A/N: I hope you like it, because I'm making up this one-shot as I go. Please note in the anime, Nayuki, Makoto and Ayu were Kano's friends so it only makes sense that I put them in.

Air - Potato's Little Secrets

"Potato, I'm going to school now, so you stay here and be a good dog, okay?" Kano was dressed in her school uniform and ready to leave. "Piko, piko!" The white little stray dog nodded and watched Kano run off with her friends Nayuki, Makoto and Ayu. "So then I tell him 'well then why did you look at my test paper if you weren't cheating off of me?' and he says..." They had finally faded out of sight and earshot.

"Pikooo!" He jumped down from the little fence post he was sitting on.

There he saw a crow sitting in the bushes. "Piko?" He walked over and sniffed the crow, only to have the crow jump away and accidentally fly into the open window of a classroom. Potato panicked and ran from the school grounds, not wanting to get caught inside the school.

He looked around and noticed a man sleeping on a seawall. "Piko...?" He looked over at him and pulled at his pant leg, see if he woke up. He tugged harder and spotted a puppet looking thing in his pocket. It looked real raggedy.

"Pikori!" He jumped on the man's stomach, which resulted in him sitting up halfway saying what sounded like 'get away from my ramen'. Potato tugged on the puppet, getting out of it's pocket, only to have it taken from the other side by a seagull. "P-piko!!" He tugged harder and the seagull let go, sending him flying backwards onto the little patch of grass. The puppy dog shook it off and fell asleep there in the patch.

Potato opened his eyes and realized it must be time for Kano to be getting out.

He dashed past Yukito, and the crow and stopped short in front of a girl with golden hair pulled back in a ribbon. "Piko?" Somehow the girl seemed familiar.

Hey, aren't you coming with us? He remembered those same eyes looking at him curiously, but he remembered running back to his mother who had been waiting for him. Oh...is that your mother? I'm looking for my mother too. There were two other people with the girl. Then, I wish for you to have a good life... Potato shook away the strange memory and caught up with Kano.

"Oh there you are Potato! Did you have a good day?" The blue haired girl bent down to pick him up.

"Piko piko piko-piko!" Potato replied. "Really weird, you say? Well I have a feeling maybe soon we can have flowing noodles, so you're not alone!" Kano laughed and walked with Potato on her shoulder. "Piko..." Potato sighed and nuzzled Kano.

A/N: Yes, Air fans, Potato is the bunny from Air In Summer! And Potato originally misplaced the puppet!

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