Will have language and probably violence.

Summary: Crossover with Ghost Hunters. Sam and Dean's first trip overseas to Ireland puts them in the middle of a Ghost Hunters' investigation concerning mischievous fairies. Can the boys do their jobs without being detected by the other hunters, or will the fairies triumph over the boys?

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Sam kept a guiding hand on his brother's upper arm as Dean slid back down under his covers.

"Promise you won't leave?" Dean let slip before he could pull himself together. He blushed an even deeper shade of red from his chest up.

Sam smiled fondly down at his brother. "I promise. Get some rest, Dean."

Dean nodded and slumped back against his pillow. Less than a minute later and he was out for the count.

To everyone's relief, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully for once. Thank God for small miracles.

The next day, Dean was the first to rise as always, but this time, because he had finally gotten the rest he needed and felt rejuvenated. He slipped quietly down the stairs and put on a pot of coffee. As he waited patiently for it to brew, he noticed a thick orange envelope mixed in with yesterday's mail. It had already been opened, but Dean had never seen it before.

He carefully and quietly pulled it out from the pile and slid the contents into his other hand. It was a video tape, addressed to him, Sam, and Bobby from Warwick, Rhode Island.

"Who the hell…" Then it clicked. The Ghost Hunters were stationed in Warwick. He turned on Bobby's TV and popped the tape in. His jaw fell open as he realized what he was seeing. It was the evidence the hunters had caught with their equipment.

There was an audio clip of footsteps on a wooden floor. Dean remembered Sam going to check out that area. The only problem was, there were no wooden floors in Lisheen Castle. It was all dirt. He also remembered that that was where he was headed when he was sidelined by an elemental of some sort and cracked his head on the wall.

"Well that's kinda creepy…" he spoke aloud softly to himself.

As he continued to watch, he saw the evidence of the hunters being stalked by the strange orb that split into three. His stomach clenched at the idea. If it wasn't for the camera, they would have never known they were being followed. Anthropophagi would have feasted really well that night.

He had never gotten actual evidence besides the occasional EVP that what they did for a living was important. Hell, half the time, he was sure he was completely nuts and fighting windmills like Don Quixote.

"Gotta get me some of those cameras…"

Dean jumped as he heard Bobby's voice from behind him as he came out of his room.

"Smells like coffee in here… Dean? That you? What're you doin' awake so earl…" Bobby drifted off as he realized what Dean was watching. He had been hoping to give Dean a bit more time before he had to deal with the evidence. He paused in the doorway and swallowed hard, waiting for the fall-out.

"Dean? You down here? Bobby, what's going… Oh." Sam came down the stairs and headed for the living room, then stopped suddenly in the doorway as he saw the orange envelope in Dean's hand. "Crap."

Dean stood and faced the other two furiously.

"What the hell, guys?! Why didn't you say anything?!"

In the long pause that followed, they could all hear the rustling and humming of the faeries that surrounded Grant while he was waiting for Dean in the Wrath. Bobby spoke up, mostly to block out the horrid sound.

"It arrived yesterday while you were out in the garage. Sam and I watched it, but we decided it might be best to hold off on tellin' ya until you were ready."

"You already watched it without me? What, is it really that bad?"


"Just tell me, Sam! Why did you think you had to hide it from…"

Dean trailed off as his attention was drawn to the TV again. Something had flashed by the screen, only pausing for a second, before disappearing again.

"What the hell was that?"

"Dean, wait…" Bobby tried to warn him as Dean went for the remote.

He backtracked the video, then paused it on the moving object. It was a face floating in midair. The face of Cleena.

"Jesus…" Dean sank back down onto the sofa, staring at the screen and the only evidence that his most recent personal nightmare was real.

"We weren't sure you were ready to see that yet, Dean. We were only trying to look out for you," Sam explained apologetically.

"It's her, Sam."

"Yeah, I know…"

"Holy crap…"

"Dean, you alright?" Sam stepped towards his brother, concerned at his lack of response. Dean continued to just stare at the screen, replaying that night's events in his head, along with the next day's.

Sam sat down next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, not prepared when Dean jumped horribly and swung his eyes around to frantically latch onto his own.

"Hey, easy! It's okay, man. It's just me."

"It's over, son," Bobby added, walking up behind the couch and placing his strong hand on Dean's other shoulder, feeling the boy quivering beneath his grasp. He leant forward and slid the remote out of Dean's hand, shutting off the television. "They're all dead."

"Yeah. Yeah, I know." Dean pulled his brave mask back on and forced a smile that fooled no one. "It's just weird seein' one of our hunts on video."

"I, for one, think we should destroy the tape," Sam stated resolutely.

"What's that gonna accomplish? Those guys are gonna have the video runnin' on television in a few days no doubt and then it'll be all over youtube, so there really isn't any gettin' away from it."

"Because it will bring us some closure, Dean. We don't need a reminder. I don't think any of us are goin' to forget this incident anytime soon."

"Got that right."

"So? Let's burn the damn thing. Put an end to it as far as we're concerned."

"Can you burn a VHS? It's got a lot of chemicals and stuff in it. I think it's considered hazardous waste."

"Since when has that stopped you?" Sam teased.

"Point taken. Is that all there was on the tape?"

Sam shared a quick look with Bobby which Dean missed. "Yeah, bro. That's everything they got."

Bobby nodded back in agreement. In truth, he knew the hunters had added a few more clips that they promised wouldn't be shown on television because it involved the Winchesters. Before the batteries had been drained, a soft voice was caught on the EVP reader. It was a female's voice, whispering Watch your step, Dean Winchester. Yeah, so much for that warning…

"In that case, I'm grabbin' myself a hot coffee and gettin' to work on those cars. Almost finished, Bobby. Then Sam and I've gotta get back on the road."

"So soon?" Bobby interjected, not ready to say goodbye to the boys just yet.

"Yeah, man. We've got work to do." Dean poured himself a mug of coffee and left the house, glad for the sunshine and fresh air that calmed him down almost immediately. He set his drink down on the workbench and scrubbed a hand down over his face, letting it rest over his mouth as though to hold in the scream that wanted to burst out of him.

Back in the house, Sam poured himself and Bobby a mug of coffee. "You think he's alright, Bobby?"

"No, but he will be, Sam."

"Should I go check on him?"

"Give him some time. He's got a lot to work through, not to mention he's still a little pissed at us for not sayin' anything."

"Do you still think that was the right call? Keepin' it from him?"

"Did you see how he reacted? Yeah, I think we did what we had to."

Sam nodded, feeling slightly better with Bobby's conformation at lying to his brother.

"So… What happens now?"

"I dunno, Sam. I guess we leave it up to Dean."

Back in the garage, Dean pulled himself together and got to work. Once he fixed this carburetor, he will have repaired every car Bobby had in the shop. It was nice to get beneath the hood again, outside of his own Impala. He found the work to be a good distraction and a decent stress reliever. But all good things come to an end, and he knew they would have to get back out on the road again soon.

He was going to miss having Bobby living right downstairs, but he knew the old friend was only a phone call away. He was going to miss the stable home as well. Motels just didn't have the same appeal anymore.

Dean flipped on the radio, turning it up loud enough to try and block out his thoughts as he set to work. AC/DC's Back in Black blared from the speakers and set his pace.

At last, he had pieced the beautiful beast back together again and stood back to admire his work. Satisfied, he shut the hood and picked up his empty coffee mug. Just as he was about to turn off the radio and head back inside, the song cut out and switched to static. He stared at the machine for a few seconds, debating on whether it was poor reception or something to worry about and decided on the prior. These things happened after all. It wasn't like Bobby owned the best radio ever made. The thing probably dated back to the sixties.

Shrugging, he shut the radio off and headed towards the house. He was surprised to see that darkness had already fallen. How long was I in there? Didn't feel that long…

Bobby and Sam were discussing possible hunts around the kitchen counter, but they both looked up as he entered.

"How'd it go out there?" Bobby asked.

"She's purrin' like a kitten. She won't be givin' you anymore trouble, I promise."

"Thanks, kid. Sam and I already ate, but there's some chicken left over. I made you a plate, just zap it for a few minutes and yer golden. I'll see you boys in the mornin'."

After a few awkward minutes of Sam staring at his brother as he ate, he decided he was tired too.

"I'm gonna head to bed, Dean. I'll see ya when you get up there."

"Kay. I'm gonna watch TV for a while. Not really tired yet."

"Alright, but don't be up too long. Especially if you want to get an early start tomorrow."

"Yes, mom."

Sam smirked, then headed up the stairs to spend one last night in the comfortable bed.

Dean cleaned off his plate, then washed the rest of the ones in the sink to kill some more time. He was wide awake, and if he were honest with himself, a little afraid to go to sleep for fear he might keep seeing that floating face in his dreams.

When he ran out of chores to do, he flipped the TV on and found an old classic he always enjoyed: The Outsiders.

When he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer, he decided it was time to call it a night.

As Dean shut down the television and was on his way upstairs, the TV flickered to life again behind him. He whirled around and stared open-mouthed as that horrifyingly familiar face stared back at him and whispered "What your step, Dean Winchester. See me for what I really am!"

With that, the television shut off again, leaving Dean standing there in the dark, too stunned to move or even breathe.

"Damn it, Dean! Get a hold of yourself!" he berated after a few tense minutes and forced his feet to walk up the stairs to the safety of his and Sam's room.

Sam stirred in his bed and looked up groggily as Dean entered. "You alright, Dean?" he asked concernedly.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Go back to sleep."

"You sure, man? Cause you look kinda shaken…"

"I'm good. Night, Sammy."

"If you say so… Night, Dean."

Dean laid down on his own bed, facing away from Sam to hide the fear in his eyes. After all, everyone had their own secrets. What Sammy didn't know couldn't hurt him, and that was perfectly okay with Dean. The past was the past, and he needed to move on.

The End

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