Yugivania 3

By Sakura (L-sama no Miko)

Chapter 6

The next day, Marik and Ryou called on their kyuuketsuki neighbor.

"My, my! Two visits right after the other!" their brunette hostess cried, overjoyed to see them again so soon. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Ryou and I were wondering if you know where, Dartz said he was going," the blond kyuuketsuki said, desperately trying to hold back his anger. Erzébet raised an eyebrow. "We were separated years ago and lost track of each other," he explained. "Ryou and Yugi are very close you see and we'd like to be able to do some catching up."

The brunette kyuuketsuki nodded in sympathy. "I'm really sorry I can't help you Marik darling. Poor Yugi left so fast last night I didn't even get to give him a proper goodbye kiss," she said pouting.

"Oh I see," he said sullenly. "I'm sorry to have bothered you Erzébet dear." He then bowed and turned to leave.

"NONSENSE!" she cried, startling them both. "You and Ryou are NEVER a bother! Now come and have drink with me."

Chuckling, Marik lead the smaller kyuuketsuki to one of the many overstuffed chairs, there was no arguing with the 'blood countess' of Hungary when she used that tone.

After leaving Čachtice Castle, the two kyuuketsuki returned to their mansion only to pack what they could and began their search for their long lost friend and lover. Little did they know that the very kyuuketsuki they would spend the next five hundred years searching for was searching for them as well, but that is another story for another time.

The new millennium had come and gone and the ancient kyuuketsuki had decided it was time to return to Domino City in Nihon(Japan), where they hadn't returned to since the fire that fateful night. Much to their surprise was that on the very same spot where their home had burnt all those centuries ago now stood a European style mansion, one that had to be at least twice the size of their old one.

Curious, Marik just couldn't resist exploring, which he would find to be a good thing.

He suddenly found himself pinned against a tree, a tan hand slightly paler than his own squeezing his throat. "It was very foolish of you to think you'd get anything from here," growled an all too familiar voice.

"B-Bakura?!!" the blond croaked, "Is that anyway to treat your sire?"

The hand released him and the slightly taller kyuuketsuki rubbed his throat. "M-MARIK?!!!" the white haired kyuuketsuki shouted, staring at the person before him. He suddenly found himself tackled to the ground, over-zealous kisses being placed wherever they could reach.

"BAKURA-SAMA!!!!" Ryou cried between kisses. "Thank the kami you're alive!!!! I've missed you so much!!"

Marik chuckled as he watched the two younger kyuuketsuki roll around the ground. "You've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here," the taller albino said jokingly. "I've missed you too tenshi(angel)."

"Bakura just what the bleep's going on?" a tall brunet said coming to investigate the ruckus in his prized garden.

Marik's eyes widened at the newcomer, but soon saddened when he saw that this wasn't the high priest he had once turned though the resemblance was uncanny. "Seth-dono, you're alive too?!" the smaller albino cried, glomping him. It didn't matter to Ryou if they hadn't been on the best of terms, all he cared was that he had found another member of his long thought dead family.

"Would you kindly remove yourself before I sick the dogs on you," the brunet said coldly, annoyed that he had been mistaken for some guy who was long dead, and probably dust by now, as far as he was concerned. He knew he looked like whoever this Seth-sama was, his sire had made the same mistake when he'd spotted him coming from an arcade with Mokuba one evening.

"Oh sorry, Seth-sama," Ryou apologized, detaching himself from the taller fledgling.

"He's not Seth, Ryou," the blond kyuuketsuki said mournfully. "I thought so too, but…"

"Creepy isn't it?" Bakura asked, getting up off the ground. "Him and that priest could have been twins."

"Will you stop acting as if I weren't here!" the brunet yelled drawing their attention back to him. "Mind telling me who these people are, Bakura, and what you doing in my prize winning garden?!"

Chuckling, his white haired sire drew his prodigal sire and lover closer. "You remember my telling you about the others of my little 'family'?" he asked. The tall kyuuetsuki nodded impatiently. "This is my sire, Marik," he said indicating the blond, "And my former lover, Ryou."

Ryou felt as if a stake had been driven through his heart at Bakura's words. He may have become Marik's lover over the centuries, but a small part of him still loved the white haired kyuuketsuki. He looked over at Bakura and what he saw drove the invisible stake deeper. The silvery red eyes that once held mischief and laughter now only held pain, sorrow and a deep loneliness that only countless centuries of solitude could produce.

"Say hello to my new fledgling, Seto Kaiba," he said attempting to wrap an arm around the taller kyuuketsuki only to have it smacked away.

Curious as to what was going on between them, Marik was about to ask when Bakura interrupted him. "Come inside, I'll explain everything once we're more comfortable."

The blond nodded and he and Ryou followed him into the mansion.

"So there you have it," the albino kyuuketsuki said after finishing his centuries-long tale. "I've been basically on my own all this time wandering from place to place with no purpose other than my own survival."

The smaller copy sitting across from him, had ruby red streaks running down his cheeks from crying for what his former lover had to go through. The blond kyuuketsuki remained silent, red staining his face as well, as he stroked the smaller's hair in sympathy.

"I ran into Seto here a few weeks ago. Got the biggest surprise in my life," Bakura said, the blond nodded showing that they were still listening. "I somehow managed to talk to him one night and for a while we became lovers."

"Didn't last though," Seto spat, bitterly. "Not after I found out you just wanted my house and money."

Ryou gasped and Bakura glared at his fledgling. "I might have at the start, but I did love you, and still do. It was your constant obsession with working twenty-four seven that ended this!"

"Tch," the brunet spat, refusing to say more on the matter.

"B-Bakura, I-I'm so sorry for you," Ryou whimpered between tiny sobs. "I-If only…"

"Don't," Bakura warned. "I appreciate your sympathy tenshi, but what's done is done. The past can't be changed."

Marik nodded in understanding, after all it was he who turned Bakura and thus knew him best. "At least we're together again, ne?" he said, hoping to lighten the mood.

"Indeed," Bakura replied smiling slightly. "So you here for a while?"

"Forever, if you'll have us my friend," Marik said, hopefully.

"Need you ask?!" he shouted, clasping onto his sire and pulling him into a death grip. "I'll have you know I'm not gonna let you go, now that I've got you back."

"Wouldn't have any other way," Marik said chuckling. Ryou nodded smiling, too overjoyed to say anything.

They were home and that was all that mattered.


Sakura: Whoohoo!!! C'est Finis!!!

Joachim: Oh, and I thought you said you'd never be done with me.

Sakura: I meant through writing about them, dear ,,

Sephy: That's it woman, I'm throwing your Castlevania stuff away and trashing those Goth .mp3's of yours. They've rotten what was left of your brain.


Sephy: An idle threat woman.

Sakura: Oh, really now? Wanna try me 'mama's boy'?

Yuffie: MEOW!

Cloud: That was low even for you.

Sephy: Care to repeat that? (draws Masamune)

Sakura: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (runs off)

Sephy: Hmph. Didn't think so.

Scourge: Guess it's up to the hunkiest hedgehog to tell ya what Sakura-chan was going to say.

Sonic: That'd be me of course.

Shadow: You're kidding right? We all know she thinks I'm the hunkiest.

Rouge: Got that right, hon. -

Shadow: Gah!!! Get the bleep offa me you crazed Bat Girl.

Sonic & Scourge: Who said you're the hunkiest?!!! Chaos –

Shadow: Chaos Blast!!!

Sonic & Scourge: Spear!!!

Tails: Um… since the guys are um… kinda busy, I'll tell you what Sakura wanted to say. (clears throat) 'Pleaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee gimmie toooooooooooonnnnnnnnnns of feedback!' Um… that's all.

The Hedgies: Hey!!!! I wanted to do that!!!!