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In the student parking lot of Galicgun School for boys four young men gathered around a black 1969 Impala. It was the first day of their senior year at the only school they've ever known. Over the summer they heard rumors of something different happening at Galicgun, but no one really knew what.

"Does anyone have some caffeine? It's too damn early in the morning," yawned a droggy Tien.

"No, but try riding with Vegeta in the morning. That would definitely wake you up," said Goku wide-eyed as he came around the car where Tien and Krillin were standing.

"Stop your whining, Kakarot," Vegeta opened the driver's side door to step out of his newly revamped car, "Or you will be walking after today." Goku didn't say another word about it. Vegeta was not the person to angry and he's even worse in the morning.

"Why did they want us here so early anyways? School doesn't start for another hour," Krillin said as he looked at his watch.

All of them shrugged at the same time. They noticed everyone making their way to the football stadium so they decided to follow. No one spoke to them or even glanced their way. The students knew not to get in their way.

Their group was more popular then the athletic teams and they were also more dangerous. Vegeta, their leader, has been suspended eight times for fighting which was a school record. Mostly everyone stayed as far from them as possible. They all grew up together except Tien, but they took him under their wing when he transferred to their school.

They made their way to the stadium slowly. When they got within a few feet of the entrance gate, they heard something very unusual. They heard girl's voices.

"Do you guys hear that?" Goku asked.

"Of course we hear it. What the hell is going on?" Vegeta jogged to the bleachers followed by the others.

All four mouths dropped as about fifty girls came into view. They, of course, have seen girls before at parties and around the town, but never at their school. All of the females were dressed in their school uniforms while the boys were dressed casually.

"What are they doing here?" Krillin gulped loudly. He hadn't had as much experience with girls as the others. Goku was the sweet guy who girls could trust. Tien was a smooth talker, and Vegeta was just a chick magnet. Females flocked to them, but Krillin repelled them.

"Who knows baldy, but let's find out," Tien led them to an empty space on the boys side of the bleachers. Soon after they took their seats, Dean Hopper began to speak on the mic in front of them.

"Silence, brats," he demanded before facing the appalled group of females. "Sorry ladies. They never shut up unless I call them names."

A raspy voice yelled above the crowd. "You're such a dick Hopper!"

The boy's side began to burst out in fits of laughter while the girls remained silent. Most of the females shook their head in disgust. How would they get through this school year with these pigs?

"I'm glad you think so. I see you haven't lost your sense of humor, Vegeta, and I haven't either. I'll see you after school in detention," the Dean assured.

"I guess it's just another piss poor day at Galicgun," Vegeta responded sarcastically.

"Right you are, but this year we have guests. The senior class of Kamahamaha School for girls will be joining us," he pointed to the smiling females.

Tien stood before his classmates. "How do you expect these snobby hoes to take some of the classes we are in?" He asked while the shocked group of girls gasped.

Dean Hopper smoothed out his orange tie. "I see your point, but the school board is demanding that we merge our schools for zoning purposes. We are starting out lightly this year with only their senior class."

Krillin spotted a girl with short blond hair stand and address the issue. "Anything you assholes can do, we can do better."

"Yeah," screamed three other girls as they stood to support their friend. One had black hair pulled back in a bun and black eyes. Another had long blond hair and looked as though she would tear the place down. The one in the front caught Vegeta's eye. She had long aqua hair and matching eyes. Her hands were placed on her hips and he knew she would be a feisty one.

"Shut up and sit down you whores. I say we send them back because they're wasting our air," Vegeta leaned back against the concrete.

"Vegeta, right?" the blue haired girl questioned.

"What's it to you?" he asked without looking.

"I saw your mother on the street corner this morning. She wanted me to tell you that she earned your lunch money last night," she reached into her purse and threw two pennies in his direction, "She asked me to give it to you."

The girls laughed, but the boys remained silent. No one said things like that to Vegeta. Goku put on hand on his shoulder to calm him down as he stood to confront the girl.

"Let it go, man," he pleaded with his friend.

Vegeta's face was turning red with fury as he stepped through the rows to reach the girl who insulted him. His three friends followed close behind to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. Amazingly the girl stood her ground against the larger individual. Vegeta leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"You have no idea who you're dealing with," he threatened. The girl snorted.

"I know exactly who you are," she said looking directly into his onyx eyes. He raised an eyebrow. She leaned in to whisper back in his ear.

"I'll speak slowly so you fully understand. You are the scum beneath my shoe that talks a lot of shit because he is really insecure about one thing," she looked back at him.

"And what would that one thing be, woman?"

She stepped back and allowed his eyes to follow hers down the length of his body. Her gaze stopped at the top of his black cargo pants. Vegeta looked back at her with fury in his eyes, but with a smirk on his face. Before he could respond to her, Dean Hopper interrupted the ordeal.

"All," he paused to count, "eight of you will be seeing me in detention this afternoon. Maybe you will learn to get along." The girls gasped while the boys stayed silent.

"My dad is going to kill me. Thanks Bulma," the black haired girl sighed. Bulma was too busy staring down Vegeta.

"Well, Bulma, you will be seeing me around," Vegeta walked off as the Dean dismissed everyone to class.

Goku smiled at the black haired girl weakly as Tien winked at the girl with long blond hair. Krillin noticed the other blond looking at him and he took off after Vegeta while the other boys followed.

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