log 7: Discovery

Kimiko sat quietly in the library at a table by the window. Even though she was technically supposed to be serving detention at the moment, she and Omi had finished their history assignment two hours before it was due. While the bald boy she was partnered with was currently sitting across from her reading Gulliver's Travels, the girl in questioned has opted to optimize her time in the library by studying for her Spanish exam for next Tuesday. What better way to do that than by listening to Pitbull while looking up Spanish grammar rules on her PDA? So with her red Skull Candy earphones plugged securely into her ears, the raven-haired girl calmly chose to ignore the world around her.

That is, until someone decided to tap on her shoulder.

"¿Qué pasa?" she asked absentmindedly.

"Tenemos que hablar. ¿Tiene un momento?" someone repied, which happened to catch her off guard. She immediately paused the music and turned her head to the person who wanted her attention.

"Hey Jermaine," Kimiko greeted him, removing her earphones out of politeness. "You asked if I had a minute to talk?"

"Yeah…" the brown-skinned boy replied, glancing at Omi. "Alone, if you can."

Kimiko thought for a second and reluctantly nodded. She informed Omi that she would only be gone for just a second, then got up and followed Jermaine into the nonfiction section of the books. A part of her had already known that this conversation had to take place. She had, after all, abruptly broken up with the guy with a very weak explanation. He at least deserved something better than that if he wanted to achieve proper closure. She braced herself for his words, but decided she needed to go ahead and speak first.

"Okay, so I know you're mad about yesterday and I can't blame you. What I did was really rude and selfish and you deserved so much better than that. I should've found a more appropriate time to tell you rather than just springing it on you. I just… I don't know. Maybe I should've waited until after school." Kimiko felt her shoulders slump as she finally exhaled, somewhat glad to have gotten those feelings off of her chest.

Jermaine shook his head, a slight frown appearing on his face. "As nice as that sounds, I'm not even asking about why you broke up with me. I just wanna know what happened to me yesterday after we separated in the hallways."

"Huh?" Kimiko squeaked, taken aback. "Um… after Spanish? You said you were going to help Coach Guan do something. I didn't see you after that."

"When was the next time you saw me?"

"The next time?" Kimiko repeated, shifting her obsidian eyes slightly. This small gesture was not lost on Jermaine who continued to look at her carefully. "Well, Rai and I had to take you to the infirmary. You must've been sick or something. You didn't seem to know where you were."

The athlete's eyes narrowed. "Oh really? Raimundo didn't mention anything about me being sick."

"You talked to Raimundo?!" she uttered loudly before she could stop herself. She covered her mouth as soon as she realized how loud she was.

"Is there a reason I shouldn't have?" Jermaine questioned her.

"Um, no. Well, I don't know. I didn't know you guys had talked about anything, that's all."

"Is there a reason you don't want me talkin' to Raimundo?"

"What?" Kimiko exclaimed once more. This time she sounded as if she was becoming agitated with all of Jermaine's questions. "Jermaine, what are you getting at? If there's something you want to ask me, then go ahead and say it!"

His eyebrows furrowed in response. "I'm just trying to figure out what the hell happened to me yesterday! One minute, I'm carrying hurdles and the next I'm waking up in the infirmary with no idea how I got there and several hours of the day gone without any explanation! Kimiko, I just need to know what exactly happened when you found me! Please, if there's anything you could tell me – anything!"

Kimiko's mouth opened, attempting to say something even though she wasn't exactly sure what was about to come out of her mouth. She wanted to comfort Jermaine, but it would be far too risky to tell him the truth. The only thing she could think to say was—

When I grow up, I wanna be famous I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies

When I grow up, I wanna see the world Drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies
When I grow up, be on TV People know me, be on magaz-

Kimiko answered her cell phone after an awkward pause between her and Jermaine, embarrassed that she had forgotten to turn off her ringer. It was Jack. Something must've been up.

"Hello?" she whispered into the phone, turning her back on Jermaine.

"Kim, please tell me you, Omi, and Rai, are together," the redhead responded on the other end.

Before replying, Kimiko glanced at where she had left Omi. It seemed that Coach Guan had woken up and was looking to round up everyone. "Yeah, Rai should still be in here somewhere and Coach Guan is talking to Omi about something. He might be looking for you and Clay. Will you guys be coming back anytime soon?"

"Not likely," Jack stated. "Our mission to Shen-Gong was botched and W.U.Y.A.'s activated a Tower. She's probably trying to get Omi to Xanadu alone, so one of you guys stay with him and get to the lab as soon as possible. I'm gonna guide Clay to the Tower and have him start clean-up duty until you guys arrive."

"Gotcha. Okay, see you soon," Kimiko said hanging up. "Look, Jermaine, something's come up and I'm kinda busy now. I know this is sudden, but I gotta go."

"Hey! Kim!" the boy reached out, but it was too late. She had already ran away from him again. "Ugh! Whatever!" he growled in frustration, kicking one of the bookshelves in his ire.


Omi swallowed hard. Coach Guan had suddenly walked up to him. This wouldn't have been a problem normally, but the man was just standing there, towering over the poor boy ominously. The bald youth thought he might've gotten in more trouble, but wasn't sure what it was he done to warrant his attention. Perhaps Kimiko was right and he shouldn't have been wearing him pants low enough to expose his underwear.

"Um… Coach Guan?" Omi began meekly.

"Mr. Crud, I would like to speak with you in private for a moment."

His voice was monotone and cold almost to the point of being inhuman. Omi didn't trust him at all. "What is it you would like to discuss, sir?" the bald teen asked, slowly shutting the Gulliver's Travels book.

"In private," the hulking man repeated, growling a little this time.

Omi gulped, just in time for Kimiko to walk up towards them. "Coach, if you don't mind, I'd like to borrow Omi for a second. You see, it's kind of important. I think we may have to revise our paper on—"

Before either of the Xanadu Warriors knew what was going on, Coach Guan had picked up Kimiko by the collar and tossed her into a bookshelf. Some of the literature shook, falling on top of her. She looked up, confused at first, but it all became clear when she saw the swirling ghost dancing in Coach Guan's eyes.

"I need to speak to Mr. Crud. In private."

"W.U.Y.A.! I suspected as much!" Omi yelled, jumping onto the table. "Cease this madness at once!" Instead of heading his warning, Guan used an upper leg sweep to knock the small teen off of the table, catching him in the process and forcing him into a submissive hold. He took off with Omi in tow around the corner just as Kimiko was getting up.

"Son of a bitch," she swore in a low whisper, going after them.

"Heads up!" someone cried, causing her to instinctively lower her head. As soon as she did, a large book went flying past her head, knocking Coach Guan square in the noggin. This resulted in him falling to the floor and dropping Omi in the process.

"Ah! I can breathe again!" the monk gasped. "That is twice today I was caught in such a serious hold."

"You guys alright?" the book-tosser asked, running up to both of them. "Jack called and told me to meet up with you two. I'm guessing W.U.Y.A.'s got Coach under her spell this time."

"Thanks, Rai, you're a lifesaver," Kimiko sighed, catching her breath.

"What literature did you throw at him anyway?" Omi questioned.

"Easy; the Fung Academy history book," the Brazilian answered jokingly. "With all of that knowledge, he should be out for a while."

"We can't just leave him here!" Kimiko protested, pointing to the unconscious man. "Not only is it really suspicious, but he can easily track us down if he wakes up."

The three of them thought for a second about what to do with their possessed coach. It took a few minutes, but Raimundo eventually came up with a plan.

"Leave it to me," he smirked mischievously.


"How long do you think the coach is gonna stay holed up in that bathroom, Rai?" Kimiko asked, running across the courtyard with Omi and the aforementioned Brazilian.

"Who knows?" Raimundo replied, not slowing down his run even for a second. "But people possessed by W.U.Y.A. are pretty strong. He'll probably be after us as soon as he wakes up if Jermaine is anything to go by."

"Speaking of Jermaine, he talked to me in the library. Apparently something's going on that I'm not telling him about," the Japanese girl said in an aggravated tone. "Would you happen to know what that is, Raimundo?"

"Well, geez, I had to tell him somethin'! It was either that or tell him all about Xanadu!" Raimundo responded.

"Point taken," the girl sighed. "We'll talk to Jack about a cover story later."

"Umm, guys?" Omi spoke up, gaining the others' attention. "Could you slow down please? It is proven to be very difficult to run while my pants are in such a lowered position."

Kimiko rolled her eyes at the request while Raimundo only laughed goodheartedly.


Clay jumped sideways, conscious of the oncoming laser fire headed his way. More Creepers had appeared, surrounding him as he exited the first chamber per Jack's instruction. He unstrapped his giant boomerang and swung it deftly, cutting two of the serpentine creatures in half. Seconds later they exploded, turning into a strange white goo before vanishing completely. The brown knight sighed, catching the weapon as it returned to him.

"Look out behind you!"

Without a second thought, Clay used his superpower to erect a small barrier strong enough to block the lasers coming toward him. He was grateful that when Jack went in and upgraded everyone's powers that he removed Clay's cost of having to pay lifepoints to use his ability, allowing the knight to fight with much more freedom. In order to make sure he wasn't followed, the blonde climbed up the wall he created and jumped off, flinging the Meteorang at his attackers. They vanished seconds before he touched the ground.

"That's all of the monsters in the room. Go back the way you came and take the third corridor on the right. Another three hundred feet after that and another left and you'll be back in the core zone," Jack informed the boy. Leaving the cowboy/knight for a second, he changed screens on the supercomputer to pull up the Mountain Sector. He saw that W.U.Y.A. already had a small army of monsters waiting for their friends upon arrival. "She's not wasting any time it seems…" the genius mumbled to himself, returning to Clay. "Clay, W.U.Y.A.'s producing more and more monsters every second. The Transport Orb will take you back to the Forest Sector and then I'll guide you to the nearest Way Tower to get you over to the Mountains."

"Have the others made it to the lab yet?" Clay asked, sprinting down the halls as fast as he could.

"No word. Last I heard, they locked Coach Guan in the bathroom. They were running through the park when I spoke to them," Jack replied.

"Coach Guan?" the blonde asked, stunned. "He's the one after Omi this time?"

"Looks like it. If we don't deactivate the Tower soon, we'll need a cover story to explain to him what happened. Remember, we've got to avoid going back in time at all costs," reminded the boy genius.

"Right!" Clay agreed. "Who knows what W.U.Y.A. can do if she gets any stronger?" The boy skidded to a halt, turning the corridor to run back into the core zone. He made it back, informing Jack of his arrival. Seconds later, white orb phased through the walls of Shen-Gong and swallowed him up. Clay braced himself for the inevitable spinning and sickness that was soon to follow.

Jack's ears perked up at the sound of the elevator opening up behind him. "About time guys. W.U.Y.A. looks like she plans to go all out to get Omi alone. Be extremely cautious."

"Relax, hothead," Raimundo joked. "If it's me, Kim, and Clay, we can totally protect Omi."

"Who says it will be I who needs protecting, Raimundo?" Omi chided. "Perhaps you should put your money where your sock is!"

The Brazilian rolled his eyes, not even bothering to correct him.

"We can't keep wasting time guys! Coach Guan could've broken out of the bathroom and be on his way here by now!" Kimiko cut in, always the voice of reason.

Jack sighed, thanking her and waving the trio towards the scanners. "Clay's a bit delayed right now, but he'll meet you as soon as he can. In the meantime, report to the scanners on the double!"

"Aye, captain!" the brunette grinned, giving his friend an obedient salute. Omi and Kimiko nodded accordingly, already heading toward the scans to be virtualized while Jack began the procedure. Kimiko's fists were clenched, ready to do battle with W.U.Y.A.'s forces once again. Omi was currently tugging his pants up over his waist again. Raimundo entered the scanners last, folding his arms over his chest and pulling a cocky smirk.

Once they were in position, Jack didn't waste any more time. "Transfer Kimiko. Transfer Omi. Transfer Raimundo." The genius hit the keys, selecting the avatars belonging to the three students as the doors of the scanners closed on then and the chamber began to depressurize. "Scanner Kimiko. Scanner Omi. Scanner Raimundo." While their virtual images were processed, their bodies were scanned by a large, metal ring. Their images were confirmed, displaying their virtual forms on the screen of Jack's supercomputer. "Virtualization!" Jack executed the command. Air reentered the scanners, blasting the trio with a gust of wind strong enough to blow back their hair, temporarily blinding them with a bright light while they were downloaded onto Xanadu.

Seconds later above a great expanse of purple mountains, three virtual outlines appeared suspended in midair. Lines of static ran down the outlines, leaving the virtualized images of Kimiko, Omi, and Raimundo in their place. The three landed gracefully, Kimiko on her light brown, Native American-styled boots. Her entire theme revolved around Native American fashion, consisting of a skirt assumed to be made of animal hide draped across her legs and decorated with orange feathers. She wore a plain white shirt whose only decoration was a pair of wings over her chest folded in a heart shape. A jacket matching her skirt and boots sat over the shirt. Her hair hung down freely, the only alteration to it being a red and orange headband with a large feather sitting atop it. Completing her ensemble was a purse strapped from her left shoulder to her right hip. Omi's garb consisted of a black and blue leotard that clung closely to his lean body. The colors alternated from his left side to his right and also from above and below his torso. The biggest change he had undergone on Xanadu was his physical appearance. His skin had become green and his finger and toes were now webbed. A set of gills protruded from either side of his face and a fin that was darker than the rest of him rested on the top of his usually bald head. Raimundo stood barefoot, wearing only a hitoe-style kimono that was silver at the top and midnight blue at the bottom. The same midnight blue color characterized the headband on his head appearing with a crescent moon in the center. Going down the back of his kimono was a blue dragon and strapped to his left hip was a blue sword with a jagged blade.

"Aww man! I hate the freakin' Mountain Sector!" Raimundo groaned once he realized where they had been virtualized to. He took a glance around the expanse, noticing all the narrow paths and holes in the surface that made it all too easy to slip and fall off the edge.

"We must tread carefully," Omi advised. In his Xanadu form, his voice nearly always sounded as if he was speaking underwater. It likely signified his affinity to the water element. "I can sense W.U.Y.A.'s vibrations coming from this direction."

"Your skills never fail," Kimiko commented. "Too bad W.U.Y.A. always cuts off direct access to her activated towers. Jack, can we get our vehicles?"

"Coming up!" the genius responded. "Fresh out of the garage, we've got the Crouching Cougar for Kimiko and Omi," he began, materializing a bronze, machine-like feline in front of the two. "For Raimundo, we have the always in style Longi Kite." A long green dragon with red patterns suddenly appeared at the ronin's feet. Raimundo hopped on the dragon like a skateboard while Omi and Kimiko jumped onto the cougar. "The Tower is to the northeast. There are at least twelve monsters waiting for you on arrival.

"Sounds fun," the young ronin stated, cocky as always. Once they got the heading, the three warriors took off for the Tower, guided by Jack's supervision.


Back at the academy, Coach Guan was just coming to. He opened his eyes, still swirling with W.U.Y.A.'s ghost. The man found himself locked in a stall. Standing immediately per his master's instructions, he promptly used his enhanced strength to knock the door right off of its hinges. Coach Guan growled ripping the door to the rest room's open in search of his target. He scanned all life in the vicinity via his new eyes and grabbed the first life form he detected.

"Yo, hey, what's up?!" Jermaine sputtered, surprised that he was suddenly lifted into the air. He was even more surprised that it was the coach who was doing the lifting. "What's going on?" he asked again, this time in fearful calm voice.

"Where is Omi?" the hulking man asked menacingly.

"How should I know? I haven't seen that guy or his friends for the last half hour! They probably ditched or something!" Jermaine spat out right away.

After a moment of thought, the coach lowered him to the ground. He said not another word to Jermaine and walked past him, as if instructed to complete a totally different path. The brown-skinned boy found himself releasing a breath that he wasn't even aware that he was holding as he watched the coach exit the library.

He clutched his chest tightly, taking deep breaths. He couldn't explain why, but he suddenly found himself racked with cold fear. 'Wh… what was that all about?'


"Jack wasn't kidding when he said there was an army of these things!" the Navaho-clothed girl remarked, flipping backward to avoid the oncoming laser fire provided by the Kankrelats they had encountered. There were four of the little roaches. They were W.U.Y.A.'s weakest monsters, only able to take out five lifepoints per shot. "Arrow Sparrow!" Kimiko quickly launched two small, metal sparrows at the monsters. Once they left her hands, the golden birds ignited in a bright flame that pierced through two of the disgusting creatures.

"Silver Wind!" the brown-haired ronin yelled, using his super speed to run past the two Krabes and using his blade to slice off one of the giant red crustacean's legs. Once the first fell, Raimundo used its tilted body as a ramp and launched himself in the air coming down directly on top the abled Krabe and slamming his sword into its weak spot. "Take that!" he yelled, leaping off of the creature right as it exploded.

"Shimo Staff, extend!" Omi yelled, commanding his icy pole weapon to lengthen, jabbing the Krabe that Raimundo had previously impaired through its eye, ending it. "This cleaning of the monsters is definitely slowing us down. W.U.Y.A. may be stalling for something!"

"Keep your guard up. If W.U.Y.A.'s stalling for anything, it's the arrival of the Scyphozoa!" Jack warned them from the real world. "Clay's reached the Forest's Way Tower. Hopefully, he'll be there to join you soon. In the meantime, try not to worry about all of the monsters. Who knows what Coach Guan may be up to at the school."

"Do you think one of us should go and check?" Kimiko questioned, avoiding more lasers with elegant flips. She tossed more arrows at the Bloks that began advancing upon them. Meanwhile, Omi lifted one of the last two Kankrelats with his staff and slammed it down onto the ground.

"No! I mean… Clear out the monsters and we'll talk! I need all of you to last as long as possible," the redhead directed.

"Blade of the Nebula: Wind!" Raimundo thought quickly, transforming his sword into its nun-chuck mode and creating a tornado wide enough to clear the monsters out of their path. "Let's go, guys!" the Brazilian ordered.

Immediately, the three boarded their vehicles and raced away from the area. They sped up a narrow pathway that twisted and turned, spiraling down the base of one of the many mountains. The group entered into a spacious area with only one path directly available to them.

"The Tower is just up ahead! I can feel its presence!" Omi shouted, jumping off of the Crouching Cougar and barreling on ahead. "I will take of it immediately!" Above him, a new virtual outline appeared, similar to the ones that showed up whenever someone was virtualized. Except this was not the outline of a person, rather that of a giant black bowling ball.

"Omi!" Kimiko yelled, hoping to stop the boy from being crushed. She used her special power, telekinesis, and lifted the fishman out of harm's way just in time for the Megatank to fall before them. The monster split in half and began charging a powerful laser field, firing it at the group. Its laser shot out horizontally, spreading large and wider the further it. The group dodged, just in time for W.U.Y.A. to materialize two more of the horrible beasts. "Arrow Sparrow: Fire!" This time, the Japanese girl threw three sparrows from her purse. Their flames fused together, creating a phoenix with intent to swallow the Megatank with its flames. The bowling ball shut tight, making it impervious to all damage. "Drat!" Kimiko hissed.

"Silver Wind!" the ronin yelled again, running in circles around one of the tanks to confuse it. It didn't work out the way he planned. Rather than try catching him, the Megatank fired its laser field again and caught the brunette in the chest, knocking him flat on his back.

"Raimundo, that's half of your lifepoints!" Jack warned.

"Sure feels like it" the Brazilian groaned, rubbing his pulsing chest. He had barely had the chance to recover when the next Megatank charged its laser to strike him. "Ah, geez!" he groaned, knowing he couldn't dodge in time.

"Big Bang Meteorang!"

Out of nowhere, a large, golden boomerang lodged itself between the two halves of the offending Megatank. Clay landed valiantly in front of Raimundo, helping the boy stand. With the boomerang stuck, the Megatank was unable to fire its laser or shut itself back into defense mode.

"Just in time!" Raimundo greeted the formally missing knight.

"Well, you know how I like to make an entrance," Clay grinned, happy to be reunited with his comrades.

"Excellent! Our fighting prowess has increased dramatically now that we are all together!" Omi exclaimed, bouncing in happiness.

"No time to celebrate, guys! It looks like the tanks are about to strike again!" Kimiko warned, pointing to the two tanks that were now firing their laser fields.

The beams crossed each other, amplifying their power while forming an X shape. The pattern left only a small margin of free space. Clay thought quickly, creating a wall of the purple mountain terrain to shield them from the assault. It seemed to work the first time; they were safe from the attack, but there were now cracks in the wall and it didn't look like it would be able to take another hit.

"They are preparing to fire once more!" the fishman exclaimed, peering through the wall cracks.

They heard the lasers blast off from their point of origin, cracks of red appearing in the protective wall. It happened quickly, but Omi was suddenly picked up by Clay and tossed into the air. A similar action was performed on Kimiko via Raimundo. The Megatanks blasted through the wall, resulting in a quick game over for the knight and ronin as well. Still airborne, Kimiko and Omi exchanged a quick look, using their weapons together.

"Arrow Sparrow: Fire!"

"Shimo Staff: Water!"

The burning phoenix was this time able to successfully swallow the black tank and the pole of ice transformed into a spear, piercing the eye of the remaining Megatank. The fish and the Indian landed next to each other, exchanging a quick hi-five of victory.

"Jack, it's game over for Clay and Rai, but the Megatanks are gone and we can get to the Tower now!" Kimiko informed the genius.

"Gotcha. Hurry to the Tower; I'll have them check on Coach Guan!" As soon as Jack ended communications with Kimiko, he heard the door to the scans open. He turned the swivel chair around, smiling at the cowboy and the Brazilian. "You guys tired?"

Raimundo returned the smile, breathing heavily. "Us? Tired? Never!"

"I'm guessing you've got a task for us, partner?" Clay deduced.

"Go and check on Coach Guan. Make sure he hasn't caused enough trouble to warrant a Reverse/Rebirth!" the redhead instructed.

"No rest for the heroes, huh?" Raimundo laughed weakly. "Don't worry, Captain. We're on it." He and Clay were already in the elevator, commanding the machine to take them upwards so that they could attend to Jack's current order.


After a few seconds of travel, the metal door opened to reveal Jack's old bedroom. The two boys exited slowly, surveying to barren room that was hardly used anymore.

"Let's head downstairs," the cowboy suggested, already leaving out of the bedroom door.

Raimundo followed closely behind, trying to ignore the eeriness of the genius' home. He didn't begin thinking about it until recently, but Jack's home really did have a creepy feel to it. There were family portraits of people who were never around and so many different rooms that were always closed as if they were forbidden to go into. The strangest part was that the house was always kept in perfect condition even though no one physically lived in it anymore. The brunette made a note to ask Jack about that later.

"So where exactly did you guys leave Coach Guan anyway?" Clay asked, opening the front door. It appeared that his question was answered instantly when his covered eyes met directly with the enraged ones of the Coach. It looked as if he had been about to tear down the door, but instead he decided to make short work out of Clay. The overcome coach pushed his palm into the blonde's chest with a powerful thrust, knocking him back onto the staircase.

"Big guy!" Raimundo yelled, attempting to run to his friend. Guan stopped him in his tracks, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and turning him to look directly into his ghostly eyes. The Brazilian began to sweat, something that W.U.Y.A.'s puppet didn't fail to notice. It smirked evilly, wrapping a strong hand tightly around the boy's throat.


"Jack! The Scyphozoa's got Omi!" Kimiko yelled in a panicked voice, watching as the virtual jellyfish drained the fishman's memory. This is exactly the situation they had been trying to avoid. Figures this monster would show up right outside of the tower. The Navaho tribe girl stood frozen, this fearsome creature using its abilities to paralyze any foe that dared become captured by its tentacles. She reached into her purse, digging for arrows, but the purple jellyfish swiped her hand away. "Jack! What do I do? Jack?!"

The genius sat at the controls, watching the scene play out before his eyes, frozen. After Omi's memory appeared to almost be drained, the redhead gave a devious smirk. "Success!" he shouted with elation. "Omi, go for it now!"

"Shimo Staff: Water!"

From behind a small rock another fishman sprang forward, throwing his staff through the air and watched it become a long sword. It hit the Scyphozoa, but it wasn't enough to pierce through its thick barrier. The jellyfish unleashed a shrill cry and released the fake Omi from its grasp. It turned to water once it hit the ground.

"Awesome plan, guys!" Kimiko congratulated the boys. She even took a moment to congratulate herself on her performance. "Who would've thought the Scyph would fall for one of Omi's water clones?"

Omi entered the Tower calmly, walking across the round platform as the floor lit up with blue lights and a musical hum under his webbed feet. Once he reached the center of the platform, the boy took a deep breath, surrounding himself with a bluish-white aura and willed himself to levitate to the second level of the Tower as if he were a fish swimming through the vast seas.

Downstairs, Clay was attacking Coach Guan, using all of his might to tear the coach away from Raimundo's neck.

Omi reached the second level, walking up to the center a bit faster this time. A transparent interface appeared. Placing his webbed hand on the screen, the Tower immediately confirmed his identity and began blinking the word OMI followed word CODE.

Using his free hand, Guan delivered a powerful uppercut to Clay's chin, sending him flying through the air. The action gave Raimundo just the opening he needed to use both of his legs to kick the coach in the chest. He fell immediately, coughing violently on the floor while still trying to crawl to where Clay was. The coach's powerful foot planted itself into Raimundo's back, causing him to cry out in pain.

Data flooded down to the bottom of the Tower, several streams of light and code converging into a single point until all that was left was Omi's gilled visage reflected in the transparent interface.

"Tower deactivated." Duty done, Omi exited the Tower to greet Kimiko for a job well done. "Jack, should I make haste to a Way Tower in order to be materialized?"

"Actually," the genius began, "I think I'd like the two of you to make a quick trip to sector five."


With W.U.Y.A's forces temporarily neutralized, the time and effort it took to reach Shen-Gong was significantly cut in two. Clay and Raimundo had elected to take Coach Guan back to school before the man woke up and Kimiko and Omi were currently interacting with the fifth sector's computer interface. Kimiko, being naturally savvier with computers, took the lead. Omi stood in the background, watching her perform the procedures and processes while Jack's voice served as her guide. She followed his instructions to the letter, hitting every button and keying in every phrase.

"Jack, what is it we are looking for exactly?" Omi asked with clear confusion, growing somewhat bored with just being in the background.

"I have a theory," the genius replied. "I talked it over with Clay earlier, but I think that if we dig deep enough inside the supercomputer, we can find information out whom it was exactly that developed Xanadu and in turn W.U.Y.A. and in turn…"

"In turn, we can find out whom it was that developed me," Omi pieced together.

"Right," Jack continued. "If we can find this person, track them down, and bring them to the lab, I think it is very possible that that person can find your anti-virus and pull the plug on W.U.Y.A. once and for all."

"Jack! We've got a small problem. The system isn't letting me dig any deeper." Kimiko looked upward to the sea of zeroes and ones the filled the outer rim waiting for the redhead to tell her what to do next. "It's asking for a key. You wouldn't happen to have one, would you?"

"A key?!" the boy groaned, hands gripping tightly at his hair. "You mean to tell me that even in Shen-Gong there's protected information?" He threw himself back into his swivel chair, letting out a huge sigh. "Give me back the controls. I'll see if I can hack the key." The Japanese girl did as she was told, stepping back from the interface to relinquish control of the system back into Jack's hands. He ran a series of keys and processes and calculations, calibrating the system and at one point even using the default password of 'Heylin'. Finally, after several minutes, Jack reached one conclusion. "It's super encrypted. There's no way I can hack into. It looks like we need the actual key; otherwise we'll be locked out of the system." He sighed to himself. "Guys, come back home. This mission is temporarily suspended."

Omi and Kimiko nodded at the genius' words. He sent them the Crouching Cougar and opened a path up to one of the surface sectors so that Omi could get to a Way Tower to be materialized.


"Aww, cheer up Jack. Finding the key shouldn't be that hard." The trio had returned to school, heading to the library while Kimiko soothingly patted her pale-skinned friend on the back in order to get to raise his hanging head. "It's gotta be on Xanadu somewhere. We can find it just like how we found the answer to materialization."

"I guess," Jack sighed. "It just feels like we wasted all that time on nothing. I don't even know where to start looking."

"You may borrow my book again if you'd like," Omi offered. "It seems to be oddly helpful for these types of situations."

"Actually…" the redhead began, giving it some thought. "That may not be such a bad idea. That book seems to have an awful lot of stories to tell. It may be worth giving it a chance. We'll see what we can come up with by tomorrow."

By now, the gang had reached the library just in time to find Coach Guan having a word with Clay, Raimundo, and Jermaine. They automatically assumed the worst and mentally prepared themselves for facing 10 hours of detention, taking away their entire Sunday and with it their weekend as a whole. He spotted Jack and the others in the middle of his lecture and waved them over. With heavy sighs, the trudged, deciding it better to just get this over with. The students waited for the man to start yelling at them collectively as a group.

"I hope that you all weren't too worried," the coach began clearing his throat. Omi, Jack and Kimiko shot a confused glance at Clay and Raimundo. The Brazilian winked back, mouthing at them to go with it. "I tend to be quite the heavy sleeper, so not much will wake me up once I'm out. Pedrosa told me that you three went to find the nurse to make sure I was alright after I wouldn't wake up. I appreciate your concerns." Confused, yet relieved, the three latecomers unleashed a sigh of collective relief. "Now, I expect to see you all Monday morning for third period. No cutting this time." They nodded wordlessly, allowing the coach to continue. "You are excused from detention. I will read your reports tomorrow."

Even after the coach was gone, there was still a sense of confusion hanging over the heads of Jack, Omi, and Kimiko.

"Relax guys!" Raimundo began, laughing the whole thing off. "We're not in trouble anymore, so let's go chill!"

"Yeah, but…" Jack started, scratching his head. "What exactly happened?"

"That's exactly what I wanna know!" Jermaine cut in, eyeing them all suspiciously. "There's something weird going on around here…" The African-American boy looked at their faces and noted the strange looks the others gave. He sighed, exasperated. "I'm going back to my room."

"Okay… what was that about?" Jack asked after the other boy had left.

"Ugh, explain later," Raimundo and Kimiko said simultaneously.

Jack merely shrugged, deciding that enough questions had been asked that day.


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